"Brother, what are you doing here?" Lieutenant took off his army coat and put it on me.

"My friend is ill and I’m here to collect medicine." Being naked for a long time made me tremble, and my teeth fought.
"Just now, we suspected that you were a colleague." I confirmed my identity and several sentries gathered around. "Your evasive posture and angle are very professional."
I smiled bitterly. Fortunately, I was a professional, or I would have been killed by you. But I can’t flatter you. "If the mountain wind hadn’t affected the trajectory just now, I would have been put down by you." I pointed to the shoulder that was swept by the bullet with a slight red mark.
"Black Hawk, you are too modest." The sniper position sounded, but the man didn’t come out. The gun was still pointed at me.
"Company commander, I’m really passing by. Can you let us go? I still have friends outside." The sentry on the wall is an officer except the sniper, and he is not old enough. One of the 30 students has the rank of lieutenant. I just talk to him.
"Brother, we also carry out orders. Your identity has been verified, but your motivation seems a little unreasonable." The lieutenant said and pulled out a cigarette and handed it to me. I quickly took it and lit it for me.
"A friend of mine is mentally ill and needs herbs blindly. We are here to collect herbs." I pointed to my long and dirty hair. "We have been walking for months."
"You know what? Go and have a rest first. When the person in charge comes, we’ll ask him for instructions and see what to do with you." The lieutenant spoke again.
"Company commander, my friend is still outside!" My finger is outside the wall
"Go first!" The lieutenant shouted at me. I put on my coat and the second lieutenant came over. "Come with me first."
I followed him to the wall and entered the courtyard. There was a straight 11 helicopter parked in the middle of the courtyard.
"You are lucky enough that Brother 3 didn’t put you down with that shot." The second lieutenant led me into the first room. "We are all eagles, so I won’t cuff you." It seems that the second lieutenant still has a little bit of affection for me.
"platoon leader, I have friends outside, I can’t delay here." My room should be their living room. There are six beds in all. Someone has a rest and sat up when he saw us coming in.
"6 who is he?" I was resting in my bed, and the soldiers rushed to bring me in, and the second lieutenant spoke. They called it by code, which was the rule of special forces when they were performing.
"Retired Black Hawk said he came to collect herbs." Lieutenant got up the kettle and poured me a cup of hot water. I quickly thanked him and held it up.
"jinan military area command Special Training Brigade?" Bed soldiers sat up in black vests.
I nodded with a wry smile. My black hawk image is really a little miserable. Not only is it not very good, but I haven’t dressed yet.
"platoon leader, can you let me out first? I’ll wait outside. I have friends outside." The appointment with King Kong Gun is coming, and I’m anxious.
"Absolutely not," the second lieutenant hurriedly shook his head. "There is a first-level combat readiness here, but something must wait until dawn."
"Why wait until dawn?" I asked anxiously, "Then I can’t come."
"Because the person in charge didn’t come …" "6 Don’t talk nonsense" The man who didn’t have a bed and wore a black vest interrupted the second lieutenant.
"I really can’t stay here with my friends. They are still waiting for me outside." I got up and prepared to go outside.
"Brother, don’t make it difficult for me." The second lieutenant stopped me. "I’ll discuss with the person in charge at dawn and see if I can send you out."
"What about my friend?" I looked anxiously at the wall clock when the horse arrived.
"Check your identity", the second lieutenant said simply, "You can go out with you if you don’t carry dangerous things."
"Then shall I go out and ask them to come in?" When I said this, it suddenly occurred to me that the weapons carried by the King Kong Gun and the weapons of the White Wolf are prohibited, and it is impossible for several colleagues here not to see that the gold bricks in the backpack of the King Kong Gun are also a problem. What can we do?
"No, you can’t go anywhere." Black vest rolled over the bed, grabbed my hand and handcuffed me to the bed.
"No," the second lieutenant tried to intercede for me.
"Watch your words and deeds." The black vest scolded the second lieutenant unceremoniously. "Chief, if I don’t go out, you will be in danger." I said urgently.
"Are you still carrying weapons?" The black vest looked at me keenly.

I’m sure he understands everything she doesn’t mean.

Jun Yang certainly understands, but it is because of this that he is both nai and pity.
