As he spoke, he flew to the outside of the wall of the witch doctor country. The witch doctor country was desolate and surrounded by nothing. Fortunately, the smoke was smoky and I didn’t find the two of them hiding behind an earthen bag and looking around. The guards didn’t seem so strict. People came and went in and out of the gate, but they were all questioned.

"Master" Shen Qiqi stared at a person coming out from the inside and said, "Have you noticed that the people coming in and out here are women and their faces are tattooed like runes?" Junyang nodded. "I noticed that too, so how do we get in?" Shen Qiqi wanted to let Jun Yang wait here and fly away on snow sculpture. After a while, he turned back and came back with a few pieces of charcoal and a few pieces of cloth in his hand. "We draw a picture of our face now. I see someone wearing a cloth. Someone’s face is dark. You cover the cloth to the end. We’ll paint some black charcoal on our face and learn to walk in."
After dressing up in disguise, they mixed with the crowd and entered the city gate. Many people were all women with tattoos on their faces. Jun Yang Yu saw that there seemed to be someone staring at them. He turned his head and looked at a man with tattoos on his face.
Even if Jun Yang turned his head, he wouldn’t move. His eyes were bare and his skin was wrinkled badly. Jun Yang looked at him all weird and walked towards the man, who didn’t move.
Shen Qiqi filled his nose with bravery and felt the breath of his nose. Finally, she grabbed his neck directly with one hand. She said "He is dead" for sure. Two people looked at the gate and found that there was a man mummy on both sides. At this time, people somehow rushed to the other side of the city. Two people followed him and squeezed into the crowd. Suddenly, they found that the people around them were kneeling, and both of them were kneeling with their knees bent.
Shen Qiqi looked up and looked around secretly. There was a man sitting in the audience, surrounded by a group of maids. The man’s face was not tattooed.
There was a woman in Taiwan who didn’t know what to say. Everyone looked up and looked at the man sitting in Taiwan with a happy face. The man was black-faced and kept his hands behind his back.
Suddenly, the man looked at Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang’s eyes in the crowd and seemed to shine, but then he resumed just now and whispered to the woman next to him. He pointed his finger at them. Chapter 515 515 Strange feeling.
"You two come here." The maid next to the man ordered Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang with an unhappy face.
I don’t know what luck it is that these lowly civilians should be favored by the future witch doctor, but it is annoying to see that these two civilians still know nothing.
Here is the maid abandon unappreciative that compartments Shen Qiqi but secretly complain in my heart.
The original two people wanted to mix in the crowd in a low profile, but they didn’t expect to be discovered just as soon as they appeared.
In this situation, it seems impossible to hide in the past. Well, let’s do what the maid said first, and then go one step at a time.
Shen Qiqi’s hand secretly poked Jun Yang’s eyes suggested that he should not look at her for a while.
Junyang spoiled her eyes and took the opportunity to grab her little hand and pinch it to make her be careful.
Just now, he observed that besides all the people here are women, their facial tattoos are also very particular.
For example, these kneeling people should all be people with low status, and their faces are not complicated. Some of them don’t even have tattoos. They have some blue ink on their faces, but the maid around the man is different. Their faces are really tattooed with strange patterns. The whole face looks weird and scary. You can’t see the face.
The higher the status, the more complicated the tattoo pattern on the face, such as the tattoo pattern on the face of the maid who called them bad-tempered in the past, which almost covered the face and skin, even the neck was not lucky.
At this time, Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi are all dressed in women’s clothes. Jun Yang is tall and tall, and his figure will show up together. Well, the civilians are kneeling and respectfully bowing their heads, and no one dares to look up.
But the maid in Taiwan obviously noticed that Jun Yang was different. Just when she wanted to ask questions, she saw the man winking at her, so she stopped saying anything and waved impatiently to let Shen Qiqi and them move faster.
When Shen Qiqi came to her, she reached out and gave Shen Qiqi a push.
Fortunately, when Shen Qiqi reacted, he gently hid aside and did not let her push.
At this time, she suddenly felt a sharp light coming from her back with a murderous look.
Maid heart a surprised hurriedly look back but found nothing.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang came to the man with their heads down and said nothing.
The man didn’t speak, but looked at them with an expression on his face and motioned for the maid to take them back to the shrine.
The maid said a few words to the kneeling civilians, and then returned to the so-called shrine with Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi.
Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi were closely watched all the way because of the journey. There was almost no communication and no sound.
Because the witch doctor country makes them feel too strange, both of them dare not make a move.
From entering Shen Qiqi, a witch doctor country, I felt that there was a strange smell everywhere. Walking down the street, you can see someone kneeling down to a statue with a tattoo on his face and a sword in his hand, with a look of fanaticism and worship.
And Shen Qiqi carefully observed the statue and found that although his face was tattooed, he couldn’t see his appearance, but his figure should be a man. Chapter 516 Ungrateful.
It is curious that a country made up of women worships a man with tattoos all over his face.
Shen Qiqi also wanted to see more eyes, but she was pushed by the maid next to her. She was unguarded and directly hit the side of Jun Yang.
Jun Yang quickly stretched out his hand to hold her and then gave her the maid a hard stare.
Maid was overflow so a stare unexpectedly feel like being instantly into the ice and snow general cold up.
How can a person’s eyes give people such a great deterrent? No one has ever seen it except the present witch maid.
No, even the witch doesn’t have such a glance, which makes people sweat and look straight.
This is really a civilian. Should he have eyes?
After the maid was initially shocked and afraid, she became confused, but her doubts also passed by in a flash. She felt that Jun Yang must have been recognized by the great witch doctor and dared to be so disrespectful to her.
Although these maids are said to be maids of the great witch doctor, because they are the people around the great witch doctor, the so-called beating a dog depends on the master. Because of the status of the great witch doctor, even his personal maid is highly respected.
The maid was treated respectfully wherever she went. Where did anyone dare to look at her like this? Her dignity was seriously challenged. The maid decided to teach Junyang a lesson and let him know that even if she was seen by a witch doctor, she should not be ignorant of the good and the bad.
She walked beside Jun Yang and raised her hand to slap Jun Yang.
Jun Yang leans slightly and hides in the past. At the same time, it is also a cold look in her eyes.
Eye deterrence plus height advantage, the maid felt a strong pressure coming on her face, which almost made her want to kneel down and beg for mercy.
Aside Shen Qiqi also coldly looking at the maid.
