Su Zhi Mo left Su Shiyuan with a long sigh and leaned against the door panel.

This Qin Kai is really a bully. When Su Shiyuan Yu Nu didn’t go away, there was a splash of water in the bath bucket behind the screen.
Men’s clothes were wet with bath water, and their perfect muscles and lines were revealed the moment he stepped out of the bath bucket.
Su Shiyuan deliberately gently coughed to hide his embarrassment at the moment, and then wiped his face and then twisted the clothes.
"Luca brasi" Chu came to her and called for a moment. He quickly jumped into Su Shiyuan’s bath water and suppressed it for a while.
Su Shiyuan looked back, and the boy’s wet hair was naughty and sticky, and his handsome face was even more charming, but she really admired him for holding his breath.
"Why?" Su Shiyuan turned her head and asked her face with a suspicious blush. It seems that after what happened just now, most of her anger has disappeared. It’s wonderful. She doesn’t know what it is herself.
"Don’t be mad at me, okay? I will love you so much. "The man stretched out his hand and grabbed her sleeve, just like Su Shiyuan who begged for candy to eat children. He couldn’t help laughing.
"Yuaner, do you forgive me?" Chu Lin’s heart was a little excited with joy.
"I’ll forgive you for drinking a lot of bath water." Su Shiyuan looked carefully and it was quite pitiful that the male body water had wetted the surrounding ground.
"I am the best!" Chu Lin was so happy that he stretched out his long arm and wanted to hug her. Unexpectedly, Su Shiyuan dodged his warm embrace.
"I forgive you, but from today we are good friends and your clothes are wet. I’ll find some clean clothes for you. Wait!" Su Shiyuan’s words fell very flustered and ran inside.
Chu Lin breathed a sigh of relief that she could not be angry. Before, she was always a buddy, but after what happened to Lv Yanzhong, they couldn’t return to the original point.
She is jealous and her temper is very clear. Look at her eyes at the moment, and her lip angle extends with an intoxicating arc.
"Here, put it on quickly." Just as Chu was thinking, he saw Su Shiyuan coming out of the inner room holding a suit.
Chu Lin nodded and then took the suit and walked to the screen. After a burst of finely broken sound, the man slowly came out from behind the screen. Su Shiyuan heard the footsteps and turned around and laughed!
Chapter 83 Don’t mess with my woman
Chu Lin was so delighted to see her smile that she looked down at her dress. This suit is Su Shiyuan who goes out to wear men’s clothes on weekdays.
Su Shiyuan is already very tall among girls, and Nai Nan is taller. She wears this dress and barely wraps herself up. From a distance, it looks like a child’s clothes are small, and her calves and arms are exposed.
"No, no, I’ll call someone to get you a suit." Su Shiyuan tried to hold back her smile and almost endured a cramp in her stomach, but when she turned around, she still laughed a little unkind.
ChuLin pulled pull clothes pendulum saw her heart suddenly feel My Sweetie.
"It’s great to have nothing to do with Yuaner!" Su Shiyuan turned around and the moment the man reached out and grabbed her tender little hand, Su Shiyuan suddenly felt his heart beat faster and hurriedly pulled out his hand.
"That’s all right." In retrospect, Su Shiyuan felt that this anger was a bit puzzling. It must be because she didn’t sleep well recently.
Uh-huh, it must be so. Su Shiyuan thought sadly that it was a good thing that he didn’t say anything else.
"You are quick to go. They have seen your whereabouts tonight. I think Qin Kaicheng already knows that the black dress person is you. This is a blow to your power in the DPRK. Second, it is necessary to destroy my innocence. This engagement will be automatically lifted." Su Shiyuan had guessed that the result would be like this when she heard that the group of guards signed up.
He has always recognized himself as a passive Nuo Nuo, who can wish him great success without delaying him to marry more women. It is still tolerable to be ugly, but since she made an enemy with Qin Lingyu, that guy has been cruel and wants to eradicate her. Su Shiyuan is also like a mirror about this matter.
"I really like to tell that Qin Kai face to face and leave my woman alone!" There is cold light in Qin Kaichu’s eyes like a deep pool, and the tone is also cold.
In the heart of Chu, I secretly count the days to bully him, Luca brasi, and all of them will be doubled back!
"hey! If you do this again, we won’t get along. "Su Shiyuan poked his exposed little arm and looked up at him with some red face.
Chu Lin was really amused by her little appearance. She stretched out her hand and scratched her nose. Then she jumped to the window and stretched out her hand and hit Su Shiyuan. The lock inside the window was sealed. A flicker jumped from the house to the outside.
Chu Lin recalled his lip angle and blinked at him, then disappeared into the dark night.
Khan Didi is still a guy who likes to play handsome!
Su Shiyuan looked at the window with her arm in her arms. It’s not right! She didn’t say she wouldn’t give him the door, either. As the saying goes, what is a door that doesn’t take the door and jumps out of the window?
Ahem, it seems that he has contracted this jumping over the wall.
Some people are in a good mood and others are in a bad mood. After returning to the residence of Chu from the palace, Lv Yanzhong said nothing. Lv Yuzhang knew that she must be too sad to bear to complain about anything.
"Princess, don’t be sad. There are many outstanding men who are not worth it." Lv Yanzhong’s personal servant girl came over with a bowl of ginseng soup and was overturned by Lv Yanzhong before she put it on the table!
"Don’t you dare say that again, or I’ll tear your mouth off!" In Lv Yanzhong’s slender eyes, generate was angry, and the little girl was scared out of her wits without saying anything.
It seems that she really loves it badly. That’s not the case before the Prince of Chu came! The girl slapped her mouth and thought that her cheeks were swollen high.
"He has a will. He has a will. Who is so blessed?" Lv Yanzhong sat back in the chair only late. It seems that the whole person has lost weight for a circle. In my heart, I keep guessing who Chu Lin is watching.
After last night’s thrilling experience in the Prime Minister’s mansion, everything was calm again.
Su Shiyuan had a good night’s sleep, and was surprised to find that the sun was even better today than usual. Su Shiyuan turned over and smelled the aroma of soybean milk and pasta.
"Is the princess awake?" Xianer put the tray in his hand on the table and noticed that Su Shiyuan had turned over and leaned over to look at her side.
Su Shiyuan raised his arm and put it on the bright forehead. The long eyelashes trembled slightly for a few times, and then he turned over and hugged and refused to let go.
"It’s time to go back to the country," Xianer replied.

"Brother, what are you doing here?" Lieutenant took off his army coat and put it on me.

