After Dong Fangbubai left, Wang Yue said to Wang Xi, "Little sister is not a good person. It is best not to like her."

Little sister "Wang Xi" confused way "is it? But my sister is very kind to me. "
Wang Yue sighed and shook his head to wash bamboo shoots and make wine. The child had no way to communicate with her.
Heimuya Chengde Temple
After Dong Fangbubai came back, he was excited to practice the mysterious palm in the center of the earth.
"Ha ha, it’s a godsend. I didn’t think that I, Dong Fangbubai, not only got the" Sunflower Collection "but now I got the" Mysterious Palm ".These two kinds of martial arts can solve the hidden danger of sunflower qi. I, Dong Fangbubai, are just around the corner all day, but there are many secrets about Wang Yue, and it’s incredible that such a unique school can be easily given away."
After Dong Fangbubai cultivated the mysterious palm, the masculine attribute of the body qi was neutralized, which made her feel refreshed immediately.
"It’s amazing. The palm of God is amazing. Xuan Ming is really angry!"
Dong Fangbubai hit the table with a palm of his hand, and the powerful cold quickly filled the tablecloth with frost.
Chapter 7 Ten Years
This heavenly king YueZheng village head to practice Tai Ji Chuan.
Xingyiquan is overbearing and strong, but it is more than feminine, which is also the reason why Wang Yueji did not become a strong man.
This time, Wang Yue wants to practice Tai Ji Chuan and Tai Ji Chuan to reach the level of dark energy, and all meridians get through, so he will switch to the family. I hope this time, I can achieve the strong way.
Little sister "Wang Xi" sat quietly watching Wang Yue practice Wang Xi. She was too young to understand boxing, but she thought her brother was beautiful and looked comfortable.
"little sister"
A voice behind Wang Xi.
Wang Xi a surprised look back turned out to be the previous sister in red.
I am also very happy to see Dong Fangbubai Wang Xi, but I thought of my brother’s boxing and quickly covered my mouth. Then the novel said, "Sister, you are here. Be quiet. My brother said not to disturb him when he was boxing."
Dong Fangbubai sat down beside Wang Xi and smiled. "Well, we won’t bother your brother. We’ll concentrate on watching him fight."
Wang Qianxin nodded "hmm"
Wang Yue’s fist moves with his eyes closed, following his feelings, and his footwork moves very smoothly, just like flowing water.
Wang Yue’s boxing method will make a strong sound when Yang and Roujin Dao change.
"A thousand dollars is hard to buy."
This is because Wang Yuejia’s boxing practice has achieved a strong effect, which ordinary family boxing fighters can’t achieve.
Dong Fangbubai looked at Wang Yue boxing eyebrows a wrinkly heart andao "Tai Ji Chuan? What is different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan, especially his breathing roots are not like uniting the true qi. It’s really weird. "
Wudang Tai Ji Chuan Taiji Sword is a great martial arts world, but it also belongs to the scope of Qi cultivation.
Wang Yue’s practice is a family boxing, which comes from Chenjiagou and is of course different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan.
There is no family boxing in the proud world. Dong Fangbubai doesn’t know Wang Yue’s boxing. It is only after seeing Tai Ji Chuan’s film studio that he feels a little weird.
Every time Wang Yue changed his strength, his sweat was shaken into water mist by powerful strength.
Tai Ji Chuan’s hammer method is very strong and strong.
Dong Fangbubai was shocked that "Wang Yue, a powerful and fierce fist, has many secrets in Wynaut".
As soon as Wang Yue gave off the heat in his body after a punch, it was like a huge steamer. Both Dong Fangbubai and Wang Xi could feel the heat coming on their faces.
Wang Yue felt refreshed when excess heat was removed from his body.
After these days, Wang Yue’s physical injury has been completely recovered. Now it is only a matter of time before Wang Yue will practice step by step and resume the pre-repair, although it may take a long time.
"Why are you here?"
Wang Yue walked beside his little sister Wang Xi and asked Dong Fangbubai.
Dong Fangbubai laughed. "Don’t worry, I’m not looking for you. I’m looking for my little sister."
Little sister? Wang Yue’s heart andao, you are so affectionate. We don’t know you very well.
"What kind of boxing do you practice?" Dong Fangbubai asked, "It looks overbearing, strong and fierce with femininity. You can’t cultivate the true qi with this fist, can you?"
Wang Yue laughed. "Tai Ji Chuan, don’t you know? Isn’t there wu-tang clan’s Tai Ji Chuan Sutra in Sun Moon Shintoism? I’m a wild road in Tai Ji Chuan. Of course, I can’t cultivate the true qi. It’s just to keep fit. Don’t count on this’ Tai Ji Chuan’ to become a martial arts expert. "
Wang Yue doesn’t want to explain too much to Dong Fangbubai. He feels that this woman is too mysterious, so it’s better not to have too much entanglement with her.
"I heard that you made good wine. How about taking it out and letting me try it?" Dong Fangbubai laughed.
"Come in," Wang Yue said to Dong Fangbubai with Wang Xi in his arms.
He hoped that Dong Fangbubai would leave after drinking.

This feeling is very subtle.

