When I came to Yang Chan to practise, I looked up and saw tens of millions of Terran fighters practicing boxing. The resonance caused by the boxing method shocked her, the strong man in Jin Xian.
"Is that the Terran Wudao Shengdi Guanjiangkou Wudao College?" Yang Chan saw the budo college.
The Terran Hope of Warrior Cradle in Wudao College
Yang Chan returned to yangfu and looked around at the familiar environment and suddenly felt a little bit like crying.
"Nothing has changed, nothing has changed." Yang Chan knocked on the door of yangfu and went in. Tears flashed in his eyes. "Nothing has changed at home for more than 200 years, or the original arrangement is that Dad and Niang are gone."
Yang Chan knew that Wang Yue was the reason why yangfu could be so well protected.
"Cicada?" Familiar with the sound, Yang Chan turned to see Wang Tianxiong at the gate with a slight shock.
Wang Tianxiong’s appearance has not changed at all as it did more than 200 years ago. He is now a true fairy of martial arts, helping Zhao Wu to manage the martial arts college, and he goes hunting in his spare time. He has a very leisurely day.
Today, when he came back from budo college, he came in to see that Yang’s gate was being beaten. I didn’t expect Yang Chan to come back.
"Uncle Wang!"
Yang Chan’s face was smiling, but tears fell like a broken bead.
Wang Tianxiong said, "It’s a good thing that you’re back. Why are you still crying? Come and come home with me. Today, I asked your aunt to cook your favorite dish for you. When you were a child, when you came to Uncle Wang’s house, you would have a good meal with Wang Yue."
Wang Tianxing said that Yang Chan and Wang Yue were embarrassed and Yang Chan smiled through tears.
Yang Chan is Wang Yue’s fiancee. Although they didn’t hold a wedding or worship heaven and earth, Wang Tianxiong’s heart Yang Chan is the daughter-in-law of the Wangs.
Yang Chan is kind, considerate and beautiful, and where can a good daughter-in-law like Jin Xianxiu find it?
In the evening, Yang Chan looked at a table full of dishes and was moved.
Wang Yue’s mother gave Yang Chan food happily. "Cicada, eat more. You’re not leaving this time, are you? Wang Yue has been practicing in recent years, but now I don’t know where he went. When he comes back, his aunt will definitely make him look good. Don’t worry, I’ll let him marry you as soon as Wang Yue comes back. "
Yang Chan blushed and nodded shyly. "Uncle Wang, I’m coming back to see me in a few days."
Wang Tianxiong wondered, "Cicada, do you still have to go?"
Yang Chan nodded. "Well, I’ll worship my father first, then I’ll go to Taoshan to worship my mother, and then I’ll go to Chaoge City. I have something to find swordsman."
Wang Tianxiong nodded. "Well, you should be careful. It’s not peaceful for Dashang to fight Xiqi."
Yang Chan is soft. If she decides, things will be hard to change.
Wang Tianxiong knows that she can’t stay. It seems that Wang Yue has come back and asked Wang Yue to go directly to Yang Chan.
Yang Chan returned to yangfu to have a rest after dinner.
Wang Yue’s mother stared at Wang Tianxiong and said, "What’s wrong with you, dead old man, letting cicada stay? You’ll get married when Yueer comes back. I’m still thinking about having grandchildren."
Wang Tianxiong said, "Don’t worry about the marriage between cicada and Yuer. I believe Yuer will handle it well. There is also a big business and Xiqi is fighting. Yuer Terran Wudaozu must be very busy. Where can we sometimes consider marriage?"
Wang Yue’s mother said unhappily, "You can’t become a family if you fight? Damn it, Xiqi has nothing to do with rebellion. Xiqi those bastards had better all die. "
Yang Chan paid homage to his father, Yang Tianyou, and went to Taoshan to pay homage to his mother, Yao Ji, and then went directly to Dashang Chaoge City.
Wang Jianxia was also surprised to see Yang Chan. It is not a good thing for Yang Chan to appear at this time.
"Sister-in-law’s room, please." Wang Jianxia welcomed Yang Chan into the mansion. "I don’t know what Sister-in-law can do this time in Chaoge City?"
At Wang Jianxia, Yang Chan said, "I heard that you have become a martial arts pick sword fairy. Congratulations. It is not easy to become a martial arts pick sword fairy. Many immortals have practiced for a generation for several yuan meetings, but they have not become a pick sword fairy."
Wang Jianxia laughed. "It’s nothing remarkable that I can change the Terran passive situation after I become a martial artist. It’s a pity that I’m naive, even if my skill is thousand times higher than before, it’s still useless."
