And a moment shocked everyone, including Lu Chen.

Qing Di humanoid flash swept out with chaotic violet, not to Lu Chen, but to several people who were ready to attack Liu Chen, the ancient emperor. The chaotic and angry road collapsed and the three humanoid flashes were blown away!
Then Qing Di’s humanoid flash continued, pushing the sun, the moon and the stars horizontally with his left hand and holding the chaotic violet in his right hand, killing the immortal emperor’s humanoid flash directly.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty Blown out
Don’t say that even Liu Chen is very puzzled by others, but he has not come to think much, because the cruel man, the emperor and the statue of the emperor, have come to kill again.
They are all top-notch, and perhaps there is a gap between them and their hometown world, Plath Luchen. However, as the realm climbs, the power of human flash in debut is different from that in low realm.
It is not an effect that some Daoism is displayed by cutting the strength of Daoism and the quasi-emperor’s territory.
That is to say, Lu Chen’s hometown world has received "self" education many times, otherwise, it is really impossible to cope with the appearance of four talented mortals at this time.
After an experience of being blown up, Lu Chen grew up and stopped thinking about being flattering, but tried not to face the siege of three strong men at the same time
If it weren’t for being hit by three talented mortals at the same time, Liu Chen could barely resist.
"Qing Di humanoid flash don’t attack Liu Chen instead of attacking his doom? Is there something wrong with this robbery? "
Watching Tianjiao wonder what seems to be hidden in the Armageddon.
Some explorers who are looking forward to Lu Chen’s death don’t look very good either. "Is it unfair that there is a black hand to manipulate it again?"
Some explorers wonder if it is the origin of Lu Chen’s official protection.
However, some explorers lost in thought and guessed part of the truth. They suspected that Lu Chen might have traveled to the ancient times of the perfect world in the future and had a fate with Qing Di’s predecessor.
You know, Qing Di people are not dead yet, but they are trapped in a barren tower. The Nirvana species of chaotic violet Ye Fan body has a certain perception of the outside world, but it is not completely limited
Maybe he felt that the outside situation interfered with his own track?
This kind of situation didn’t happen in Du Jie, Ye Fan. Once the ruthless emperor flashed his human form and didn’t attack and kill Ye Fan.
"Is Liu Chen going against the sky? … He actually shook the emperor’s forbidding killing method!"
Watching the old people tremble, it’s a big deal. How many people dare to say that the same place can receive a blow from the Chinese emperor?
What’s more, the Emperor Zun’s brilliant and cruel emperor joined forces to strike a blow, which simply means that all the fighting power will be shattered in the same situation.
However, Lu Chenchi’s muscle knot was forbidden to kill, and the residual breath affected the wound, bleeding, ghost face, ferocious qi and blood, and he cut forward to the two people.
At the height of the war, all the words are secret, while the opposite side represents the emperor’s humanoid flash. The same is true. The vicious emperor’s humanoid flash is not to be outdone, which also makes her create magic and then fall like a palm to crush the heavens.
There was a big burst in the stars, and even the road marks seemed to be obliterated, causing turbulence. I don’t know how many stars were annihilated. Fortunately, Lu Chen specially chose Du Jie, a remote place on the ancient road, or many life sources would suffer.
Lu Chen was covered in blood and retreated, but the bronze tripod of the emperor’s humanoid flash was shocked. The corner of the humanoid flash of the emperor was broken. Although he retreated, he also made achievements!
Lu Chen is confident that one-on-one conversation can win a humanoid flash in this realm, but unfortunately it is not one-on-one now
Of course, even if he can beat these mortals in the same environment, it doesn’t mean that he can beat them in the same environment.
After all, humanoid flash is a dead thing, but it is a trace of heaven and earth. It is not very clever in combat, and some are rigid and can’t compare with real people.
This is also the reason why Ye Fan was able to survive the robbery of the Nine Emperors. Otherwise, Ye Fan’ s cutting road would have been killed, and there was no room for turnover delay
However, in this cruel apocalypse, a person’s fighting power in the same environment will become more and more terrible and will eventually come out of it.
Liu Chen spilled blood and retreated with laughter.
The ancient road is competing for the male?
How interesting is it for Du Jie to cut the road mark of the Great Emperor?
Qing Di’s humanoid flash helped him block the immortal emperor’s humanoid flash, which greatly reduced Lu Chen’s pressure. The vicious emperor, the great emperor, the emperor Zun and the Jade Emperor humanoid flash shot one after another, but without the fifth strong encirclement, Lu Chenzhou became much bigger.
"Isn’t that powerful humanoid Shem the Jade Emperor of Shencanling?"