Although this is not the first time for her to receive an award on stage, it is the first time for her to sit face to face with her familiar teachers and classmates.
In such a familiar atmosphere, Xu Taotao is relaxed and deeply touched.
"I hope you will continue to work hard to be an organization that will live up to the expectations of your alma mater when you come to study and work!"
President Zhang solemnly handed the certificate to Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao also took the red certificate seriously and put it on her chest.
"Thank you, Principal"
President Zhang nodded, and the pleasant sound spread through the microphone to every teacher and student in the auditorium.
He joked that "Xu classmates don’t say a few words? Your younger brothers and sisters are all eagerly waiting. "
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-seven Introduce family members
Xu Taotao’s four-year university was compressed into one semester by her and she officially graduated today.
After coming to the graduation ceremony, she planned to make an appointment with her roommates to go to the state-run hotel for a meal, and also introduced Professor Gu to these little sisters.
"Taotao, you won’t leave the capital after graduation, will you?" Zhou Qiaoyue tugged at Xu Taotao sleeve and eagerly wanted an answer.
Xu Taotao held up three fingers. "I swear I won’t leave the capital even after graduation. I still have a master’s degree to study. How can I leave!"
Other little sisters "? You have to study for a master’s degree! "
Qindan several were stunned.
What kind of sewing exercises is this? I graduated from college for one semester and just graduated from college. I can say that Xu Taotao is too hard.
Xu Taotao suddenly remembered that she didn’t seem to have had this quarrel with her roommates
She smiled awkwardly. "I forgot to mention that. In fact, Professor Lin accepted me as early as the beginning. He is my master tutor, so I am still his younger brother."
Xu Taotao is full of pride.
She is quite happy when she knows what she has worshipped.
But her roommates don’t know.
On the contrary, Professor Gu is beside you. Although I don’t know what this Professor Gu came to see them with Taotao, but the internationally famous economist Professor Gu is beside you, you actually turn a blind eye and talk about your’ silent five’ teachers.
Is it not good to cough?
"Ahem!" Insider Qin Dan winked at Xu Taotao desperately.
Xu Taotao "? ?”
"Eyes uncomfortable? I still have eye drops. I’ll bring them to you later. "
QinDan black face ""you just eyes uncomfortable!
Watching all this, Professor Gu looked at a few little girls with a gentle smile on her lips. She was so elegant and modest.
It just doesn’t look like Professor Gao Lengzui!
Qin Dan, come on. The young couple don’t care at all. She cares so much. It’s just idle.
Without knowing it, the other five people are even more embarrassed.
Even if Zhou Qiaodan doesn’t look at it at ordinary times, he knows that there is a saying that’ peers are enemies’. Taotao brought Professor Gu and boasted about another professor.
I don’t know, it feels like telling it to Professor Gu on purpose.
Zhou Qiaodan privately wondered whether Taotao would want to recognize Professor Gu as a teacher, and Professor Guo Gu finally confiscated her.
Is Taotao deliberately retaliating with words now?
Just when everyone except Xu Taotao felt a little awkward and uncomfortable.
Xu Taotao patted his forehead and said, "I almost forgot to tell you something today."
Tang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and thought that this girl finally knew to change the subject. Before she wanted to finish this sentence, she listened to Xu Taotao and then said,
"I’d like to formally introduce Professor Gu, who has another identity besides being our economics teacher. He is my fiance."
"Click" One is that the dead branches are broken by one foot.
In addition to Qindan Wang Qiuhong, Tang Xiao, Zhou Qiaodan, Jiang Linlin and Chen Cheng, they were directly stupefied.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Arrangements for Cao Yanhua
Because of the couple’s arrogance, the last 33 dormitories followed them for a meal.
At the dinner table, Jiang Linlin, a chef from a state-owned hotel, suddenly said, "It would be nice to have two strings of chicken wings to eat."
Xu Taotao smiled. "Linlin told you good news or bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
How can Jiang Linlin understand this routine and decisively hook "good news?"
Professor Gu did see that her bad mind was to look at it with a smile and not say a word.
Xu Taotao smiled at Jiang Linlin and bent his eyes. "The good news is that the halogen fragrance really sells rice."
"Are you serious? ! Then we can eat today! "
"Ah, ah, ah, I’ve saved several pieces. Let’s go to eat horses!"
Jiang Linlin jumped three feet high and was as excited as if he had just come out of Wuzhishan, and the monkey was almost happy everywhere.
Xu Taotao is a little unwilling to bully honest children.
33 others are alert to the fraud, and they look at Jiang Linlin unconsciously with a little pity.
A table with Jiang Linlin unaware is still happy like a fool.
"The bad news is that" Xu Taotao deliberately paused when he saw Jiang Linlin’s curiosity, only to spit out a sentence "The staple food package will be officially opened for sale in genius"
And Jiang Linlin has confirmed that the train will go straight to her father’s station in the afternoon.
Perfect miss the opening day of Lu Xiangxiang staple food package.
Jiang linlin ""
"Ha ha ha ha! Hahahaha! "
Seeing Jiang Linlin’s unbelievable eyes wide open and then full of injuries, the good roommates laughed at each other.
Xu Taotao also endured the smile.
"Ah, ah, good, you peach, you are too bad!"
Jiang Linlin nu pursed mouth came to choke Xu Taotao.
Then Professor Gu made a move.

Dalba and King Gen of Jinlunfa don’t know what happened.

"Huo Dou, what’s the matter with you?" Jinlun French king hurriedly asked
But Huo Dou has fallen into a coma and can’t answer him.
Dalba is coming to Ulrich and wants to catch Ulrich just like Huo Dou.
Chen Yan sat in the plush chair and didn’t move, but he did it manually!
When King Jinlun saw that Elham’s hand flashed, Dalba, like Huo Dou, fell to the ground and fell into a coma.
Chen Yan shot without a trace of fireworks, so fast that he could not see clearly when practicing the golden wheel method. Chen Yan didn’t cause any vibration when he shot.
Arguably, the faster the speed, the greater the movement is, and the faster the Falun Fa Wang moves, and sometimes he can play sonic booms, but he can never do it as fast as Yan Yan, and he is very strange.
Dalba?’ King jinlun shouted
"Mr. Chen, you killed two of my disciples?"
Jinlun French king’s eyes stared at Chen Yanleng with his shirt off and asked
Chen Yan said calmly, "I don’t kill people unless someone threatens my life. I will kill people or people who are full of crimes. To tell the truth, Dalba and Huo Dou are not worth my pain. I ordered their acupoints to let them sleep for a while."
King Jinlun forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart, took a deep breath and folded his hands and said, "The Buddhist was mistaken. It turns out that Li Zhe is a master and Mr. Chen is a truly peerless strong man. If I didn’t guess wrong, Li Zhe’s martial arts was given by Mr. Chen!"
There is nothing to hide about it.
Chen Yan nodded. "Yes, I taught Li Zhe martial arts when he was studying in a private school, but Li Zhe practiced hard qigong and raised my swordsmanship after he left the private school. Do you still want to force me to be a guest in Mongolia?"
King Jinlun said, "I know I’m not sure to invite Mr. Chen to visit the Mongolian grassland, but I still want to see Mr. Chen’s martial arts!"
Every fighter is eager for an opponent.
King Jinlun knows that he is no match for Chen Yan, but he still wants to see how powerful Chen Yan is.
It’s not easy for a strong man like Chen Yan to meet someone who doesn’t know his martial arts. The Falun Fa King will never be willing to do so.
Chen Yan cold way "golden wheel buddhist are you sure you want to see a martial arts! Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? "
King Jinlun said, "Of course I’m afraid, but I still want to see Mr. Chen’s unparalleled martial arts."
Chen Yan suddenly asked a seemingly irrelevant question, "Did you kill anyone when you came to Dasong?"
King Jinlun of France said one leng, "I came to Dasong on the orders of Khan to invite Mr. Chen to visit Mongolia, but not to kill people. When I came to Dasong, we didn’t kill anyone."
Sun Yan stared at the eyes of King Jinlun.
It is almost impossible for the Falun Fa King to lie in front of him unless his psychological quality is stronger than that of Chenyan.
King jinlun’s eyes told Chen Yan that he was not lying.
Chen Yan nodded and said, "It’s good not to kill anyone, but I hope you won’t regret it after seeing my martial arts!"
King Jinlun said, "Never regret it."
"Good," Chen Yan shouted. "Then take it!"
Chen Yan got up and showed his posture. He suddenly came to King Jinlun like a teleport.
Chen Yan hit an eagle claw fist and grabbed it at the top of the head of King Jinlun.
King Jinlun feels that the whole world has become dark. Chen Yan’s claws are like the claws of an ancient fierce beast, tearing and grasping at himself.
Fight back?
Run away?
Can’t even do it
Even some so-called struggles can’t be done.
King jinlun’s mind is not good, and negative emotions broke out in his heart.
Despair and fear filled the whole heart of King Jinlun.
live and die
There is great terror!
King jinlun regretted it.
What did he regret that he had to see Chen Yan’s martial arts? It’s easy for Chen Yan’s martial arts to kill himself.
This is your own death.
King jinlun’s eyes lost their spirits.
He was desperate.
He’s waiting for this beautiful claw of Ulrich.
But when King Jinlun came to his senses, Chen Yan sat in a plush chair and drank tea as if he had not moved.
Elgin’s spiritual realm combined with eagle claw boxing can already affect the spirit of King Jinlun, who just felt that the whole world was dark, but the spirit was shocked by Elgin’s momentum and produced hallucinations.
As soon as King Jinlun knelt on the floor, he was sweating like rain. Just now, he felt that he had gone to the Temple of Hades.
King Jinlun didn’t dare to look at Elwyn. His eyes were filled with horror and fear.
At King Jinlun, Ulrich shook his head secretly. King Jinlun’s bravery was aborted by himself.
Although his fist didn’t reach him, the effect is the same. If King Jinlun can’t dispel his fears, he will not grow any more in his life and will go backwards.
Physical trauma is easy to repair, but mental trauma is not so easy to repair.

