Breaking the waves without Long Mai’s help has also become a ghost land, which makes Luoxian somewhat surprised.

"Why can’t I come back after breaking the waves?" Broken waves sneer at a way
Luo Xian said to Duanlang, Bu Jingyun and others, "Duanlang, it’s good that you can come back. After you come back, the master will have a much better chance of killing dragons. The master asked me to tell you to get ready and wait for Wang Yue for a month. Whether Wang Yue comes back or not, we will leave for Shenlong Island to kill dragons."
Luo Xian said that he would wait for Wang Yue for a month, which made the broken waves very angry. It seemed that Wang Yue was the most important thing in Tianmen, and it seemed that nothing could be done without Wang Yue.
Breaking the waves with a cold hum suggested, "I say we should leave for Shenlong Island now. It is more than enough for Wang Yue to wait for us to have so many gods and demons, plus the master’s sacred heart tactic to kill the dragon."
Luoxian sneered, "How dare you dare to question the master’s order to wait for a month? Do you dare not listen? And you’d better inform your master when you come back. "
Luo Xian said that he left Tianmen, and the person Luo Xian didn’t like the most was breaking waves.
Broken waves stared at Bu Jingyun and said, "Bu Jingyun, you wait for me to beat you and kill you."
Nie elegant demeanour came to Bu Jingyun after breaking the waves and asked, "Brother Yun, what is the martial arts of breaking the waves? It’s incredible that he can become a ghost without Long Mai’s help. "
Bu Jingyun now even if you look down on breaking waves, you have to admit that the martial arts talent of breaking waves is really powerful
"Just now, although I didn’t play against the broken waves, my spirit tempted me." Bu Jingyun said with a frown, "The broken waves should be repaired now."
Nie Feng said, "Breaking the waves and when we don’t deal with dragon slaughter all the time will be full of variables."
Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun both believe that the dragon slaying will never go smoothly. Before seeing the Dragon, the powerful in his supernatural realm have already planned the Dragon Yuan. Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun have the imperial shadow and Jianchen on this side. Others are full of ulterior motives, especially Duanlang and Pojun, who are the most ambitious.
Bu Jingyun sneered, "Let them fight for Indra. It’s impossible for them to get the Dragon Yuan. Even if they get it, they even have no life. When killing dragons, we should try our best to protect ourselves from injury. We should leave him alone, so it depends on luck if we can’t get the Dragon Yuan."
Nie Feng nodded. "Brother Yun is right."
The next day, when the waves broke, he sent a secret letter to Aojue telling him that Tianmen would go to Shenlong Island in a month.
When I received the secret letter of breaking the waves, I laughed. "Indra, are you finally going to kill the dragon?" Good is really great. With Dragon Blood, I can seal my sword. With Dragon Yuan, my skill can advance by leaps and bounds again and achieve immortality. "
"Break the waves, you benefit me, but I also benefit you and Tianmen mantis. After catching cicadas and yellowbirds, the final winner must be me. Haha …"
Proud to press a three-foot-long stone tablet, which was destroyed by the earthquake and revealed the blood-red sword in the seal.
The blood-red sword is enchanting, which seems to be able to absorb people’s spirit, while the broken-wave Huolin sword is more overbearing and evil than the broken-wave Huolin sword.
As soon as I hold the hilt of the sword, I laughed. "You really deserve to be the king of the sword, but you haven’t sealed it yet. This powerful and sharp strength has made me feel worried. Who else is my opponent?"
A month later, Indra finally walked out of the ice palace, which was the first time Indra appeared in front of Nie Feng, Duanlang and others.
It’s a pity to see Indra, who wears a Xuan Bing mask and still doesn’t show the truth.
"Now that everyone is ready, let’s go. It won’t be unkind to you to kill the dragon successfully." Indra laughed.
The Dragon Slayer Indra has been waiting for thousands of years. Before that, it was always impossible to get together seven strong people in the supernatural realm. Now there are finally so many strong people in the supernatural realm.
At this time, Indra Tian has already smelled the breath of Long Yuan.