What she means is that she doesn’t think she is perfect now and doesn’t want to marry him like this
But she doesn’t know that no matter what, she is the most beautiful in his eyes.
Actually, he didn’t propose to her on a whim. After talking with Qin Sheng last night, Jun Yang really understood the truest thoughts in Shen Qiqi’s heart.
She chose to leave him because she didn’t hurt him and the people around him.
She just studied hard to restrain herself so that she could return to him earlier.
Every decision she makes is for his sake.
Getting a wife is so demanding.
If getting married can make her feel more secure and not worry so much, then why doesn’t he do it?
"Believe me, my heart will not change no matter what you become." Jun Yang was pious and printed a kiss on her forehead, hoping to make her feel her mind.
"I believe you, but I can’t stand it. Are you white? I want to give you the best of yourself, not like this. "Thinking of your identity, Shen Qiqi is not a little lost and faint, and there is still some inferiority."
"Good depends on you" feel her mood become depressed Jun Yang love dearly not 177 Chapter 177 punish you to hug me up first.
At the same time, I secretly blame myself for not realizing this at this time and making Qiqi sad.
"Well, well, you can do whatever you want. Don’t think about it yet. Shouldn’t we go to breakfast at dawn?" Like a child, hug Shen Qiqi in your arms and gently shake Junyang to decide to eat to distract her.
Sure enough, when it comes to breakfast, Shen Qiqi touched it and protested for a long time. He said, "It’s all your fault for giving people such a big surprise in the early morning that I haven’t been able to eat yet."
"Yes, it’s all my fault. Will you punish me for feeding the Queen of July 7th for breakfast later?" Jun Yang a face of spoil should way
He seems to be able to make Shen Qiqi forget unpleasant things for a while and let him do whatever he wants.
Moreover, the condition spoiled her, and she felt very happy when she saw her face satisfied and smiled.
This is a fresh experience for you to finish.
When you face your lover, a lot of things will be self-taught, or this is the most natural reaction, because you are the one who loves you the most, no matter what you do, you don’t care about gains or losses, you don’t have to think about what will make her heart the best.
"Hum, of course, it’s not good." Shen Qiqi is arrogant. "You have to pick me up first."
"Yes, Queen" Jun Yang gave a princess a hug. "Is this the way to hug?"
Before Shen Qiqi could answer, he said to himself, "Or do you want to hug like this?"
This time it was a bear hug.
"No, no, no, that’s not it. Is that it?" After that, a baby hug
Shen Qiqi …
She just looked at Junyang in distress situation, playing tricks there, and it was called a language in her heart. When did the cold master get farther and farther away from her?
But why is it getting sweeter and sweeter in my heart? The constant warmth almost melts her.
Backhand around his neck and feet plate his waist Shen qi-qi queen posture full command "well, now the queen ordered the horse to eat breakfast".
"Yes, my queen" will hold Jun Yang firmly and hold her out of the room.
As soon as I came out, I found that Jun Si had been waiting outside for a long time. It was not him and Macey Eva Lingchen Su Yu Jersey even arrived at the Xiaojin line.
In the eyes of the public, Jun Yang held Shen Qiqi out like this, making a big blush and struggling to come from him.
Junyang won’t allow people to be held more tightly, depending on the people’s surprised eyes. The old god carried her to the table and put a chair next to him, so that he could enjoy breakfast.
Behind him was a scratching sound.
Shen Qiqi looked embarrassed at Jun Yang and looked at him, but he still hasn’t recovered. They couldn’t wait for a rift for her to get in.
While Shen Qiqi did not pay attention to Jun Yang’s immobile stare, the warning in everyone’s eyes was full of meaning.
"I remember that I haven’t finished my work yet, Miss Qiqi. Please eat slowly and I’ll go to work first." Jun Si, who has been with Jun Yang for the longest time, reacted first and quickly made an excuse to run away.
Young Master, that look in his eyes means that they are an eyesore, affecting Miss Qiqi’s eating. It’s even more time-consuming not to slip away at this time before young master gets angry.
To others, they are not less masters, and the less masters may not do anything with them, but what will they do with him? He sacrificed his life to forgive him, but he didn’t have the time to take care of others. Chapter 178 Two people travel.
Ling Chen, who is obedient to Jun Yang, is not afraid of him. Instead, he is eager to see his drama. At the moment, instead of walking, he pulls a chair and sits cheerfully. He also pulls a chair next to him to signal Su Yu to sit.