"My friend is ill and I’m here to collect medicine." Being naked for a long time made me tremble, and my teeth fought.
"Just now, we suspected that you were a colleague." I confirmed my identity and several sentries gathered around. "Your evasive posture and angle are very professional."
I smiled bitterly. Fortunately, I was a professional, or I would have been killed by you. But I can’t flatter you. "If the mountain wind hadn’t affected the trajectory just now, I would have been put down by you." I pointed to the shoulder that was swept by the bullet with a slight red mark.
"Black Hawk, you are too modest." The sniper position sounded, but the man didn’t come out. The gun was still pointed at me.
"Company commander, I’m really passing by. Can you let us go? I still have friends outside." The sentry on the wall is an officer except the sniper, and he is not old enough. One of the 30 students has the rank of lieutenant. I just talk to him.
"Brother, we also carry out orders. Your identity has been verified, but your motivation seems a little unreasonable." The lieutenant said and pulled out a cigarette and handed it to me. I quickly took it and lit it for me.
"A friend of mine is mentally ill and needs herbs blindly. We are here to collect herbs." I pointed to my long and dirty hair. "We have been walking for months."
"You know what? Go and have a rest first. When the person in charge comes, we’ll ask him for instructions and see what to do with you." The lieutenant spoke again.
"Company commander, my friend is still outside!" My finger is outside the wall
"Go first!" The lieutenant shouted at me. I put on my coat and the second lieutenant came over. "Come with me first."
I followed him to the wall and entered the courtyard. There was a straight 11 helicopter parked in the middle of the courtyard.
"You are lucky enough that Brother 3 didn’t put you down with that shot." The second lieutenant led me into the first room. "We are all eagles, so I won’t cuff you." It seems that the second lieutenant still has a little bit of affection for me.
"platoon leader, I have friends outside, I can’t delay here." My room should be their living room. There are six beds in all. Someone has a rest and sat up when he saw us coming in.
"6 who is he?" I was resting in my bed, and the soldiers rushed to bring me in, and the second lieutenant spoke. They called it by code, which was the rule of special forces when they were performing.
"Retired Black Hawk said he came to collect herbs." Lieutenant got up the kettle and poured me a cup of hot water. I quickly thanked him and held it up.
"jinan military area command Special Training Brigade?" Bed soldiers sat up in black vests.
I nodded with a wry smile. My black hawk image is really a little miserable. Not only is it not very good, but I haven’t dressed yet.
"platoon leader, can you let me out first? I’ll wait outside. I have friends outside." The appointment with King Kong Gun is coming, and I’m anxious.
"Absolutely not," the second lieutenant hurriedly shook his head. "There is a first-level combat readiness here, but something must wait until dawn."
"Why wait until dawn?" I asked anxiously, "Then I can’t come."
"Because the person in charge didn’t come …" "6 Don’t talk nonsense" The man who didn’t have a bed and wore a black vest interrupted the second lieutenant.
"I really can’t stay here with my friends. They are still waiting for me outside." I got up and prepared to go outside.
"Brother, don’t make it difficult for me." The second lieutenant stopped me. "I’ll discuss with the person in charge at dawn and see if I can send you out."
"What about my friend?" I looked anxiously at the wall clock when the horse arrived.
"Check your identity", the second lieutenant said simply, "You can go out with you if you don’t carry dangerous things."
"Then shall I go out and ask them to come in?" When I said this, it suddenly occurred to me that the weapons carried by the King Kong Gun and the weapons of the White Wolf are prohibited, and it is impossible for several colleagues here not to see that the gold bricks in the backpack of the King Kong Gun are also a problem. What can we do?
"No, you can’t go anywhere." Black vest rolled over the bed, grabbed my hand and handcuffed me to the bed.
"No," the second lieutenant tried to intercede for me.
"Watch your words and deeds." The black vest scolded the second lieutenant unceremoniously. "Chief, if I don’t go out, you will be in danger." I said urgently.
"Are you still carrying weapons?" The black vest looked at me keenly.

As he spoke, he flew to the outside of the wall of the witch doctor country. The witch doctor country was desolate and surrounded by nothing. Fortunately, the smoke was smoky and I didn’t find the two of them hiding behind an earthen bag and looking around. The guards didn’t seem so strict. People came and went in and out of the gate, but they were all questioned.

"Master" Shen Qiqi stared at a person coming out from the inside and said, "Have you noticed that the people coming in and out here are women and their faces are tattooed like runes?" Junyang nodded. "I noticed that too, so how do we get in?" Shen Qiqi wanted to let Jun Yang wait here and fly away on snow sculpture. After a while, he turned back and came back with a few pieces of charcoal and a few pieces of cloth in his hand. "We draw a picture of our face now. I see someone wearing a cloth. Someone’s face is dark. You cover the cloth to the end. We’ll paint some black charcoal on our face and learn to walk in."
After dressing up in disguise, they mixed with the crowd and entered the city gate. Many people were all women with tattoos on their faces. Jun Yang Yu saw that there seemed to be someone staring at them. He turned his head and looked at a man with tattoos on his face.
Even if Jun Yang turned his head, he wouldn’t move. His eyes were bare and his skin was wrinkled badly. Jun Yang looked at him all weird and walked towards the man, who didn’t move.
Shen Qiqi filled his nose with bravery and felt the breath of his nose. Finally, she grabbed his neck directly with one hand. She said "He is dead" for sure. Two people looked at the gate and found that there was a man mummy on both sides. At this time, people somehow rushed to the other side of the city. Two people followed him and squeezed into the crowd. Suddenly, they found that the people around them were kneeling, and both of them were kneeling with their knees bent.
Shen Qiqi looked up and looked around secretly. There was a man sitting in the audience, surrounded by a group of maids. The man’s face was not tattooed.
There was a woman in Taiwan who didn’t know what to say. Everyone looked up and looked at the man sitting in Taiwan with a happy face. The man was black-faced and kept his hands behind his back.
Suddenly, the man looked at Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang’s eyes in the crowd and seemed to shine, but then he resumed just now and whispered to the woman next to him. He pointed his finger at them. Chapter 515 515 Strange feeling.
"You two come here." The maid next to the man ordered Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang with an unhappy face.
I don’t know what luck it is that these lowly civilians should be favored by the future witch doctor, but it is annoying to see that these two civilians still know nothing.
Here is the maid abandon unappreciative that compartments Shen Qiqi but secretly complain in my heart.
The original two people wanted to mix in the crowd in a low profile, but they didn’t expect to be discovered just as soon as they appeared.
In this situation, it seems impossible to hide in the past. Well, let’s do what the maid said first, and then go one step at a time.
Shen Qiqi’s hand secretly poked Jun Yang’s eyes suggested that he should not look at her for a while.
Junyang spoiled her eyes and took the opportunity to grab her little hand and pinch it to make her be careful.
Just now, he observed that besides all the people here are women, their facial tattoos are also very particular.
For example, these kneeling people should all be people with low status, and their faces are not complicated. Some of them don’t even have tattoos. They have some blue ink on their faces, but the maid around the man is different. Their faces are really tattooed with strange patterns. The whole face looks weird and scary. You can’t see the face.
The higher the status, the more complicated the tattoo pattern on the face, such as the tattoo pattern on the face of the maid who called them bad-tempered in the past, which almost covered the face and skin, even the neck was not lucky.
At this time, Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi are all dressed in women’s clothes. Jun Yang is tall and tall, and his figure will show up together. Well, the civilians are kneeling and respectfully bowing their heads, and no one dares to look up.
But the maid in Taiwan obviously noticed that Jun Yang was different. Just when she wanted to ask questions, she saw the man winking at her, so she stopped saying anything and waved impatiently to let Shen Qiqi and them move faster.
When Shen Qiqi came to her, she reached out and gave Shen Qiqi a push.
Fortunately, when Shen Qiqi reacted, he gently hid aside and did not let her push.
At this time, she suddenly felt a sharp light coming from her back with a murderous look.
Maid heart a surprised hurriedly look back but found nothing.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang came to the man with their heads down and said nothing.
The man didn’t speak, but looked at them with an expression on his face and motioned for the maid to take them back to the shrine.
The maid said a few words to the kneeling civilians, and then returned to the so-called shrine with Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi.
Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi were closely watched all the way because of the journey. There was almost no communication and no sound.
Because the witch doctor country makes them feel too strange, both of them dare not make a move.
From entering Shen Qiqi, a witch doctor country, I felt that there was a strange smell everywhere. Walking down the street, you can see someone kneeling down to a statue with a tattoo on his face and a sword in his hand, with a look of fanaticism and worship.
And Shen Qiqi carefully observed the statue and found that although his face was tattooed, he couldn’t see his appearance, but his figure should be a man. Chapter 516 Ungrateful.
It is curious that a country made up of women worships a man with tattoos all over his face.
Shen Qiqi also wanted to see more eyes, but she was pushed by the maid next to her. She was unguarded and directly hit the side of Jun Yang.
Jun Yang quickly stretched out his hand to hold her and then gave her the maid a hard stare.
Maid was overflow so a stare unexpectedly feel like being instantly into the ice and snow general cold up.
How can a person’s eyes give people such a great deterrent? No one has ever seen it except the present witch maid.
No, even the witch doesn’t have such a glance, which makes people sweat and look straight.
This is really a civilian. Should he have eyes?
After the maid was initially shocked and afraid, she became confused, but her doubts also passed by in a flash. She felt that Jun Yang must have been recognized by the great witch doctor and dared to be so disrespectful to her.
Although these maids are said to be maids of the great witch doctor, because they are the people around the great witch doctor, the so-called beating a dog depends on the master. Because of the status of the great witch doctor, even his personal maid is highly respected.
The maid was treated respectfully wherever she went. Where did anyone dare to look at her like this? Her dignity was seriously challenged. The maid decided to teach Junyang a lesson and let him know that even if she was seen by a witch doctor, she should not be ignorant of the good and the bad.
She walked beside Jun Yang and raised her hand to slap Jun Yang.
Jun Yang leans slightly and hides in the past. At the same time, it is also a cold look in her eyes.
Eye deterrence plus height advantage, the maid felt a strong pressure coming on her face, which almost made her want to kneel down and beg for mercy.
Aside Shen Qiqi also coldly looking at the maid.
It’s ungrateful for this person to try to provoke them again and again. If it weren’t for now, it would not be appropriate to startle them. I’m afraid she would be dead now.
But it won’t be long before she dies
Shen Qiqi secretly wrote down her physical characteristics and waited for a while to settle accounts with her.

