Not surprisingly, more than 400 people can safely return to Danyang Gate.

Xiao Ning successfully accepted several ancient books of alchemy from the hall of alchemy.
Bringing these ancient books back to Danyang Gate will inevitably make Danyang Gate look up and rise in status.
The next day, all the clan forces, such as Danyang Gate, Qianhe Gate, Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect, left here and returned to Xuantiancheng.
Most monks have achieved their goals in this ancient battlefield trip.
After a while, everyone will choose to practice in the peace of mind Xuan Tiancheng until the expiration of one year.
Su Mo also closed the seventh pulse.
As time goes by, Su Mo has been in the ancient battlefield for half a year.
A few days ago, he just got through the seventh pulse and his strength rose again.
To continue to practice Su Mo, it is possible to practice to the peak of seven veins before leaving the ancient battlefield.
After returning to the perfect pulse Dan after a big week, he will have the opportunity to get through the first spiritual pulse and become a monk who runs through the odd meridians!
Pulse penetration is the foundation of dzogchen will become an elixir!
And there must be a vision when condensing the elixir!
Of course, this is before everything goes well.
No one can fix the truth to ensure a smooth journey, and no one can predict what will happen in this process.
In this day, there was a sudden thunder and lightning, and a horrible and terrible coercion came to the ancient battlefield instantly!
All is silent!
When it seems to be solidified.
All creatures in the ancient battlefield, whether they are ancient relics or pure blood fierce beasts, honestly fell on the ground and were silent, and their eyes showed all their fears.
This is the fear from ancient times, which is far away but deeply rooted.
The ancient battlefields were all over the wild mainland, and all the super-clansmen appeared in succession and looked up at the middle school, showing shock.
Several monks woke up from the closed one after another.
Is it Danyang Gate and Qianhemen or Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect in the Xuan Tian Cheng?
At this moment, all the monks felt something and came to the roof of the strip to overlook it.
Many monks looked aghast and dumbfounded.
Even Liang Bo, the body seal, opened his mouth and an incredible light broke out in his eyes.
The center of the sky is suddenly changed!
Dark clouds covered the sea of clouds, rolling and surging, slowly rotating to form a huge black cloud vortex, which was extremely shocking.
This sea of clouds is full of Lei Guang snakes, and a fiery ocean of thunder is formed in the dense sea of clouds.
The closer you get to the center of the vortex, the denser the thunder becomes!
Thunder is rolling and light is blazing.
It seems that there is a giant coming from the whirlpool of the sea of clouds!
"This is …"
Su Mo stepped up and looked up at the sky, his eyes shining with Zhan Ran’s divine light.
The breath coming from the center of the sea of clouds vortex is terrible and heart-rending!
This coercion enveloped Su Mo’s heart and gave birth to a sense of humbleness and insignificance, almost to worship!
Some monks can’t bear it, but they have already knelt down and looked frightened.
Gradually, a huge square slate cage emerged in the center of the whirlpool, and the wilderness seemed to crush everything in the ancient battlefield!


During the Spring Festival in 226, Hua Zhenxing spent the New Year’s Eve in Yangyuan Valley, and he told Manman and Sima Value what they were going to do-to practice swallowing tactic and swallowing method.
Hua Zhenxing intends to teach Maman to swallow dumpling shape and Sima value to swallow carving shape after his own practice.
In the short term, he certainly can’t teach himself that he hasn’t practiced yet. The most important thing for his eyes is to understand the swallowing tactic and then fly to the eastern country by himself.
Wucheng Campus of Feigong University reported for duty this year on the twelfth day of the first month, which means that Hua Zhenxing has 12 days to work at the very most, and he will have to practice at once.
Sima value thought that it was simply impossible to complete, but his mouth advised, "Director Hua doesn’t have to worry if it’s impossible, and don’t force yourself to take a vacation from the school if you can’t arrive on time."
There are many things that can’t be forced in this world. Maybe Yang Tehong just wants to tell Hua Zhen this truth. However, Sima Value didn’t say that it was a wake-up call, and all kinds of possibilities should be considered.
Mann Mann hasn’t made great achievements yet, and she doesn’t really understand some realms, but she always has a fan confidence in Hua Zhen and blinks. "Just fly to the East and I will help you arrange his procedures."
No matter whether you don’t report directly to the school on the twelfth day of the first month, you can go to Shi Shuangcheng to get the photo materials. If the road is delayed, someone here will help you take time off and fly well! "
Mann said that his formalities refer to immigration records, quarantine certificates and so on. She can arrange the illusion here, and there is not only one illusion in Hua Zhen, but also more than one illusion in the world.
It’s not difficult for him to learn the formula of swallowing shapes from the first day of Chinese New Year.
If Hua Zhen-hang can’t understand the formula today, then he can’t accept it. It may be a unique way for a master in history to entertain himself-because he can’t teach his brother!
On the morning of the fifth day of the lunar new year, a white crane came out of the bamboo pavilion near the lake in Huazhenxing. It was slender and its wings crossed and straightened, and its neck stretched straight. A person came to look up and looked at the posture like a person walking with his hands behind his back.
When I saw the crane force jumping, I jumped off a big tree next to it and kept a balance with its wings. It either flew or jumped to the crane’s Hua Zhen trip and Hua Zhen trip, of course, I could jump off a tree.
The white crane struggled to leap from the branches and spread its wings as if it were about to fly in the wind. However, it didn’t fly to the shore of the lake, so it fell, not only with its mouth gnawing at the mud, but also with a naked human figure.
Chapter 535, Huahe Hang
Hua Zhen’s trip is really a genius. Besides, he learned the swallowing tactic in less than five days. Although it can’t be said that it is exquisite, it is still an introduction.
On this basis, he will swallow the crane-shaped cultivation introduction. At this moment, I understand the old man Yang’s words. It is difficult to master the subtlety of the cultivation introduction, but it is even more difficult for Hua Zhen to swallow the crane-shaped cultivation at this moment, but it can’t fly.
Although he has changed into a crane, he is still a person with human consciousness and walking mode. It is impossible for a crane to make that move by jumping on branches.
Crane’s physiological structure, nerve reaction mode, sensory system and muscle memory are different from those of human beings. Although Hua Zhen can swallow the crane shape, it is tangible and spiritual.
Even if he learns this trick, he can’t learn how to dress himself. He fell naked from the tree and fell into his original body, and he was naked.
It doesn’t matter if he falls. Sima value can be startled. Zhu Yujing was almost disturbed in the setting.
After the Spring Festival, Xiao Guang took a few days off and left Yangyuan Valley to replace Sima. The watchman can detect all kinds of movements here and know what Hua Zhen is doing these days.
Sima Value found a crane coming out of the lakeside pavilion, jumping on a big tree and falling off with its wings, and then he saw that General Manager Hua fell naked and chewed the mud.
What about Zhu Yujing? He’s in the pavilion, and he’s showing his knowledge of the gods, and he can also detect the movement in Yangyuan Valley.
Sima value quickly told Zhu Yujing that it is not surprising and it is strictly forbidden to tell this scene as a password.
Sima Value personally arrived at Hua Zhen Hang to close the Qing Dynasty. When Hua Zhen Hang was dressed, he became speechless by the lake. He reviewed and summarized the mistake just now-he did swallow a crane and turned out to be a stupid crane.
Sima Value: "Congratulations to General Manager Hua, who has learned to swallow cranes in just a few days!"
Hua Zhenxing came to his senses and waved his hand and said, "How can it be so exaggerated that it will swallow a crane and can’t fly … By the way, what about Maman and them? Don’t they raise Yuangu today?"
Sima value "Manman and Lang Xiaomin and others are flying back to the East today."
Hua Zhen trip "Then I should take off, too. I’ll leave you the bench."
Syma value motioning with his hand, "Director Hua must not worry or practice proficiency first to be more secure on the small bench, and you don’t have to leave Locke to temporarily lend Feiyun boots to my small bench or do you take it with you?"