Su Yu obediently sat with a facial paralysis face, which made Shen Qiqi even more stressed.
Macey Eva saw that someone had already sat down, so naturally she wouldn’t be polite. She also pulled a chair to sit down and picked out her favorite food, so she was not polite to eat it.
I’m kidding. I came to pick up Shen Qiqi, but he got up early in the morning and hasn’t eaten anything yet. He can’t care so much if he does.
Jersey Jersey A simple teenager doesn’t know so many twists and turns. At this moment, I don’t feel so happy when I see Shen Qiqi’s illness. The root of it depends on Jun Yang’s eyes.
At that time, the dinner table became lively.
Shen Qiqi also forgot the embarrassing scene just now in this lively atmosphere.
After eating a meal, I didn’t see Qin Sheng figure. Shen Qiqi didn’t feel strange.
Seeing that she was puzzled, Jun Yang told her that Qin Sheng had already left after he came.
But why did you leave in such a hurry without telling her?

If he has fallen, a black wizard will be more cautious. Lalfa was a great god magician in Gambistin, and you didn’t know that he was best at prophecy.

This kind of person’s foresight of danger far exceeds that of ordinary great god magicians. At that time, I didn’t know whether he had fled here or remained here.
But I know very well that if I secretly stare at the Chinese boss here and wait for him to appear, he will definitely not appear, even if I stare at the Chinese boss for a generation. "
Hua Zhen was a little dissatisfied. "Mr. Yue, it seems that you are going to bait this person out?"
About Gao Le primly said, "No, no, no, you’re wrong. If this is an unsolved case, it’s already solved. We can stroke the clue from the beginning."
Pastor Petty has always been in Wago Mining. He was here before you came, and no one knew that he was Larfa, the missing great god magician in Gambistine, and no one knew that there was still a black wizard hiding here.
I didn’t ask you to come here, but you came to the new alliance to liberate the cause. It was not my idea to let the boss of China pretend to be Walich, but the boss of China decided to do it himself.
Boss Hua used the illusion to disturb Lalfa, so he hid, but Yangyuan Valley also has talents. You are so secretive that you found traces of the remaining array in Wago City.
Lalfa has wiped the clues clean. It is said that you can’t find his head at all. As a result, you launched grassroots organizations to conduct interviews and investigations, but you still suspected Pastor Patty.
I want to emphasize that I didn’t bring all the consequences. I just felt that boss Hua would be in danger, and he came to wake up with kindness yesterday.
Larfa has been here for a long time, and he is as dangerous as those gangsters in the liberation cause of your new alliance. I’m afraid the boss of China never thought that he could realize all his ideals at any cost. "
It’s reasonable to say this. Hua Zhen nodded and glanced at the corner. "You said this man is proficient in divination. Why didn’t he predict himself today?"
About Gao Le poured himself a glass of wine, but didn’t drink it. Looking at the unfinished hops in the cup, he said, "It’s impossible to predict everything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to hide if he was at a disadvantage."
I think he should have predicted that the Chinese boss would pose a threat to himself and secretly observed that the Chinese boss made his own judgment before he wanted to accept the Chinese boss to eliminate the threat.
Having said that, I’m still curious about one thing. How did Boss Hua know that he was the Great God Larfa? "
This is a bit unreasonable. Yesterday, Yue Gao Le told a story to Hua Zhenxing in a small talk. Five years ago, a great god magician named Lalfa, who was searching for a black magician, disappeared in the Black Wilderness in Gambistine.
However, Hua Zhenxing is looking for someone who has been hiding in Wage Mining for the past three years. When he appeared, Pastor Lalfa was also Pastor Patty. Hua Zhen Bank called him Mr. Patty in person. Lalfa did not deny it.
It seems that the two men can’t hit the pole, but Hua Zhenxing immediately called Yogoro to tell him that he had caught the fallen black magician Larfa.
After Yue Gaole arrived, he didn’t deny it. It seems that Hua Zhenxing was right. So how did you know about Hua Zhen? Larfa himself didn’t admit this identity!
Hua Zhen trip "If I say guess you believe it or not?"
Yue Gaole finally drank the wine that had been shaking for a long time and put it on the glass. "I believe you have guessed it. I want to know how you guessed it?"