Lee sharingan’s illusion made the windmill disappear in the other side’s field of vision … If he hadn’t known the habits of Uchihiro’s first world war and had already arranged his grievances, I’m afraid he couldn’t solve the other side’s illusion … If he hadn’t reacted quickly and took advantage of the sudden appearance, Hidan would definitely have been cut in half by the other side …

Cold sweat unconsciously slipped from the brow corner …
Although please report that the other side has been fighting for a long time, from the beginning of the action, it is clear what magnitude opponent the other side is … If the strength is rated by sharingan alone, the woman in front of me is a real Uchihiro!
Taking off your coat has been sealed in your body and released by the Ministry … If you don’t do this, you’re not sure whether you can take advantage of the other party … In the end, if you don’t covet Uchihiro and the blood of thousands of hands, you won’t want to come to this place yourself if you don’t discuss yourself with your teammates.
This is not in line with the interest strategy at all …
But now that we’ve met the possibility of turning around and leaving according to the positions of both sides, of course, we didn’t sign up in a hurry-to be honest, it’s almost never occurred to me to kill the messenger of kaleidoscope sharingan head-on … Since the early generation, Mu Dun and sharingan have been recognized as the strongest blood donors in the world. Even though chakra has several hearts, his resistance to illusion is much higher, but this is still not a reason to be able to defeat the other side … The real sharingan is not an illusion …
But the eye condition is different after all …
Two-to-one, but also their own Hidan deathless cooperation … in other words, to be able to get each other’s blood is their own victory!
"Bastard! ! !”
Roaring, Hidan seems to be still eager to try. After the arm is stitched again, it seems as if nothing has happened. It seems that he wants to rush forward again, but this moment the angle is in the way of his charge.
"Go back …"
Tilt head Angle tone with a somewhat harsh.
"that horse is ready for your ceremony!"
After a word, he no longer said anything, and his eyes were locked again in front of Uchihiro vulture … His eyes were naturally full of malice.

And across from him, the vulture’s patience has finally reached its limit …
"That’s enough …"
She said so and closed her eyes slightly …
"The horse will solve your chapter two hundred and seventy-six, Galand anger.
Ps first more ~ ~ ~ for * * ~ ~ for reward ~ ~ ~ for recommendation.
"That’s enough …"
She said so and closed her eyes slightly …
"The horse will solve you!"

Even though she hasn’t made a move, they both feel the fatal threat at the same time across from the vulture!
-that’s some kind of facing the fear of death!
For the two of them, it is the furthest away from "death", but when that woman talks like this, she can tell them that the extreme terror that she has never tasted for a long time is slowly approaching them …

Can’t wait any longer!
Although it’s really limited to attack rashly without the opponent’s hand, if you don’t take the lead here and wait for the opponent to show his flaws, everyone believes that he will never get what he wants.
"carrara …"
The creepy stereo started out like a monster, and his body changed again. There were four masks printed on his back, and suddenly he began to swell up. Then, like cell division, he "grew" four monsters with different shapes from his body again …
"Benedict DuDu! Hey! "
Dull and steady landing is a moment behind Jiaodu, where there are four monsters composed of grievances … From the height point of view, they are even more than Jiaodu, and there is a strange mask covering their faces … The eyes of the original hole also begin to emit some deep and cold light.
Taboo Ninjutsu has appeared, and I glanced at the corner with a face of fanaticism. Hidan-The ceremony is ready, and the work will be completed by myself.
Then …!
Both hands are the first to attack!
-Tudun Rock Cloister!
I have met with the first generation and fought against ninjas, so it is the best proof of my strength that I can live to this day without other achievements.
… Jiaodu
This name may not be as familiar to the average ninja, but in the dark world, in the group composed of careerists and vagrants, this name is alive and strange!
No one knows how long he has lived-it seems that from the beginning of the ninja profession, mercenary status has appeared in various battlefields, and his style is simpler than his name … a word of money.
But this terrible monster doesn’t seem to be conscious of other strong people, but it is more demanding of yellow and white things than anything else … if it weren’t for this, I’m afraid I wouldn’t throw myself into the darkness, would I?
In the local exchange, high reward targets should be careful. Anyone who has no position as a hunter may be one of his targets.
And the powerful roots that support his long life are those four silent monsters …

After being disturbed by this rabbit, Yang Muyu’s original feelings of sadness converged a lot, and he took the rabbit back to Wang Bo’s house. The next morning, Wang Bo and Mu Xin, the residents of the town, left Hu Zhengming for five years, and Mu Xin, the town, embarked on his own life path. How did this rabbit run to the hut ashes, but he did not think deeply.