There is a saying that Sima value didn’t say that it was really good to come to China. It’s okay to fall from a tree. What if you fly to Gao and do it again? When there is a small bench, the imperial flying can always ensure that there is no danger.
Hua Zhenxing shook his head, saying, "I always have something to rely on when I set off with a small bench. It is better to leave it in a state of mind. Even if I am not proficient in swallowing cranes, I am also a monk of the seven realms."
He handed the flying bench to Sima Zhi, who was branded with his heart and sent it away. Then he swallowed the crane tree for the second time and pushed it hard, and actually glided in the wind and flew over the lake at a distance.
This flight was successful, but the posture looked stiff, not like a live crane, but like a model.
Hua Zhen’s trip is not without flying experience. On the contrary, he has rich flying experience. He first came from bamboo magpie, which is not a toy, but a technique similar to eye surgery, which can be attached to gods.
Flying bamboo magpies feels a bit like being possessed by bamboo magpies and soaring high.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t have the experience of being a crane, but he was already familiar with playing bamboo magpie. After reviewing, summarizing and reflecting, Liebaihe flew to the other side with the help of air gliding like a bamboo magpie.
But after all, he learned from the bamboo magpie technique and realized that others were not gliding in the posture of bamboo magpie, but the real flight was still a long way off.
Hua Zhen spent the whole afternoon raising people in Yuangu, tossing and drifting, falling into the water many times and crawling naked. Fortunately, people were watching.
He practiced so hard that he didn’t realize that someone could "see" Zhu Yujing sitting in the pavilion, and his mouth twitched and his eyelids jumped. Later, he simply left the scene and didn’t continue to practice.
In the afternoon, I landed again, and the trip to Hua Zhen finally stopped flying. I wandered around the shore of Baihe Lake, but suddenly I spread my wings and jumped into the lake, and a big fish came out with a long beak.

If the tubular Hallows are moved greatly, Xiao Lingyu can quickly return to the narrow sense of divinity. Unfortunately, the tubular Hallows package is so large that the ship is moved greatly. Xiao Lingyu can move the ship to the narrow sense of divinity.

Fortunately, this ship is moving very fast, and it took a few months to enter the narrow sense of God.
"This ship is too big to carry all the time, and it is also easy to attract the strong to covet a little chicken ribs," Qing Xuan said
Xiao Lingyu hesitated for a moment and suddenly his eyes lit up and said, "wouldn’t it be very safe if such a big ship came to be my Huamen station?"
Qing Xuan first leng leng then said, "Will it be too waves? After all, it is a spiritual treasure! "
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "It’s not a wave, and it’s very suitable. It can not only accommodate many people with strong defense, but also move at a slow speed. It’s perfect to be a Huamen station."
Qing Xuan smiled and nodded, "There is such a resident Huamen in this shemale family, and they are not afraid of monks or big forces."
Although they robbed a ship and caused great losses to the whole cross-border Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army could recognize that the passage was about to disappear and they had to go back.
If they stay for revenge, they will lose more if they encounter this powerful celestial body. Moreover, they don’t know where the secondary channel will appear.
Xiao Lingyu knew that Wu Jia’s army was in a hurry to get back, so he dared to rob the ship.
Reasoning, Xiao Lingyu took the ship to the center of the narrow sense of the gods and continued to search for Anya and Guan Yiwei.
In the past few decades, the ship reached the center of the narrow sense of God and lay across a mountain range.
Just after the catastrophe, the narrow sense of God’s short-term root method is still deserted and hard to see.
Xiao Lingyu put his two places at once out of this ship center for a wide range of search, while he sat in the ship and felt the action of the two places at once while practicing.
There are many things that need to be cultivated, such as the realm of chaotic enlightenment, such as the ancient times and the strong people, such as strengthening the skill of transporting new chaotic seals, such as melting the thunder and evil fire in the ship into the chaotic shadow fire …
Chapter 46 The old woman is dead 4
? [Text] Chapter seven hundred and sixty-nine The old woman is dead
Although they robbed a ship and caused great losses to the whole cross-border Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army could recognize that the passage was about to disappear, and they had to go back to Kun Kun.
If they stay for revenge, they will lose more if they encounter this powerful celestial body. Moreover, they don’t know where the secondary channel will appear.
Xiao Lingyu knew that Wu Jia’s army was in a hurry to get back, so he dared to rob the ship.
Reasoning, Xiao Lingyu took the ship to the center of the narrow sense of the gods and continued to search for Anya and Guan Yiwei.
In the past few decades, the ship reached the center of the narrow sense of God and lay across a mountain range.
Just after the catastrophe, the narrow sense of God’s short-term root method is still deserted and hard to see.
Xiao Lingyu put his two places at once out of this ship center for a wide range of search, while he sat in the ship and felt the action of the two places at once while practicing.
There are many things that need to be cultivated, such as the realm of chaotic enlightenment, such as the ancient times and the strong people, such as strengthening the skill of transporting new chaotic seals, such as melting the thunder and evil fire in the ship into the chaotic shadow fire …
Two busy people have swallowed up a holy spirit of Wujia, and their strength has been greatly improved. Their speed of travel is definitely not low.
The dark clouds in the center of the mountain clan have disappeared and the catastrophe is finally over.
Hundreds of divine races in the center of the mountain ethnic group have suffered this catastrophe-not heavy losses, but several relatively small races have been destroyed.
The shemale and shemale families lost a lot, and the number of monks in the two families was even less than that in the past, but after the catastrophe, they gradually returned to the narrow sense of God.
It was the catastrophe that made everyone too afraid, which made everyone return to the narrow sense of god slowly, and the narrow sense of god was still silent.
It took thousands of years to find Guan Yiwei after searching for a member of Wujia.
Xiao Lingyu’s tubular hallows were greatly moved, and Guan Yiwei received the message that the ship was Guan Yiwei, and he was bent on saving his life and not being able to repair it. He didn’t hear from Anya.
"The catastrophe is over, and Huamen still needs to be careful."
Xiao Lingyu confessed to Guan Yiwei and then went to practice again.
However, in addition to cooperating with Guan Yiwei’s actions, it also helped Guan Yiwei to communicate better. Xiao Lingyu asked a busy person to follow Guan Yiwei.
There is a strong man in the holy period who naturally feels relieved with himself, but he is more curious about what strength his boss is now.
It will take many years for Huamen to reorganize, but after the catastrophe, it is easier for Huamen to recruit monks than before.
After this catastrophe, several sects or organizations have long since ceased to exist in the narrow sense of the divine order, and the original top giants must be reorganized. Now not everyone has the strength to control a large area.
Xiao Lingyu intends to rule this narrow sense of god. If he is interested in this, he can easily do it now.
In fact, Huamen has become the most powerful force in the whole narrow sense of God, and it is also detached. However, this has not been realized by all the monks of the two ethnic groups.
Even Xiao Lingyu knows the specific strength of Huamen Lord now, even Cui Yue and the old lady who fought with him before are not clear.
Even if he doesn’t rule this narrow sense of god, Xiao Lingyu must extend the tentacles of Huamen to the whole narrow sense of god, not only to find Anya, but also to rise to the world of Huamen.
The narrow sense of the divine world is too vast, even if it takes a lot for the holy spirit to search for people. It is because of this that Xiao Lingyu will not stop practicing.
It didn’t take long for a busy man to find Cui Yue Xiao Ling Yu, who was also a tubular hallows, to move Cui Yue to the ship’s side.
"Xiao bro this ship …" Cui Yue looked at the ship in disbelief.
"Ha ha, it was my advantage, but I almost died in it." Xiao Lingyu said with a smile.
"Xiao Laodi is really a strange man. Such toughness can be grabbed now!" Cui Yue praised
"It’s just luck"
Xiao Lingyu shook his head modestly and then asked, "Why isn’t that old woman with Brother Cui?"
Cui Yue gave a wry smile, "Don’t leave her. I was almost killed by that lonely Johnson with her."