Hua Zhen line "great god surgeon is not Chinese cabbage disappear and then suddenly can come out! Just a few miles away from the country, a great god craftsman once disappeared, and it is doubtful that another body has emerged here today. "
About Gao Le "is not unreasonable, but it is too far-fetched and the evidence is not enough."
Hua Zhen’s trip "I took the illusion to pretend to be Walich, but when I first came here, I was seen through by him. I didn’t even realize this person at that time."
You told me that Lal Fagan Bistin was a teacher of ancient prose, and he taught ancient prose illusion, so he naturally had something to see through my illusion.
More importantly, you sent me the information about Pastor Patty. I just read it before I went back to my apartment. I found that this person is not Pastor Patty, at least not the original Pastor Patty. He took this identity. "
Joko finally glanced at the corner and asked curiously, "How did you find out that he didn’t look like the photo?"
Hua Zhen trip "is not like it, but like it. It’s so like it! You sent me a photo of Patty ten years ago and a video of his graduation ceremony.
Wago Mining also has photos of him when he joined the company, and then I met someone who has lived in Wago City for ten years. How can his appearance remain unchanged or so young?
I know a little magic called plastic surgery, which can change one’s appearance in a short time and make plastic surgery for a long time. One consequence is that one’s real appearance will change and get closer and closer to one’s fake appearance.
I doubt that this great god magician should have mastered similar means. We see that Lalfa should have used this spell for a long time, and it turns out that he really looks like he is pretending to be Pastor Patty.
According to my guess, Lalfa met Pastor Patty in the Black Land, and he thought it would be more comfortable to change his identity. The real Pastor Patty may be unfortunate, but now he has been buried and all the documents have been taken away by Lalfa.
Lalfa is proficient in illusion. It is simple to pretend to be another person, but it is always troublesome and easy to be seen through.
So he did something similar to plastic surgery, and his appearance gradually became like this. I guess he took a fancy to this person and pretended to be the other person when he was close to the real Pastor Patty.
I was suspicious at that time, so I said the name of the ancient Chinese prose-Tegorod, and he was surprised. Obviously, I only said that when I heard the name, and you finally confirmed it for me! "
Joko high-fived, "Wonderful reasoning and judgment process!"
Hua Zhen trip "Don’t take care to clap your hands. Now that you have confirmed this person’s identity, can you tell me what’s going on?"
About Gao Le, "I can also infer what happened after you made people like this. Boss Hua, do you know what I want to learn from you and want to promote it in Gambistin?"
Hua Zhen trip "has anything to do with this matter?"
About Gao Le "Of course! Many theologians in Gambistine are too eager for magical power, and sometimes this pursuit is also very harmful to themselves, in other words, there is a lack of health care.
Larfa is proficient in divination, but the result of frequent divination is to pay the price of losing vitality, even though he is already a great god.
He disappeared when he was chasing a black wizard, but I didn’t tell you yesterday that the black wizard was actually a Gambyshire theologian named Ge, a special agency worker.
This special department, even in Gambies Court, many people have never heard of it. It is called the Fire Department of Dark Magic. I don’t know how to translate it into Eastern language. This title should be the most appropriate.
Gambistin is committed to destroying the black wizard. All black magic classics are forbidden and the theory must be destroyed. However, to deal with the enemy, we need to know the enemy. If we want to destroy the black wizard, we need to know the black wizard’s means.

The fans in the stands of Real Madrid are getting louder and louder, and gradually they can’t hear other sounds.

Even the neutral commentator can’t watch it. "Valencia beat Real Madrid, but now they are not as simple as beating Real Madrid, but humiliating Real Madrid! No wonder Real Madrid fans will send so big boo … "
"Valencia are showing off their ball, but I think it’s a lack of respect for their opponents! Even if Valencia wins this game, it will be full of controversy! "
"Who would have thought that this game would end up like this? The winning team is really completely stirring the centennial celebration of Real Madrid … Real Madrid can’t do anything about this kind of handing in Valencia … "
As usual, Chang Sheng’s expression in the close-up shot broadcast to Chang Sheng can’t see the joys and sorrows.
No one can tell his heart from his face.
So you can follow the crowd and scold "this damn utilitarian!"
