"ah? Is the head of Lingyue coming? " Ling Fang was surprised and asked, "Then why don’t you bring them home? Is this too rude?"

Rude? What’s more disrespectful? Qin Shaojie secretly thought, I haven’t told you that I asked Lingyue to call me Qin Dage.
"Don’t you know?" Qin Shaojie said in surprise, "If I have told you in autumn?"
"Feed" aside OuYangYao pulled Qin Shaojie asked "what are you talking about with LingFangJie? What spirit moon is still in charge? Shooting martial arts movies? "
"Why do children ask so many questions?"
"Oh, you are ready to dye the room just after giving you three colors?" Ouyangyao assumed that bitch posture again and said
"Qin Shaojie hurry up to the old niang metasomatism, otherwise you be careful late old niang I don’t squeeze your little earthworm into dried earthworm, I won’t name is ouyang"
Qin Shaojie is a black line. He thinks that if Shui Bo Liangshan Song boss still accepts people, he will definitely send Ouyang Yao to Liangshan and get a female rogue.
"Ding-dong" just then she heard a doorbell outside.
"It seems that they are coming" Qin Shaojie said and got up from the sofa to go to the door.
"Hum, I’ll pick you up later." Ouyang Yao snorted and turned and walked like his room.
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Chapter 413 Apologize at your door
"Excuse me, Qin Dong," said Ouyang Pu very politely.
It’s true that Ouyang Pu came with Chen Meiyuan, and he’s still very trustworthy and brought Ouyang Jin. Although Ouyang Jin is reluctant in the back, there is really no way.
Before coming, Ouyang Jin also complained that he had resisted and was killed by Ouyang Pu in a word.
Ouyang Pu said, "You have to go or not, and I’m too used to you before you go. I won’t be used to you again after this. Listen, after this, you can go back with me and don’t run anywhere. You can go directly to the company to start working as a small employee with a salary of 4 thousand yuan a month, and I will freeze your bank card. I won’t ask your mother for money to eat and live. I don’t ask you to solve it yourself. Finally, you can take a bus to work for me every day."
Four thousand dollars a month? And freeze your bank card? OuYangPu words let OuYangJin completely froze.
For him, a salary of 4 thousand yuan a month is not as expensive as a bottle of red wine.
How can I live? Ouyang Jin thought desperately.
Although Ouyang Pu said that he can eat, live and go home, what’s the matter? How can he pick up girls when he is full and has no money to spend? How chic? How can I live without a girl’s day?
What’s even more ridiculous is that you have to go to class by bus yourself?
As the saying goes, where there is oppression, there is resistance.
Ouyang Jin believed that his father was oppressing himself, so he resisted, but the resistance was a bit extreme.
Ouyang Jin quickly ran to the window after the protest was rejected, and then hit the window and stepped over.
"No, I’m not going to apologize and I’m not going back to work. If you force me again, I’ll jump."
This is Ouyang Jin’s means of resistance.
"Xiao Jin, you come and have something to say. What are you doing?" Mei-yuan Chen was frightened and ran to hold Ouyang Jin and said.
"Old man, you are quick to advise. You are so alone."
OuYangPu is very calm with four steps to the window to give him a look outside.
"This is the nineteenth floor, right?" Ouyang Pu said lightly, "Meiyuan, you let him jump."
"Old man, what are you talking about? He’s your son." Chen Meiyuan looked incredible, and her husband’s face was unbelievable.
Stupidly, Chen Meiyuan has been pulled back by Ouyang Pu, leaving Ouyang Jin alone with a dull face riding in the window.
"Your dad, how could you do this to me?" Ouyang Pu felt very wronged and wanted to cry.
"You push me again, I really jumped." Said Ouyang Pu and leaned out again.
"I won’t stop you from jumping and falling. You can’t die. I’ll call you dad." Ouyang Pu is still that faint expression.
"I … you don’t push me" Ouyang Jin said with KuQiang.
Then he made a surprising move to see Ouyang Jin turn over and come from the window again after hearing his father’s sweet words.
It’s Ouyang Jin coming from the window again.