Xiao Lingyu frowned and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Cui Yue said in a self-effacing way, "Alas, we were in Weiyuan City after World War I, bro, you left, and the old woman and I also found our own way to heal, but it wasn’t long before a ship arrived. Although we tried our best to escape, the injuries were all aggravated. However, we both had bad luck and it wasn’t long before we hit the lonely Johnson. I didn’t expect that in that case, the lonely Johnson would brazenly attack the old woman regardless of the agreement made by the transvestite and the two powerful families."
Slightly paused Cui Yue then said, "The old lady and I were both seriously injured at that time. If we can be Johnson Dugu’s opponents, and that Johnson will move the seventh layer of strength as soon as he comes, but Johnson Dugu’s resentment is also more like hating the old woman. He won most of the power of Sword Dugu’s tactic to the old woman, which gave me a chance to escape, but that old woman could die in the powerful attack of Sword Dugu."
Xiao Lingyu’s face looks a little low and his expression is uncertain.
It’s a pity that Xiao Lingyu lost a powerful helper when the old woman was killed.
But Xiao Lingyu’s strength now can win even if he wants to come to Johnson alone.
Now that the old woman is dead, Xiao Lingyu has made an agreement with the old woman.
"Eye catastrophe has passed, and the demon race strong people will ask Johnson Dugu for singling out. After all, the old woman is the demon race holy spirit. Johnson Dugu will kill the demon race while she is seriously injured. But there are too few strong people in the demon race to make Johnson Dugu fear. Even if all the demon race strong people go out together at most, it is impossible to keep him." Cui Yue added.
"If Johnson Dugu knew I was here, would he find me?" Xiao Lingyu touched Ba as if talking to himself.

Yang Guo smiled mischievously and said, "Don’t worry, Kannika nimtragol, I will definitely come back often."

When Sun Popo brought Yang Guo to Chongyang Palace, Ma Yu, Qiu Chuji and others just went out to receive Sun Popo and Yang Guo, Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi.
Zhao Zhijing wants to severely punish Yang Guo and Sun Popo, and Hao Datong doesn’t want to see Sun Popo dare to make trouble.
Hao Datong didn’t stop at the moment and stabbed Sun Popo in the chest.
The little dragon girl suddenly appeared. Sun Popo confessed his last words to take care of Yang Guo. When the little dragon girl saw that Sun Popo was dying soon, she promised.
"You kill yourself," said the little dragon girl to Hao Datong.
Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi play against Little Dragon Girl.
Little dragon girl and they have a hard time one-on-one, and they join hands. She is naturally no match.
Just as the little dragon girl was about to get hurt, a red shadow appeared
The bearer is really Li Mochou. She pulls the little dragon girl’s arm and throws her out.
Li Mochou’s sword
Sword Li Mochou hands as fast as ghosts around evil deeply firm but gentle a shock back Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi.
Both of them are first-class fighters, but they are ten times stronger than Wu Santong and Wu Sanniang.
The name "True Seven" is not obvious, but it is really powerful.
Li Mochou want a recruit to kill two people is impossible.
Li Mochou!’ Wang Chuyi surprised way
Hao Datong’s sword pointed to Li Mochou with a face of righteousness. "Li Mochou, you dare to come to my Chongyang Palace. It’s really a death. You can’t leave easily today."
Li Mochou has killed too many people over the years, but who is Li Mochou? That’s how many people she dares to kill with the enemy of heaven and man.
The sword that killed her was the one she thought deserved to die.
Li Mochou glanced at the dead Sun Popo with a thick murderous look in his eyes.
"Ha ha, since I’m here, I haven’t thought about leaving today easily. If I can’t be bloody in Chongyang Palace, I can count Li Mochou," Li Mochou said quietly.
Li Mochou told Sun Popo yesterday that no one in Li Mochou would dare to bully the ancient tomb school if she had her, but it’s ironic that Sun Popo was killed by Hao Datong today.
Sun Popo’s death completely angered Li Mochou.
The more insipid Li Mochou’s tone is, the more calm his expression is, and the more intense it is when the pitfalls break out.
Wang Chuyi shouted, "How dare you, the devil wears Prada, dare to speak out in Chongyang Palace?"
Li Mochou corners of the mouth slightly become warped cold way "unbridled? Then I will show you today. "
"Swords to ward off evil spirits!"
Li Mochou turned a sword in the hand of a red ghosting into a sword of light to kill the true godbrothers around him.
"Ah … ah …"
A series of screams sounded, and Li Mochou killed one person with one sword. Those Taoist priests even cut their swords in half, and no one could stop Li Mochou’s sword.
Only a few people died while breathing. There are dozens of people in Li Mochou Sword.
Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi saw Li Mochou killing people with red eyes.
Wang Chuyi roared, "The devil should be killed!"
Two people desperately to Li Mochou to kill.
Li Mochou sneer at a way "you are too slow to fight with me? It’s really overreaching. Don’t say you two. Even if you really teach seven old guys together, I’m afraid in Li Mochou! "
Two loud noises, Li Mochou’s sword splitting Wang Chuyi and Hao Datong’s sword, suddenly made their arms numb.
"It’s so fast and powerful."
Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi were horrified, and now they found that they couldn’t stop Li Mochou with their skill.
Although Li Mochou has not yet become a master, he is also a half-step master fighter. Li Mochou’s swordsmanship and strength are not ordinary masters at all.
"Li Mochou, stop!" Ma Yu arrived with Qiu Chuji and Sun Buer.
"senior brother"
Hao Datong and Wang Chuyi were emboldened when they saw Ma Yu and Qiu Chuji coming.
No matter how severe Li Mochou is, it is impossible to fight against the seven of them at the same time.
Ma Yu saw dozens of bodies and was furious. "Li Mochou, you are really mad. You actually killed me. I really taught dozens of people that you can’t leave the old road today. I will kill you even if I fight this hard."
"True Seven" surrounded Li Mochou with raging anger in his eyes, wishing to eat her meat and drink her blood.
Li Mochou laughed. "I kill you people and your heart hurts? Didn’t you have clean hands when you killed me? Who is not crazy to be in the Jianghu? Good-hearted people are not suitable for Jianghu. I Li Mochou can’t wash off a bloody suit, but you seven old things should have as many lives as me. "

"Four …" Wait until four time is close to the fog. Eagle Nine and Niu Tong said with a face of mirth, but after saying these two words, the sound came to a screeching halt. Originally, Yang Xiaodi’s four roots didn’t stop at all but directly rushed into the fog.

Eagle nine and NiuTong looked at each other with a face of wait for a while expression.
"There is a person coming out of the array!" Misty hill, etc. After Zhang Xiaotian came out from the front law, the three evil spirits were in an uproar!
Just a law Zhang Xiaotian saw three evil spirit expression is not slightly one leng! Then Zhang Xiaotian stared at the three strangers coldly.
One ghost emperor in the middle and two ghost emperors in the early days!
Such as Zhang Xiaotian see three people after the heart is not surprised and angry.
One is Yang Xiao to worry about four people, and the other is that he has just come out from the front law and there are signs of gathering energy around him! Is his body a little bit cham into if at ordinary times the three ghost emperor level guy is not in his eyes! But now these three ghost emperors have become a great threat! If he moves, there is energy in his body, so if he doesn’t enter the array, it will be a waste of effort! Maybe you will be mentally self-absorbed!
At that time, Zhang Xiaotian’s mood was extremely complicated! A little bit of energy into his name makes Zhang Xiao’s celestial energy gradually, but in front of these three strange ghost emperors, Zhang Xiaotian dare not immediately absorb it.
Be Zhang Xiaotian two indifferent eyes swept away three evil spirit heart involuntarily trembling slightly! Those eyes are full of Cang Sang! It’s like looking into the depths of the three evil spirits, and their hearts are naked in front of Zhang Xiaotian!
This time, Zhang Xiaotian spent four months in front of the law, but his experience was the sky of a lifetime history! Tens of thousands of years! Zhang Xiaotian, in particular, was almost absorbed in the illusion, and everything he experienced was particularly real! As soon as he came out of the law, Zhang Xiaotian’s mentality did not suddenly disappear, but remained! This is the sequela of array method. It takes some time to adjust this mentality slowly!