After winning in Valencia, he held high the banner of offensive football and made it pleasing to the eye. Football seems to have cleared him of such bad charges as "negativity", "individualism" and "defensive counter-attack fans" in Hertha.
People cheered Valencia for football, and it has become a pleasure to watch Valencia’s game every week.
But until now, they discovered that Changsheng is actually a conservative and utilitarian person in his bones, and Valencia is still the Spanish team that is more like an Italian team …
They can do whatever it takes to win!
But just as everyone was indignant at Valencia’s despicable behavior, Real Madrid was sad.
Just as the players in Real Madrid were insensitive to Valencia’s back and forth, the situation changed suddenly at the front of their restricted area!
Guardiola should have come sideways, but suddenly he came straight!
The football passed through Yero and Iván Campo!
Campo’s reaction was slow and he didn’t move after half a shoot.
Yero made a tackle, but he didn’t get the ball!
Ibrahimovic turned around from his side and plugged into the football!
"Ibrahimovic! !”
Facing the attacking goalkeeper, Cesar Ibrahimovic pushed the far corner.
Cesar fell to the ground and saved the ball. His foot touched the football and it rolled to the other side.
Vicente appeared like a ghost to meet the ball and push it!
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! !” The football flew into the goal of Real Madrid for the fourth time in the roar of the commentator!
"complete defeat! Real Madrid is completely defeated! "
"The game is over! The suspense is over! Three goals behind and six minutes left, Real Madrid can’t complete the reversal! "
"Unbelievable! Unbelievable! It’s really unexpected … Real Madrid will be defeated by Valencia again at home! "
"florentino tried his best to arrange this game, but he finally made a wedding dress for others … This is really the worst birthday for Real Madrid!"
After the goal, Vicente ran to the sidelines with his arms open, and then a slide rail rolled over and lay down on the ground as if he had lost his strength.
With five or six minutes left before the end of the game, Valencia led Real Madrid by three goals, and he really breathed a sigh of relief …
More Valencia players are coming.
And then press on him
At this time, it seems that there are pyramid-shaped arhats to express their emotions well.
“41! 41! What an amazing score! When Valencia won a five-point victory over Real Madrid at home, many people said that Valencia could not win! When Valencia won Real Madrid 21 away, they said that the score said that Valencia was not dominant, and now Valencia’s 41 score has hit back at everyone’s doubts! "
"Before the game, the media generally thought that this was the final of the King’s Cup. Real Madrid would be difficult to deal with if it got serious … but now! Valencia told people that it is no accident that they can double-kill Real Madrid in the league this season! "
"I have a question now-did Real Madrid regret it when they drove Chang away easily?"
When the winning players were celebrating the goal, the winning team calmed down.
In fact, this goal means that the dust has settled and the final is over. He doesn’t believe that Real Madrid can score three goals in a row with five minutes left to drag the game into overtime.
Leading the team to the King’s Cup twice in a row, he may be the first person in the past 20 years.
But he was not very ecstatic, although it was indeed a great achievement
He just feels a little relaxed.
With a championship trophy in hand so far this season, at least it can’t be said that it is a failure.
He came to lead a strange team and faced many challenges in the first season, including fighting with the top management of the club and the team members
Maybe one wrong step will lead to a hopeless situation.
But fortunately, he finally won a King’s Cup.
The k helped him establish himself.

What’s the safe area?

Tian Tang, with doubts, clicked on the map of the security area and soon found that the security area looked like lines at first glance, but it was clear that the security area was not developed, including roads in Yangnan County.
Strictly speaking, this part doesn’t belong to her, but she did have it repaired.
What a pleasant surprise.
Once this part of the security zone is covered, even if she doesn’t have enough control over Yangnan County, she can drive to the maximum on the road, and most of the time, except for family conflicts and foreign affairs, the foundation will happen on the road.
Thinking of Tian Tang in this way, he almost chose to open up and hide the security barrier without hesitation.
At the beginning, in Xilin County, she chose to hide the safety zone and open the safety zone barrier at the same time, so that all people who entered the safety zone could feel the impact of the difference outside the safety zone at the first time, so that they could feel the safety zone from the bottom of their hearts, or they were willing to leave Xilin County for the town of the gods on their own initiative.