Not surprisingly, more than 400 people can safely return to Danyang Gate.

Xiao Ning successfully accepted several ancient books of alchemy from the hall of alchemy.
Bringing these ancient books back to Danyang Gate will inevitably make Danyang Gate look up and rise in status.
The next day, all the clan forces, such as Danyang Gate, Qianhe Gate, Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect, left here and returned to Xuantiancheng.
Most monks have achieved their goals in this ancient battlefield trip.
After a while, everyone will choose to practice in the peace of mind Xuan Tiancheng until the expiration of one year.
Su Mo also closed the seventh pulse.
As time goes by, Su Mo has been in the ancient battlefield for half a year.
A few days ago, he just got through the seventh pulse and his strength rose again.
To continue to practice Su Mo, it is possible to practice to the peak of seven veins before leaving the ancient battlefield.
After returning to the perfect pulse Dan after a big week, he will have the opportunity to get through the first spiritual pulse and become a monk who runs through the odd meridians!
Pulse penetration is the foundation of dzogchen will become an elixir!
And there must be a vision when condensing the elixir!
Of course, this is before everything goes well.
No one can fix the truth to ensure a smooth journey, and no one can predict what will happen in this process.
In this day, there was a sudden thunder and lightning, and a horrible and terrible coercion came to the ancient battlefield instantly!
All is silent!
When it seems to be solidified.
All creatures in the ancient battlefield, whether they are ancient relics or pure blood fierce beasts, honestly fell on the ground and were silent, and their eyes showed all their fears.
This is the fear from ancient times, which is far away but deeply rooted.
The ancient battlefields were all over the wild mainland, and all the super-clansmen appeared in succession and looked up at the middle school, showing shock.
Several monks woke up from the closed one after another.
Is it Danyang Gate and Qianhemen or Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect in the Xuan Tian Cheng?
At this moment, all the monks felt something and came to the roof of the strip to overlook it.
Many monks looked aghast and dumbfounded.
Even Liang Bo, the body seal, opened his mouth and an incredible light broke out in his eyes.
The center of the sky is suddenly changed!
Dark clouds covered the sea of clouds, rolling and surging, slowly rotating to form a huge black cloud vortex, which was extremely shocking.
This sea of clouds is full of Lei Guang snakes, and a fiery ocean of thunder is formed in the dense sea of clouds.
The closer you get to the center of the vortex, the denser the thunder becomes!
Thunder is rolling and light is blazing.
It seems that there is a giant coming from the whirlpool of the sea of clouds!
"This is …"
Su Mo stepped up and looked up at the sky, his eyes shining with Zhan Ran’s divine light.
The breath coming from the center of the sea of clouds vortex is terrible and heart-rending!
This coercion enveloped Su Mo’s heart and gave birth to a sense of humbleness and insignificance, almost to worship!
Some monks can’t bear it, but they have already knelt down and looked frightened.
Gradually, a huge square slate cage emerged in the center of the whirlpool, and the wilderness seemed to crush everything in the ancient battlefield!

I’m sure he understands everything she doesn’t mean.