Some ancient tianjiao saw the doorway and found that the so-called robbery of the forty-nine emperors seemed to be a bluff, which could really pose a threat to Lu Chen, a pervert, but it was only six people
Cruel Emperor, Emperor, Emperor Zun, Immortal Emperor, Jade Emperor Qing Di Road Mark, but at this time, Qing Di’s humanoid flashing anti-counterfeiting also turned against the immortal Emperor Road Mark, and the original lore bureau naturally came into being.
Some people have a good feeling before, and it is true that if six strong people have made moves together through the ages, no one can stop them in the same situation, at least not in this life.
"Really special abnormal condition …"
An explorer spoke out that he felt it was really frustrating to see Lu Chen and Du Jie.
At this time, four mortals, immortals, and human figures besieged Liu Chen for four hours, which actually made Liu Chen spill blood and didn’t blow up again.
You know, in the original work, the emperor and the emperor covered the sky in the first world war, and finally the villain big BOSS was besieged by four mortals, which also supported a "paragraph."
Lu Chen can definitely write many paragraphs if he wants to write a novel about this duel.
And watching the four-way humanoid flash really can’t kill him.
Not only that, at this time, Liu Chen’s winding of harsh red light is like a kind of high-god technique, which raises his own defense power to an extreme horror level.
Fight together greatly, and move forward like a dead thing.
In such a compact battle, he was able to spare no effort to kill those who gathered near his emperor.
Liu Chen’s sword should be attacked by four strong men. Before reorganization, it should be handed over to regicide’s sword spirit to maintain stability. His left hand is raised and a punch is punched to kill the immortal. The explosion of fist will break through the head of Xiaoyao Tianzun in front of him.
Liu Chen’s waist was twisted, and once again, he held the regicide in his hands and cut out the tripod to block the emperor.
When the bell rang and Lu Chen’s causal knife was delayed and reversed again, Gan Kun turned around and punched the cruel emperor Fei Xian.
The universe trembles and the sky collapses, just like there has never been such a big battle on the battlefield in ancient mythology.
Forty-nine emperors of ancient and modern times gathered around to kill one person!
"It’s going to fate with who else can enemy him! ?”

"Look at me, I don’t know what she’s thinking!"

Chen Shaobai nai shook his head, and his body also felt that the surprise came too suddenly. After all, the water robbery Dan, which can help to break the border, was so rare that he wanted to call it less than 100 million yuan to barely get it. Now it seems that he has been called pat at half the price.
The hostess tried her best to argue that many monks were fickle, and some rich men gave birth to the impulse to increase prices, but the thought of increasing prices before suddenly seemed like being poured with a cold water from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, and there was no trace of throbbing.
If you have money to buy this thing, you have to be blessed to enjoy it! Although they all have extraordinary backgrounds and wealth, how can they be stronger than Du Tianyan’s second generation?
The somebody else Chen madman but even dare to move Du Tianyan pitfalls and Du Kang positive hard fight characters!
I figured this out, and it’s no longer expensive to be repaired by the hostess.
"Four hundred and thirty million Lingshi can help people survive the evil water robbery miracle opportunity. If you miss it this time, you will never meet it again! Does anyone else increase the price? "
"You when we are stupid? Didn’t you see that people like Gods of Heaven dare not bid with Chen Madman? We are simply looking for death when we go to the bar! "
With this in mind, everyone kept silent and let the beautiful girl sing a solo show.
"This 430 million stone knot belongs to Chen Shaobai Daoyou."
The host reluctantly summed up his statement.
According to common sense, Chen Shaobai still needs to go through a series of complicated procedures and property delivery to get the auction, but Vivi Lin came forward to help her deal with things, but it took him half an hour to shoot things this time.
Of course, it includes water robbery Dan.
"Tell Zheng Li something important for me. Don’t forget to see you in three weeks."
Leave this sentence and Chen Shaobai will fly into the sea of clouds and disappear into heaven and earth.
"The somebody else to help you do this do that never see your heart …"
Although think like this, Vivi Lin corners of the mouth or obsessively lift up.
She feels very satisfied to be able to help Chen Shaobai.
The forces of the Heaven Gate of Science are stationed like light, surrounded by a group of people with noble breath and extraordinary charm.
"Light division you don’t bid that Chen Shaobai? This water robbery Dan is of great help to you! "
A male repairman looked at Ruguang with a little reverence and felt unwilling.
Although Chen Shaobai is powerful and overbearing, it is small compared with their heavenly gate of science, like a worm. Others are afraid of Chen Shaobai, but they don’t need to care about anything.
As a result, it seems a bit weird to walk like a light.
Such as light seems to be in a trance. When I heard this, I was slightly stunned and then laughed. "I am lucky to lose my life, and I don’t have to force it."
