After Dong Fangbubai left, Wang Yue said to Wang Xi, "Little sister is not a good person. It is best not to like her."

Little sister "Wang Xi" confused way "is it? But my sister is very kind to me. "
Wang Yue sighed and shook his head to wash bamboo shoots and make wine. The child had no way to communicate with her.
Heimuya Chengde Temple
After Dong Fangbubai came back, he was excited to practice the mysterious palm in the center of the earth.
"Ha ha, it’s a godsend. I didn’t think that I, Dong Fangbubai, not only got the" Sunflower Collection "but now I got the" Mysterious Palm ".These two kinds of martial arts can solve the hidden danger of sunflower qi. I, Dong Fangbubai, are just around the corner all day, but there are many secrets about Wang Yue, and it’s incredible that such a unique school can be easily given away."
After Dong Fangbubai cultivated the mysterious palm, the masculine attribute of the body qi was neutralized, which made her feel refreshed immediately.
"It’s amazing. The palm of God is amazing. Xuan Ming is really angry!"
Dong Fangbubai hit the table with a palm of his hand, and the powerful cold quickly filled the tablecloth with frost.
Chapter 7 Ten Years
This heavenly king YueZheng village head to practice Tai Ji Chuan.
Xingyiquan is overbearing and strong, but it is more than feminine, which is also the reason why Wang Yueji did not become a strong man.
This time, Wang Yue wants to practice Tai Ji Chuan and Tai Ji Chuan to reach the level of dark energy, and all meridians get through, so he will switch to the family. I hope this time, I can achieve the strong way.
Little sister "Wang Xi" sat quietly watching Wang Yue practice Wang Xi. She was too young to understand boxing, but she thought her brother was beautiful and looked comfortable.
"little sister"
A voice behind Wang Xi.
Wang Xi a surprised look back turned out to be the previous sister in red.
I am also very happy to see Dong Fangbubai Wang Xi, but I thought of my brother’s boxing and quickly covered my mouth. Then the novel said, "Sister, you are here. Be quiet. My brother said not to disturb him when he was boxing."
Dong Fangbubai sat down beside Wang Xi and smiled. "Well, we won’t bother your brother. We’ll concentrate on watching him fight."
Wang Qianxin nodded "hmm"
Wang Yue’s fist moves with his eyes closed, following his feelings, and his footwork moves very smoothly, just like flowing water.
Wang Yue’s boxing method will make a strong sound when Yang and Roujin Dao change.
"A thousand dollars is hard to buy."
This is because Wang Yuejia’s boxing practice has achieved a strong effect, which ordinary family boxing fighters can’t achieve.
Dong Fangbubai looked at Wang Yue boxing eyebrows a wrinkly heart andao "Tai Ji Chuan? What is different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan, especially his breathing roots are not like uniting the true qi. It’s really weird. "
Wudang Tai Ji Chuan Taiji Sword is a great martial arts world, but it also belongs to the scope of Qi cultivation.
Wang Yue’s practice is a family boxing, which comes from Chenjiagou and is of course different from Wudang Tai Ji Chuan.
There is no family boxing in the proud world. Dong Fangbubai doesn’t know Wang Yue’s boxing. It is only after seeing Tai Ji Chuan’s film studio that he feels a little weird.
Every time Wang Yue changed his strength, his sweat was shaken into water mist by powerful strength.
Tai Ji Chuan’s hammer method is very strong and strong.
Dong Fangbubai was shocked that "Wang Yue, a powerful and fierce fist, has many secrets in Wynaut".
As soon as Wang Yue gave off the heat in his body after a punch, it was like a huge steamer. Both Dong Fangbubai and Wang Xi could feel the heat coming on their faces.
Wang Yue felt refreshed when excess heat was removed from his body.
After these days, Wang Yue’s physical injury has been completely recovered. Now it is only a matter of time before Wang Yue will practice step by step and resume the pre-repair, although it may take a long time.
"Why are you here?"
Wang Yue walked beside his little sister Wang Xi and asked Dong Fangbubai.
Dong Fangbubai laughed. "Don’t worry, I’m not looking for you. I’m looking for my little sister."
Little sister? Wang Yue’s heart andao, you are so affectionate. We don’t know you very well.
"What kind of boxing do you practice?" Dong Fangbubai asked, "It looks overbearing, strong and fierce with femininity. You can’t cultivate the true qi with this fist, can you?"
Wang Yue laughed. "Tai Ji Chuan, don’t you know? Isn’t there wu-tang clan’s Tai Ji Chuan Sutra in Sun Moon Shintoism? I’m a wild road in Tai Ji Chuan. Of course, I can’t cultivate the true qi. It’s just to keep fit. Don’t count on this’ Tai Ji Chuan’ to become a martial arts expert. "
Wang Yue doesn’t want to explain too much to Dong Fangbubai. He feels that this woman is too mysterious, so it’s better not to have too much entanglement with her.
"I heard that you made good wine. How about taking it out and letting me try it?" Dong Fangbubai laughed.
"Come in," Wang Yue said to Dong Fangbubai with Wang Xi in his arms.
He hoped that Dong Fangbubai would leave after drinking.