Jun Yang certainly understands, but it is because of this that he is both nai and pity.
What she means is that she doesn’t think she is perfect now and doesn’t want to marry him like this
But she doesn’t know that no matter what, she is the most beautiful in his eyes.
Actually, he didn’t propose to her on a whim. After talking with Qin Sheng last night, Jun Yang really understood the truest thoughts in Shen Qiqi’s heart.
She chose to leave him because she didn’t hurt him and the people around him.
She just studied hard to restrain herself so that she could return to him earlier.
Every decision she makes is for his sake.
Getting a wife is so demanding.
If getting married can make her feel more secure and not worry so much, then why doesn’t he do it?
"Believe me, my heart will not change no matter what you become." Jun Yang was pious and printed a kiss on her forehead, hoping to make her feel her mind.
"I believe you, but I can’t stand it. Are you white? I want to give you the best of yourself, not like this. "Thinking of your identity, Shen Qiqi is not a little lost and faint, and there is still some inferiority."
"Good depends on you" feel her mood become depressed Jun Yang love dearly not 177 Chapter 177 punish you to hug me up first.
At the same time, I secretly blame myself for not realizing this at this time and making Qiqi sad.
"Well, well, you can do whatever you want. Don’t think about it yet. Shouldn’t we go to breakfast at dawn?" Like a child, hug Shen Qiqi in your arms and gently shake Junyang to decide to eat to distract her.
Sure enough, when it comes to breakfast, Shen Qiqi touched it and protested for a long time. He said, "It’s all your fault for giving people such a big surprise in the early morning that I haven’t been able to eat yet."
"Yes, it’s all my fault. Will you punish me for feeding the Queen of July 7th for breakfast later?" Jun Yang a face of spoil should way
He seems to be able to make Shen Qiqi forget unpleasant things for a while and let him do whatever he wants.
Moreover, the condition spoiled her, and she felt very happy when she saw her face satisfied and smiled.
This is a fresh experience for you to finish.
When you face your lover, a lot of things will be self-taught, or this is the most natural reaction, because you are the one who loves you the most, no matter what you do, you don’t care about gains or losses, you don’t have to think about what will make her heart the best.
"Hum, of course, it’s not good." Shen Qiqi is arrogant. "You have to pick me up first."
"Yes, Queen" Jun Yang gave a princess a hug. "Is this the way to hug?"
Before Shen Qiqi could answer, he said to himself, "Or do you want to hug like this?"
This time it was a bear hug.
"No, no, no, that’s not it. Is that it?" After that, a baby hug
Shen Qiqi …
She just looked at Junyang in distress situation, playing tricks there, and it was called a language in her heart. When did the cold master get farther and farther away from her?
But why is it getting sweeter and sweeter in my heart? The constant warmth almost melts her.
Backhand around his neck and feet plate his waist Shen qi-qi queen posture full command "well, now the queen ordered the horse to eat breakfast".
"Yes, my queen" will hold Jun Yang firmly and hold her out of the room.
As soon as I came out, I found that Jun Si had been waiting outside for a long time. It was not him and Macey Eva Lingchen Su Yu Jersey even arrived at the Xiaojin line.
In the eyes of the public, Jun Yang held Shen Qiqi out like this, making a big blush and struggling to come from him.
Junyang won’t allow people to be held more tightly, depending on the people’s surprised eyes. The old god carried her to the table and put a chair next to him, so that he could enjoy breakfast.
Behind him was a scratching sound.
Shen Qiqi looked embarrassed at Jun Yang and looked at him, but he still hasn’t recovered. They couldn’t wait for a rift for her to get in.
While Shen Qiqi did not pay attention to Jun Yang’s immobile stare, the warning in everyone’s eyes was full of meaning.
"I remember that I haven’t finished my work yet, Miss Qiqi. Please eat slowly and I’ll go to work first." Jun Si, who has been with Jun Yang for the longest time, reacted first and quickly made an excuse to run away.
Young Master, that look in his eyes means that they are an eyesore, affecting Miss Qiqi’s eating. It’s even more time-consuming not to slip away at this time before young master gets angry.
To others, they are not less masters, and the less masters may not do anything with them, but what will they do with him? He sacrificed his life to forgive him, but he didn’t have the time to take care of others. Chapter 178 Two people travel.
Ling Chen, who is obedient to Jun Yang, is not afraid of him. Instead, he is eager to see his drama. At the moment, instead of walking, he pulls a chair and sits cheerfully. He also pulls a chair next to him to signal Su Yu to sit.
Su Yu obediently sat with a facial paralysis face, which made Shen Qiqi even more stressed.
Macey Eva saw that someone had already sat down, so naturally she wouldn’t be polite. She also pulled a chair to sit down and picked out her favorite food, so she was not polite to eat it.
I’m kidding. I came to pick up Shen Qiqi, but he got up early in the morning and hasn’t eaten anything yet. He can’t care so much if he does.
Jersey Jersey A simple teenager doesn’t know so many twists and turns. At this moment, I don’t feel so happy when I see Shen Qiqi’s illness. The root of it depends on Jun Yang’s eyes.
At that time, the dinner table became lively.
Shen Qiqi also forgot the embarrassing scene just now in this lively atmosphere.
After eating a meal, I didn’t see Qin Sheng figure. Shen Qiqi didn’t feel strange.
Seeing that she was puzzled, Jun Yang told her that Qin Sheng had already left after he came.
But why did you leave in such a hurry without telling her?


During the Spring Festival in 226, Hua Zhenxing spent the New Year’s Eve in Yangyuan Valley, and he told Manman and Sima Value what they were going to do-to practice swallowing tactic and swallowing method.
Hua Zhenxing intends to teach Maman to swallow dumpling shape and Sima value to swallow carving shape after his own practice.
In the short term, he certainly can’t teach himself that he hasn’t practiced yet. The most important thing for his eyes is to understand the swallowing tactic and then fly to the eastern country by himself.
Wucheng Campus of Feigong University reported for duty this year on the twelfth day of the first month, which means that Hua Zhenxing has 12 days to work at the very most, and he will have to practice at once.
Sima value thought that it was simply impossible to complete, but his mouth advised, "Director Hua doesn’t have to worry if it’s impossible, and don’t force yourself to take a vacation from the school if you can’t arrive on time."
There are many things that can’t be forced in this world. Maybe Yang Tehong just wants to tell Hua Zhen this truth. However, Sima Value didn’t say that it was a wake-up call, and all kinds of possibilities should be considered.
Mann Mann hasn’t made great achievements yet, and she doesn’t really understand some realms, but she always has a fan confidence in Hua Zhen and blinks. "Just fly to the East and I will help you arrange his procedures."
No matter whether you don’t report directly to the school on the twelfth day of the first month, you can go to Shi Shuangcheng to get the photo materials. If the road is delayed, someone here will help you take time off and fly well! "
Mann said that his formalities refer to immigration records, quarantine certificates and so on. She can arrange the illusion here, and there is not only one illusion in Hua Zhen, but also more than one illusion in the world.
It’s not difficult for him to learn the formula of swallowing shapes from the first day of Chinese New Year.
If Hua Zhen-hang can’t understand the formula today, then he can’t accept it. It may be a unique way for a master in history to entertain himself-because he can’t teach his brother!
On the morning of the fifth day of the lunar new year, a white crane came out of the bamboo pavilion near the lake in Huazhenxing. It was slender and its wings crossed and straightened, and its neck stretched straight. A person came to look up and looked at the posture like a person walking with his hands behind his back.
When I saw the crane force jumping, I jumped off a big tree next to it and kept a balance with its wings. It either flew or jumped to the crane’s Hua Zhen trip and Hua Zhen trip, of course, I could jump off a tree.
The white crane struggled to leap from the branches and spread its wings as if it were about to fly in the wind. However, it didn’t fly to the shore of the lake, so it fell, not only with its mouth gnawing at the mud, but also with a naked human figure.
Chapter 535, Huahe Hang
Hua Zhen’s trip is really a genius. Besides, he learned the swallowing tactic in less than five days. Although it can’t be said that it is exquisite, it is still an introduction.
On this basis, he will swallow the crane-shaped cultivation introduction. At this moment, I understand the old man Yang’s words. It is difficult to master the subtlety of the cultivation introduction, but it is even more difficult for Hua Zhen to swallow the crane-shaped cultivation at this moment, but it can’t fly.
Although he has changed into a crane, he is still a person with human consciousness and walking mode. It is impossible for a crane to make that move by jumping on branches.
Crane’s physiological structure, nerve reaction mode, sensory system and muscle memory are different from those of human beings. Although Hua Zhen can swallow the crane shape, it is tangible and spiritual.
Even if he learns this trick, he can’t learn how to dress himself. He fell naked from the tree and fell into his original body, and he was naked.
It doesn’t matter if he falls. Sima value can be startled. Zhu Yujing was almost disturbed in the setting.
After the Spring Festival, Xiao Guang took a few days off and left Yangyuan Valley to replace Sima. The watchman can detect all kinds of movements here and know what Hua Zhen is doing these days.
Sima Value found a crane coming out of the lakeside pavilion, jumping on a big tree and falling off with its wings, and then he saw that General Manager Hua fell naked and chewed the mud.
What about Zhu Yujing? He’s in the pavilion, and he’s showing his knowledge of the gods, and he can also detect the movement in Yangyuan Valley.
Sima value quickly told Zhu Yujing that it is not surprising and it is strictly forbidden to tell this scene as a password.
Sima Value personally arrived at Hua Zhen Hang to close the Qing Dynasty. When Hua Zhen Hang was dressed, he became speechless by the lake. He reviewed and summarized the mistake just now-he did swallow a crane and turned out to be a stupid crane.
Sima Value: "Congratulations to General Manager Hua, who has learned to swallow cranes in just a few days!"
Hua Zhenxing came to his senses and waved his hand and said, "How can it be so exaggerated that it will swallow a crane and can’t fly … By the way, what about Maman and them? Don’t they raise Yuangu today?"
Sima value "Manman and Lang Xiaomin and others are flying back to the East today."
Hua Zhen trip "Then I should take off, too. I’ll leave you the bench."
Syma value motioning with his hand, "Director Hua must not worry or practice proficiency first to be more secure on the small bench, and you don’t have to leave Locke to temporarily lend Feiyun boots to my small bench or do you take it with you?"
There is a saying that Sima value didn’t say that it was really good to come to China. It’s okay to fall from a tree. What if you fly to Gao and do it again? When there is a small bench, the imperial flying can always ensure that there is no danger.
Hua Zhenxing shook his head, saying, "I always have something to rely on when I set off with a small bench. It is better to leave it in a state of mind. Even if I am not proficient in swallowing cranes, I am also a monk of the seven realms."
He handed the flying bench to Sima Zhi, who was branded with his heart and sent it away. Then he swallowed the crane tree for the second time and pushed it hard, and actually glided in the wind and flew over the lake at a distance.
This flight was successful, but the posture looked stiff, not like a live crane, but like a model.
Hua Zhen’s trip is not without flying experience. On the contrary, he has rich flying experience. He first came from bamboo magpie, which is not a toy, but a technique similar to eye surgery, which can be attached to gods.
Flying bamboo magpies feels a bit like being possessed by bamboo magpies and soaring high.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t have the experience of being a crane, but he was already familiar with playing bamboo magpie. After reviewing, summarizing and reflecting, Liebaihe flew to the other side with the help of air gliding like a bamboo magpie.
But after all, he learned from the bamboo magpie technique and realized that others were not gliding in the posture of bamboo magpie, but the real flight was still a long way off.
Hua Zhen spent the whole afternoon raising people in Yuangu, tossing and drifting, falling into the water many times and crawling naked. Fortunately, people were watching.
He practiced so hard that he didn’t realize that someone could "see" Zhu Yujing sitting in the pavilion, and his mouth twitched and his eyelids jumped. Later, he simply left the scene and didn’t continue to practice.
In the afternoon, I landed again, and the trip to Hua Zhen finally stopped flying. I wandered around the shore of Baihe Lake, but suddenly I spread my wings and jumped into the lake, and a big fish came out with a long beak.