Although so said, her heart is unconsciously emerge Chen Shaobai figure.
God, are there still such outstanding people?
Maybe it will really be like what he said before the ancients and later generations.
"I luckily lost my life? The light teacher is in a deep state of mind! "
A group of tianjiao from Haotianmen praised Ruguang when they didn’t know the true source of this statement or what Ruguang was thinking in his heart.
Two weeks later, the floating island in the central core of the Xingchen Islands is a beautiful place.
Blue as wash light, bright and clean. Chen Shaobai sat on the top of the mountain and slowly opened his eyes.
Perhaps it was because he closed his eyes for too long that when he opened his eyes, he threw a sharp breath and scattered the light smoke around him.
"You can try Du Jie after two days of rest!"
Chen Shaobai mind began to emerge a light blue se Dan medicine.
Shining in the light, this round pill breaks into colorful Se Ze.
This is what the water robbery Dan cost him 430 million lingshi, and many monks can’t ask for it.
Monks go through hardships from refining array to fairy fog. Shou Yuan can only grow for a hundred years. After evil fire and burning heart, mana liquefaction can only enter the original solution. Shou Yuan can increase for another hundred years. From quenching gas from seven to ten, it is directly to increase three armor. Shou Yuan enjoys five hundred lives.
Where can I seek immortality without going through some postgraduate entrance examinations?
Quenching gas, water, gas, wind and fire are all tests of heaven for creatures who want to go against the sky. Every pass is a dead life, and even Ma Fengzi and Chen Shaobai have no confidence in their natural posture. This water robbery Dan is even more powerful.
"An elixir swallowed into the stomach is no longer a mortal!"
Although the road ahead is full of hardships and thorns, Chen Shaobai has almost no hesitation in directly throwing water into Dan’s population to run mana refining.
Zijin Shuangyan is tumbling and turbulent in the body, carrying surging drugs.
At the same time, Chen Shaobai has no scruples about releasing his own breath and pushing the mana realm to a high level.
Heaven’s coercion should come.
All the breath in the whole body is locked. If you get through it, you will live or break the border. If you don’t get through it, you will die!
The posterior road has been cut off, and it will never retreat.
Chen Shaobai obviously felt that the star had resisted himself because of his strong individual strength and wanted to strangle himself in the cradle.
It’s very simple, just like human beings in previous lives restricted the shipment of nuclear weapons. If strategic weapons can literally make that day, it will become a life of misery and sorrow.
The land and water are robbed, withered and silenced.
The first robbery is dry!
The dirtiest and most evil breath in this world condenses into clouds of liquid fluid to wrap Chen Shaobai and frantically extract his mana and qi and blood energy.
However, in a short time, Chen Shaobai felt a little exhausted and weak, so that he would be suppressed and killed by the meta-world before he could get a wick of incense.
There is a warning from Ma Fengzi. Chen Shaobai is very prepared for this Du Jie. He directly swallowed a trial fruit and Tianyuan Dan into the abdomen and wrapped it in purple and gold.
It’s not so uncomfortable to break through the body with limited physical strength and mana.
Even after this severe disaster test, Chen Shaobai’s mana and physical strength have been greatly increased, and his five senses have become clearer and his understanding of some things has become more transparent.
J: ng god relies on matter and has a physical body to become strong, and his soul can be enhanced with it.
Successfully passed the first heavy disaster. Chen Shaobai didn’t relax. jǐng’s admonition was followed by the second robbery!
Everything is silent, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, body and mind, se fragrance touch method
People who stay in the dirty water mass will doubt whether they are still alive, so they will annihilate their souls and die completely.
For most monks, this disaster is a thousand times more difficult than the previous disaster, but for Chen Shaobai, it is as easy as eating and drinking water.

Driving a nanny car, Kate leaned over and glanced at it and nodded, "I see it."

"That’s the workroom."
"… is there really an alchemist like a mouse?"
"What? No, no, that guy likes to steal places. Let’s call him a long time. No one remembers his real name long ago. "
"all right"
Mark smiled and glanced at the weather.
not bad
It’s sunny in Wan Li today
It didn’t thunder
soon afterwards
Mark once again gave Kate Pu his extraordinary life in the living town.
Kate listened with curiosity.
A small town is crowded with so many different extraordinary beings, aren’t they afraid of fighting?
If there is a fight, who can hold it?
Kate asked herself a question, and Mark smiled at it.
In addition to the Black Wolf clan, which is the owner of this land, the first family wizard of the Russo family and the vampires of Carlisle Cullen family can be called the two major fighting forces of the town.
To him, alchemists, occult wizards, wizards, Smurfs … everything is their own play.