It’s ungrateful for this person to try to provoke them again and again. If it weren’t for now, it would not be appropriate to startle them. I’m afraid she would be dead now.
But it won’t be long before she dies
Shen Qiqi secretly wrote down her physical characteristics and waited for a while to settle accounts with her.

However, Lu Chen’s vision behind Zhang Ming’s operation, he stood in the middle of the body as if he were invincible, and the roots from the underworld could not interfere with him

Lu Chen looked indifferent and pushed the sun, the moon and the stars to smash the inscriptions around him one by one, almost walking in the universe with a free and unfettered Buddha.
He gave a drink and smashed the reincarnation door. "Even the hell was leveled by me. What is this!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun’s flaw was hurt a little by Liu Chen’s knife, and he quickly retreated.
Star saw this scene, people clenched their fists, and their intuition was boiling.
Emperor Wu and other domineering even if the speed falls in the wind, they have the charm of the world.
As Lu Chen said, the reincarnation method doesn’t work for him, and his qi and blood are too strong. This kind of surgery has a miraculous effect on the weak in his later years.
"After all, it’s not my original body … I can’t reach the real peak."
Free and unfettered Buddha coughed up blood and then sneered at Lu Chen. "But your body is just right. I haven’t tried Wu Shen’s body yet."
He once took possession of the secret method and was about to become a Taoist. An ancient emperor stole the fruit of the other party and enjoyed a period of time as a great emperor, otherwise the root method would have lived so long.
Now he has to go to the finish line again, and he will go against the sky and behead Lu Chen, the strongest physique in history. Once he wins the Wu Shen body, he will be honored again!
"Want my flesh? I’m afraid you will enjoy it. "
Lu Chen’s indifference to Dao is like a net all over the sky, leaving no dead ends to prevent the unfettered Buddha from attacking and killing.
Although the stone emperor was surprised that his blood was toxic that day, it was not the Taoist sound that made Lu Chen hear it himself and didn’t know it.
Obviously, this guy Shi Huang also has a hatred in his heart. He is angry with him in the restricted area and does not listen to his suggestion. He is not so kind to reveal the key information of Lu Chen together.
Shi Huang’s idea is simple … I can’t be cheated alone.
Don’t you covet the precious blood of Liu Chenwu? Then let them continue to snag their eyes. Before he died, Stone Emperor hoped that those who didn’t want to be born to surround and kill Liu Chen would accompany him one by one.
And Liu Chenren is also sure that his mysterious blood concentration is impossible even if he wants to refine the toxicity and curse. He came to control his own blood to remove toxicity and keep alive for some blood, but he can’t do it for others.
So he is a hedgehog, which is really not delicious.
If a free and unfettered Buddha wants to take his own flesh, he will be eroded by mysterious blood when he wants to stay, and the erosion force against the silence of the soul can’t stand even the Buddha.
It can be said that even the revered atavistes will have an accident as soon as they receive a large number of secret medicines, and the Buddha will not have this tolerance
Better than Lu Chen, the adaptors are also slowly rising step by step. If you want to be successful, you will die.
At this time, the Aquarius in the free and unfettered Buddha’s hand glows, and when it is put in the silver sea, it impacts and comes out like a fairy essence, which contains a powerful law, Lu Chen.
"Come on!"
Happy Buddha roared and glowed. He summoned a magical thing to fly from the big dipper domain.
It was a glittering and translucent small lake that rose from the broken sacred cliff and quickly rushed to the sky and then disappeared into the universe.
The small lake crystal disappeared into the battlefield of the universe and then merged into the sea to make it different. It seems to reflect the past life and make people lost!
"this is something left over from the transformation of the ghost emperor. I have seen his ancient scriptures and borrowed them today."
Xiaoyao Tianzun said that he was a real mythical person. He once sat in the ghost emperor and talked about Taoism (not a fake). If years hadn’t cut him off, Lu Chen was strong, but he couldn’t be threatened.
There are three things in the world that are more mysterious than the strange and mysterious reincarnation lake, the Shenfen Lake and the Feixian Waterfall, which are all products of respecting immortality.
That Wang Jingying lake fell into the sea, making the whole sea have a soul, drowning Lu Chen to reflect his past lives.
"Enjoy it!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered that even he wouldn’t immerse himself in this kind of thing, because it was so weird that it might reflect the future, but all kinds of accidents might happen, and even the ghost emperor abandoned it after he changed.
It can be said that the stronger the man gets, the more he gets. There will be great terror, and sometimes it can almost destroy a Daoji. This is the most powerful way for Xiaoyao Tianzun to deal with Lu Chen.
"Emperor Wu is in danger!"
The creatures in the universe exclaimed that some old quasi-emperors recognized what it was, but it was the fusion product of the reincarnation lake and the reincarnation sea. It was untouchable!
"After that, Emperor Wu failed to hide from Xiaoyao Zun too fast and solved the meaning of Lu Chen’s causal knife. He really came to the extreme together in time!"
Some people worry that people like Lu Chen will be able to do anything when they lose the battle.
"A little careless. You should have thought of these things before you fought in the sea of reincarnation."
Gu Tian, Chuan Ying, and some of them can’t sit still. Lu Chen was drowned by the lake of reincarnation. This is really a dead end.
Because the free and unfettered Buddha is really courageous, he will try his best to sublimate as soon as he is exposed. People can suppress Lu Chen as quickly as possible.
This cycle of lake coverage is really unavoidable for Lu Chen, and it is directly contaminated and failed to support the protection of different images.
"It’s too cruel to be so insidious in ancient times. Don’t you dare to fight openly with the help of such strange things? ?”
In the universe, an old quasi-emperor thundered that it is too discouraged to recognize the free and unfettered Buddha and the ancient Buddha
However, Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered when he heard all the living beings curse. "What is this? Living is the winner. If it is true, it takes a hundred tricks to kill him at the peak of the myth era?"
Everything is a victory. Happy Buddha is sure that just now the reincarnation lake really flooded Lu Chen. When the reincarnation lake recedes, Lu Chen will probably become a shell, but the physical vitality is just right for him to enter the house.
But as far as all beings in the universe are concerned, the free and unfettered Buddha sneers at all the forbidden areas, and all of them are pleasantly surprised. When waiting for the result, the reincarnation lake burst into a burst of booze.
"Cycle of lake! ? This is also called reincarnation lake! ?”
