This is also possible!

The whole world seems to be so vague in chaos. I don’t know who is playing the array and can’t see anything clearly. How can we crack it?
Junya said, "Since we are in the array, there is not much movement, saying that that person doesn’t want to kill us. If we were trapped in the array, we would definitely try to help us escape."
"What if he is also trapped in the array?" The emperor’s landing said
"Then he will crack the law as quickly as possible and find us at the first time." Ziyun proudly said that she believed in the game ability!
"So we can sit still now?" King’s Landing obviously doesn’t believe it.
"Let’s preserve our physical strength first and see what the trapped people do. Everyone will do something with a plan. The more anxious we are, the more we can’t solve the problem. We might as well take the initiative first," Ziyun proudly said calmly.
She wants to try the way the former emperor Junyi taught her to break the array. Although he didn’t teach this array how to crack it, she believes that every array has something in common and she will find a way to crack it.
Junya agreed that "Aoer said it makes sense"
Peter said Ziyunxi walked behind Huang Junyi for a while and suddenly there was a fork in the road.
Ziyunxi knows that the left side is a dead end leading to death, while the right side is a real and illusory world like a dream. Once you enter the array, it is difficult to get out of the fog, and that is where several people are trapped.
Huang Junyi is good at breaking the array. Once he moves to the right, he will realize that the array will be wasted. Now that he and she are two people, how can she miss this opportunity?
Today, she just attracted them, didn’t she?
Huang Junyi’s fork road is set, and the two forks are exactly the same, so I can’t feel any breath. Which one should I take? Trust your intuition once, and try it to the right.
Ziyunxi thought that the fork in the road was a 50% chance to choose the right one, but by luck, Huang Junyi was so clever … He must not lose such a good opportunity.
There is no significant difference between the left and right, and it is almost identical to the naked eye.
But Huang Junyi just chose to go right.
What a terrible man! Ziyunxi sighed. Fortunately, she has second-hand preparation.
Huang Junyi stepped into the right fork in the road and heard someone coming from the left fork in the road.
Emperor Junyi wanted to carefully distinguish whether the sound was real or unreal, when Ziyunxi suddenly pointed to the left fork in the road and said excitedly, "Six Kings, I think I heard Aoer call me in that direction!"
Huang Junyi looked at the right and left. He was sure that he heard the proud sound of Bauhinia. Even a genius Huang Junyi wouldn’t know that there was a device in this world that could sound so far away.
So he finally stepped to the left. "Let’s go and have a look."
Ziyunxi’s lip corner outlines a successful smile. When he rushes forward quickly, he will click and cut off the rope. Thanks to the knowledge of the 21st century, otherwise, how can this simple device hide from such a clever emperor? Chapter 5: The abyss.
Huang Junyi made rapid progress in a completely different direction from Ziyun Ao’s place.
There are birds and animals singing in the mountains, which should be beautiful, but now I feel inexplicable and annoyed.
It’s crazy to watch a meteor shower! I cann’t believe I lost his pride!
Seeing that it is getting dark, he doesn’t even have the ability to be quiet and think seriously at the moment.
The foot slipped and almost fell into the abyss. Fortunately, Ziyunxi reacted quickly enough to throw it away. She just grabbed the emperor’s hand when she was a crutch and a branch!
The hot touch almost paralyzes the body, and the strong force makes Ziyunxi feel incredible!
This person has a strong ability, and what kind of natural enemy he will be if he can get it! I didn’t expect that he had been pretending to be sick for so long.
It’s that scorpion shadow that he’s wandering around. At the moment, he seems to feel something climbing to the palm of his arm.
Gloves are about to be scratched by such a powerful force!
Once the gloves are broken, the scorpion shadow will immediately poison Ziyunxi and die.
He just wanted to jump back to the top of the cliff with his own strength, only to find that Ziyun Creek was falling!
He wants to borrow the object to fall off the cliff, and Huang Junyi’s body will naturally fall with her-
The wind roared in his ears, and Huang Junyi didn’t fly off the cliff at the moment because of the drag of Ziyun Creek. If he let her go at this moment, he could naturally go, but she fell, even her bones, so she could follow the fall and try to go after reaching the ground.
Ziyunxi, of course, can’t let him go back to the top of the cliff like this, or her plan will be ruined. If he falls off the cliff himself, he has the ability to keep her alive.
In this case, there is still a chance to get along for a few days. If she is happy, she won’t believe that a man can really sit still!
Huang Junyi naturally didn’t know that Ziyunxi deliberately pretended not to have the strength to be dragged by him on the cliff. What he could do was as Ziyunxi thought-protect her for weeks!
Rao is no matter how severe he is, after all, he is a mortal cliff. Huang Junyi is in a coma at the moment-
One minute passes by.
The vulture on the circling mountain struggled to make a less pleasant sound, spinning round and round-
Fly from one place to another
Ziyun ao seemed to hear something, and she was a little uneasy in her heart.
One minute passed by, but the emperor Junyi didn’t show up at all. Isn’t it an accident?