But Zhang Xiaotian didn’t think that it was his eyes that had witnessed several historical firmaments that shocked the three evil spirits! Let them not dare to make a move at the moment.
The ghost will peak! Three evil spirits clearly sensed Zhang Xiaotian Xiu! But Zhang Xiaotian eyes let them feel a slight tremor!
Just when the four people confronted each other, the fog in the outer circle was a churning! In a short time Yang Xiao to four people then flash in.
After seeing Yang Xiao’s four people flash in, Zhang Tianhe and three evil spirits’ eyes shine at the same time.
"Eldest brother! Get rid of these formations! " Just entered the law Xiao Qing mouth anxiously shouted.
"Sure enough! This array is human! " After hearing Xiao Qing’s words, the three evil spirits felt for a while! But then I was a little confused. I don’t know why this ghost is so anxious to accept the law!
See Yang Xiao four people flash in Zhang Xiaotian slightly at ease! He was also worried about whether something was wrong with Yang Xiao to four people. Now it seems that they are very safe! After hearing Xiao Qing, Zhang Xiaotian didn’t hesitate to shoot a spirit into the X large array behind him and waved his hand. Two pieces of fog were removed inside and outside.
He didn’t hesitate or hesitate! He can’t persist for so long.
Zhang Xiaotian immediately sat on the ground after withdrawing the law! To absorb the huge energy around.
The fog suddenly disappeared outside the soul beast and three evil spirits Yang Xiao to four people immediately according to the face!
Everyone was stunned, but only after a moment, the body became angry.
"Eagle nine! Niutong! Your majesty is locking you two up. Get these three guys who broke into the array! " Yang Xiao toward the nearby is slightly LengYing nine and NiuTong two people shouted.
Hear this roar eagle nine and NiuTong immediately wake up! But after they saw the identity of the three evil spirits, they were shocked.
"Three evils of hell!" Eagle nine and NiuTong shocked shouted.
Suddenly saw so many people outside three evil spirits also can’t help but slightly leng for a moment but also can’t help but wake up after hearing Yang Xiao to shout! When the three evil spirits coldly swept to the people not far away! Finally, the three people’s eyes stayed on Eagle Nine and the cow’s whole body pupil also contracted sharply!
"Two ghost emperors?" Three evil spirits become dignified!
"Three evils of hell!" I was shocked to hear Eagle Nine and Niu Tong shouting that those who have already taxied the ghost king to stop and compete in the enclosure. Obviously, they have also heard of the three evil spirits in hell.
"We will deal with the ghost emperor in purple robe, and you will deal with the two ghost emperors in black robe and blue robe!" Yang Xiao’s eyes tightly staring at the three evil spirits shouted and Yang Xiao’s voice made Xiao Qinghe Fat to protect Zhang Xiaotian from Zhang Xiaotian!
Division of labor completed! Xiao Qing and Fat Boy flicker to Zhang Xiaotian! Look coldly at the surrounding spirits!
Three evil spirits and eagle nine, Niu Tong coldly stared at each other and no one started work! Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Dianfei didn’t make moves! Now their biggest problem is procrastination.
Zhang Xiaotian is out now! Zhang Dianfei four hearts glad thanks to the four of them didn’t go to the ghost fog, looking for XiaoRan! Otherwise, they will miss Zhang Xiaotian’s departure.
"Who are you?" After several people looked at it for a while, the purple evil spirit finally asked first and glanced at the nearby Zhang Xiaotian figure from time to time!
Zhang Xiaotian side gathered around the huge name of energy, of course, he knows what it is! But he always feels a little weird! Supposedly, it is impossible for a ghost to break through the realm when he is at the peak of his life. And purple evil spirit eyes still gaze to the ghost king level spirit beast not far away! In addition to the peak of the three demons, the other five demons are also breaking through the realm!
Is it really such a coincidence that six people break through at the same time? Purple evil spirit in the heart can’t help but give birth to a trace of doubt. The most important thing is that he can see that Yang Xiao is sitting on the ground and trying to absorb energy Zhang Xiaotian! A ghost will peak ghost repair turned out to be four "ghost king" strength ghost repair leaders, especially these four people are all special, which is not comparable to ordinary ghost king level ghost repair! This makes purple evil spirit more confused … How to think it is an incredible thing!
Purple evil spirit heart center doubts others are even more confused! Especially Ying Jiu and Niu Tong! Is that "mysterious king" him? Their corner glanced at the nearby Zhang Xiaotian! A ghost will be at its peak … Eagle Nine and Niu Tong vaguely feel that they seem to have been cheated, but they didn’t run away immediately because they had another goal … that is, the three evils of hell!
The three evil spirits of hell are the characters of the earth treasure king! Anyone who reaches the level of ghost emperor knows that the earth treasure king said that anyone who catches the three of them or helps to catch the three of them will be rewarded!
And around don’t ghost repair are two envy looking at Zhang Xiaotian five demons not far from his side! Accurately speaking, they are jealous of their energy!
They can also absorb this kind of energy! Anyone who absorbs the energy when he breaks through the ghost repair is higher than himself, then the spirit of absorbing the energy will also increase.
Zhang Xiaotian Xiu is the peak of ghosts! Therefore, there are many soul beasts present who can absorb the energy of gathering place names around him!
But compared to Zhang Xiaotian! The energy around the five demons around him is even more attractive!
However, it is a great deterrent to be surrounded by the five ghost kings and the three ghost beasts at their peak! Let the ghost repair stop at the scene.
Add five ghost emperor present reason so who also dare not beat to steal the thunder smile "who are you? Break into other people’s abode of fairies and immortals without permission! "
"I think! We may have some misunderstandings! " Purple evil spirit thoughtfully for a moment and said slowly
"Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? " Hear purple evil spirit say so Yang Xiao slightly sigh tone lightly asked if really fight they are really afraid! They don’t want to fight if they can’t! If we delay until Zhang Xiaotian wakes up, everything will be all right!
Hear Yang Xiaodi and purple evil spirit answered the words eagle nine and NiuTong no longer speak, just silently watching! In my heart, I’m trying to figure out their tricks!
"We don’t know if this hill is the abode of fairies and immortals or a natural law, so we just rushed in! Please forgive me for offending! " Purple evil spirit eyes staring at Yang Xiao a face of apology and said
Hear the eldest of the three evil spirits, purple evil spirit, apologize to Yang Xiao! Eagle nine and NiuTong not slightly opened his mouth some dumbfounded! Mind thinking Murphy Yang Xiao to them really bad?
"oh! That’s right! In that case, we don’t blame it! You can go! " Yang Xiao responded slowly and said
"Uh …" Hearing what Yang Xiao said, purple evil spirit couldn’t help but leng! After a moment, the purple evil spirit looked at the other side of Xiaoqing with some hesitation and said, "This girl …" Seeing that the purple evil spirit noticed Xiaoqing and then associated it with him when he entered the law, he recognized Xiaoqing’s identity at a glance. Yang Xiao couldn’t help but say, "This girl has nothing to do with you!"
"I know I want to …" Hear Yang Xiao so simply blurt out a word purple evil spirit can’t help but embarrassed again.
"What do you want to think! You don’t want anything! " Yang Xiao is his eyes a stare coldly say
"Small! My eldest brother talks to you well, don’t be unappreciative! " Yang Xiaodi said such ugly words three transgressions and two times, but the two brothers, the blue one and the black one, couldn’t see the past. When the black one roared, Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Dianfei fought with the purple one, they didn’t know that they had been fighting with the two demons for so long, but they couldn’t fight so timidly, and the purple one didn’t tell them! Therefore, the two evil spirits are not sure about the real reason why the purple evil spirits are so polite to Yang Xiao, a ghost king in his early days! With a ghost king peak level ghost people can’t make purple evil spirit to Yang Xiao so polite! Purple evil spirit is so kind to Yang Xiao. That’s purple evil spirit regards Yang Xiao as a person with equal strength!