Lu Chen roared all over the universe. "It’s all my play!"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Raise monsters with your own hands
To the shock and surprise of Xiaoyao Tianzun, Lu Chen’s reincarnation lake root didn’t get lost for a few seconds and then returned to God.
And Lu Chen’s reincarnation in the lake is like a strong adaptability to this substance, and the roots are no longer affected.
See Lu Chen swallowing heaven and earth with a big breath and swallowing all the reincarnation lakes!
Liu Chen wiped the corners of her mouth, holding a regicide in her hand, and continued to approach the unfettered Buddha who was in a state of being forced by Meng.
Free and unfettered Buddha showed a flaw in his shock. He was injured by Liu Chen’s knife gas and coughed up blood. He quickly stepped on the word and retreated at a high speed.
"How is it possible! How can you not be affected! "
Free and unfettered Buddha can’t understand that it’s the reincarnation lake. If the contemporary emperor is contaminated, he will get lost and have a great terror. He was too old to be contaminated in his heyday, and even the ghost emperor abandoned this thing for fear that it would be affected.
How did Lu Chen do it! ? Even if he leveled the hell and found the secret method of the ghost emperor’s past remnants, it is impossible to resist the reincarnation of the lake because it is almost a solution.
Either you are better than a ghost emperor, and you will be forced to suppress and resist for a while, or you will be reflected in it and lose yourself.
Liu Chen’s facial expression is to continue to make a knife and want to take it while Xiaoyao Buddha is injured.
Reincarnation lake? This is really the rest of his play.

"Don’t take this matter to heart. Our demon cultivation speed will soon come. It’s not because of Bai Yujing. The two of us are also in the once-in-a-century family. Tianjiao knows that after coming here, he will be compared to slag." The year-round tone is depressed.

"Well, you should do it quickly, even if we can’t be others, we should practice well ourselves so that we can be together for a long time in the future." Snake Spirit urged Guinian to say.
To smell speech pointed to his cheek.
The snake spirit looked around, and the mystery was advanced, and the rest of the body was also concentrating on logging. No one noticed that the snake spirit quickly bowed his head and kissed the cheek in Guinian.
This kiss restored Guinian’s motivation to continue working.
Such as mystery advanced see snake spirit face two hongxia asked "the teacher elder sister, are you tired? You go to the side and have a rest first. I’ll do it. "
"Cough is nothing, the teacher elder sister is not tired and doesn’t care." Snake spirit couldn’t help coughing.
Then they continued to collect laurel mystery and snake spirit, and they were very close.
Seeing Xuanji’s concentration and unshakable expression, the snake spirit suddenly asked Xuanji with some curiosity, "Do you like male practice, sister Xuanji?"
"What kind of love? If it’s my stuff, I like brother Yan’s welcome and sword star’s cold … If it’s like you and brother Guinian, the teacher elder sister, do you like it? "
"Really? I have seen senior martial sister Xuanji more than once, and you drool over senior martial brother Bu Tian’s figure, so you put on an extra dress for senior martial brother Bu shyly, but this has never happened before.
"Cough me that is pure appreciation …" Mystery quibbled.
"Brother Yubu told me … I’m still at a low level of cultivation, and I’m not allowed to think too much about it, no matter how long I live or not. Is Brother Bubu really practicing Kung Fu as Brother Guinian said?" Mystery curious asked snake spirit way
Chapter 137 Chapter 137
Now the mystery has only built five floors, and there is still a way to go before it breaks through the twelfth floor of the foundation in the then period. It is not urgent
With the passage of time, the outside world needs laurel trees to reach the standard gradually, and then the body builders have begun to discuss which area to try after.
Some people choose to accompany others and choose to walk alone, which is like a mystery.
Seeing the last point left in the process of cutting laurel trees, it has entered the final closing stage, and the mystery said goodbye to Snake Spirit and Guinian.
The snake spirit still needs to wait for a while because of the transportation in the new year. When he heard it, he told Xuanji with a smile, "Sister, remember to look at the map often, or it will be bad if you accidentally go into the dangerous area."
"I know, thank you for your advice. I’ll go first." Xuanji nodded at the snake spirit, and then he flew on the ground with his royal sword. "Whoosh" disappeared.
"Go and help me find Requiem Wood first." Mystery shoulders green ghost way
The location of requiem wood is far from the mystery. It’s not who let it be Qing Ming around the mystery recently. Anyway, I have to go there sooner or later. The mystery directly controls the spirit sword to fly in the direction of requiem wood.
"Requiem wood is of great benefit to monks, especially high-order monks. You should be careful." Qing Ming frowned as if he sensed something and said to the mystery.
The secret environment of the second wood is open to the monks and they choose to go to the Requiem Wood. The monks have been prepared for a long time. "I know that in addition to making incense for you, I will also prepare a few pieces for myself and my friends."
Mystery in my mind to calculate a, yan welcome and sword star cold two must have and Qin Hongrui in frost flying jade can sell her requiem wood in addition to Bu Tian order, method, prajna, although they may not have, but it is also her heart is not.
Just as Mystery and Qing Ming were rushing to the requiem wood, a corner of the secret place of Yi Mu was invisible. The pine was loose, first with one hand, then with the body, and then with the head. A monk struggled to climb out from somewhere.
After coming in, the monk breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s really not easy to sneak in the secret territory of B wood."
After he came in, several monks heard the news and looked around the environment. "Take out the map from the third-order blue maple grove here. Compared with Brother Bai Yujing, we are already far behind. We must hurry up."
"It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu can’t get in, or the elders Bai Yujing won’t come in. We can end the secret environment of B wood in one breath after the magic way, and then we will have whatever spiritual plants we want, which will be as miserable as it is now." Someone regretted.
"Don’t think about if the bodhi old zu can come in, and what’s the matter with our little shrimp? Ok, let’s get started. This time, we have to pick spiritual plants and hunt Bai Yujing. Are the monks busy? "Said a line of monks and quickly spread out.
On the other hand, the mystery follows the map and gives the route to Lai ‘an. Occasionally, when people encounter a bright eye, the speed of spiritual plants will stop involuntarily. Fortunately, those rare spiritual plants are generally guarded by fierce beasts.
Lingzhi is very important to human monks, and it is also natural for fierce beasts. Many fierce beasts tend to lurk around rare Lingzhi, that is, when the time is right, they will swallow Lingzhi in one gulp.
However, the guardian spirit is not fixed to plant fierce beasts. If a stronger fierce beast takes a fancy to this site, it will become a rare spirit to plant a new guardian fierce beast.