Chapter XII Spiritual Power
It has been more than ten days since Muxin town. During the day, Yang Muyu followed Hu Zhengming and others on their way. Every time Hu Zhengming and others stayed in the inn, Yang Muyu took the rabbit out to spy on his father, but there was no news all the way.
Taking advantage of these idle days, Yang Muyu also secretly practiced spiritual power. According to the information left by the weirdo in his mind, he learned that spiritual power is divided into nine parts. Although the properties and secret skills of practicing spiritual power in the mountains and seas are different, the standards for distinguishing spiritual power are the same. According to spiritual power cultivation, it is divided into junior, intermediate and advanced.
Lingli 13, that’s junior three to six, intermediate six to nine, and advanced martial arts practitioners in the whole mountain and sea world are few and nine, and that’s like a god.
The aura display of each psychic force has different colors, from one to nine, namely, color, cyan, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and gold.
There are so many things in Yang Muyu’s mind that there are many kinds of spiritual cultivation secrets. In addition to the Purple Flame Heart Sutra, there is also a cultivation secret that interests him greatly. This spiritual cultivation secret is also called "The Strategy of Destroying the World".
Domineering, evil name!
However, when he was practicing seriously, he stayed again. Since childhood, he has been instructed by his father to practice the secret technique of deep breathing. However, now he is practicing the secret technique of spiritual power to destroy the world, but he has practiced the secret technique of deep breathing since childhood, which makes him really difficult to turn over.
It turns out that his father taught him to breathe out the secret skill, that is, to know the sea between the eyebrows and disperse the meridians. It is an odd way to exercise the spirit and practice the secret skill. His father once said that the essence can penetrate the body and hurt people, but he has been practicing for more than ten years since he was a child. Don’t say that even ordinary strong men can’t beat it. At most, his body is slightly better than ordinary children.
But there is nothing wrong with this. After all, he never wanted to hurt people. But now he wants to practice this "Death Tactics", but he wants to put the aura in the purple house. Where is the purple house? The umbilical three-inch spiritual force operation method? He used to practice the breathing method. One is to disperse the essence, and the other is to exercise the reiki to converge in the purple house.
After studying for two days, Yang Muyu has not been able to work out a trick to tentatively ask Hu Zhengming. The old man just said that spiritual exercise is naturally a purple mansion, which is well known.
Besides, Yang Muyu dared not ask more questions for fear of revealing the secrets of the weirdo. Although he got along with him soon, he was a little white. The weirdo seemed to have a grudge against the geek, but he couldn’t let him know what he was involved in with the weirdo. More importantly, the weirdo gave him the magic sword and the starfish soul before he died. That’s a rare treasure. Every man has a guilty conscience and he understands the truth.
Hesitated for two days, my heart is really yearning for practitioners. Compared with Yang Muyu, I am still going to practice spiritual strength according to the secret skill of "The Lost World Tactics". Every day, in addition to practicing the original secret skill of breathing and breathing, he is practicing the secret skill of the lost world tactic to exercise the purple house spiritual strength. The progress is really slow, and I don’t know when I can reach the spiritual strength. Four practices the soft light dance secret skill to fly on the wind.
However, he learned from six amazing mouths in a small talk that spiritual cultivation is going against nature, which is normal. When ordinary people practice spiritual cultivation for three to five years, it depends on talent and opportunity, otherwise some people will find it difficult to break through even if they practice for ten or twenty years.
So it turns out that Yang Muyu is not only depressed for more than ten or twenty years, but also a spiritual force? How long will it take to practice? Isn’t it necessary to practice until the head is white and the teeth fall? But after all, he is a child’s mind. Although depressed, he continues to practice the secret skills of destroying the world. He continues to practice two different secret skills, exercising the essence and aura. The difference is that the essence is scattered and the meridians know the sea. Reiki is in the purple house.
When he has nothing to do, he fantasizes in his mind that if he dances softly and flies against the wind, if he holds a magic sword, he will kill the magic with a thousand strokes. Although he can’t make all kinds of secret skills in his mind, he is a child’s heart, but he filters them in his mind and deepens his impression over and over again.
Not to mention that Yang Muyu secretly cultivated spiritual strength these days, he said that on this day, four people went all the way eastward to the heavy cloud city, which is not the main artery in the east-west direction compared with ordinary towns, but also faces the vast overseas connection with Qianhe island countries and the prosperous port together with the East Flower City, which is a rare and prosperous big town in Qingyu Empire.
On this day, Yang Muyu entered the city at sunset. Although he has been to many places since childhood, because his father deliberately kept a low profile and was young, he didn’t understand these things. Now he is curious and can’t help but look around.
"I said that this heavy cloud city in Yangjia is a big place. You have to have a good look around when you enter the city?" Huang Lanyu laughed lazily and didn’t know what to wear a patch and rags to follow Yang Muyu around them. The more he looked at it, the more he disliked it.
"Oh … big place?" Yang Muyu nodded and didn’t pay attention to his smooth response. For more than ten days, he naturally knew that Huang Lanyu didn’t like him, and he also didn’t like him, especially when he was around 6 Jinghong.
These days, I am surprised to see things in my eyes and shake my head. "Brother, don’t always bully Mu Yu!" Huang Lanyu mind if she doesn’t know? There is a difference between men and women. Secondly, there is no formal commitment between them. 6 Jinghong is very fond of him. It is watching Huang Lanyu constantly aiming at Yang Muyu’s heart. It is really uncomfortable to maintain it everywhere. After all, Yang Muyu is just a child in her eyes, but in this way, Huang Lanyu hates Yang Muyu even more.
Huang Lanyu listened to the cold hum, but he no longer said anything, but his heart was andao. "Today, we must think of a way to throw this little goodbye and let him follow."
Chapter 13, pitfalls (1)
Hu Zhengming looked at Yang Muyu and asked, "Muyu, are you looking around first or what?" They have never seen Yang Muyu’s father. Even if they meet each other, they can’t recognize that everywhere they go, Yang Muyu goes to find his father privately.
"Let me look around first! Meet you at dusk. "Yang Muyu nods. Along the way, he has a faint feeling that he may not be able to find his father, but even if he knows that he can’t find it, he still wants to find it.
"Well, we’ll stay at Hongtong Inn. If you don’t know the place, you’ll find someone to ask." Hu Zhengming charged two more sentences before taking Huang Lanyu and 6 Jinghong to Hongtong Inn.
"Well, brother, you go first. I suddenly remembered to buy something." Huang Lanyu took a glance at Yang Muyu’s back.
6 Jinghong frown can speak out to maintain that "Brother, don’t be hard on Muyu, he is a child". Huang Lanyu sees that Yang Muyu is not pleasing to the eye. 6 Jinghong knows that when dealing with the fire unicorn that day, Yang Muyu gave his life to save her, but he was pressed on her body. If it were another man, it would be uncomfortable. But first, Yang Muyu is just a child. Second, after all, he saved her out of kindness.