If the tubular Hallows are moved greatly, Xiao Lingyu can quickly return to the narrow sense of divinity. Unfortunately, the tubular Hallows package is so large that the ship is moved greatly. Xiao Lingyu can move the ship to the narrow sense of divinity.

Fortunately, this ship is moving very fast, and it took a few months to enter the narrow sense of God.
"This ship is too big to carry all the time, and it is also easy to attract the strong to covet a little chicken ribs," Qing Xuan said
Xiao Lingyu hesitated for a moment and suddenly his eyes lit up and said, "wouldn’t it be very safe if such a big ship came to be my Huamen station?"
Qing Xuan first leng leng then said, "Will it be too waves? After all, it is a spiritual treasure! "
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "It’s not a wave, and it’s very suitable. It can not only accommodate many people with strong defense, but also move at a slow speed. It’s perfect to be a Huamen station."
Qing Xuan smiled and nodded, "There is such a resident Huamen in this shemale family, and they are not afraid of monks or big forces."
Although they robbed a ship and caused great losses to the whole cross-border Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army could recognize that the passage was about to disappear and they had to go back.
If they stay for revenge, they will lose more if they encounter this powerful celestial body. Moreover, they don’t know where the secondary channel will appear.
Xiao Lingyu knew that Wu Jia’s army was in a hurry to get back, so he dared to rob the ship.
Reasoning, Xiao Lingyu took the ship to the center of the narrow sense of the gods and continued to search for Anya and Guan Yiwei.
In the past few decades, the ship reached the center of the narrow sense of God and lay across a mountain range.
Just after the catastrophe, the narrow sense of God’s short-term root method is still deserted and hard to see.
Xiao Lingyu put his two places at once out of this ship center for a wide range of search, while he sat in the ship and felt the action of the two places at once while practicing.
There are many things that need to be cultivated, such as the realm of chaotic enlightenment, such as the ancient times and the strong people, such as strengthening the skill of transporting new chaotic seals, such as melting the thunder and evil fire in the ship into the chaotic shadow fire …
Chapter 46 The old woman is dead 4
? [Text] Chapter seven hundred and sixty-nine The old woman is dead
Although they robbed a ship and caused great losses to the whole cross-border Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army could recognize that the passage was about to disappear, and they had to go back to Kun Kun.
If they stay for revenge, they will lose more if they encounter this powerful celestial body. Moreover, they don’t know where the secondary channel will appear.
Xiao Lingyu knew that Wu Jia’s army was in a hurry to get back, so he dared to rob the ship.
Reasoning, Xiao Lingyu took the ship to the center of the narrow sense of the gods and continued to search for Anya and Guan Yiwei.
In the past few decades, the ship reached the center of the narrow sense of God and lay across a mountain range.
Just after the catastrophe, the narrow sense of God’s short-term root method is still deserted and hard to see.
Xiao Lingyu put his two places at once out of this ship center for a wide range of search, while he sat in the ship and felt the action of the two places at once while practicing.
There are many things that need to be cultivated, such as the realm of chaotic enlightenment, such as the ancient times and the strong people, such as strengthening the skill of transporting new chaotic seals, such as melting the thunder and evil fire in the ship into the chaotic shadow fire …
Two busy people have swallowed up a holy spirit of Wujia, and their strength has been greatly improved. Their speed of travel is definitely not low.
The dark clouds in the center of the mountain clan have disappeared and the catastrophe is finally over.
Hundreds of divine races in the center of the mountain ethnic group have suffered this catastrophe-not heavy losses, but several relatively small races have been destroyed.
The shemale and shemale families lost a lot, and the number of monks in the two families was even less than that in the past, but after the catastrophe, they gradually returned to the narrow sense of God.
It was the catastrophe that made everyone too afraid, which made everyone return to the narrow sense of god slowly, and the narrow sense of god was still silent.
It took thousands of years to find Guan Yiwei after searching for a member of Wujia.
Xiao Lingyu’s tubular hallows were greatly moved, and Guan Yiwei received the message that the ship was Guan Yiwei, and he was bent on saving his life and not being able to repair it. He didn’t hear from Anya.
"The catastrophe is over, and Huamen still needs to be careful."
Xiao Lingyu confessed to Guan Yiwei and then went to practice again.
However, in addition to cooperating with Guan Yiwei’s actions, it also helped Guan Yiwei to communicate better. Xiao Lingyu asked a busy person to follow Guan Yiwei.
There is a strong man in the holy period who naturally feels relieved with himself, but he is more curious about what strength his boss is now.
It will take many years for Huamen to reorganize, but after the catastrophe, it is easier for Huamen to recruit monks than before.
After this catastrophe, several sects or organizations have long since ceased to exist in the narrow sense of the divine order, and the original top giants must be reorganized. Now not everyone has the strength to control a large area.
Xiao Lingyu intends to rule this narrow sense of god. If he is interested in this, he can easily do it now.
In fact, Huamen has become the most powerful force in the whole narrow sense of God, and it is also detached. However, this has not been realized by all the monks of the two ethnic groups.
Even Xiao Lingyu knows the specific strength of Huamen Lord now, even Cui Yue and the old lady who fought with him before are not clear.
Even if he doesn’t rule this narrow sense of god, Xiao Lingyu must extend the tentacles of Huamen to the whole narrow sense of god, not only to find Anya, but also to rise to the world of Huamen.
The narrow sense of the divine world is too vast, even if it takes a lot for the holy spirit to search for people. It is because of this that Xiao Lingyu will not stop practicing.
It didn’t take long for a busy man to find Cui Yue Xiao Ling Yu, who was also a tubular hallows, to move Cui Yue to the ship’s side.
"Xiao bro this ship …" Cui Yue looked at the ship in disbelief.
"Ha ha, it was my advantage, but I almost died in it." Xiao Lingyu said with a smile.
"Xiao Laodi is really a strange man. Such toughness can be grabbed now!" Cui Yue praised
"It’s just luck"
Xiao Lingyu shook his head modestly and then asked, "Why isn’t that old woman with Brother Cui?"
Cui Yue gave a wry smile, "Don’t leave her. I was almost killed by that lonely Johnson with her."