The first thing I saw along the mysterious road was a beautiful purple grass swaying on the edge of the cliff.
Purple sky grass is an extremely precious alchemical elixir, which can increase monks’ cultivation of mystery if swallowed directly. Seeing that this purple sky grass has grown for about 500 years and has not been swallowed by fierce beasts for more than 500 years, it can be seen that it has not reached the peak of its drug efficacy.
As soon as Xuanji landed somewhere on the cliff, there was a shrill scream, and then he saw a dark figure covering the sun, shaped like a black sculpture, and a fourth-order fierce beast flew out of the cliff abode of fairies and immortals. His dark eyes flashed with determination and cold light, and he looked at Xuanji with vigilance.
Not to the mystery immediately hand or because of the mystery waist jasper tripod.
However, even if the mystery has a secret environment, and the owner gives it as a token, the fourth-order fierce beast is not going to hand over the treasure that has been guarded for hundreds of years to the mystery. So he opened two huge wings and the whole body was visible to the naked eye, and there was a surge of wind and airflow, which made the mysterious foot spirit sword shake like a leaf boat.
"Wait, we can discuss it. Guess what this is?" Said the mystery hand suddenly appeared a small porcelain way
What is it? Curiosity stops the fourth-order fierce beast from attacking.
Mystery also doesn’t sell the direct way, "This is the spirit liquid, which can accelerate the growth of the spirit plant. If you share this bottle of spirit liquid with me, it will belong to you. You must know that the spirit plant can grow again if it doesn’t destroy the roots. If you share it with me, you will definitely make a profit."
Smell speech fourth-order fierce beast shouted at mystery, which was very skeptical.
If there is such a convenient thing in the world, how can it stick to the purple sky and grass for hundreds of years? The fourth-order fierce beast suspects that the mystery is trying to routine it.
In the past, there was a monk who could not compete with the guardian spirit, so the fierce beasts chose to outsmart them. Because of their simple brains, they directly deceived the guardian spirit of the fierce beasts. The higher the strength, the more things the fierce beasts knew, and even the simple brains made them remember.
"If you don’t believe me, I can show you that this is a spiritual plant, and I planted it in the soil …" Mystery is on a high cliff at this time, and it is difficult to find soil, so I just made a palm-sized piece of soil in it and planted it in it.
After the seeds are covered with soil, the mystery pours the liquid into the earth. Just after being buried by the mystery, it quickly germinates and grows. Look straight at the scene of the fourth-order fierce beast.
Chapter 138 Chapter 130
Just as the mysterious figure is uncontrolled, it has been hanging on the mysterious waist like a delicate ornament.
See the green ghost tiptoe tap three Liang stepped on the mystery and jumped to a bulge on the cliff.
After getting out of danger, Qing Ming turned to the mystery and didn’t mean to rescue it.
Mystery to be green ghost gas smiled "how do you can’t cope with this wannabe, want to zhe insulation?"
"It’s not that I’m afraid you’ll dirty my clothes." Qing Ming said.
Speak mystery spirit sword back to the feet again, stop mystery body fall.
Such as mystery tiptoe just in front of the spirit sword steady suddenly hit a shadow that is the speed of the ghosting, fast to the mystery can see but not to be able to respond.
"I don’t care whether your sword is repaired or not, anyway, you will die today." A face of ferocious monks stretched out their arms and made a way to hold the mysterious neck.
Mystery frown light way "ugly"
"What did you say? You call me ugly! " A face of ferocious monk after hearing mystery face more ferocious disbelief way

"Did you really see it clearly?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai approached the angel and put a piece of crystal with a full weight of about 100 Jin into each other’s hands and then asked again.

In fact, from just watching this fellow collect Xuan Nv’s 120 crystal for nine days, Eric Suen Yiu Wai has already seen that the so-called emissaries in Pangu Temple are all greedy people, and buying crystal is the best choice.
Sure enough, this fellow’s face changed after he got the crystal, and he quickly said, "Wait, I’ll think about it again. After all, I can’t remember the dream clearly."
To have stupid Yu move ginger teeth and others stopped at this time to show his brow wrinkled up.
The angel stared at Eric Suen Yiu Wai for a long time before finally shaking his head. "No, how can you be that Eric Suen Yiu Wai? Eric Suen Yiu Wai is a famous hero of the Three Realms. It looks a bit like you, but the momentum is far from it."
Although I think this old thing is a bit ugly, it is enough to solve the problem. Eric Suen Yiu Wai will not care about these things. After nine days, Xuan Nv bowed to Pangu and hurried away from Pangu Temple and returned to Shen Gongbao’s home.
On the pretext of having something to deal with, Eric Suen Yiu Wai left himself alone in the room and said to Teddy boy, "Good buddy, you have to take risks again this time. That guy can’t stay and kill him, take back Lingjing and make the scene look like a robbery."
Teddy boy can’t speak, but he can understand Eric Suen Yiu Wai dialect. He nodded and became the size of an ordinary centipede, flying out of the window gap.
Greedy people are generally timid. Eric Suen Yiu Wai is very worried that that guy will be b and then suddenly and violently Lu his identity. Only killing him is the best choice.
Chapter 129 Yuan Hongjie evil dragon bravado
The next morning was the day when the transportation teams of Eric Suen Yiu Wai and Jiutian Xuan Nv were ready to leave. However, at the same time, a body that had been bitten to pieces was found in Pangu Temple. It was verified that this body was the person in charge of worshipping the gods in Pangu Temple yesterday.
According to the on-site inspector, it is concluded that the man was bitten by a wild animal and died.
However, the crux of the problem and the focus of people’s attention are not the death of this god, but the large number of spiritual crystals in the ring of this god’s body.
It is said that those spiritual crystals have been the incense money of Pangu Temple for more than ten years.
It is not difficult to guess how dark the angel of Pangu Temple is, so there was still some sympathy for this god, which made people not interested in finding his cause of death. After that, they paid attention to such things as rectifying Pangu Temple and eliminating these black-hearted angels.
Hearing this news, Eric Suen Yiu Wai was finally relieved. Even if this kind of thing can’t fool Jiang Ya, anyway, the other party has no real evidence to prove that he is Eric Suen Yiu Wai. He simply suspects that neither Jiang Ya nor the magic hand can easily provoke Xuan Nv for nine days.
I was relieved, but when their team was leaving town, they saw Jiang Ya coming with his two disciples.