Speak plainly.
It’s just a group of old guys who can’t get along outside or a group of guys who don’t like fighting. They came here leisurely and leisurely to live in seclusion.
Expect these guys to fight?
There is also an extraordinary life autonomous management Committee in the town. It is estimated that the extraordinary life is arbitrated by the extraordinary Committee …
A little while
When two baby-sitters arrived in Long Slope and Forks Town,
Even Kate feels that the whole atmosphere has changed.
Kate stared at the shops and the few pedestrians in the town, frowning. "There are so few people here."
Sitting in the co-pilot, staring out of the window, Mark smiled and said, "The population of Fox Town and the extraordinary life here are not more than 3,500 people."
Kate nodded her head.
Just then.
Kate watched the bronze bell ringing in the tallest building in the town not far away, and once again looked puzzled at Mark.
Mark looked at the corner of his mouth and struck a copper bell as fast as an enemy invasion. He said simply, "The first time this bell rang was June 14, 1996."
"nineteen-six …" Kate suddenly looked at Mark. "Isn’t this the day you left Fox Town?"
Mark shrugged.
Anger in my heart is gestating …
Chapter 725 Paladin old mayor
"Then this clock should be regarded as welcoming you."
Mark sneered.
Still welcome?

Tang Qinling didn’t expect it when he saw it, but she had to give up. "Go home and don’t go home, the highland tower will be gone."

Four people have to go home at this time. When Zhang Hao returns to the city, he thinks to himself. It seems that this wave has lost again
Although I took Draven’s head and blew up a tower on the opposite side of the road, I also sent a head to my own wandering road, and I was even able to tell at a glance which is more important than the two towers.
Back in the city, Zhang Hao is still thinking about another problem, that is, the old man of time made a big move to cool down for three minutes, so fast when he cooled down.
Thinking about Kieran has appeared. Looking at the time, the old man has made two bombs. Qing Xiaobing fucked Zhang Hao in an instant. He patted his forehead. That’s right, he reduced the skill D skill, which can reduce the skill by 1 second.
It is this skill that makes Kieran’s big move a lot before it cools down. It takes many times to make that big move D lose a lot. This skill of losing D is a magical skill. You know, Kieran’s full-time shuttle only takes 6 seconds to be abnormal.
This also explains why it will be so fast to cool down for 3 minutes.
Chapter 94 Too look down upon the opposite side
The addition of barrels has made Diqiu ready to go. One is to further widen the gap and expand the advantage, and the other is to wander across the street and spend so much time on Taco, so it is pushed.
Diqiuzelas is at the back of the team, and the emperor is in front. Kieran Levin is protected by the emperor’s barrel in the battle. This array arrangement makes Zhang Hao start from the high-end position as fine as arranging troops.
Zhang Hao is at the front of the team with Pan Sen, followed by Jiela and then by the ice. This ad is too fragile to be in the back row. When a sniper is ready to zoom in and shoot the key figures, a team battle will be rewritten.
The ability of both sides is not divided into blue, and the skill is about to hit Zhang Hao, but just at the limit distance, a flash flies over the robot and hits the robot obliquely behind Jiela
"I grass" Zhang Hao can’t help swearing. It’s really unexpected that this barrel can’t take the usual path.
After a flash, Jiela was hit by a barrel and threw a big move on the spot. A blasting barrel blew Jiela outward, and the emperor had been waiting for a long time. The goal of eq Erlian was indeed Lingjiela in Tang Qin.
Di Qiu and others still organized the wandering first, gave up the route and sent it to Xiaolong.
The barrel trick not only blew Gera near his teammates, but also repelled Panson and Bing Bing, creating a perfect gank opportunity.
Emperor eq Company 2 also accurately hit Jetra and made a big move to control Jetra in place.
Zhou Xiong saw something bad and immediately made a big move. The gorgeous crystal sword shot firmly hit the pit emperor, and he was dizzy. Gera didn’t panic, so he calmly handed over the E skill and spilled a vine, then made a big move at his feet and finally handed over the flash.
Jiela also had to eat so many skills in a flash. Tang Qinling said that she was very hurt. There was a barrel in front of Draven, Silas and Kieran’s face, but it was fatal.
"Don’t worry about the emperor hitting the barrel." Tang Qinling took a look at the situation after leaving and made the most correct judgment. All the skills of the emperor have been handed over. At present, he is a super soldier and the output of the barrel is still sufficient. It is necessary to fire him.
Pan Sen, who was repulsed, rushed to Jiela’s side. W Shengdun hit and jumped. Jiela’s recruit was hit and the barrel flew. It was all in a flash. Before the Zhang Hao robot came to do anything, Jiela’s blood volume was more than half.
