"Brother, what are you doing here?" Lieutenant took off his army coat and put it on me.

"My friend is ill and I’m here to collect medicine." Being naked for a long time made me tremble, and my teeth fought.
"Just now, we suspected that you were a colleague." I confirmed my identity and several sentries gathered around. "Your evasive posture and angle are very professional."
I smiled bitterly. Fortunately, I was a professional, or I would have been killed by you. But I can’t flatter you. "If the mountain wind hadn’t affected the trajectory just now, I would have been put down by you." I pointed to the shoulder that was swept by the bullet with a slight red mark.
"Black Hawk, you are too modest." The sniper position sounded, but the man didn’t come out. The gun was still pointed at me.
"Company commander, I’m really passing by. Can you let us go? I still have friends outside." The sentry on the wall is an officer except the sniper, and he is not old enough. One of the 30 students has the rank of lieutenant. I just talk to him.
"Brother, we also carry out orders. Your identity has been verified, but your motivation seems a little unreasonable." The lieutenant said and pulled out a cigarette and handed it to me. I quickly took it and lit it for me.
"A friend of mine is mentally ill and needs herbs blindly. We are here to collect herbs." I pointed to my long and dirty hair. "We have been walking for months."
"You know what? Go and have a rest first. When the person in charge comes, we’ll ask him for instructions and see what to do with you." The lieutenant spoke again.
"Company commander, my friend is still outside!" My finger is outside the wall
"Go first!" The lieutenant shouted at me. I put on my coat and the second lieutenant came over. "Come with me first."
I followed him to the wall and entered the courtyard. There was a straight 11 helicopter parked in the middle of the courtyard.
"You are lucky enough that Brother 3 didn’t put you down with that shot." The second lieutenant led me into the first room. "We are all eagles, so I won’t cuff you." It seems that the second lieutenant still has a little bit of affection for me.
"platoon leader, I have friends outside, I can’t delay here." My room should be their living room. There are six beds in all. Someone has a rest and sat up when he saw us coming in.
"6 who is he?" I was resting in my bed, and the soldiers rushed to bring me in, and the second lieutenant spoke. They called it by code, which was the rule of special forces when they were performing.
"Retired Black Hawk said he came to collect herbs." Lieutenant got up the kettle and poured me a cup of hot water. I quickly thanked him and held it up.
"jinan military area command Special Training Brigade?" Bed soldiers sat up in black vests.
I nodded with a wry smile. My black hawk image is really a little miserable. Not only is it not very good, but I haven’t dressed yet.
"platoon leader, can you let me out first? I’ll wait outside. I have friends outside." The appointment with King Kong Gun is coming, and I’m anxious.
"Absolutely not," the second lieutenant hurriedly shook his head. "There is a first-level combat readiness here, but something must wait until dawn."
"Why wait until dawn?" I asked anxiously, "Then I can’t come."
"Because the person in charge didn’t come …" "6 Don’t talk nonsense" The man who didn’t have a bed and wore a black vest interrupted the second lieutenant.
"I really can’t stay here with my friends. They are still waiting for me outside." I got up and prepared to go outside.
"Brother, don’t make it difficult for me." The second lieutenant stopped me. "I’ll discuss with the person in charge at dawn and see if I can send you out."
"What about my friend?" I looked anxiously at the wall clock when the horse arrived.
"Check your identity", the second lieutenant said simply, "You can go out with you if you don’t carry dangerous things."
"Then shall I go out and ask them to come in?" When I said this, it suddenly occurred to me that the weapons carried by the King Kong Gun and the weapons of the White Wolf are prohibited, and it is impossible for several colleagues here not to see that the gold bricks in the backpack of the King Kong Gun are also a problem. What can we do?
"No, you can’t go anywhere." Black vest rolled over the bed, grabbed my hand and handcuffed me to the bed.
"No," the second lieutenant tried to intercede for me.
"Watch your words and deeds." The black vest scolded the second lieutenant unceremoniously. "Chief, if I don’t go out, you will be in danger." I said urgently.
"Are you still carrying weapons?" The black vest looked at me keenly.