Xiao Lingyu frowned and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Cui Yue said in a self-effacing way, "Alas, we were in Weiyuan City after World War I, bro, you left, and the old woman and I also found our own way to heal, but it wasn’t long before a ship arrived. Although we tried our best to escape, the injuries were all aggravated. However, we both had bad luck and it wasn’t long before we hit the lonely Johnson. I didn’t expect that in that case, the lonely Johnson would brazenly attack the old woman regardless of the agreement made by the transvestite and the two powerful families."
Slightly paused Cui Yue then said, "The old lady and I were both seriously injured at that time. If we can be Johnson Dugu’s opponents, and that Johnson will move the seventh layer of strength as soon as he comes, but Johnson Dugu’s resentment is also more like hating the old woman. He won most of the power of Sword Dugu’s tactic to the old woman, which gave me a chance to escape, but that old woman could die in the powerful attack of Sword Dugu."
Xiao Lingyu’s face looks a little low and his expression is uncertain.
It’s a pity that Xiao Lingyu lost a powerful helper when the old woman was killed.
But Xiao Lingyu’s strength now can win even if he wants to come to Johnson alone.
Now that the old woman is dead, Xiao Lingyu has made an agreement with the old woman.
"Eye catastrophe has passed, and the demon race strong people will ask Johnson Dugu for singling out. After all, the old woman is the demon race holy spirit. Johnson Dugu will kill the demon race while she is seriously injured. But there are too few strong people in the demon race to make Johnson Dugu fear. Even if all the demon race strong people go out together at most, it is impossible to keep him." Cui Yue added.
"If Johnson Dugu knew I was here, would he find me?" Xiao Lingyu touched Ba as if talking to himself.

After Dong Fangbubai left, Wang Yue said to Wang Xi, "Little sister is not a good person. It is best not to like her."

Little sister "Wang Xi" confused way "is it? But my sister is very kind to me. "
Wang Yue sighed and shook his head to wash bamboo shoots and make wine. The child had no way to communicate with her.
Heimuya Chengde Temple
After Dong Fangbubai came back, he was excited to practice the mysterious palm in the center of the earth.
"Ha ha, it’s a godsend. I didn’t think that I, Dong Fangbubai, not only got the" Sunflower Collection "but now I got the" Mysterious Palm ".These two kinds of martial arts can solve the hidden danger of sunflower qi. I, Dong Fangbubai, are just around the corner all day, but there are many secrets about Wang Yue, and it’s incredible that such a unique school can be easily given away."
After Dong Fangbubai cultivated the mysterious palm, the masculine attribute of the body qi was neutralized, which made her feel refreshed immediately.
"It’s amazing. The palm of God is amazing. Xuan Ming is really angry!"
Dong Fangbubai hit the table with a palm of his hand, and the powerful cold quickly filled the tablecloth with frost.
Chapter 7 Ten Years
This heavenly king YueZheng village head to practice Tai Ji Chuan.
Xingyiquan is overbearing and strong, but it is more than feminine, which is also the reason why Wang Yueji did not become a strong man.
This time, Wang Yue wants to practice Tai Ji Chuan and Tai Ji Chuan to reach the level of dark energy, and all meridians get through, so he will switch to the family. I hope this time, I can achieve the strong way.
Little sister "Wang Xi" sat quietly watching Wang Yue practice Wang Xi. She was too young to understand boxing, but she thought her brother was beautiful and looked comfortable.
"little sister"
A voice behind Wang Xi.
Wang Xi a surprised look back turned out to be the previous sister in red.
I am also very happy to see Dong Fangbubai Wang Xi, but I thought of my brother’s boxing and quickly covered my mouth. Then the novel said, "Sister, you are here. Be quiet. My brother said not to disturb him when he was boxing."
Dong Fangbubai sat down beside Wang Xi and smiled. "Well, we won’t bother your brother. We’ll concentrate on watching him fight."
Wang Qianxin nodded "hmm"
Wang Yue’s fist moves with his eyes closed, following his feelings, and his footwork moves very smoothly, just like flowing water.
Wang Yue’s boxing method will make a strong sound when Yang and Roujin Dao change.
"A thousand dollars is hard to buy."
This is because Wang Yuejia’s boxing practice has achieved a strong effect, which ordinary family boxing fighters can’t achieve.
Dong Fangbubai looked at Wang Yue boxing eyebrows a wrinkly heart andao "Tai Ji Chuan? What is different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan, especially his breathing roots are not like uniting the true qi. It’s really weird. "
Wudang Tai Ji Chuan Taiji Sword is a great martial arts world, but it also belongs to the scope of Qi cultivation.
Wang Yue’s practice is a family boxing, which comes from Chenjiagou and is of course different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan.
There is no family boxing in the proud world. Dong Fangbubai doesn’t know Wang Yue’s boxing. It is only after seeing Tai Ji Chuan’s film studio that he feels a little weird.
Every time Wang Yue changed his strength, his sweat was shaken into water mist by powerful strength.
Tai Ji Chuan’s hammer method is very strong and strong.
Dong Fangbubai was shocked that "Wang Yue, a powerful and fierce fist, has many secrets in Wynaut".
As soon as Wang Yue gave off the heat in his body after a punch, it was like a huge steamer. Both Dong Fangbubai and Wang Xi could feel the heat coming on their faces.
Wang Yue felt refreshed when excess heat was removed from his body.
After these days, Wang Yue’s physical injury has been completely recovered. Now it is only a matter of time before Wang Yue will practice step by step and resume the pre-repair, although it may take a long time.
"Why are you here?"
Wang Yue walked beside his little sister Wang Xi and asked Dong Fangbubai.
Dong Fangbubai laughed. "Don’t worry, I’m not looking for you. I’m looking for my little sister."
Little sister? Wang Yue’s heart andao, you are so affectionate. We don’t know you very well.
"What kind of boxing do you practice?" Dong Fangbubai asked, "It looks overbearing, strong and fierce with femininity. You can’t cultivate the true qi with this fist, can you?"
Wang Yue laughed. "Tai Ji Chuan, don’t you know? Isn’t there wu-tang clan’s Tai Ji Chuan Sutra in Sun Moon Shintoism? I’m a wild road in Tai Ji Chuan. Of course, I can’t cultivate the true qi. It’s just to keep fit. Don’t count on this’ Tai Ji Chuan’ to become a martial arts expert. "
Wang Yue doesn’t want to explain too much to Dong Fangbubai. He feels that this woman is too mysterious, so it’s better not to have too much entanglement with her.
"I heard that you made good wine. How about taking it out and letting me try it?" Dong Fangbubai laughed.
"Come in," Wang Yue said to Dong Fangbubai with Wang Xi in his arms.
He hoped that Dong Fangbubai would leave after drinking.