Zhang Hao can’t help but sigh that this group of people is simply a group of perverts. They all react for 1 second, but they are not stunned. It’s still normal to blow the barrel behind the ass and hand over the big move to silence and limit his output.
When these barrel head bombs were finished, it was also a "bang". An explosion created an artifact for several people around, and the output was better than time.
The two sides have been at war for more than ten rounds, but in the blink of an eye, the two sides didn’t need any high play to explain. Even a small white can see that now Tang Qinling’s side has been beaten by Jiela, Robot, Pan Sen and other blood.
After playing for 3 seconds, the wandering finally arrived, but at this moment, Zhang Hao and others have become a group of beaten soldiers. Facing aoe, they hurt the Pan Sen robot, so the single injury is obviously leaked. A barrel opposite the short board can hit two but three, and they can output one-on-one
I dare not delay sending it to the barrel in front of my face for a moment. K, the blood volume of the barrel plummeted, and the next emperor was also wandering by the waves. It seems that the problem of insufficient output has been solved, and the barrel will be hung up.
"Don’t beat the barrel and resurrect." Wang Qiang roared and he couldn’t stand it anymore.
Seeing Kieran swinging across the street, the clock has turned back and the history of the barrel has been shrouded. Stop it quickly. After fighting like this, the blood volume will be higher than it is now. That’s really a pit teammate.
Shi Qiangqiang turned to attack Draven behind him and moved closer to his teammates.
At this time, Zhang Hao had some regrets or he was too careless. He took the second place in the Internet cafe league and the provincial championship in Xishan League in the recent period. Now this passive situation is caused by himself.
Chapter 95 Emergency
"Bang, bang, bang" Fang Zelas seized the opportunity at the end of the team. He made a big move to bombard the crowd with long-distance artillery shells. The nickname of Ze Sanbao was not white. Tang Qinling was the first to lay his gun. Jiela was too fragile. A wave of group battles had already reached its limit.
Now Silas’s big move is to crush the camel’s last straw. Jiela can’t carry the damage anymore. After being bombed, she turns into a plant by passive skills, and then a sharp thorn shoots out and finally slowly dies.
Unfortunately, however, the barrel was in the direction of stabbing and faked his death in the crowd at the last moment of time reversal.
"Ah," Tang Qinling was a little sad to see the situation. At this time, she felt that League of Legends would be so interesting. This wave must be hard. Now it is the most annoying thing to go or not.
A few people stopped talking, surrounded by colorful lights and neon flashing, and the mouse and keyboard clicked quickly. Everyone was nervous, holding their heroes or playing a world or falling into this rapidly changing situation with regret.
Zhang Hao is so regretful at the moment that he is still too young and inexperienced that the barrel caught the opportunity to strengthen the group. Tang Qin Lingjiela has been the first to die. Although the barrel hangs up, it is as troublesome to bring Kieran back to life as not to die.
Zelas made a great contribution and dropped an output point in a perfect second, which created a favorable opportunity for them to pursue.
Pan Sen is a wild man with an egg knife and a poor giant’s belt. He can’t bear a wave of skills from bombing across the street. He is also beaten in Pan Sen. Don’t want to lose his mind.
Everyone can see that the blue side has finished outputting and exploded at this time, and Q-pick flies and is driven away by the big troops behind, so you can’t leave if you want to.
Zhou Xiong looked at the ice and walked backwards out of the scope of the emperor’s attack. Then the barrels and Draven appeared in tandem. Because it was a melee, it was a little slow, and the last Silas in the team had appeared in the middle.
"Get ready, I’m going to pull." Zhang Hao motioned for himself to prepare the hook. His robot has always been elusive, and countless players across the street have caused tons of psychological shadows.
Wandering Pan Sen crouched quietly behind the robot, and there was a thin wall between the river and their Yin people’s place. Now, once he was hooked, it would be lively, depending on who Zhang Hao wanted to pull.
Draven is on his way to Zhang Hao. It is absolutely enough to visually check the distance. The middle finger of his left hand has pressed the Q key and he is walking in the river. Draven has no idea that the danger is waiting on the cliff.
"Crunch" a yellow mechanical claw flies out.
"Why is my grass a barrel?"
At the moment, Zhang Hao and others are confused, but the opposite single barrel is even more confused. It’s just that I’m on my way. How did I hit the hook with an E skill?
Although both sides are confused, La Du has pulled in without beating, even though it was ready for La De Levin before, but now pulling into the barrel will be enough to beat Zhang Hao, an energy iron fist will blow the barrel away, and a Q skill will bomb the barrel body and hand over the imprisonment while blowing it away, leaving the barrel stuck in place.