"Why? Do you still want to fight when you break into other people’s caves? " Yang Xiao smiled coldly and said lightly that his heart was guilty! He hopes that these three ghost emperors are face-to-face people, so he will not start work on them again!
"Ha ha! Why don’t you go out and ask about who we three hellcats are? What’s the big deal if you grab it! We still want to kill you, do you believe it? " Who knows Yang Xiao to such a shock blue evil spirit immediately burst out laughing.
Really? Yang Xiao secretly complain in the heart! Don’t these three ghost emperors turn out to be murderous demons? Think of eagle nine and NiuTong and the spirit beast to a face of shock and then think of the three people to the title of Yang Xiao to a cool heart!
"Hum! What three evils of hell? I think you are three fears of hell! Attack us when our king is closed! What is this? If something happens, just wait for our king to wake up and we’ll fight again! " Yang Xiao sneer at a lightly said
"What?" Black is a face of great anger
"Hum! That ghost is your king when he is young? " Glanced at nearby Zhang Xiao sky blue laughs at a light and asks
"I want you to show some respect! Our king’s strength group is what you can point at? What’s more, our king, Ghost Fog Sen, Xiao Ran, the Ghost Emperor and the Dark Ghost Emperor, the owner of the faint valley of the corpse, are sworn brothers! Don’t you look down on them for being so disrespectful to our king? " Yang Xiao said lightly that there was a faint anger in his tone.
"Xiao Ran Ghost Emperor and Black Ghost Emperor?" Three evil spirits opened their mouths and looked startled.
"Are you kidding! Xiao Ran and Heiyou will recognize a ghost brother! " Then blue evil spirit a face of ridicule said
"Why can’t we recognize a ghost brother?" Just as Yang Xiao opened his mouth to say something, a faint sound came from afar.
"Xiao Ran!" Three evil spirits twist a head to look in the direction of the sound, not from a face of shock shouted tone with a quiver.
"Xiao Ran Ghost Emperor!" Looking at the bearer eagle nine and NiuTong is also a burst of dumbfounded.
"XiaoRan! Dark! It turned out to be them! " Looking at the bearer Yang Xiaodi four people pleasantly surprised.

After some meditation, Qi Nan found that this scheme may be feasible, combining performance with competition to attract attention and achieve real results. This is what every player dreams of. The pursuit of perfection in Qi Nan’s bones makes him prefer to play beautiful and beautiful football rather than mechanical football like an assembly line or a copier. He prefers to regard football as an art rather than a simple sports competition.

Modern football is increasingly forbidding players to play football in unconventional ways. Coaches hope that other players can play simple football according to their ideas instead of winning by dazzling and gorgeous personal performances, which directly leads to the increasingly ugly game scenes and the lack of appreciation. Through the efforts of coaches Severiano Reija Geer and Mourinho, football seems to have entered such an era. Coaches have overshadowed players’ tactics, weakened personal utility and valued judgment. The beauty of defending is more important than attacking champion, which often depends not on whether you have more creativity, but on whether you can make fewer mistakes. Football has gradually become a "wrong art"-mistakes and art seem to be in direct proportion. The more artistic the team is, the more likely it is to make mistakes, the less artistic it is. In this era, football is more like a management science than an art.
In the 1990s, it was a real performance era, and a group of Diego Maradona’s first talented football artists, the Dutch Three Musketeers Golden Bombers, left us with several classic moments. Now, football sees more coaches in the confrontation and lacks classic personal performance. Seeing the coach’s wisdom shining and the star’s light has been concealed by their coaches, just like Cuju changed from a simple and fierce confrontation in the Han Dynasty to an increasingly exquisite entertainment performance in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Is this a progress or a retrogression? No one can explain.
Qi Na’s thoughts shuttled back and forth for a thousand years, comparing the similarities and differences between Cuju and football, and unconsciously fell asleep.
This Sunday, Naples will have an Italian eye-catching match against Inter Milan, which is currently the first in the league standings. The eye-catching place of this game is that apart from Naples, it needs one point to avoid relegation. More importantly, the outcome of this game will determine the trend of the league championship. At present, Inter Milan is three points ahead of Roma. If Naples will avoid relegation in the first two rounds and Rome will win, the lead of Inter Milan’s points will be reduced to one point.
This is a game in which neither side can lose, but in fact, the pressure on Naples is much less. There are still two rounds in the league. Even if this game is lost, there are still two games to score. Naples’s last two opponents are not very strong, and it is absolutely not a problem to score a point. On the other hand, Inter Milan can’t afford to lose. Dancing on the edge of the cliff is a perfect situation for them.
On Friday, Qinan called and told Rhea that he wanted to train without playing football. It was too sad, and after a game, he found that his cooperation with his teammates really needed to be strengthened. Rhea was overjoyed to hear that Qinan had taken the initiative to train, and of course he was going to play against Inter Milan on Sunday, so he could cultivate a sense of tacit understanding with his teammates.
There was no class in the afternoon. Qinan asked Qin Yishui to go back first. He went to the training base in Naples to train argus Tini alone. These days, he got back with an Italian beauty. It was late these days. Qinan and Qin Yishui both went back to Qinan first. It was still a little strange to see Qin Yishui’s eyes these days. He didn’t know what the problem was. He didn’t think much about how to combine his cuju skills with modern football.
When Qinan came to the training base, the training in Naples just happened. The training in Naples was two hours a day, three hours in the afternoon and three hours in the afternoon. Qinan entered the dressing room in Naples through the secret passage of the club, changed his equipment and practiced with his teammates.
The appearance of Qina can’t help but make Rhea overjoyed, and those reporters who are waiting at the training base are even more ecstatic! ! Never taking part in training, Dominica showed up at the training ground, and it was worthwhile to reward them. They were waiting here day and night.
The news that Domenica appeared in the training ground spread like wildfire, and it was broadcast in Naples for half an hour at the fastest speed. The media and fans surrounded the training ground in Naples, and the fans shouted that they had not seen the name of Domenica for almost half a month, but the camera flash in the hands of reporters never stopped.
Qinan didn’t expect that coming out for a training session could also cause such a sensation. Hamsik "complained" Qinan robbed him of the title of the top star in Naples and threatened Qinan to invite him to dinner to soothe his broken heart. Qinan Ma countered the threat with his match-fixing a few days ago and Hamsik had to give up blackmail Qinan.
In this way, Qinan can’t practice what he has been thinking in the training ground for the past few days, so that he can have the same recovery exercises with his teammates. Qinan doesn’t want to be exposed to reporters before his research results. Everyone knows this truth.
Volume II
Chapter XIII Keep an eye on Lampard
The next day, training Rhea decided to adopt a closed training method and refused all media and fans to enter the stadium to watch, which made all media reporters very unhappy. However, the fans did not overreact to Rhea’s move, and they were understandable.
Rhea has never been afraid of the media owner. He is stubborn and iron-blooded, but Italy is famous. Now England coach Fabio Capello once said that some people say that I am too stubborn. I told him that Ai Du Yaduo {Rhea} is even more stubborn than me. We both have similar football concepts. He and I are both teachers and friends. I actually learned a lot from him. Although I may have achieved better results than him, it is because Ai Du Yaduo has never coached a big club. But if you give him a Juventus, he can bring it to the top of football.
Perhaps Capello’s words are somewhat flattering, but it is not difficult to see that Capello’s admiration for Rhea can make Capello say such things. The coach should not say that there are not many Italian countries in Naples, and the reporters have nothing to do but abuse a few words. Qinan has also benefited from experimenting and perfecting his ideas and ideas these two days.
At six o’clock in the afternoon in Italy at the weekend, Italy paid attention to a key match between Inter Milan and Naples at Sao Paulo Stadium in Naples.