6 I was shocked when I spoke, but I couldn’t help thinking, "Why is this person so stingy?"
"Don’t worry, I’m just teasing him. Do you really care about him?" Huang Lanyu laughed and talked, but he had turned away, but he didn’t know that he had left a bad impression in the heart of 6 Jing Hong.
Yang Muyu took a few steps away from Hu Zhengming. He grabbed an old man on the road and asked, "Old uncle, do you know where there is a house for rent in this heavy cloud city?"
His white father’s habit, if he really stays in such a big town, is to find a place to rent a house. The terrain must be extremely remote. His father never likes busy people.
In the old man guide Yang Muyu walked towards the western suburbs hutong-
"I said rabbit, you said … should I follow her?" Yang Muyu took Uncle Rabbit out from the waist across the bag and held him in his hand. He asked in a low voice. These days, he is used to gossiping with the rabbit, happy and upset … He has to find someone to talk to. Although the rabbit can’t talk, it seems that he can nod and shake his head to show his decision.
"Squeak … I’m Uncle Rabbit." The rabbit shook his head with contempt after drawing a finger at Yang Muyu.
Yang Muyu looked at the rabbit with a low sigh. At first, he felt that the rabbit was strange, so he caught it and raised it. But in the past few days, he couldn’t tell what’s strange about the rabbit. What’s the difference between ordinary rabbits? Of course, except that it can understand him, it is estimated to be rabbit essence. This is his final evaluation of Uncle Rabbit.
"I don’t think I need to follow her anymore, but-rabbit, do you think I should tell her the truth? Even if they find the blood of the dragon, they can’t solve the poison of the dragon finch?" Yang Muyu gently said that these days he finally knew from Hu Zhengming’s gossip that they were going to the vast ocean to find Yan Long’s blood to relieve Uncle Liu Jinghong’s sparrow poison.
The hutong in the western suburbs is really remote, and even the houses are very old. It is because the owner of the old house moved away but left the old house for rent.
Yang Muyu walked slowly along the blue brick and old citron. He knew his father’s habits. If he was really here, he would certainly find it. But after wandering around for a long time, he saw that it was already dark, and the faint yellow oil lamps revealed from the old house, but he had no clue.
"Maybe I’m really looking in the wrong direction?" Yang Muyu shook his head and sighed and turned to meet Hongtong Inn, but as soon as he turned around, a shadow did not move in the dark corner.
"Huang Lanyu?" Yang Muyu was surprised at how he was here, and then he came here for nothing. It is bound to be that Huang Lanyu secretly followed him, and he followed him even with malicious intent.
In fact, what does Huang Lanyu want to do? Yang Muyu doesn’t know that Huang Lanyu’s hostility to him is very obvious these days, but he didn’t think what he would do to him. After all, he is an important person for him, but now that he has avoided 6 surprises and Hu Zhengming’s eyes, it is natural to know.
Yang Muyu can take two steps back and look around. Seeing that he is at a corner, it is quite remote. There is no one, even if someone is an ordinary person, how can he stop a spiritual warrior?
When Huang Lanyu and others fought against the fire unicorn that day, Yang Muyu clearly saw that his aura was light green, which was the four signs of spiritual power. Although it had not reached the fourth level, the martial artist was considered an intermediate master in the mountain and sea world, and it was enough to crush him.
Yang Muyu shuddered involuntarily. He has the secret skill of practicing martial arts in the eccentric department in his mind, but the root can’t be ignored when spiritual cultivation is only over ten days. Naturally, it can’t be Huang Lanyu’s opponent.
"What do you want to do?" Yang Muyu looked at Huang Lanyu insidious smile with his back against the wall and asked him to approach the alert step by step.
"What do you say?" Afraid of Huang Lanyu sneer at a way? How dare you pester Jinghong after seeing you? And hey hey ….. He’s a godsend. He actually let him show such a rare treasure in his poor little body. It’s much more convenient to have this thing. This heart is more murderous.
But he also wondered how a poor man in a mountain village could have such a rare treasure. Isn’t that right thing just like a birthmark?
Huang Lanyu immediately thought that even a birthmark would rather kill something like this by mistake than let it go, which is something that can be met but not sought. Although he killed this little problem, he explained it to his brother and 6 Jinghong, but what could they do to him if no one saw him die and denied it? Besides, he is already a spiritual force four martial arts practitioner, and he will soon graduate from Tianyimen and go back. At that time, Tianyimen will not be able to resist him.
Take ten thousand steps back. Even if Tianyimen knows, will he turn against him because of a poor boy?
Yang Muyu retreated step by step, but Huang Lanyu came over step by step. Suddenly Yang Muyu exclaimed in surprise, "Ah … Mr. Hu, why are you here?"
Chapter 14, pitfalls (2)
"Brother?" Huang Lanyu can look back after a stay, but where is Hu Zhengming behind him? I immediately understood where Yang Muyu was when I turned around. Huang Lanyu was so angry that he could not help stamping his feet and cursing, "Where are you going?" At the same time, the figure flashed and the person had disappeared
When he walked to the corner, Yang Muyu poked his head out again and touched his head in a cold sweat tunnel. "That was a close call. Why is this person so petty?"
Originally just now, Yang Muyu pretended to see Hu Zhengming calling out deliberately. Huang Lanyu turned around and looked at the past, but Yang Muyu also knew that if he wanted to escape, he would never get away. He took advantage of Huang Lanyu’s turn around and hurriedly hid in the corner next to him, waiting for Huang Lanyu to leave before he dared to stick his head out.
Yang Muyu hurriedly prepared to leave with a rabbit in one hand. He expected that Huang Lanyu would soon know that he would come back to find him and had to leave quickly, but he didn’t expect that Huang Lanyu was not an idiot and sneered at "you almost cheated"
Yang Muyu was frightened out of his wits, thinking that this man was so haunted that he ran away without saying anything.
Huang Lanyu secretly sneer at behind his back "want to run? No way "mind move, he has followed the interest rate.
Yang Muyu looked back as he ran and saw Huang Lanyu’s fingertips reaching for him with a light green aura. The top of the skull was suddenly frightened. If he caught his head, would he still have a life? Hurriedly, you can shrink your shoulders and be short, and at the same time, your feet slip by with a strange shape.
Huang Lanyu’s face is a bit embarrassing, but he is a master of four, and he can’t even catch a child with one move. What face is there to be a man? But Yang Muyu’s posture just now is really weird, not weird …
Yang Muyu didn’t expect to be able to hide from his attack. He couldn’t help but stay for a while. It suddenly occurred to me that just now it was the soft light dance, which was so wonderful that it was not just the wind-fighting secret skill, but also the wonderful posture. Yang Muyu was contemplating how to practice this soft light dance secret skill in his mind every day these days, and the soft light thing was deeply imprinted in his mind. Being a part of his memory.
Now, at the head of the crisis, he didn’t even think about it, so he naturally made it out. Sure enough, the soft light dance is not a spiritual force, but he has cultivated the essence of breathing since childhood. Is this breathing method and spiritual force also able to communicate with each other?
It’s a pity that when he didn’t give him much thought, Huang Lanyu hit the center with great anger, and the spirit force poured into the palm of his hand, and the light green aura penetrated the body and waved his hand at Yang Muyu’s chest and took it hard