"Is Xuan Nv old and old?" Ginger teeth respectfully ask nine days Xuan Nv way
"What do you mean, you’re going to find the arm-god ape?" Nine days Xuan Nv asked with puzzle.
"To tell you the truth, Xuan Nv, the old ape with a deep arm, S: He came here this time to find a Eric Suen Yiu Wai with his strength." Jiang Ya took a casual look at Eric Suen Yiu Wai when he said this.
"What an old fox! It is no wonder that in the deity war, húnluàn can get popular in this situation. This old guy is not easy to cheat." Eric Suen Yiu Wai secretly sighed. Although he is not afraid of being seen through his true identity by Jiang Ya now, what can he do with this old thing on the side?
"In that case, you can follow it." Xuan Nv was so accommodating for nine days that she agreed to Jiang Ya’s request without even thinking. It seems that her heart is still more inclined to explain this pulse
Xuan Nv has promised Eric Suen Yiu Wai for nine days, and it’s no good crustily skin of head to go with the old fox if he objects again.
This fellow Jiang Ya has been staring at Eric Suen Yiu Wai for a moment since he left town, as if he would never give up until he grasped Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s handle.
But this kind of thing also won’t beat Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Instead of being bound by the surveillance of Jiang Ya, he often does something to make Hun confuse Jiang Ya’s thinking and make him more and more suspicious and judge in the wrong direction. At present, this man has never been serious, so he is not Eric Suen Yiu Wai. It’s not the man he’s looking for who combines Hun chaos with whirlpool.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai chuckled when he saw Jiang Ya’s expression. Even though he didn’t dare to compare with those big stars, it was no problem to cheat these ancient people.
When the team left for about two days, they came to a dense forest. Suddenly, a group of goblins with swords, spears and sticks bāng came out of the forest. Qing Yi Se was all cattle monsters, and in terms of strength, there were Luo Tianxian and Taiyi Xuanxian. The level of strength was straight. B and the demon king outside.
The first cow monster was ten feet tall and shouted at Eric Suen Yiu Wai and others with a huge axe. "Hey! Leave those goods to kill you, or I’ll chop you up one by one with a white axe in the red axe. "
"What do these guys do, how do they rob, and they don’t set traps in a blink of an eye?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai puzzled to ask aside nine days Xuan Nv way
"Look at their identity, aren’t you white? Are these cattle monsters trying to save our livestock? Those livestock are their relatives. "Nine days Xuan Nv explained.
"Is this really the case?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai squinted and looked at these cattle monsters. If they really want to rob, such fighting capacity alone is definitely not enough. Don’t say that Xuan Nv can easily make these cattle monsters in just one nine days.
These guy must have some ulterior motives.
I thought so much about Eric Suen Yiu Wai, but I didn’t say it. Anyway, he hasn’t figured out what the other party is now. It is estimated that no one will believe me if I say it.
"How to do it, Xuan Nv?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asked.
"What else can I do? These mountain kings are unreasonable. If you want to pass through here, you can defeat their department." Xuan Nv spoke for nine days and raised his hand to throw a ribbon out. Suddenly, the white light of the ribbon directly jumped into the cattle monster group. It was a moment that dozens of cattle monsters were knocked down and lost their fighting capacity
"I’ll let you go this time because you are close to each other." In nine days, Xuan Nv dumped the ribbon, and those cattle monsters were thrown dozens of meters away and stumbled and fled.
"Ha, ha, ha, really didn’t dare to rob me like this." Follow the team Kyubi no Youko pheasant j and Jing haha laughed.
"I said little J: and you laughed too early. The real trouble is yet to come." Although Eric Suen Yiu Wai deliberately suppressed the power of the Hundun vortex from being discovered, the ability of terror perception brought by the Hundun vortex did not disappear. At the same time, when these cattle monsters fled, he also felt that a stronger team was surrounded by this side.
"What trouble?" Kyubi no Youko pheasant j: and fine words haven’t finished asking, but I have already seen nearly hundreds of Shan Yao coming from all directions. These Shan Yao strengths are better than those of the cow monsters before, and the most alarming thing for Eric Suen Yiu Wai is the four people in the Shan Yao group.
As a pledge, Sun Wu is somewhat similar to Mao’s hair and Lei Gong’s face, but the fierceness is more terrible than Sun Wu’s.
One of the other three is a dragon prince with a black Se faucet, and the second is a pig ring with seven points of similarity. This last one is full of evil spirits and looks enchanting. In terms of temperament and da ji, it is not too much, but in terms of strength, it is much higher than da ji.
"Yuan Hong! It turned out to be you! " Eric Suen Yiu Wai didn’t recognize the four men, but Jiang Ya first told the face name of the other leader, Lei Gong. "Didn’t you get killed?"
"Cheng Men G Shen Gongbao helped me borrow the power of Hun Dun Vortex, and I was lucky enough to save my life, that is, I came back to get revenge from you people who explained the teachings" Yuan Hong roared grimly.
"Yuan Hong, you are really good at joking, explaining and intercepting teaching. As early as after the God-sealing War, your foundation collapsed. Isn’t it ridiculous to talk about revenge today?" Ginger teeth light way
"Hum, even if it’s dissolved, you all have to pay for it, otherwise it will be hard to get rid of my hatred." Yuan Hong grunted coldly.
"Yuan Xiong will talk nonsense about the strength of this old guy. He doesn’t deserve our shoes. His two younger brothers even missed and killed them directly. Isn’t it finished?" Next to the leading monster roared
"Did you ever make a scene in Nanzhan Department? It was a vicious evil dragon. I didn’t expect you to become a magic lackey." Ginger teeth smoothed her white beard and said coldly.
"Hum, if Yao Ji didn’t mind their own business, I would have achieved the magic avenue and wouldn’t come to you today." The evil dragon king snorted coldly.
"And you are Zhu Zhen and Chang Hao, aren’t you? You are all Shen Gongbao’s fellow. Save him. It’s good for him to hide here and enjoy his retirement now, but leave you these evils." Jiang Ya will recognize the other four leaders clearly. It seems that his old brain is still very enough.
"Wow, old fairy, you’re really amazing. You recognized these pigs, snakes and monkeys at a glance. I haven’t even heard of them." Eric Suen Yiu Wai was surprised to say that this fellow is actually posing and selling cute. Except for the evil dragon king, he is not very familiar with Yuan Hong, Zhu Zhen and Chang Hao, but he often sees famous monsters in the Internet.