For Inter Milan, there is no need to describe a team that is well known to the world’s fans. In that respect, it is much better than Naples. Sixteen league champions, five Italian cups, three UEFA cups, three Italian Super Cups, two European champions and two intercontinental cups have won more honors than Inter Milan. Compared with Inter Milan, Naples has two league champions, three Italian cups and one UEFA cup, which makes it look shabby. Many Inter Milan pairs. The battle in Naples is like a rich and powerful family facing an outbreak, which is even worse in Naples. This outbreak has returned to the ranks of ruin since Lord Diego Maradona left home.
Last year, Inter Milan unexpectedly fired the coach Mancini, who led Inter Milan to win three consecutive championships, and Munnio, a European "madman", replaced him with Mancini Lampard Quaresma and other reinforcements. The former team of Inter Milan was super luxurious, but their results this year were not satisfactory and the final was stopped. The Italian Cup was eliminated early. The league was at least the best, and it is still three points ahead of the top. No wonder an old car with super power and a new engine always needs some time to run in.
In view of the importance of this game, the focus of this battle will be played by the famous Italian referee Luo Saidi, who is the referee in the final of the 2002 European Cup. Besides retiring the famous whistle "Bald" Corina, he is already the best referee in Italy.
With the whistle of Luo Saidi, Napoli didn’t play Catania 3-4-1-2 formation at home. Inter Milan is not Catania. Playing three defenders in front of attacking Inter Milan is like eating arsenic. Being impatient, Rhea changed the formation to defend the main season and scored at most 5-3-2 points. It can not only avoid relegation, but also be conservative at home. In fact, this formation is what he relied on to put several strong teams in Ramarea. And grava replaced the home starters Montevino and Bonnargent, who returned to the full-back from the winger to reduce the number of assists. The full-time defensive organization attack was given to gargano, Hamsik and Qinan, and the strikers were still borne by Lavizi and Zalayeta.
Inter Milan play their best 4-4-2 double striker Ibrahimovic Suazo, four world-class midfielders quaresma Lampard Vieira Stankovic and four defenders Mai Kong Materazzi Cordoba Chivo goalkeeper Cesar.
Inter Milan’s formation can really be described as Starlight Glimmer casually pulling out a line worth Napoli’s worth. Compared with the season, the midfield is the biggest change for Inter Milan. Lampard from Porto Quaresma, the old owner of Mourinho’s Chelsea, gradually settled down in the main position during the season. Munio likes the old man. This is a well-known thing in Europe. Quaresma was originally when Munio led Porto to win the European Champions League. He personally discovered the new star Lampard when Munio was at Chelsea. The first thing that Muninho, the favorite midfielder, did when he moved into Inter Milan was to discuss the acquisition of Quaresma and Lampard with the management of Inter Milan, and Moratti, the president of Inter Milan, successfully bought them back as he wished.
There are not many stars in Inter Milan, but football is not. The more stars, the better. Sometimes one plus one may be less than two. Naples has not as many stars as Inter Milan, but it has never been the best for Inter Milan to play a strong team.
Today, the deployment of Rhea to his brothers is beneficial to strengthen the home court advantage and disrupt the attack rhythm of Inter Milan. We must stir Inter Milan into a muddy water and then fish in troubled waters. It is really effective to see Rhea’s tactics from ten minutes before the game.
Lampard buried his head in the ball and stared at the strange player who had become Naples’s new darling with protective gear. He tried to find a way to avoid his close defense, but he didn’t succeed. At the moment when Lampard was almost successful, the ball was intercepted by Qinan. Lampard was annoyed and grabbed it on the spot.
Qinan broke the ball from Lampard’s foot and immediately gave it to Lavizi in front. This was a special instruction from Rhea before the game. Today, he just wanted to watch Inter Milan Lampard come from England. Lampard is definitely an Inter Milan engine figure. He has a wide range of activities and runs actively. Almost all of Inter Milan’s attacks are launched from his feet. Rhea thinks that Lampard is dead, which is equivalent to wasting half of Inter Milan’s martial arts.
Qinan didn’t let Rhea down. Ten minutes ago, it was difficult for him to connect Lampard to the ball, let alone organize an attack. Lampard only took the ball twice and was cleanly broken by Qinan. Besides, Qinan not only defended Lampard, but also saw Qinan’s flying figure in the whole midfield. His physical strength was not a problem for him. He had rested for a long time, because Qinan’s dazzling performance was that he controlled the midfield, grabbed the third midfield and played against Inter Milan.
Volume II
Chapter 14 Patrino Dance Steps
"Dommonica, he broke Lampard’s ball again. Lampard was in the wind against Dommonica today. He didn’t see us for half a month. He even became so defensive. If this is not a genius, who is? Who is it? " Moreau shouted in the commentary seat again.
Rhea watched Qinan successfully break Lampard’s ball again, and almost wanted to write a thank-you letter to Comotto for discovering Domonica’s defensive talent.
Lampard looked at the opponent’s No.13 Dommonica, who was about to cry again. Before the game, Munnio also told him to pay more attention to Naples No.13 attack. He must be altruistic and run on a large scale to watch him die. Who knows, the form has turned upside down, but he was killed by Naples No.13. This Dommonica attack didn’t see how powerful it was, but it was also inferior to his own team Riviera.
Quaresma’s situation is not much better than Lampard’s. Hamsik is entangled with him like a candy. That Dominica sometimes bothers him in his spare time, which makes him very angry. Moreover, the defensive hierarchy in Naples rarely gives him a chance to start smoothly, so he has no place to resist the surprise attack on the famous flank.
Mu? o wore a black windbreaker and watched every move coolly on the sidelines. This man, who is known as the most popular among middle-aged women in Europe, is never at peace at this time. This Rhea is indeed an old fox who has found his team’s life and won’t let go. It seems that Capello’s words are not too inaccurate. This Rhea is really difficult. How can we get rid of this passive situation? Mu? o carefully thought about it.
Who is the most dangerous person in Inter Milan? People who are familiar with Inter Milan will say that it must be Ibrahimovic, a Swedish giant from the Viking, who has exquisite skills that don’t match his height. Some people say that even though his legs can’t play the piano like Davoussouk, it is more than enough to talk about a piano. From this sentence, we can see that Ibrahimovic’s skills are exquisite when he played against Italy in the World Cup for six years, and the scorpion wagged his tail against Brayda in Ajax in the 4-5 season. The shocking four false shots even tricked the goalkeeper into making a final goal, which made the world realize this tall and flexible.
However, he is still depressed in this game, because he rarely receives the valid ball from his midfield teammates in the front line, and Napoli’s two central defenders Cannavaro and Domic often have two people to guard him, which makes him very uncomfortable. His companion Suazo is also caught in the encirclement of Naples’s five defenders and cannot come out to share the pressure with him.
Naples didn’t give up the offensive game when defending well. After Qinan broke the ball in the 15th minute, he rolled the ball to find Zalayeta’s foot. However, his physical skills were not very good, but he was a typical column center. Zalayeta leaned against Materazzi and knocked the ball to the plug. Ravizzi’s role was to follow the center to meet the second striker’s back and get the ball. He often answered Zalayeta’s ball and then made altruistic speed and technical breakthrough shooting. This is the cooperation between the two. In the past two years, his cooperation with Zalayeta has been tacit enough. In fact, before Zinan came, this was always the main offensive means of Naples, because the strikers could not get much support in the Rhea 5-3-2 defensive formation.
Lavezzi didn’t rush up this time because Inter Milan defender Chivu stuck to him with experience instead of staying for him to break through Lavezzi. He observed the situation in front of him. Zalayeta was pestered by Zalayeta, followed by Chivu Chivu and Mai Kong. It was almost impossible to break through the restricted area and shoot.
"Here," Lavezzi suddenly heard a voice from the left rear. It was Domenica Calazzi who gave the ball to Qinan without hesitation.
Qinan receives Lavezzi’s ball and speeds it to the highest speed. Lavezzi quickly runs to the left. Qinan pulls through and he takes Chivu’s defense away. Because Chivu can’t put Lavezzi on the side.