Dong Fengling has been watching and found that those beggars are really dedicated.

I was so dedicated that I didn’t hesitate to receive food handouts. I was as hungry as I was, and I couldn’t wait to eat it.
Yes, everything is so normal that Dong Yuling can’t see the slightest flaw.
How experienced beggars are! How well trained these people are! This business is really promising …
So at dinner time, Dong Yuling waited for the floating life and asked her to go directly to the flavor building. Before talking to the night addiction, she waved her hand. "Go, go, I’ll solve it myself later."
She’s not going to be a candle when she’s two, otherwise she’ll always want to stab her with her eyes. It’s more comfortable here alone.
"that’s good!" Dong Yuling is not reluctant to "tell Xiao Er what you want to eat. They will run errands for you."
Night addiction made my eyes narrow with laughter. "I like this good one."
Dong Yuling chuckled and wondered, as if she was addicted to night and a little afraid of Lian Yan Jing. What is this?
Floating life takes a look at night addiction and thinks that this ya is not getting more and more familiar. Do you really think you are a Wangfu person? Not very reluctant before? Now this kind of face enjoy comfortable performance is what 497 Chapter 497 intentionally hit people?
Wondering that Dong Yuling was the first to walk out the door but accidentally bumped into a person.
After pushing back for two steps, Dong Yuling frowned slightly and squinted at the bump.
It was the other party who deliberately bumped into Dong Yuling. I’m sure.
Before she went out, she knew that someone was outside, so she tried to avoid it, but to her surprise, the man came crashing in.
If you don’t mean it, Dong Yuling will be the first not to believe it.
The other party’s brocade and gauze look extraordinary in life and elegant in temperament and good in education. What do you think? It’s not the kind of person who deliberately bumps into people and wants to blackmail them.
But hitting her on purpose is a bit tricky …
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention." The temperament girl Yingying looks a little fragile and makes people unable to bear to be harsh.
Dong Fengling looked at this woman’s eyes with a flash, but it turned out to be Bai Lianhua! I don’t know what this is about.
Eyes flashed a wipe off Dong Ling smiled a "such a girl’s welcome …"
I still want to say something about him, but this kind of Yangzhou thin horse is best at brain tonic, and maybe it will use the topic to give play to Dong Yuling’s immediate stop, which is the object of calculation. What does she fuck about luxury?
Having said this half sentence, Dong Yuling turned and walked when he didn’t know anything.
A look at the woman’s eyes flashed a puzzled frown followed by Dong Wei’s departure.
The masked woman Dong Yuling won’t find that watching her behind her back all the time brings up a trace of hatred from her flashing eyes.
No one can imagine how shocking Dong Wei’s spiritual ability is. The woman’s expression and eyes have not escaped Dong Wei’s spiritual knowledge.
Sure enough, there is this inexplicable hatred. Although Dong Yuling is not white, it means a lot to be targeted.
"Miss Qin Ru Wang Shifei proved to be an ungrateful young lady, and her attitude of apologizing to her was so arrogant." The girl around the masked girl said that her face was full of resentment.
It never occurred to me that they took the initiative to hit someone, and Dong Yuling took a good look back and even talked like this.
Maybe Dong Yuling’s attitude is not good enough? Normally, it shouldn’t be like this. Is that the most polite?
Maybe it’s necessary for Dong Yuling to compensate with a smiling face and say that she should hit another one.
It’s really a body idea, a distortion, and it’s not pleasing to the eye.

"I’m going to scare me. Now it’s cool, dead old woman. Let you taste the little master!" See Wang Po trapped Yan Yan than proudly ran back to the former place to pick up the sniper rifle and walked beside the trapped Wang Po than obscene to aim the gun at Wang Po’s chest.