Then, the E-skill spell surged, and the wandering was released, and the Q-skill was passively refreshed. When the Q-skill imprisonment was coming to an end, Pan Sen also set off a holy shield to combat dizziness, and the barrels were pierced by spears. The barrels had not yet moved, and they were instantly beaten to death by three people.
"nie Withdraws" Zhang Hao robot will close when it is too good, and quickly bypass the triangular grass and lead Pan Sen and wandering back to a tower, but before the emperor and others can react, the barrels are gone in these few steps.
After the two sides were deadlocked for a short time on the road, Diqiu took the initiative to retreat. At this time, the advantage was not great. It was unrealistic to go home and update a round of equipment and brush a few dragons. This game is not just firmly holding the road defense tower, which made Zhang Hao people breathe a sigh of relief.
After a while, the two sides entered a period of brushing soldiers. The two sides looked for each other’s flaws. Zhang Hao’s robot once almost pulled the key character, but it was a little regrettable that it was not hooked.
The situation changed in 22 minutes, when the skill was in A-eye and the emperor didn’t respond and was imprisoned on the spot. Then Zhang Hao hook naturally stretched out and dragged it into the crowd. Looking at a pile of Ren Huang, he felt his heart beat faster and his eyes turned black.


Since Sumo custom-made extremely clever device came here, many refining workshops have resumed their activities, and the number of people has gradually increased.
After all, the horcrux is out of reach for most monks.
You have to come here if you want to refine, refine, and refine the horoscope.
"It’s a bit unorthodox to do this thing in the real fire refining workshop."
Although no one knows the real identity of the two dead elixirs, most monks know it.
Wang Cheng Zhong Mo Ling Refining Workshop is incompatible with each other and has the ability to drive then real people to have real refining workshops.
"Yes, although we are also refining workshops, Moling refining workshops are competitive, but then again, there is nothing wrong with people making names on their own."
"Mr. Geng Kuangmo is now engaged in the extremely clever business, which is not in conflict with us."
Several shopkeepers of refining workshop got together to have a small talk.
"I guess it will probably go away, and worse, there is no evidence left."
"Well, there are five doors behind the real fire refining workshop-the real fire door. It is impossible for the Zhou Dynasty to offend a big sect because of a refiner."
"I want to say that this matter is not over yet!"
A shopkeeper speaks amazingly
"What did Lao Zhang say?" Asked another man.
Lao Zhang sneered, "Do you think it’s okay to put up with the fact that two real people in the real fire refining workshop have fallen into a big fall?"
"I can’t stand it. What can I do? I can’t send Yuan Ying Zhenjun?" Another person got a fright.
"Hey, hey, it’s hard to say."
Several people are talking together, and suddenly there is a figure in the sky not far away, which is extremely fast and quickly comes to the crowd.
"seen adults"
These shopkeepers hurriedly got up and said hello.
Bearer is green falcon who commander campus Han.
Someone asked with a smile, "What do you mean when adults come here? But to customize a horcrux? "
Campus Han waved his sleeve robe and wrapped a tall notice stone tablet up from the ground.
Campus Han’s expression was silent, and he walked forward with a notice tablet, which attracted several eyes.
Chapter two hundred and seventy A crushing defeat
Zhen huo Lian qi Fang Hou Tang
Elder Zhang stayed up all night.
This night is really too hard for him.
Planning an assassination for so long failed!
Although Liang Dan and Meng Han’s two lives will be exhausted, after all, it is the reality of then that died in vain.
Elder Zhang can’t swallow this tone.
This is not only the rise and fall of the real fire refining workshop, but also the face of the real fire door!
Ge Yong, the shopkeeper of the real fire refining workshop, walked into the back hall and saw the look of Elder Zhang’s slouches. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart and urged, "Elder Zhang, take a rest. It’s almost been a whole day."
"Everything happened last night, didn’t it?"
After a long time, the elder Zhang moved his lips and asked
GeYong looks pale and nodded his head.
Zhang elder face surges with a rage slowly clenched hate way "even if you don’t say I can guess! People outside must be gloating at me! "
"Ge Yong, I’m telling you that I didn’t lose, and we didn’t lose the real firehouse, and we won’t lose!"

She rubbed her eyebrows and answered the phone "Hello, I’m Xu Taotao"

"Xu! I’m Allen. Please replenish the goods for me. I want to order 200,000 cases of milk tea this time. It’s so popular. You can’t imagine how popular it is. It’s creamy, silky and delicious. I love it so much. My guests love it too! Delivery allows you to help me deliver the goods quickly! "
Ellen’s voice was as sharp as a woman’s.