This feeling is very subtle.

Although this is not the first time for her to receive an award on stage, it is the first time for her to sit face to face with her familiar teachers and classmates.
In such a familiar atmosphere, Xu Taotao is relaxed and deeply touched.
"I hope you will continue to work hard to be an organization that will live up to the expectations of your alma mater when you come to study and work!"
President Zhang solemnly handed the certificate to Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao also took the red certificate seriously and put it on her chest.
"Thank you, Principal"
President Zhang nodded, and the pleasant sound spread through the microphone to every teacher and student in the auditorium.
He joked that "Xu classmates don’t say a few words? Your younger brothers and sisters are all eagerly waiting. "
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-seven Introduce family members
Xu Taotao’s four-year university was compressed into one semester by her and she officially graduated today.
After coming to the graduation ceremony, she planned to make an appointment with her roommates to go to the state-run hotel for a meal, and also introduced Professor Gu to these little sisters.
"Taotao, you won’t leave the capital after graduation, will you?" Zhou Qiaoyue tugged at Xu Taotao sleeve and eagerly wanted an answer.
Xu Taotao held up three fingers. "I swear I won’t leave the capital even after graduation. I still have a master’s degree to study. How can I leave!"
Other little sisters "? You have to study for a master’s degree! "
Qindan several were stunned.
What kind of sewing exercises is this? I graduated from college for one semester and just graduated from college. I can say that Xu Taotao is too hard.
Xu Taotao suddenly remembered that she didn’t seem to have had this quarrel with her roommates
She smiled awkwardly. "I forgot to mention that. In fact, Professor Lin accepted me as early as the beginning. He is my master tutor, so I am still his younger brother."
Xu Taotao is full of pride.
She is quite happy when she knows what she has worshipped.
But her roommates don’t know.
On the contrary, Professor Gu is beside you. Although I don’t know what this Professor Gu came to see them with Taotao, but the internationally famous economist Professor Gu is beside you, you actually turn a blind eye and talk about your’ silent five’ teachers.
Is it not good to cough?
"Ahem!" Insider Qin Dan winked at Xu Taotao desperately.
Xu Taotao "? ?”
"Eyes uncomfortable? I still have eye drops. I’ll bring them to you later. "
QinDan black face ""you just eyes uncomfortable!
Watching all this, Professor Gu looked at a few little girls with a gentle smile on her lips. She was so elegant and modest.
It just doesn’t look like Professor Gao Lengzui!
Qin Dan, come on. The young couple don’t care at all. She cares so much. It’s just idle.
Without knowing it, the other five people are even more embarrassed.
Even if Zhou Qiaodan doesn’t look at it at ordinary times, he knows that there is a saying that’ peers are enemies’. Taotao brought Professor Gu and boasted about another professor.
I don’t know, it feels like telling it to Professor Gu on purpose.
Zhou Qiaodan privately wondered whether Taotao would want to recognize Professor Gu as a teacher, and Professor Guo Gu finally confiscated her.
Is Taotao deliberately retaliating with words now?
Just when everyone except Xu Taotao felt a little awkward and uncomfortable.
Xu Taotao patted his forehead and said, "I almost forgot to tell you something today."
Tang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and thought that this girl finally knew to change the subject. Before she wanted to finish this sentence, she listened to Xu Taotao and then said,
"I’d like to formally introduce Professor Gu, who has another identity besides being our economics teacher. He is my fiance."
"Click" One is that the dead branches are broken by one foot.
In addition to Qindan Wang Qiuhong, Tang Xiao, Zhou Qiaodan, Jiang Linlin and Chen Cheng, they were directly stupefied.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Arrangements for Cao Yanhua
Because of the couple’s arrogance, the last 33 dormitories followed them for a meal.
At the dinner table, Jiang Linlin, a chef from a state-owned hotel, suddenly said, "It would be nice to have two strings of chicken wings to eat."
Xu Taotao smiled. "Linlin told you good news or bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
How can Jiang Linlin understand this routine and decisively hook "good news?"
Professor Gu did see that her bad mind was to look at it with a smile and not say a word.
Xu Taotao smiled at Jiang Linlin and bent his eyes. "The good news is that the halogen fragrance really sells rice."
"Are you serious? ! Then we can eat today! "
"Ah, ah, ah, I’ve saved several pieces. Let’s go to eat horses!"
Jiang Linlin jumped three feet high and was as excited as if he had just come out of Wuzhishan, and the monkey was almost happy everywhere.
Xu Taotao is a little unwilling to bully honest children.
33 others are alert to the fraud, and they look at Jiang Linlin unconsciously with a little pity.
A table with Jiang Linlin unaware is still happy like a fool.
"The bad news is that" Xu Taotao deliberately paused when he saw Jiang Linlin’s curiosity, only to spit out a sentence "The staple food package will be officially opened for sale in genius"
And Jiang Linlin has confirmed that the train will go straight to her father’s station in the afternoon.
Perfect miss the opening day of Lu Xiangxiang staple food package.
Jiang linlin ""
"Ha ha ha ha! Hahahaha! "
Seeing Jiang Linlin’s unbelievable eyes wide open and then full of injuries, the good roommates laughed at each other.
Xu Taotao also endured the smile.
"Ah, ah, good, you peach, you are too bad!"
Jiang Linlin nu pursed mouth came to choke Xu Taotao.
Then Professor Gu made a move.