In Yangnan County, except for the inn, the security zone owned by Tian Tang is a road. It is not appropriate to show the security zone barrier or hide the security zone. Instead, it is more suitable for the eye situation.
Tian Tang didn’t tell too many people about the development of the security zone this time, but told Lin Chengfu and others to let them know something. It is not necessary for the guards to know so much for the time being.
1 square meter covering the road in an area is actually not too long, but it does cover almost all the roads that have been repaired at present.
Yangnan County is about the same size as Xilin County, and it is also more troublesome to repair the road. This kind of work is only a long-term job for the people in Yangnan County. After three meals a day, they are afraid that they will lose such a good job because they are not good enough.
Building synonymous walked out of the county government and saw the busy people at the first sight.
After watching it for a while, he couldn’t help frowning "Somebody".
"Adult" next to someone heard hurriedly before.
Building synonymously pointed to the people in the distance and turned back in disbelief and asked, "Are they so obedient? Didn’t you say that Tian Tang gave them several meals and didn’t even pay them? "
People look down the stairs with a flash of envy in their eyes, and then when they turn around, they immediately lower their heads. "When they return to adults, they give them three meals a day, but they can also make people eat enough rice and flour, and they can also take them home to eat. These people were reluctant to see how much food they gave at first, not only to feed themselves, but also to feed a few family members, so they all stayed and worked hard."
"Rice flour meat?" Building synonymous frown "they have so many people with so much food? Have you given enough for three meals a day? Where the hell did you come from, miss? Is it from Beijing? "
Building synonymous increasingly fathom Tian Tang details at this time more afraid to make a move.
If you really accidentally offend the people from Beijing, the magistrate of Yangnan County is estimated to have to take off his hat, which may even lead to a serious head loss.
"Do you know what they have done these days besides building roads? For example, secretly listening to the location of the garrison? " Building synonymous called close hand low asked
"Back to the adults to confirm that they didn’t inquire about the garrison" hand immediately said.
"By the way, the road guide" suddenly occurred to me. "You ask someone to confirm where these people are holding the road guide. There must be a place for so many people to come, right?"
"Is this to confirm" hand said immediately turned to handle affairs.
Building synonymous with anxiety without entering the house, wandering around the mouth of the county government with his hands behind his back, watching the people still working from time to time, if he can’t confirm the identity of Tian Tang and others as soon as possible, he estimates that he can’t sleep at night.
About a wick of incense, the person who went to inquire about the news came back with a news that shocked Lou synonymously.
"Stream county? Are they really from Xilin County? It’ s really Xilin County, are you not mistaken? " The building is synonymous with asking three questions. I never thought that the final answer would be Xilin County.
"Genus has also confirmed several times that it is indeed Xilin County, but Genus may have stayed in Xilin County." Hand said that they have some guesses. "If they have something in their hands that can make Xilin County magistrate dare not listen to things, it is easy to get Xilin County Road Guide."
Lou Synonymously squinted and soon speculated, "You said that just because they are holding Xilin County Road Guide in their hands doesn’t mean they are Xilin County people. I suspect that this may be a plot by Zhao Tu. He deliberately set me up if something happened to us. If I really offend them, Zhao Tu will come out and reprimand me."
"My Lord, what should we do now?" Asked the hand
Building synonymous raised my hand and shook it for a while, but I always care about my personality, which still makes him afraid to make judgments so easily. It took him a long time to speak. "Just send someone to stare at them as before and let me know as soon as they have any changes."
"What kind of change did your Excellency say?" The hand is really inaccurate.
Let’s forget it. The building is synonymous with the people who are building roads. They don’t care if you make sure that they have dug tunnels or traps, or if you ask someone to inquire about garrison matters. It’s really a big lady who is angry. Let them go. Just when they build roads for our county, they will find a reason to entertain them when they leave.
"Belonging to white"
Take the game of life to the ancient section 114
"This county magistrate is really impatient for so long that he didn’t come to us." Li Erzhu propped up his head with one hand and just wrote the word "chat" on his face.
"I have dealt with Lou county magistrate several times before." So Chol spoke. "He is a very different person from Zhao’s adult. He must talk. He is more timid than Zhao’s adult. I’m afraid he has been asking people to check our identity all this time."
"Can you find it?" Li Erzhu asked.