But in an instant, when the ice crystals around Wang Po were directly melted by her horrible qi, they were hotter than the qi was fierce at Yan Yan’s chest, and Yan Yan’s eyes were wide and dark. "Mom, how can this wife be so tough when I play with fat? He froze me for three minutes without alternating seasons. Am I not even as good as this wife?"
Hot than firm but gentle watch is about to shoot ~ When Yan Yan took his life in the chest, he kicked in Yan Yan’s crotch and Yan Yan’s body flew up instantly to avoid a fatal blow from Wang Po.
"Ow ow! !” Strictly speaking, people don’t scream all over the battlefield. Everyone feels chrysanthemum after hearing this scream. There is a chilling feeling in the heart.
"I am so fat that you kick me here again. You fucking want to get back at me, don’t you?" Yan Yan fell to the ground with a face of pain to the extreme, his face turned red and his cold sweat kept falling. The whole person knelt on the ground and reached the point where the law moved, but his eyes flashed with pride.
"After the trip, fat brother, I won’t save you and let you die!" Fat intensely staring at the alternation of four seasons in Wang Po. Although Wang Po broke the extremely cold winter night, the rainy spring has just begun!
The seasons alternate. Chapter 2: Spring rains start!
The ice melts into water and raindrops. There is a meter of Fiona Fang black clouds suspended at half a meter high above Wang Po’s head. The fingers are thick and the thunder seems to have eyes and constantly bombards Wang Po. No matter how Wang Po dodges, it is better than avoiding the thunder attack.
Although the power of thunder is not great, it has a paralyzing effect, which makes Wang Po’s moving speed and attack speed slower and slower. A little drizzle begins to fall, although it looks like a spring rain.
However, raindrops are as sharp as real shock wave, which instantly pierces Wang Po’s skin and rushes into the meridians of Wang Po, destroying the physical function of the old woman.
"Four Seasons Sword Song Four Seasons Alternation is not as overbearing as the Five Elements Great Cycle, but it is definitely not underestimated, and the true qi consumption is at most one quarter of the Five Elements Great Cycle." This move of four seasons alternation is very different from the original one.
Fat comprehends that the four seasons alternate and give full play to their multi-attribute true qi advantages. Although the power of other attributes is not as strong as that of Wang Gang, it is definitely not weak and the consumption of true qi is also reduced a lot!
Just as Fat is about to start the alternation of seasons, in Chapter 3, when the earth is roasting, a black stone appears in Wang Po’s feet, kneeling on the side, and quietly withdrawing his outstretched hand. Although he is still full of pain, he is still crying, but his eyes are proud. At least nine out of ten people can see it if he deliberately lowers his head to cover up his words.
At this time, a horror than firm but gentle flew from the ship and landed in front of the fat, hitting the battleship and leaving a deep hole on the battleship deck.
A short shadow leapt from the edge of the warship like a phantom and instantly stood in front of the fat. Fat is more dignified than staring at the shadow, and even Wang Po, who is dying in his hand, is too lazy to care.
"herding sheep baby!" A scream comes out of the mouth of the fat and Wang Po can’t believe it. In the eyes, the face is red and the face is normal than the face is painful. The look disappears and the action is faster than the instant.
"I ~ stung your egg, didn’t it hurt?" Although the strong enemy is fat before, I still can’t help but ask 1 to be continued.
Chapter 17 I just said don’t take it seriously.
"What thing hurts? What will hurt me? I really don’t hurt! " Yan Yan said with a smug face, then glanced at Fat insidious smile and said, "Does your feet hurt?"
The fat monk was puzzled by the harsh words, but when he was asked by the harsh words, he suddenly felt some pain in his crotch and right foot. "Hey, my feet really hurt. How do you know?"
Yan Yan hey hey smiled. "The toughness and hardness of the steel on the battleship deck are the top materials. If you don’t ask me, it will definitely hurt to give me a foot directly."
See fat or a confused look. Strictly speaking, it’s obscene. Compared with fat, I squeezed my eyes and untied my belt. I took off my pants directly in front of three people.
"I ~ Yan Yan, you are really enough!" I saw something inside my pants, and my fat eyes bulged out, pointing to Yan Yan, and I really didn’t know what to say.
Even the shepherd boy and Wang Po are absolutely rational, and they are almost vomiting blood by wearing their pants.
Seeing that everyone is white, Yan Yan said slowly and proudly, "Every time it’s either blowing my chrysanthemum or kicking my balls, who will try it now and never resist!"
"I suffered several times in the world where the wolf came, and I was recruited many times in the virtual world. But I want to be the greatest artist. How can a man repeat the same mistakes? I especially spent a lot of money on making these pants in a clothing store." Yan Yan’s face showed a dreary expression when he said that he spent a lot of money.
"See who can let me suffer after hey hey! Sorry about the fat! I really didn’t mean to hurt your foot! "
Fat looked at his bleeding right foot in looked at the proud yan heart than indignation "nima you this dead change ~ state actually make battleship deck steel to make pants and there are barbs outside you are deliberately pit me, aren’t you? After the fat brother I no longer care about you, even if you die in front of me, I will never save you. "
"Changing the state is really changing the state!" Even the shepherd boy was right after seeing Yan Yan ~ pants.
"When I said herding sheep, do you know that you can come to the virtual world because we are raiders and wolves are coming to the world? It’s not interesting to change state as soon as we meet."
"I’m the chosen one, and I’m the sharpening stone for players. Remember the name God gave me, and remember that I killed you!" Shepherd’s voice doesn’t have a trace of emotion. Raise your hand gently and the horror will be shot out than the firm but gentle one.
Yan Yan was dumbfounded after hearing the words of herding sheep. "I ~ are you serious?" I lied to you when I said you were destined to be chosen by god. Are you that stupid? Is this serious? "
"The protagonist in the era of God’s selection is God’s mission and God’s glory!"
"What? What are you talking about? I’m fucking talking nonsense. You really believe me? Don’t take it seriously. I said it for fun! Wait, you mean God told you? " Yan Yan’s eyes almost fell to the ground. The so-called destiny, the so-called god’s choice, was just a trick to let the shepherd boy relax his vigilance and take the shepherd boy to the headquarters building to teach the shepherd boy a lie!
But the shepherd boy said it was given to him by God!
"How is it possible how is it possible! This is even more nonsense than I can shoot love movies, and it is even more unreliable than my hidden rules. How can things happen? "
"Remember my name, remember my story, I am a wolf, the protagonist of the world, and God gave me a name. You died in my hands!" The horror in the shepherd’s hand is better than the shock wave, which is instantly stimulated by him and shot out without hesitation in the strict direction.
The true qi contained in a single firm but gentle wave is more powerful than all the true qi in strict words.
But by this horror than the true qi to sternly but don’t panic look face smile more satisfied "go to hell! Even if you are destiny, even if you are the chosen one, go to hell! "
After a loud roar, I kicked my fat body in vain and said that my speed was not slow and I jumped from the ship’s rail instantly.
Boom! ! !
Just jumped like an original bomb exploded, and the horror came out from the deck than the explosion. The battleship deck split into pieces in an instant, and the terrorist fire was tens of meters high.
Terror and high temperature will directly melt the battleship deck. Fat and Yan Yan are exposed to the water. The temperature of the sea around the warship is rising. If Yan Yan knew that the power would have swam to other warships, it is estimated that the two would be cooked by boiling sea water in an instant.
Fat was full of doubts. When the battleship came out with Yan Yan hundreds of meters away, I just wanted to ask Yan Yan about the situation. When the warship exploded again, it was deafening.
The warship with a length of more than 300 meters was instantly broken into two pieces in a loud noise, and the whole warship was directly wrapped in the hot temperature, and everything that could burn in the warship was turned into fire fuel.
"This old see you die! Dog ~ day shepherd boy is happy now, isn’t it? I won’t let you die several times. Can you give up? It’s better to let you taste it lightly this time! Damn bear child! " Swearing and swearing are full of intrigue and excitement.
"What’s the matter with Yan Yan?" Fat, you can’t resist asking questions in your heart.
"Didn’t you see that the great artist Yan Yan killed the powerful shepherd without starting work? It’s as simple as that!" Proud than proud, written in a stern face
See fat that will eat people eyes sternly scalp pins and needles explained "fat calm! Be calm. I pretend to be hurt by you. That’s because I saw the shepherd boy coming towards us! "
"Then I quietly got a B1 remote-controlled bomb and put it on the warship deck. I calculated that it happened to be in the warship oil depot! The previous explosion was an explosion after I designed it. I guess it was because the ammunition depot was on fire. Do you think it was very simple? "
B1 bomb is a kind of terror developed by China, which is more lethal than the bomb, but it was produced in the 1970s because of its amazing lethality and not in the war years. It has been hidden in the snow, and this time it was taken out by the emperor and put on the team battlefield, which is the power of experimental explosives!
"No wonder! If it is B1, it is estimated that even the shepherd baby will not live! " Fat finally came in vain after listening to Yan Yan’s explanation
At this time, Yan Yan avoided the fat eyes and reported to Hu Bing through the battlefield command system. "According to the instructions, it has been completed perfectly! Please reach a step instruction! " to be continued
Chapter 173 Yan Yan Road Art
"Well, there is no problem in the calculation of the staff group. The power of B1 bomb can really blow through the deck to ignite the warship oil depot and detonate the warship ammunition depot. According to the estimated power of the staff group, although it is not small, it should completely kill the shepherd boy and wait for the player’s master team to come around and kill the shepherd boy!"
Hu Bingyin’s voice was full of excitement. According to his estimation and that of the staff, it would be easy for him to kill the shepherd boy and other villagers and animals.
"Fat now knows that I am smart. Calculate the position of the deck oil depot. Unconsciously, I led the shepherd boy and his wife around B1, and unconsciously pulled you to the edge of the warship. If it weren’t for me, you would definitely die in the terrorist power of B1 explosion." Yan Yan said with a smug face, as if everything was planned by him.
"Can you still be ashamed?" Fat language looks endless, and harsh words are more contemptuous.
"What did you say? If it weren’t for my intelligence … "Yan Yan DengYuan eyes staring at fat but words haven’t finished was interrupted by fat.
"Just in the battlefield command system, you have been published in detail. The position is calculated by the staff group. When the shepherd boy arrived, it was also estimated by the staff group, and you just acted according to the arrangement of the staff group."
"Don’t talk about yourself as a child prodigy and still tell me what you are!" Fat very language said
Being fat, even if Yan Yan is as thick-skinned as a wall, some people are embarrassed to change the subject in the direction of warship explosion. "Fat, how strong do you say that the shepherd is now? According to the staff group’s speculation, the terror can’t kill him than the explosion."
Being a friend of Yan Yan naturally knows that Yan Yan is changing the subject to cover up the embarrassment. He especially doesn’t want to continue to expose the lie before Yan Yan’s face. It is also because Fat thinks that if Yan Yan continues like this, it is likely to violate the rules of the player’s manual.
"Strictly remember that I don’t want you to go to hell one day to taste the fire of hell!" After that, Fat took the stern words, "Look at the goatherd baby’s true spirit and his ability to make it last. I estimate that he has now reached the peak of the realm of releasing true spirit, that is, he can achieve the innate realm and enjoy a life span of three years!"
"And it’s simple but extremely effective to watch the herding baby. The lethality is amazing. It’s not long before the herding baby comes. I estimate that the herding baby will be blessed with unbeaten fighting wisdom."
"That is to say, if we hadn’t just played it by ear, we would have died in the hands of the shepherd!" Fat face is very dignified, but the fighting spirit has not been weakened by the strength of the shepherd boy.
"That said, even if we all reincarnation come over and have what place? It’ s not the same to send food to the sheep baby! "
"No, we still have a chance. I have a trick that needs a lot of people’s strength to make it work. Someone needs to stall the shepherd. My trick can definitely kill the shepherd." I said that my unique trick is fat and my eyes are shining.