Indra took the powerful men from Tianmen to Shenlong Island on a 100-meter-long ship.
"Wang Yue is also three years old, and it seems that it is still necessary to kill the bodhi old zu and the water clan in order to kill them." Indra looked at the sea and said in her heart.
A few hours later, Luo Xian said to Indra, "Master Shenlong Island has arrived."
Everyone looked around and a huge island appeared on the sea.
Ambition and flame beating in the eyes of broken waves "This is Shenlong Island? Hum Long Yuan must be my breaking the waves. "
Chapter 449 Slaughter the Dragon
The bodhi old zu of Shenshui took the patriarch and all the elders to Shenlong Island Beach and looked at the huge ship coming slowly and said, "Have all the young brothers in the clan moved away?"
The patriarch of Shenshui nods, "The geniuses of the bodhi old zu rest assured that they have left Shenlong Island, and the people of Shenlong Island are old guys. Even if our department dies, the Shenshui clan will not be extinct."
An old man behind the patriarch said, "Hum, even if our Shenshui clan dies, we will give Tianmen people some color to see."
The bodhi old zu of Shenshui shook his head and said, "Tianmen is too powerful. The root is that our Shenshui clan can compete with ten strong ghosts and gods. There are ten strong ghosts and gods in the ship."
Ships have the strong breath of ten gods and demons, especially the breath of Indra, which is much stronger than the bodhi old zu of Shenshui.
The bodhi old zu who came to Shenshui was prepared to compromise and let all the people of Shenshui clan leave, but the patriarch and all the elders were unwilling to leave at last, and the Shenshui clan was able to let the children in the clan leave.
Although the Shenshui people have the determination to fight to the death, they have no place in the face of the powerful Tianmen Root.
The power difference is too wide.
"Ships don’t have the breath of Wang Yue, so there are at least eleven ghosts and gods in Tianmen, and I, the water clan, lost unless the dragon can come out." The bodhi old zu in the water tunnel in his heart.
Although the dragon is fierce, it is not sure whether it can win the bodhi old zu in the face of ten ghosts and gods.
The bodhi old zu of Shenshui shouted "Shenshui Tactics", and the whole sea surface churned up, and the huge waves pressed Shenshui to Tianmen ships like huge mountains. The bodhi old zu also knew that he could not hurt Indra and others, but he still had to cause some trouble to Indra.
Up to hundreds of feet of waves, even the ghost fighters felt a lot of pressure.
Before breaking the waves on the deck, he said, "Master, let the family handle it. I want to meet the bodhi old zu when I break the waves."
Wang Yue has fought with the bodhi old zu of Shenshui, but he didn’t win and break the waves. He has always been angry with Wang Yue. He wants to show himself in front of Indra.
Luoxian secretly cold hum a broken wave is to die. He is a ghost. In the early days, fighters wanted to deal with the bodhi old zu who was full of water.
Indra Tian got up from his seat and said, "No, the martial arts of the bodhi old zu Shen Shui is not breaking the waves. You can beat the bodhi old zu Shen Shui, or come in person. You can save some skills and wait for a good kill of the dragon."
Indra Tian hit a huge palm print with a cold ice, which defeated hundreds of high waves and still sailed safely.
This is the first time that Indra has displayed his magical power in front of him. Indra’s skill shocked everyone.
"It’s a waste that you haven’t made any progress in your skills for more than a hundred years. Three years ago, Wang Yue advised you to go, but you are stubborn. You can’t go even if you want to. Today is the anniversary of your death, haha." Indra laughed.
The bodhi old zu of Shenshui shouted, "Even if the old man dies, Indra will not make you better than killing!"
The bodhi old zu of Shenshui stepped on the sea and rushed to the ship.
Indra laughed and said, "Luoxian breaks the waves, and you will kill all the Shenshui people in Shenlong Island."
Luoxian is happy to say "master" before he speaks and breaks the waves.
Breaking the waves was the first to fly from the seagoing ship to kill the Shenshui clan.