"Neng" So Chol nodded. "When we came, we gave Xilin County Road a county magistrate to check. It is easy to find out that this floor of Xilin County is deeper. At present, although there are many people, there is almost no news about the county magistrate. It is estimated that it is difficult to find this side. When Zhao’s adult went to Yangnan County, he was injured and went back to the county magistrate. There are many speculations in his heart, but what we are doing now is not appropriate in his eyes. He chose the greatest possibility to stay put."
"Stay put and talk more," Li Erzhu pie mouth. "It would be interesting if he sent someone to surround the inn."
Tian Tang looked up and saw that he looked serious. "Do you want to fight?"
Li Erzhu immediately sat up straight with a glance at the beast. "No, I didn’t have that idea. It’s fine now, but there’s no problem."
"So you don’t have this idea." Tian Tang Xiao’s eyes flashed with regret. "I also want to say that if you have such an idea, just ask you to do something. Since you haven’t thought about it, forget it."
"Wait a minute." Li Erzhu came back to the gods. "So you don’t want to blame me, but you really have something for me to do?"
Tian Tang looked at him with a smile. "Didn’t you say you had no idea?"
Li Erzhu immediately got up and stood upright, saying, "God has made adults take charge of the command, and they must try their best to do it, and they will not let God disappoint adults."

I can’t wait to hug the things in the store home!

The people in the queue are also more crowded. If they don’t go in, they won’t be able to cry after the gift!
Guang Liu, a reporter from the photo province, looked strange. In situ, the photographer saw more and more people entering the store and immediately became anxious.
"Liu Ge za don’t go in? The store is almost full of people, and there is no place to stay when you go in! "
Guang Liu glanced at the photographer and asked, pointing in one direction.
"Did you just take a picture of a tall gay man wearing a gray scarf in an inconspicuous position near the wall in that direction?"
The photographer didn’t understand why he asked this question, but he still carefully recalled one.
Then he nodded hesitantly. "It seems that there is such a person. Why?"
Guang Liu’s look suddenly excited. He clenched his fist. "I think we got a big shot!"
Photographers are even more embarrassed. "What a big man?"
Liu Guanggang wanted to explain Xu Taotao to him when he came over.
She warmly said, "reporter Liu, there you are. Come in with me quickly. There are too many guests. Please forgive me if you have bad hospitality!"
Guang Liu was interrupted by this and forgot to explain to the photographer. He felt that Xu, the deputy director of the slaughterhouse, was appropriate and thoughtful.
He was embarrassed to touch his nose. "We’ll go in and bother Deputy Director Xu!"
Xu Taotao smiled brightly and said, "No way! You two are today’s distinguished guests. You must treat them well!"
Newspaper articles depend on a reporter’s pen. These two people are not familiar with each other before they were sent by the provincial newspaper, but they are familiar with more exchanges.
Have a good time with reporter Liu and them, and there may be times when you need to save your efforts.
Chapter four hundred and seven Children pay tribute
Xu Taotao smiled and stretched out his hand to call cousin Zhao Town.
She introduced to reporter Liu, "This is our store manager Zhao Zhen, who is most familiar with the products in our store. Manager Zhao will entertain the two."
Guang Liu didn’t disagree. He nodded, "Let’s take some photos after eating and go back."
Today, the opening of the new store is obviously too busy to touch the ground, and the deputy director Xu personally entertained them.
Let alone the photographer. Even Liu Guang is a little flattered.
This is a big shot. How dare you delay her time?
Zhao Zhen was instructed by his little cousin to change his costume. He dressed warmly and took reporter Liu to the same place.
While walking, introduce them to the store design, the types of halogen fried products and different tastes.
Reporter Liu is taking a serious note and occasionally making exclamations.
"Here is our order area, line up to order, and then get the plate and then take the position to sit aside and eat the CD in our store. If there is more leftover food, we will be fined. This is because our deputy director Xu came out and said that he could not develop the habit of waves.
Hey hey, if you want me to say, how can you be willing to give up the waves with such fine and expensive meat? "
"The walls here are all made by our halogen fried shop, with signature finger-sucking pig’s trotters and crispy fried pig’s skin. Ga, boom, ha, ha, ha, one bite at a time.
There are also golden fried chicken feet, golden chicken wings, and golden palm treasures. These are our new natural meats, except for crispy lotus roots, fried fish and tofu, and salted mushrooms.