Ginger teeth smiled and laughed. "The Marvin brothers are polite and old. They all know each other by friendship."
"What friendship is hatred?" Yuan Hong roared. "Don’t talk nonsense, old guy. Which of these animal trainers is Eric Suen Yiu Wai? Tell me quickly. Maybe I will spare your life if you cooperate."
"It’s strange why you ask such a question, old man, but you just want to find the arm god ape to help you find Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Wouldn’t it be superfluous if you have already found it?" Ginger teeth light said

"I’m going to have a caesarean section to take the child out, or both the sister-in-law and the child will be in danger!" Dr. Yuan and his medicine boy came into the room with trays, and there were priceless utensils, soups, medicines and other things in them. They put them on the table and said to the woman, "Sister-in-law, I’m going to give you a laparotomy so that you and the child won’t worry about your life. Would you like me to do this surgery?" Don’t say that the woman who is speechless with pain doesn’t know what to do with the operation, even Dr. Yuan Luo Yixuan doesn’t know.

In particular, Luo Yixuan was shocked by Liancheng’s statement that she would take out the baby by caesarean section. He thought it was too bold to take out her mother by caesarean section. Can she still be alive?
But seeing Liancheng look calm and have answers, he has no reason to believe that she will succeed
Yes, if she can speak, she must be able to interpret what she says.
The woman didn’t listen to Liancheng, but she did. She and her baby won’t be worried about their lives if they have surgery.
She watched Liancheng endure abdominal pain and nodded slowly with tears.
To live, she has to live, and two children need her to take care of them!
"Don’t be afraid of the scattered hemp Buddha, I won’t let you have something." Liancheng took the medicine bowl from Luo Yixuan and let the woman drink it with her hand.
Night has covered the hut, the lights are on, and the woman is focused on caesarean section …
See her forehead sweat seeping from los escape sip lip took out a handkerchief to help her gently wipe.
Luo Fu Luo Ao couples sit across the table with a heavy face like water and can’t see any emotions; One stared excitedly at the tall white figure in the middle of the room.
"How on earth are you going to stop?" Cenluo was repelled and disgusted by his gaze. His eyes stared at Luo Ao coldly. "If you are ambitious enough to dominate the Central Plains, are you so sure that you will succeed?"
Laughing coldly, he continued, "I wasn’t your chess before today, and I won’t be your chess after today!" "
"Did I treat you like chess? Didn’t the old prime minister’s father, Ghost You, tell you?" Luo Ao didn’t seem to see the expression on Cenluo’s face and said slowly, "I haven’t planned for you after many years. Do you think I can sit in that high position for a few years after the great cause is achieved?"
Words to this he look slightly changed voice cold sink a way, "I don’t understand what you stubborn and stubborn? I’ve been planning every big event for years. Which one should you intervene in? No, I want you to be familiar with the Central Plains and the humanistic environment there. After our great achievements, pay your talents to manage our days … "
CenLuo nu "you and me on your so-called day? I don’t care. I don’t care at all. Just because of your so-called great cause, I let me miss the girl I like, let me fall into an insurmountable gap, and let me lose her in my life … "The word" I hate you and hate you … You ruined my life and you made me lose her … "
"Do you like Gu Liancheng?" Day everyone would fly twist eyebrow asked
"Do you need to pretend in front of me?" There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and the sound of Cenluo suddenly became cold. "You don’t deserve her name!"
Luo ao was finally angered by what he said in his mouth. "How presumptuous!" He slapped the table with anger in his eyes. "You made it clear to me who you are and I’m talking?"
"What do you say I am? What identity do you want me to talk to?" Cenluo sneered at every word. "Don’t expect me to recognize you as a father!" Will look to los cream in his cold eyes cold meaning even more!
Los cream canthus moist slowly from the chair mouth shaking slowly way "escape cold … empress know you have suffered a lot of injustice over the years but … but your father is right, you are not a chess, you are not!" At first sight, the joy has been replaced by deep pain. She walked towards Cenluo step by step, but suddenly she heard Cenluo’s cold voice raise. "Don’t come near me again. You are not my mother, I have no mother, and I have no father. I want to take someone with me tonight. I want to give them to me if I don’t want to start work!" Los frost stopped and tears rolled down her face and cried, "Niang also likes Miss Gu Er and doesn’t want her to have something. Your father didn’t want to take her life. We didn’t die because Mo Wan dumped her. She killed Miss Gu Er. You should know better than your father and me …"
"But I know that she was killed by Mo Wan, but Mo Wan was killed by you. Do you dare to say that you died together?" I don’t want to stay here. Cen Luoping recovered his mood and locked Luo Ao’s body with cold eyes. "I repeat, give me the man if you don’t want me to do it!"
"I don’t understand what you said!"
Los day everyone would fly sit chair body did not move calm face way
Now that he has come back, how can he let go?
Cenluo said, "Don’t tell me that Gu Jun wasn’t taken away by you, let alone that Liancheng went to Lingyue and was idle to come and play."
"Whatever you think, I don’t have you here!" A bad karma is really a bad karma. A few years ago, his temperament became cold and indifferent, and now he hates him as a father. What do you want him to say?
Los day everyone would fly frost saw los want CenLuo say something but was stopped by a wink.
"It seems that you want me to find it myself!" Cenluo said the figure metamorphoses, a flash.
Day everyone would fly "escape cold hate us you say what should we do? I don’t want to lose him again, and I don’t want to endure the pain of mother’s separation … "Tears dripping from Luo Shuang’s eyes looked at Luo Ao and choked." He wanted that little guy, so we will give him people. His attitude towards us will change somewhat, but you stopped me from telling him what you really think? Do you have to force him to leave us forever? "
Day everyone would fly in the table that hand clenched cold hum a "hate us? No matter how much you hate him, you can’t change his attitude towards us. It’s just your own idea if you give him that little guy. Furthermore ….. "In my eyes, I flashed a cruel color, Luo Aosen said," I’ve always been restless these two days, and I always feel … I always feel that the ghost has gone, and as you said before, most of Gu Liancheng’s hands have died. If the news is implemented, I will sacrifice the little guy’s blood to the ghost! "
"He is a child. Do you want to suffer more?" Wiping away tears, Luo Shuang said, "I don’t care what you think. Anyway, I won’t let Yi Han leave me again. I want to watch him marry and have a safe life with Yi Xuan!"
"Don’t you and I want to?" He also wants to have a safe life for women, but the great cause he planned must be realized, otherwise neither he nor they will want to spend their lives safely, and he will never be soft-hearted if necessary!