This is also possible!

The whole world seems to be so vague in chaos. I don’t know who is playing the array and can’t see anything clearly. How can we crack it?
Junya said, "Since we are in the array, there is not much movement, saying that that person doesn’t want to kill us. If we were trapped in the array, we would definitely try to help us escape."
"What if he is also trapped in the array?" The emperor’s landing said
"Then he will crack the law as quickly as possible and find us at the first time." Ziyun proudly said that she believed in the game ability!
"So we can sit still now?" King’s Landing obviously doesn’t believe it.
"Let’s preserve our physical strength first and see what the trapped people do. Everyone will do something with a plan. The more anxious we are, the more we can’t solve the problem. We might as well take the initiative first," Ziyun proudly said calmly.
She wants to try the way the former emperor Junyi taught her to break the array. Although he didn’t teach this array how to crack it, she believes that every array has something in common and she will find a way to crack it.
Junya agreed that "Aoer said it makes sense"
Peter said Ziyunxi walked behind Huang Junyi for a while and suddenly there was a fork in the road.
Ziyunxi knows that the left side is a dead end leading to death, while the right side is a real and illusory world like a dream. Once you enter the array, it is difficult to get out of the fog, and that is where several people are trapped.
Huang Junyi is good at breaking the array. Once he moves to the right, he will realize that the array will be wasted. Now that he and she are two people, how can she miss this opportunity?
Today, she just attracted them, didn’t she?
Huang Junyi’s fork road is set, and the two forks are exactly the same, so I can’t feel any breath. Which one should I take? Trust your intuition once, and try it to the right.
Ziyunxi thought that the fork in the road was a 50% chance to choose the right one, but by luck, Huang Junyi was so clever … He must not lose such a good opportunity.
There is no significant difference between the left and right, and it is almost identical to the naked eye.
But Huang Junyi just chose to go right.
What a terrible man! Ziyunxi sighed. Fortunately, she has second-hand preparation.
Huang Junyi stepped into the right fork in the road and heard someone coming from the left fork in the road.
Emperor Junyi wanted to carefully distinguish whether the sound was real or unreal, when Ziyunxi suddenly pointed to the left fork in the road and said excitedly, "Six Kings, I think I heard Aoer call me in that direction!"
Huang Junyi looked at the right and left. He was sure that he heard the proud sound of Bauhinia. Even a genius Huang Junyi wouldn’t know that there was a device in this world that could sound so far away.
So he finally stepped to the left. "Let’s go and have a look."
Ziyunxi’s lip corner outlines a successful smile. When he rushes forward quickly, he will click and cut off the rope. Thanks to the knowledge of the 21st century, otherwise, how can this simple device hide from such a clever emperor? Chapter 5: The abyss.
Huang Junyi made rapid progress in a completely different direction from Ziyun Ao’s place.
There are birds and animals singing in the mountains, which should be beautiful, but now I feel inexplicable and annoyed.
It’s crazy to watch a meteor shower! I cann’t believe I lost his pride!
Seeing that it is getting dark, he doesn’t even have the ability to be quiet and think seriously at the moment.
The foot slipped and almost fell into the abyss. Fortunately, Ziyunxi reacted quickly enough to throw it away. She just grabbed the emperor’s hand when she was a crutch and a branch!
The hot touch almost paralyzes the body, and the strong force makes Ziyunxi feel incredible!
This person has a strong ability, and what kind of natural enemy he will be if he can get it! I didn’t expect that he had been pretending to be sick for so long.
It’s that scorpion shadow that he’s wandering around. At the moment, he seems to feel something climbing to the palm of his arm.
Gloves are about to be scratched by such a powerful force!
Once the gloves are broken, the scorpion shadow will immediately poison Ziyunxi and die.
He just wanted to jump back to the top of the cliff with his own strength, only to find that Ziyun Creek was falling!
He wants to borrow the object to fall off the cliff, and Huang Junyi’s body will naturally fall with her-
The wind roared in his ears, and Huang Junyi didn’t fly off the cliff at the moment because of the drag of Ziyun Creek. If he let her go at this moment, he could naturally go, but she fell, even her bones, so she could follow the fall and try to go after reaching the ground.
Ziyunxi, of course, can’t let him go back to the top of the cliff like this, or her plan will be ruined. If he falls off the cliff himself, he has the ability to keep her alive.
In this case, there is still a chance to get along for a few days. If she is happy, she won’t believe that a man can really sit still!
Huang Junyi naturally didn’t know that Ziyunxi deliberately pretended not to have the strength to be dragged by him on the cliff. What he could do was as Ziyunxi thought-protect her for weeks!
Rao is no matter how severe he is, after all, he is a mortal cliff. Huang Junyi is in a coma at the moment-
One minute passes by.
The vulture on the circling mountain struggled to make a less pleasant sound, spinning round and round-
Fly from one place to another
Ziyun ao seemed to hear something, and she was a little uneasy in her heart.
One minute passed by, but the emperor Junyi didn’t show up at all. Isn’t it an accident?