And we launched French fries! It’s delicious with our specialty ketchup!
Reporter Liu, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you. "
Xu Taotao nodded with satisfaction, thinking that her big cousin is a good cook in business. Although there are still some inexperience at present, it is true that the store is like a duck to water.
Seeing the butcher shop next door open, it was a shout. It was like squeezing in money. If it weren’t for the safeguard section of the butcher shop here, whoever was advanced and who was backward would fight.
People from the state-run hotel in Chengnan District next door.
As if I heard the slap "spluttered" thumping on their faces
Master Fu Meng took a drag on his cigarette and looked pale.
The voice is trembling but the mouth is hard. "Look at it, that is, there are people waiting for the original price to be restored. I think he is attractive!"
The fat man looked at the master and hesitated.

Ghost fireflies sloped laugh out "what nine people! Water Tiger King, you are presbyopia. This is the offspring of nine adults! "

It’s not afraid that the Tiger King will really fight, but the three brothers can’t kill the Tiger King, but they can also seriously hurt each other.
Generally speaking, they will never really fight to the death
At best, it’s just a matter of discussing whether a minor injury is a matter of raising for a decade or so.
It’s the water tiger king and the wind dragon king, but they were beaten back by nine adults. When they saw nine adults, their legs couldn’t help swinging, and they didn’t even have the courage to shoot.
They are sandbags in front of nine people!
You can’t blame them for being abused.
Just because the palace gate was banned, they were trapped in the underground for more than 500 years before they were broken. This disparity in strength is really not a fragment.
The wind dragon king raised his eyebrows. "Did you choose his master?"
Long qianfei nodded "yes"
The wind dragon king suddenly smiled "that’s good not to lose face for us! Water tiger, you should be happy! "
The water tiger king smoked his mouth. "It’s time to be happy. No one dares to bully our descendants!" "
Everyone was confused and didn’t understand what these two people said.
Tang Luoling looked at the two old men in front of him warily and asked, "What are your plans in the future?"
This chapter 949 949 endeavoured 3
The wind dragon king and the water tiger king were dazed and didn’t know what to do in the future.
Long Qianfei said, "Lao Zu, why don’t you come with us? The master will leave the dreamland and they will go to Zunyuan country!"
"Zun Yuanguo?"
The wind dragon king suddenly turned to the ghost firefly. "Did the nine kids come to respect the country?"
"What did I tell you?"
Ghost fireflies raised their heads and asked with disdain.
"If you don’t tell me, I’ll let out the monster beast army in the mysterious turtle underground palace. I’ll see if you three little devils can handle that monster beast alone!"
The wind dragon king’s hey hey smile is a cold smile.
Ghost fireflies face a stiff how can it forget the monster beast army!
Damn it!
"Nine people really came to respect Yuan Guo, and the situation of the nine people is probably not good now. What you can do to break the ban is because the power of the ban is getting weaker and weaker. Nine people’s lives are in danger. Our three brothers are going to Zun Yuan Guo to find the nine people and repay him for accompanying us for thousands of years."
Ghost fireflies tell the truth.
In the long years of 1,350 years, they often fought endlessly with the wind dragon king and the water tiger king.
Even if there is a fight every once in a while, there will be several minor injuries, and even more serious injuries. It will take months to lie down.
In fact, thanks to the fierce bones of the Wind Dragon King and the Water Tiger King, the monster beast would have died a long time ago.
The wind dragon king is fast and has outstanding defense; The water tiger king is good at unloading and attacking, because they are also abused when they join hands with nine people to fight.
The two old men suddenly left the crowd and walked far away, whispering to each other as if they were discussing something.
After waiting for a while, the dragon king of the wind and the tiger king of the water have already discussed the fruit. They came to Tang Luoling’s front, "Well, we will follow you to Zunyuan Country."
Tang Luoling dumbfounded.
What is this?
Why do you all have to follow them to Zunyuan country?
Water Tiger King’s shrill voice rang. "Ah, what? We are going to Zun Yuanguo to find nine adults. If nine adults are in danger, we can also help him. If he is not in danger, let’s have a fight! If we lose, let’s be a pet for nine people! "
The wind dragon king beside nodded his head.
Ghost star girl a listen to nasty "hello shameless! How can this be! "