When fighting entered the house, Luo Ao got up and Luo Shuang said, "Don’t go out and let him make trouble for a while. If he can’t find anyone, his anger will subside." If he doesn’t let people take him away, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire if he went out? She didn’t want her father to fight without weight.
"I’m going to the other hospital to make trouble with him!"
Day everyone would fly light said a sentence and walked outside.
"She is so good? So good that you leave the hospital almost every night. Do you want to put me on the ground? "
Los frost Yin face sharp voice way
"What do you want, Jane? What does she have?" I feel ashamed and cherish when I think of the slender and weak figure in the other hospital who gave up his noble status and left his hometown to Lingyue. "She has my frost. You should know that she has me here. Don’t you think it’s too cruel to her if I’m not with her?"
"get out! Get out of here! " Luo Shuang was furious and smiled at the door. "You go to find your frost. I don’t want you to be with me. It’s not rare at all!"
About two quarters ago, the baby was weak and crying. She came out of Liancheng in yiguang and looked healthy. The child smiled at Luo Yixuan. "The girl’s signs are normal."

Fox clan sensitive attack soul beast is not bad, but that’s all. Compared with their jade swan clan, there is still some distance.

But why does she feel oppressed? Brigitte was puzzled and silently studied the person in front of her.
The more she looked at it, the more familiar she felt.
Isn’t that Kyubi no Youko tian hu, the long-lost royal blood of the fox family? Only Kyubi no Youko and tian hu can have such blood pressure, because now the tian hu clan patriarch is far from being able to suppress her, and only Kyubi no Youko and tian hu can have such pressure.
Kyubi no Youko and tian hu have disappeared for almost 500 thousand years among the tian hu people, but I didn’t expect to see them here.
"Kyubi no Youko tian hu? Sort of. "Listen to Brigitte Zhao Leng Leng.
Tu Shan Yaya is a fox in Kyubi no Youko and a star-studded forest in Kyubi no Youko and tian hu, but one is a monster and the other is a soul beast.
After hearing Zhao’s reply, Brigitte slowly calmed down the shock in her heart. After all, it’s lived in front of her. I don’t know that it’s no big deal to have a wife and concubine in Kyubi no Youko and tian hu around the powerful fierce beast for millions of years.
"It’s time to find a way to try elegant strength," Zhao read in his heart. He now wants to know what is the absolute degree of elegance in Tu Shan. Absolute degree represents the lowest temperature of thermodynamics on the earth, which is also called the theoretical minimum. However, Douro continent is not a fox demon interface, and the elegant ice certainly has not reached its limit.
"Let me try her strength, my Lord." Perhaps I saw Zhao’s idea, Brigitte said
"All right," said Zhao, as soon as his eyes lit up, there was a ready-made thug beside him. But also through their fight, you can get Yaya’s situation through Brigitte.
"Yaya, you attack her." Zhao directly reached the attack order.
"Yes" Tu Shan Yaya should have looked up at Brigitte’s foot and slammed it towards Brigitte.
Looking at Tu Shan Yaya’s attack on Brigitte, I have some doubts. Aren’t all tian hu people sensitive to attack? Why does she seem to be storming?
Slowly raised his hand, a green light attached to the face, Brigitte easily blocked Tu Shan’s Yaya attack, while Tu Shan Yaya suddenly retreated more than ten steps, but the puppet could not feel the pain and was repelled by Brigitte, and she quickly rushed away.
Beaten off easily by Bridget several times, she began to really work hard.
The black demon pupil directly turned into a red demon, and it was released out of control. The surrounding cold pervaded around her in the far north, and the cold temperature was still falling. Dozens of ice swords condensed in front of her, and then quickly shot at Brigitte to feel the chill. Zhao Xin had a measure, and the attribute of Yaya ice should be less to reach the extreme ice level.
This level of attack is a natural thing for Brigitte, and a green light flashes across Yaya Bingjian, which is answered by Brigitte, but the color in Brigitte’s eyes is getting stronger and stronger.
After all, Brigitte won’t really fight Yaya, but Zhao showed a strange expression.
This soul power consumption is faster than running water. In just a few minutes, his soul power consumption is about one third, which is a bit scary!
This is just a puppet. If Fire Succuba is summoned, it will consume faster.
"Stop it." After watching for a while, Zhao stopped Tu Shan Yaya.
"My Lord, her strength should be comparable now, far beyond the realm of human soul." Brigitte thought for a moment and said.
Soul-respecting realm? Zhao’s 21-level soul force should be considered good for Tu Shan Yaya to play a comparable soul power. If Yaya makes the best hip flask, it should be stronger. Then it should be able to compete with some medium-strength soul power.
"But adult Kyubi no Youko tian hu should not be control and sensitive attack? What, she is a storm and still has the ultimate ice property? "
"What’s the fuss about? The species of foxes are different. Yaya, she’s an Arctic fox. Of course, she’s different from you. Stay with me after the big forest fox. Don’t make such a fuss, you know?"
Thank you for not being mature enough. Life is like this in 1888. The butterfly will fall in November, and it will be better to reward it with 1 yuan later.
Chapter 53 I want Comrade Xiao Yan to clear his name.
In the Far North, things have come to an end. Zhao and Brigitte left the Far North directly, and later they became ghosts. I wonder if what happened here will attract two guys, Bing Di and Xue Di.
With the previous experience, they quickly left the Far North and came to the nearest ideal city Arctic Ice City to rest. These days, they have been traveling in the Far North, which is terrible.
Imagine that the sky is white, and there are almost no other colors on the ground. In this environment, I am afraid that obsessive-compulsive disorder can suffocate.
However, Zhao Ke was not in the mood to go shopping and went to the hotel directly. However, Brigitte was more interested in the human world and walked around. Zhao knew that she might be curious about this place and was not stingy. She directly gave her hundreds of gold soul coins, which was enough for her to buy all kinds of gadgets here at will.
Host Zhao
Soul power level 1
Wu Soul Puppet, Ancient Immortal Bird
Soul bone
Puppet Fire Succuba (vitality 63) Tu Shan Yaya vitality 1
Sign in for temporary release
Kill Tang San of Destiny (unlimited)
After leaving from the Far North, Zhao found that Fire Succuba’s vitality has reached more than 60, and Fire Succuba’s vitality soared because of the dream that ice silkworm’s spirit was instilled in Fire Succuba. Zhao once asked about the system. According to him, Fire Succuba’s current situation is equivalent to a vegetative state.