He was so excited that he howled at the microphone that Xu Taotao’s ears hurt.
But at the same time, she also felt the excitement and urgency of Allen. She rubbed her ears and smiled.
"Of course, Mr. Allen is our overseas guest. If you want the goods, we will definitely prepare 200,000 cases of milk tea for you, right? No problem. By the way, Mr. Allen, we have a new sour and sweet sour plum soup, and it tastes very good. I’ll send you a thousand cases first. You can taste it and think it’s good. Shall we meet again?"
Xu Taotao smiled and discussed.
Mr. Allen is different from Mr. Charles. He runs a chain hotel instead of a supermarket. Nowadays, many snacks are sold or given to guests in Mr. Allen’s hotel.
Recently, the most popular among guests is milk tea.
It is simple, convenient and easy to carry, and its taste is smooth and fragrant, which attracts a large number of fans.
At present, the demand for milk tea in Allen hotels is in short supply. Although it has not caught up with the sales volume of Charles Supermarket, it is a problem to compare with the purchase volume of Charles Supermarket based on its increasing demand.
This is why Xu Taotao doesn’t care about Mr. Charles unilaterally tearing up the contract and no longer purchasing Great Wall food.
"Sour plum soup drink?"
Allen’s tone at the other end of the sentence was pleasantly surprised, and his throat was broken.
He said directly, "Maybe it’s no problem if you say it’s delicious. Tell you what, send me 50 thousand cases of sour plum soup drinks. If the guests like the follow-up, I will purchase more!"
Xu Taotao smiled and smiled. "Okay!"
She likes this generous buyer.
Mr. Allen is also very happy.
He feels that he has completely replaced Charles as the biggest guest now, and he is very proud.
Chapter one hundred and one Charles bowed their heads.
Therefore, Xu Taotao knew that Charles’ refusal to join the Great Wall was not without influence, but Charles was very determined to turn a blind eye to these influences.
It seems that he is quite determined to resist the Great Wall Food.
Xu Taotao thought so, and then she chatted with Allen for a while and then called.
Who knows that Xu Taotao received a message from Charles on the other side of the ocean after two days.
"Xu He continues"
In the words, Charles sounded dull and indifferent, but there was a sense of inexplicably having to compromise.
Xu Taotao holds the microphone and picks his eyebrows.
She said Gherardini, "Mr. Charles, you tore up the contract when you wanted to, regardless of what I wanted to send out. If we don’t take care of the goods, we will have a hard time now."
Now you suddenly change your mind and continue the previous contract. I have to say, Mr. Charles, you really have no integrity in business. "
"So, Mr. Charles, at present, our Great Wall food production is insufficient. We are very sorry that the goods you want may be temporarily closed."
Say that finish Xu Taotao happy hangs up.
Very happy
At a side will this call from beginning to end Li opened his mouth.
Director Xu just flatly refused to be Mr. Charles?
It’s not that Mr. Charles unilaterally tore up the contract with their Great Wall Food. What’s going on now, and the big boss took the initiative to go back and make peace?
And their factory director Xu was very domineering and refused the other party’s solution.
Li’s face corrected
On the one hand, he felt that director Xu had done a good job in principle, and on the other hand, he missed Mr. Charles, an overseas guest, and felt sorry.
Xu Taotao was amused by his changing face and asked, "Do you think I shouldn’t refuse Charles?"
She has no doubt that Li Neng understood the conversation she had just had with Charles. After all, Li is a foreign language, high flyers, or a professional in charge of overseas industries after her appointment. It is impossible that the short English conversation just now could not be understood.
Li Lima shook his head.
He seriously said, "You must have your own reasons for doing this."
The reason?
Xu Taotao smiled.
Yes or no?
I was fooled before, but now I want to fool someone else.
In the mind think so Xu Taotao didn’t tell Pan Li she conveniently changed the subject and talked about the reason why Li came today.
"I’m going to set up a special overseas business and trade department. I’m going to transfer you to that new department in the past. Now I want to ask you if you want. You can go through the formalities today if you want. Are you unwilling or not?"
Li was ecstatic after a lag.
He was too excited to say, "Director, do you really want to set up an overseas business and trade department?"
Moreover, according to the director Xu, he must have been the head of the department in the past. He was still a college student, and less than a year after he entered the post, the director Xu valued him so highly.
I have to say that Li is a little flustered, a little expecting and a little unbelievable.
However, Xu Taotao gave him the exact answer.
She seriously said that "the establishment of overseas business and trade department is necessary. With the increasing frequency of overseas business, it is imperative for the sales department to set up a special overseas department.
Chapter one hundred and two Request for support
Xu Jingya’s eyes were red and she went out. Xu Taotao shook her head with a smile and then picked up a plan at hand.