Qinan high-speed dribbling stepped on two bicycles to defend him. Mai Kong bent down and stared at Qinan’s foot ball. Actually, Qinan didn’t recognize that his two bicycles could fool a world-class defender like Mai Kong. He suddenly made a horizontal stroke to the right to make a breakthrough posture. When Qinan moved to the old age, Mai Kong moved, but Qinan turned the ball around and buckled it to the left. Mai Kong gritted his teeth and pulled his body back to stop in front of Qinan again, but Qinan’s spike was still fake. He buckled just like the previous one. The ball pulled the ball to the right again. This time, Mai Kong was able to look at the ball and sigh. His old waist couldn’t stand this toss. Qinan relied on incredible changes to break through Mai Kong and kill in the restricted area twice in a row.
"More Monica! ! ! It’s Dominique’s incredible turn to dazzling Patrino dance (a dance step with a huge waist twist in Naples) that shakes all Mai Kong’s confidence. How did he do it? Oh, my God, his body simply violated the natural laws of the human body. It can’t be said that the other Mai Kong didn’t do it properly. It’s really that Dominique is not a normal earth person who can defend him and go in! ! ! Emperor! ! ! Once again, the penalty area was crossed. This time, it was to make up for Chivo, the poor Romanian. He didn’t shovel the ball with his sliding shovel. Domenica hit the door! ! ! ! !
"Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Of course, there is no such goal machine. Do you know how much it costs to sign in? I tell you that 500,000 is only 500,000. I think now all club owners will be jealous that Delaurentis signed up as an outstanding genius after spending money on a social lunch. "Moro said that it is no secret that Qinan is worth money. The reporter of Napoli Sports Daily has already interviewed sabatini who discovered Qinan and learned this from him. When sabatini said this, he said it in a show-off tone, because not every professional scout can touch such a good thing. Some people say that he is lucky, but more people think that he is a discerning person. Sometimes luck is always given to those who are prepared.
Volume II
Chapter 15 The score was even
Zinan’s goal in the 21st minute lit up the Sao Paulo Stadium, where 70,000 Neapolitan fans, who were active in Mount Vesuvius, chanted their names again.
This goal, Li Qinnan, fully demonstrated his perfect body flexibility in the venue. In HIGH-speed running, the combination of continuous passing of the ball and super-strong ability brought people a high visual enjoyment. Who said that football can’t be played like art? Qi Nan’s flowing like mercury is art, just like Raphael’s painting is enchanting in solemnity.
The expressions of the two coaches on the sidelines are also opposite. Rhea excitedly waved his fist in the same place, and his silver hair was particularly dazzling. Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho slammed his fist behind the rain shield and roared and danced to cheer up Inter players. Jose Mourinho’s body language is famous among coaches. No wonder some people say that sometimes watching Jose Mourinho perform on the sidelines is better than performing on the court.
After Inter Milan lost the goal, they didn’t panic at all. In Munnio’s roar, they showed a crazy counterattack. They weren’t Catania Inter Milan. No team dared to underestimate them when they got serious.
Mu? o called Lampard, who was closest to him, and told him to run back to the field and give Mu? o instructions. Sure enough, the formation of Inter Milan changed.
Qinan received Cannavaro’s ball and was about to take it forward. An Inter player posted it soon. This time it was no longer Lampard, but a black player who was eager to compete with coal.
Is this Vieira, known as the world’s first iron waist? For Vieira Qinan, he knows something more or less, especially Comotto’s admiration for Vieira. When he was on the school team, Comotto asked Qinan to learn more from Vieira and let him go back and watch more video of Vieira’s game. Actually, Qinan did the same. He asked argus Tini to find some video of Vieira’s game and studied it carefully. He really learned a lot of defensive skills from him. Objectively speaking, Vieira is also a teacher of Qinan.
I didn’t think much about it. Qinan decided to break through from Vieira’s front. Qinan knew that he had hit his enemy. Vieira was 1.91 meters tall, his legs were long, his speed was explosive, and his defensive area was too large. Qinan was accidentally poked out by Vieira’s long legs.
Frank Lampard got a quick counterattack from Inter Milan. Frank Lampard made a big foot shift and distributed the ball to the flank. The quaresma Portuguese winger got the ball. The best wingers in the world ran wildly on the sidewalk. There is no doubt that the breakthrough ability of Quaresma’s sidewalk is actually his favorite. This season, Quaresma’s sidewalk has indeed become a very important offensive means for Inter Milan.
Rushing up, quaresma is indeed a bit unstoppable. savigny passed by him with an empty sway and a change of direction. Cam behind savigny followed quaresma back and waved to his companions behind him to prepare for the defense. Cam seized the opportunity to fly a shovel, but he was cheated by quaresma’s fake action. He was also passed. Cam sometimes seemed too bold.
After Cam quaresma decisively cut before Domic pounced, he was found to be the "pirate captain" Ibrahimovic. The Swede didn’t wait for the ball to land on the instep arch and shot it directly. Lezo couldn’t react to the ball. Ibrahimovic shot too close and the ball was too fast for him to move.
Only one minute after Zinan scored, Inter equalized the score, which is why giants sometimes lose the ball first, but it can make them wake up faster.
Qinan was annoyed because the ball was lost from his foot. He ran more actively and tried to atone for his mistakes. In fact, no fans would blame him. No one could keep a game without losing the ball.
Mu? o received a miraculous effect as soon as he changed his formation, which made Rhea admire his on-the-spot command ability. Mu? o made Vieira close to Lampard to protect him and organize the attack. At the same time, Domenica of Naples turned him to defend Inzinan. This change was simply killing two birds with one stone, liberating Lampard and keeping an eye on Qinan. At the same time, he made quaresma specialize in the winger to pull Lampard and Stankovic from the defensive middle of Naples.
This change really caught Naples off guard. Nanna was stared at by Vieira. Hamsik and gargano were too busy to win the defense. Where to make room to help Qinan? Without Qinan, Lavezzi and Zalayeta also seemed a little isolated. After Inter Milan equalized the score, the offensive became stronger. After Lampard was liberated, he frequently went forward to the restricted area in Naples and made long-range shots. Fortunately, Lezzo played a steady role to protect the goal.
The Zenan ball was once again broken by Vieira in the eyes of the fans. They really got into trouble. Vieira was the ghost of Domenica. If the attack was blocked, the defense would definitely be more difficult. This is the way to avoid it. Twenty minutes after half-time, the defense of Naples seemed a little stormy. It felt like Inter Milan, a huge ship, hit Naples, and the small sampan was almost knocked apart.

Chapter 41 The machine is finally defeated (1)

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Three days later, everything was finally ready. Feng Xiao had already turned over after dressing up with a sigh of relief. With a wave of his hand, he shouted "Let’s go".
Fifty thousand soldiers marched in the direction of Baidicheng at his first order, and others followed Feng Xiao’s side to see that Feng Xiao was a general in the wind and secretly provoked his thumb. Don’t look at Feng Xiao’s cowardice in front of Mo Yuling at ordinary times. That’s just to let her know that Feng Xiao is his general color now.
Mark eyes swept eyes Feng Xiao blunt Mo Yuling hard nodded to show her vision.
Mo Yuling smiled and urged the horse to go to Mo Xiaobei and asked in a low voice, "Sister Xiaobei, do you think we will win this time?"
Mo Xiaobei definitely said, "We must win no matter what."
Mo Yuling looked behind and said, "Then you and the big monk …"
Mo Xiaobei took one look back and breathed a sigh of relief, saying, "Since he has made up his mind, I can’t help it. Maybe this is his fate, but I also want to come to Mohist school and live a paradise. I won’t suffer from these accidents, so I will go back to Mohist school with them and teach the younger Mohist students to carry forward Mohist culture and never think about these mundane things again."
Mo Yu Ling listened to her tone as if it were peaceful. Many people knew that she was thinking, so they didn’t say much more. They followed her closely with the big troops.
You can already see the wall of Baidicheng. Feng Xiao ordered the soldiers to stand by and then rode to Mo Xiaobei and said, "Let’s stick to the plan."