"Sister-in-law, if you have anything to say, let’s be frank. Brother Yang, brother Yang, sister-in-law you, my brother and I, we all grew up playing. What can’t we say?"
Yang Chan was silent for a moment and said, "Chivalrous swordsman, you killed the person arranged in my master’s palace. She was very unhappy. She asked me to give you a message. If you kill her again, you will not be confused. She plans that she will be rude to you. Chivalrous swordsman, my master is a saint. No matter how strong you are, you are not her opponent. You’d better listen to her words."
Wang Jianxia narrowed his eyes, and the flashing light in his eyes made Yang Chan feel a chill.
There is no difference between martial arts and ordinary people, but a slight outbreak of Kendo breath makes her feel suffocated by the strong man in Jin Xian. At this time, Yang Chan is considered to have a general understanding of Wang Jianxia’s cultivation.
The martial arts sword fairy is really strong!
"Don’t give your master a face?" Wang Jianxia sneered, "I’ll kill your master together with Su Daji if I don’t give you the master’s face. The master thinks it’s very high to let three banshees come to the palace, but my eldest brother and I and Master Wen have long known what the three of them are because they are afraid of your master Nu Wa, and we don’t have killers."
"But Su Daji has gone too far this time. She actually killed the competition. Uncle Wang is a big businessman and loyal minister. He has made great contributions to my Terran because of Su Daji. I killed the nine-headed chicken essence to give Su Daji a warning."
Yang chan was surprised by these things, and she really didn’t know.
Su Daji killed Uncle Bigan. That’s a little too much.
Wang Jianxia went on to say, "Sister-in-law, if you’d better persuade Su Daji to do things more slowly once again, I’m really afraid that I can’t control my emotions and just draw my sword and kill her. You and Su Daji are both Nuwa Empresses. I think she will still listen to you."
Yang Chan nodded and said, "I’ll meet Su Daji when I can. I also want to see what she thinks."
Nu Wa asked Su Daji to confuse Di Xin, but Wang Jianxia killed Su Daji’s aunt’s blood fox, Jin Xiansu, and da ji, which was just crazy revenge. Wang Jianxia, the murderer, could not kill some important officials of the big Shang Dynasty, and could also make Su Daji’s heart give out a bad breath. Both Wang Jianxia and Yang Chan didn’t know why.
Chapter 546 Wan Xian large array
Yang Chanchao’s understanding of what Su Daji had in mind was very shocking. She never imagined that Su Daji had done so many bad things, which made widespread indignation and discontent.
In the palace, Wang Jianxia and Yang Chan saw Su Daji and Di Xin and saw Yang Chan’s beauty. Wang Jianxia’s eyebrows frowned and said, "Your king Yang Chan is your master’s’ Wang Yue’ woman. If you dare to hit her, I will keep it. You will regret it."
Although Di Xin’s desire outweighed his reason, Wang Yue’s shock was too strong. Di Xin was afraid to make Yang Chan’s idea after listening to Wang Yue’s name.
Wang Yue and Di Xin are enemies in their eyes.
Di Xin’s eyes flashed a pity that Nai said, "How is it possible for Teacher Shu Wang to make a woman’s idea? But Teacher Niang is so beautiful. "
Wang Jianxia said, "Let’s go out and let your teacher niang talk with Princess Su."
Di Xin nodded "good".
Su Daji sat in front of Yang Chan and looked a little restrained, but his heart was even more uneasy.
Yang Chan is a strong man in Jin Xian and a close brother of Nu Wa Empress, while in the eyes of Nu Wa Empress in Su Daji, even a maid is not the same. There is a big difference in strength or status between the two.
Su Daji also has a noble status, that is, the Terran Princess, but this status is that others call her an empress only by looking at Di Xin’s face. If you don’t give Di Xin’s face, no one will care about her.
Su Daji puts himself in a low position like a servant girl. "I wonder what you want to see me about?"
Yang Chan studied a Su Daji’s heart and sighed that Su Daji was really beautiful, saying that she was a heavy fish and a wild goose, but not to mention that men even Yang Chan had a little impulsive desire to see her.
"This woman is really a disaster for the country and the people," Yang Chan said in his heart.
Yang Chan was silent for a while and said, "I know all the things you did in Chaoge City. I came to Chaoge City on the orders of Master to warn Wang Jianxia. After all, he killed nine chickens and didn’t care about the master’s face. But Su Daji, what you did was really too different. Even I can’t help but say Wang Jianxia to you."
Su Daji argued, "Miss, I just did what Nu Wa Empress asked me to get rid of Di Xin, the loyal ministers and ministers of the Dashang Dynasty. Without talent, Dashang will die."
Yang Chan’s kindness is even more angry when he hears Su Daji’s crazy plan.