However, Lu Chen’s vision behind Zhang Ming’s operation, he stood in the middle of the body as if he were invincible, and the roots from the underworld could not interfere with him

Lu Chen looked indifferent and pushed the sun, the moon and the stars to smash the inscriptions around him one by one, almost walking in the universe with a free and unfettered Buddha.
He gave a drink and smashed the reincarnation door. "Even the hell was leveled by me. What is this!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun’s flaw was hurt a little by Liu Chen’s knife, and he quickly retreated.
Star saw this scene, people clenched their fists, and their intuition was boiling.
Emperor Wu and other domineering even if the speed falls in the wind, they have the charm of the world.
As Lu Chen said, the reincarnation method doesn’t work for him, and his qi and blood are too strong. This kind of surgery has a miraculous effect on the weak in his later years.
"After all, it’s not my original body … I can’t reach the real peak."
Free and unfettered Buddha coughed up blood and then sneered at Lu Chen. "But your body is just right. I haven’t tried Wu Shen’s body yet."
He once took possession of the secret method and was about to become a Taoist. An ancient emperor stole the fruit of the other party and enjoyed a period of time as a great emperor, otherwise the root method would have lived so long.
Now he has to go to the finish line again, and he will go against the sky and behead Lu Chen, the strongest physique in history. Once he wins the Wu Shen body, he will be honored again!
"Want my flesh? I’m afraid you will enjoy it. "
Lu Chen’s indifference to Dao is like a net all over the sky, leaving no dead ends to prevent the unfettered Buddha from attacking and killing.
Although the stone emperor was surprised that his blood was toxic that day, it was not the Taoist sound that made Lu Chen hear it himself and didn’t know it.
Obviously, this guy Shi Huang also has a hatred in his heart. He is angry with him in the restricted area and does not listen to his suggestion. He is not so kind to reveal the key information of Lu Chen together.
Shi Huang’s idea is simple … I can’t be cheated alone.
Don’t you covet the precious blood of Liu Chenwu? Then let them continue to snag their eyes. Before he died, Stone Emperor hoped that those who didn’t want to be born to surround and kill Liu Chen would accompany him one by one.
And Liu Chenren is also sure that his mysterious blood concentration is impossible even if he wants to refine the toxicity and curse. He came to control his own blood to remove toxicity and keep alive for some blood, but he can’t do it for others.
So he is a hedgehog, which is really not delicious.
If a free and unfettered Buddha wants to take his own flesh, he will be eroded by mysterious blood when he wants to stay, and the erosion force against the silence of the soul can’t stand even the Buddha.
It can be said that even the revered atavistes will have an accident as soon as they receive a large number of secret medicines, and the Buddha will not have this tolerance
Better than Lu Chen, the adaptors are also slowly rising step by step. If you want to be successful, you will die.
At this time, the Aquarius in the free and unfettered Buddha’s hand glows, and when it is put in the silver sea, it impacts and comes out like a fairy essence, which contains a powerful law, Lu Chen.
"Come on!"
Happy Buddha roared and glowed. He summoned a magical thing to fly from the big dipper domain.
It was a glittering and translucent small lake that rose from the broken sacred cliff and quickly rushed to the sky and then disappeared into the universe.
The small lake crystal disappeared into the battlefield of the universe and then merged into the sea to make it different. It seems to reflect the past life and make people lost!
"this is something left over from the transformation of the ghost emperor. I have seen his ancient scriptures and borrowed them today."
Xiaoyao Tianzun said that he was a real mythical person. He once sat in the ghost emperor and talked about Taoism (not a fake). If years hadn’t cut him off, Lu Chen was strong, but he couldn’t be threatened.
There are three things in the world that are more mysterious than the strange and mysterious reincarnation lake, the Shenfen Lake and the Feixian Waterfall, which are all products of respecting immortality.
That Wang Jingying lake fell into the sea, making the whole sea have a soul, drowning Lu Chen to reflect his past lives.
"Enjoy it!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered that even he wouldn’t immerse himself in this kind of thing, because it was so weird that it might reflect the future, but all kinds of accidents might happen, and even the ghost emperor abandoned it after he changed.
It can be said that the stronger the man gets, the more he gets. There will be great terror, and sometimes it can almost destroy a Daoji. This is the most powerful way for Xiaoyao Tianzun to deal with Lu Chen.
"Emperor Wu is in danger!"
The creatures in the universe exclaimed that some old quasi-emperors recognized what it was, but it was the fusion product of the reincarnation lake and the reincarnation sea. It was untouchable!
"After that, Emperor Wu failed to hide from Xiaoyao Zun too fast and solved the meaning of Lu Chen’s causal knife. He really came to the extreme together in time!"
Some people worry that people like Lu Chen will be able to do anything when they lose the battle.
"A little careless. You should have thought of these things before you fought in the sea of reincarnation."
Gu Tian, Chuan Ying, and some of them can’t sit still. Lu Chen was drowned by the lake of reincarnation. This is really a dead end.
Because the free and unfettered Buddha is really courageous, he will try his best to sublimate as soon as he is exposed. People can suppress Lu Chen as quickly as possible.
This cycle of lake coverage is really unavoidable for Lu Chen, and it is directly contaminated and failed to support the protection of different images.
"It’s too cruel to be so insidious in ancient times. Don’t you dare to fight openly with the help of such strange things? ?”
In the universe, an old quasi-emperor thundered that it is too discouraged to recognize the free and unfettered Buddha and the ancient Buddha
However, Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered when he heard all the living beings curse. "What is this? Living is the winner. If it is true, it takes a hundred tricks to kill him at the peak of the myth era?"
Everything is a victory. Happy Buddha is sure that just now the reincarnation lake really flooded Lu Chen. When the reincarnation lake recedes, Lu Chen will probably become a shell, but the physical vitality is just right for him to enter the house.
But as far as all beings in the universe are concerned, the free and unfettered Buddha sneers at all the forbidden areas, and all of them are pleasantly surprised. When waiting for the result, the reincarnation lake burst into a burst of booze.
"Cycle of lake! ? This is also called reincarnation lake! ?”
Lu Chen roared all over the universe. "It’s all my play!"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Raise monsters with your own hands
To the shock and surprise of Xiaoyao Tianzun, Lu Chen’s reincarnation lake root didn’t get lost for a few seconds and then returned to God.
And Lu Chen’s reincarnation in the lake is like a strong adaptability to this substance, and the roots are no longer affected.
See Lu Chen swallowing heaven and earth with a big breath and swallowing all the reincarnation lakes!
Liu Chen wiped the corners of her mouth, holding a regicide in her hand, and continued to approach the unfettered Buddha who was in a state of being forced by Meng.
Free and unfettered Buddha showed a flaw in his shock. He was injured by Liu Chen’s knife gas and coughed up blood. He quickly stepped on the word and retreated at a high speed.
"How is it possible! How can you not be affected! "
Free and unfettered Buddha can’t understand that it’s the reincarnation lake. If the contemporary emperor is contaminated, he will get lost and have a great terror. He was too old to be contaminated in his heyday, and even the ghost emperor abandoned this thing for fear that it would be affected.
How did Lu Chen do it! ? Even if he leveled the hell and found the secret method of the ghost emperor’s past remnants, it is impossible to resist the reincarnation of the lake because it is almost a solution.
Either you are better than a ghost emperor, and you will be forced to suppress and resist for a while, or you will be reflected in it and lose yourself.
Liu Chen’s facial expression is to continue to make a knife and want to take it while Xiaoyao Buddha is injured.
Reincarnation lake? This is really the rest of his play.