Mo Xiaobei nodded his head to the Mohist brother behind him and said, "Mo Chen and Xu Jie, the two of you took Mo Ying as planned, and they drove XUANWUMON to cooperate with all the soldiers to take the waterway. Remember that the speed must be fast. Yan Mo gave orders to rosefinch beast to stand by and prepare for the auxiliary XUANWUMON storm."
After several Mohist brothers were ordered to go, Feng Xiao said, "If you take a thousand firearms and artillery from the stone bridge, you will seize the stone bridge. Once the others occupy the stone bridge, they will quickly attack the city to reinforce the waterway troops by fighting for the least time."
After Qian was ordered, everything was ready. Feng Xiaoyi ordered the battle against Baidicheng to finally start.
Five thousand soldiers with rattan brand took a boat from Youzheng to tow in XUANWUMON, which was faster than rushing towards Baidi Mountain. Just as they were approaching the shore, the speed of XUANWUMON slowed down, and then they heard the sound of iron collision in the water. Although it was slow, they finally arrived at the shore. Before they heard a sharp arrow break in the shore.
Qian said, "Rattan player is ready". As soon as the voice was completed, thousands of arrows rained down.
Although there were rattan cards to cover these soldiers, there was still a scream. Some of them had been shot by arrows, and after a shower of arrows, more than 100 soldiers were killed or injured.
Watching Feng Xiao in the distance didn’t expect each other’s bows and arrows to be so dense and anxious, but he heard a sharp bird chirping behind him and then a dozen rosefinch beast roared and rushed for a day. In a short time, Kung Fu has reached the edge of Baidi City to control rosefinch beast Mohist brothers, and the archery soldiers who were hiding in the first trench suddenly spit out thunder and fire when they pulled the control lever, Suzaku’s mouth, and soldiers screamed wherever thunderball fell.
Responsible for attacking Qian by boat. Seeing each other’s confusion, he immediately waved his hand and shouted at the weapon.
A "brothers, give me a rush"
A command of five thousand rattan soldiers in rosefinch beast immediately rushed to the first trench.
Just as they had just rushed into the trench and got into a ball with the defenders inside, the soldiers on the second claw wall, regardless of whether they had their own bows and arrows, all of a sudden there was a cry in the trench, and dad called Niang. Although the soldiers reacted, they still attacked with bows and arrows, but because of the rattan brand, many arrows could not hurt the siege soldiers.
These soldiers quickly rushed to the edge of the city wall under the cover of rattan cards. The soldiers put rattan cards on the top of their heads, and the people behind them quickly stepped on rattan cards, and then imitated the appearance of the people in front. In a short time, they built several ladders and quickly climbed the city wall.
They were secretly happy that they could attack Baidicheng soon, but the situation suddenly changed.
Just as Feng Xiao was about to order soldiers to attack the city gate, suddenly there was a sharp birdsong in the city, and then more than twenty rosefinch beast roared out of the city and went straight to Mohist brother to manipulate the mechanical beast. The two sides immediately fought fiercely in the exhibition.
See the city rosefinch beast mouth spray fire straight to Mohist brother control rosefinch beast blunt past, because Mohist brother rosefinch beast cooperate siege machine is thunderball is not suitable for attacking each other rosefinch beast unprepared has lost three or four ink Xiaobei a look at this situation busy send orders to rosefinch beast hurriedly withdraw back.
And those soldiers guarding the city didn’t bother rosefinch beast and fought back against the siege soldiers and poured a black liquid into them.
Feng Xiao was about to see each other’s strange behavior when he heard Mo Xiaobei shout, "Get back the oil."
As Mo Xiaobei’s voice did not fall, the kerosene had been ignited by the wall soldiers. Those soldiers with rattan cards were immediately surrounded by a sea of fire, especially when the rattan cards were made, they were strong and durable, and they were better able to resist the arrows. They were soaked in tung oil, which became a combustion-supporting tool. In an instant, several soldiers died in the fire, and a few people hurried back to the ship under the protection of XUANWUMON.
On this side of the stone bridge, 1,000 people holding all kinds of firearms have also attacked the bridge. Although the other side has set up guards at the bridgehead, how can they resist the imperial firearms? In a short time, these 1,000 people have captured the bridge and retreated to the gate of Baidicheng.
Just when all the 1,000 people could quickly rush to the gate, they saw that the stone slab of this stone bridge was suddenly lifted. Many soldiers with ju in their hands emerged from the inside, shouting and killing, and rushed to the soldiers who ran through the camp of Shiqiao Shenji. Although the firearms were powerful, more than 1,000 soldiers were killed by the other side unexpectedly, and when firearms were needed, they were immediately disrupted by the other side, and many people were hacked to death by the other side.
Feng Xiao hurriedly ordered reinforcements. At this moment, two large turning machines suddenly rose from the ground at the other end of the bridge. While the stone bridge was crowded, the turning machines kept firing large crossbows. One arm of thick crossbows shot at the stone bridge soldiers like autumn wind sweeping away leaves. Every arrow flew out of the bridge with several bodies. Malay soldiers cried and shouted.
See this situation mark immediately said to feng Xiao "let them come back"
Feng Xiao didn’t expect the battlefield situation to be reversed in an instant, so he quickly ordered the golden bell to retreat.
Sitting in the tent, Feng Xiao was trembling with anger. This time, there were less than 2,000 siege rattan soldiers left, while 1,000 people in the Shenji camp were wiped out.
Everyone sat silently in the big tent and bowed their heads and mused. No one thought that they would think of this method of guarding the city. The rattan soldiers were almost completely lost.
Mo Xiaobei was silent for a long time before he said, "The other side is prepared to fight. They know that we will make such a deployment by making rattan weapons. I wonder how they know that we will make rattan weapons from that night to today’s fire oil defense."

Dian Wei shed tears in Dian Wei, which means to let Xu Chu step on his feet and then let him jump.

Dian Wei roared, "You are naked and naked to rob the work!"
Xu Chu’s "traitor" smiled and the meteor stung the front of Zhao.
Zhao hurriedly stopped.
There are tigers before and E Lai after.
Zhao swallowed a mouthful of water, and the sweat on his forehead kept dropping.
Zhao glanced around, but sadly found that this was the former valley.
Does this mean that evil is rewarded with evil and good with good?
Zhao Guo is not reconciled! ! ! !
Very unwilling! ! ! !
Long Dao in his hand looked at Dian Wei and Xu Chu.
Looking at two people’s bodies, I think it’s easier to bully this person who is in front.
In my mind, I made up my mind to kill this man called Tiger and escape from the world.
JiFan arrived late with three hundred tiger guards at the moment.
Zhao roars a "fuck! ! Come to death! ! !”
I don’t know if this is called a tiger, but Xu Chu, a tiger idiot in the Three Kingdoms!
Just before the mountain, Xu Chu has broken through again, and now it is Dian Wei, which is just a draw with Xu Chu.
Worse, a Zhao state.
Zhao Guoren hasn’t reached his hand yet, waving his teeth and bared his teeth, and looked at Xu Chu.
Xu Chu excited animal one! ! !
Fight! ! !
There is a battle to make his blood gush out again! !
Fight! ! !
Xu Chu "licked" his dry lips with excitement in his eyes.
Zhao was at this moment.
Fell a big fall and got totally embarassed.
Xu Chu’s blood is like a basin of extreme northern ice and snow poured from head to toe.
It’s like a person who has been trained for dozens of minutes and is now very strong, and now he suddenly becomes impotent.
Xu Chu can see at a glance that this man is full of loopholes, frivolous and has a tough body shape, but he is like a flower stand
How can such a man deserve to be his opponent?
Xu Chu’s lack of interest leaked out there.
Dian Wei steps also slow down.
If this Zhao really wants to fight Xu Chu recklessly, then this person is already dead.
Zhao bared his teeth and rushed to raise a long knife like Xu Chu threw it.
Dian Wei leng xu chu leng JiFan growled "stop him he is to run! ! !”
Xu Chu is angry.
This man dares to brush him with his eyes open, but now he has to use his nine-ring knife to block.
However, Zhao passed him with a sly smile.