Although the mind has recovered, the body is in a deep sleep.
According to the unified explanation, generally speaking, puppet awakening is to revive the body’s various functions first, and then to slowly revive the mind. However, Fire Succuba is just the opposite, because the spirit of heavenly dreams forcibly stimulated Fire Succuba’s soul to revive, which led to this state.
Release Fire Succuba.
Zhao can obviously find that Fire Succuba is different from before, and you can see from his face that his skin is white and red, and his eyes are more agile.
"Didn’t you say that after the vitality reaches 20, there can be a shortcut to quickly increase the puppet vitality? Tell me quickly. "
"Well, there is indeed a way to improve the vitality of the puppet, and that is to nourish her body," Tong vowed.
"What? What are you talking about? " Zhao can’t help but stare big eyes.
"Keep your body healthy."
"Poof aggregates to keep the body? I can’t do that, and isn’t this the patent of Xiao Mou next door? Although I like it very much, I, Zhao, have always been aboveboard. How can I take advantage of someone’s danger? But also take advantage of their puppet danger I don’t do it. Does Zhao do these things? "Looked at Fire Succuba’s wonderful body. Zhao swallowed his mouth and threw his head aside and said firmly.
"Ding Congratulations to the host for successfully activating the body for Yan Ling Ji Yun"
"Reward a mysterious achievement method"
As soon as Zhao’s voice fell, he came.
"I suddenly feel that I may have been a little hasty just now," Zhao gently coughed, "but what should I do to keep my body healthy? I’m not Xiao. How do I know how to nourish my body? "
"I’m going to learn if I can’t. I have precious details of Xiao’s health for Gu. I think it’s necessary for the host to study deeply."
What? You can get this thing out? Zhao can’t help but stare big eyes.
Soon it was a thrill.
In the past life, this bridge between ZSZSZSZ and Gu Xuner caused great controversy, and the process of ZSZSZSZ nurturing Xuner’s body was misinterpreted by thousands of netizens.
Today, Zhao will clear Comrade Xiao Yan’s name!
He believe that comrade Xiao Yan is innocent! Comrade Xiao Yan must have cherished a lofty ideal of saving Kaoru from fire and water, regardless of his own name, to nourish Kaoru!
There is a video card today, and I want Comrade Xiao Yan to clear his name!
With a burst of mysterious information handed to Zhao’s mind, Zhao felt all this carefully and so on. Why do you feel so shy? Is it wrong to open it from time to time?
"What the hell are you doing?" Zhao couldn’t help but turn black after he quickly figured out the problem.

"That’s not what I meant!" Lengche was a little angry. He knocked on the window and said, "Grandpa’s grave will be restless!"

As soon as I heard this, I hit the steering wheel in cold blood and stopped the car. I smiled at Lengche mysteriously and said, "Thank you for waking up. I will burn paper money for him tonight!"
Say that finish and start the car to the public security bureau.
While Lengche was angry, but Nai leaned his head against the window and sulked alone.
When I arrived at the public security bureau, I stopped my car in cold blood and then entered the public security bureau.
Cold-blooded suddenly stopped when I went in, and I was a little surprised and shouted, "Yanchen, what happened to you and Xia Youran?"
Yanchen wore a white shirt and accompanied by a pair of jeans. The soft bangs along his forehead set off his warm temperament.
"Xia Youran had a fight with others and I brought him back." Yanchen said with a smile.
"Poof, no wonder! Haha!" Lengche Wu wear the belly laugh a few times.
See Xia youran handsome face with Qing Wu in a piece of blond hair is also outrageous.
Xia youran silently stared lengche with disgust.
"Fight for what?" Cold-blooded is much more mature than cold-hearted gloating.
"He told me that he saw a few hooligans bullying Anshun’s cousin, but he couldn’t see it." Yanchen kindly answered this question instead of Xia Youran.
"Why did you tell?" Xia youran show some don’t want to mutter a.
"There are some things that I dare to do when I know that you saw Anshun Day’s cousin admit it." Yanchen smiled gently at Xia Youran.
Xia Youran, on the other hand, shifted his eyes awkwardly. The novel said, "Who saw her? Nonsense!"
"Ha ha he is shy" Yanchen walked over and explained.
"Yanchen!" Xia Youran shouted angrily, "You can chat slowly. I’ll go first!"
Xia youran said and left without looking back.
"What are you doing here?" Yanchen didn’t stop Xia Youran from but looked up at the cold-blooded and asked
"change the name"
"Poof!" Yanchen smiled elegantly and said, "Your name should be changed!"
"What?" Cold-blooded sullen even asked
"Your name is too horrible, I’m afraid little girls won’t like you." Yanchen joked.
"Haha Yanchen, I think your name is not bad. That Lin Zixiao doesn’t seem to like you either?" Lengche heartless smile.
As everyone knows, Yanchen’s eyes are slightly dull after hearing this sentence, and he no longer answers.
But cold-blooded lowered his voice and asked, "haven’t you given up yet?"
The day after tomorrow is over
[Fanwai 3] Cold-blooded, Yanchen ()
"No, I’ve given up." Yanchen smiled and shook his head. The corners of his mouth smiled, and the sun seemed cold and nai.
"That you …"
"But I’m still unwilling, but it’s enough for me to be a friend and accompany her." Yanchen slightly raised his head, and his white face was a bit bleak when it was warm and sunny.
"Yanchen, I suddenly feel that you are a little great!" Cold-blooded serious looking at delay Chen can’t help but admire.
"Ha ha" Yanchen smiled a little "It’s not great."
"If I love you very much, I will definitely not let go easily," said with a cold-blooded smile.
Smell speech Yanchen stared at the cold-blooded for a long time and said faintly, "Then I see you didn’t say no to Lin Zixiao?"
"What did you say! ?” Cold-blooded and shocked, Yan Chen’s face is awkward red. "I like her a little, but I am more grateful. Don’t talk nonsense!"
"Truth?" Yanchen doubts and looks cold-blooded.
"Sincerely!" Cold-blooded nodded and stressed, "I really like her, and even worse, I feel sorry for her and poisoned her."
Cold-blooded, he bowed his head and covered his charming eyes with soft bangs. He couldn’t see his thoughts, but he felt a little depressed from his breath
It’s not that I can’t get more from Lin Zixiao, but that I feel guilty and repay her for saving my life.