If it’s true that the fierce apes are not afraid of yin when they are fighting for their lives, but if they want to eat a bite of meat, they will pass through the array when they are slightly loose from the coffin.

Su Jing didn’t relax in the slightest, and his other hand rushed to recruit Bei Ming to come out of his sheath and escape into a dense forest ahead!
Black lizards emerge from the ground at both ends, and as soon as they show up, they meet an Excalibur and kill them! Smelly flesh and blood scattered two strange lizards were killed by a sword, but when one of them died, it also sent a demon knowledge …
People and days, I just found out that when the evil light in Yin Lao’s eyes flashed through the heart and cursed the escape method, there appeared a moment when the lizard was killed at both ends, and Su Jingzheng was hiding in a coffin.
The old demon sneered at the solemnity, and the hand demon printed and moved again. Four dark lights burst out from behind Su Jing!
Golden light flashing, jingling, 99 swords and feathers scattered for protection, and the four-headed and seven-inch-long black and gold centipedes were lagging behind. I don’t want to know that they are extremely extraordinary, and Jin Jian feathers are hard to hurt.
Suddenly, the figure behind Su Jing flashed, sniping at Hongji’s three corpses and coming to the rescue. At the same time, the star array was formed and the old demon was beheaded!
The same instant Su Jing hummed with his left hand and returned to the Great Sage Zan, followed by another beautiful bag …
When the Three Corpses Star Sword strikes and will be destroyed, the old demon suddenly disappears, and the sword falls through the ground, and the hole is unfathomable.
Disappeared at the same time, the old demon appeared again … Four black gold centipedes left three, and the other centipede suddenly became an old demon!
The "Yin Lao" is a centipede monster on the edge of Yin Marsh Pond in the depths of the Southern Wilderness. It was born with a different kind, and it took several years to practice hard. The four black and gold centipedes that killed the overlord in Xinjiang’s blood domain were made by catching their own kin and matching their limbs for thousands of years. It is not only his magic weapon, but also the toxicity and power of his hands, body and even external parts. Needless to say, he can "invade the body".
It’s a sharp offensive and a wonderful witchcraft. A centipede suddenly turned into an old demon, and the situation reversed in an instant.
The three corpses were caught off guard and missed the opportunity to stop the enemy; As soon as the old demon appeared, he broke through the sword feather block, but before he could perform any evasion or witchcraft, a heat wave came head-on, golden house, golden sword!
Insects, ants and locusts are crows eating centipedes. No matter how subtle the changes are, how can they escape the insight of the sun? The three corpses didn’t expect the old Yin to change to Su Jing, but they found out clearly that they had already made moves before the old Yin, the black gold centipede transformed into his golden house!
There is no room for opportunism. The centipede monster can only drum up the demon yuan and carry the golden house hard.
Su Jing no longer takes a quick look and walks away.
Loud bang and earth-shattering collision, evil force swept across the square golden house, and the old demon was beaten to its original shape, and the black gold centipede fell to the ground with a heavy fall, and a dense forest fell to pieces!
The golden house is very hot and firm but gentle, invading the body. The old demon feels that his blood is surging like a burning insect, and his body is curled up and his feet are shaking. Two thorns on his head are also burnt.
The Three Corpses Star Sword is angry, but the old demon can still tell a mind to urge the black gold to fly to protect the sword when he rolls around in pain.
Not for a moment, a large group of "days chasing the ground" rushed to the sky, and Hong Ji also led the hand to kill …
The life of such a uber is the most tenacious, but he won’t die if he practices non-Hongjimo, saying it’s a hard shake to get up the demon yuan’s golden house, even in case he is hit.
Su Jing didn’t make another move until Bai Xianfa killed him.
Even if you leave half a step early in the real escape, you can drive out a life; Every time you save energy when you are in diplomatic difficulties, if you save a life.
Save yourself and hope for the night, counter-attack the strong enemy, and end all hopes. Just catch up and slowly expand the province. Su Jing dares to try his best but doesn’t try to be brave.
Far away, I can see Su Jing’s back, but there are three bodies in front of me, and at one time I broke through and leaned over Hongji’s shoulder, and I was so depressed that I was heartbroken!
Even if he was badly damaged and destroyed, it was not only the practice of Xuanfa, but also his mind became manic with the loss and a little setback. At this moment, his mind was no longer Su Jingjian’s strange cry, "What sword is that, little demon? What sword is that!"
Su Jing won’t pay attention to this half-crazy monster and doesn’t turn back to the burning line.
"The name of the sword is …" Suddenly, throb answered Futu and asked, "Futu’s father! You call him a dad, and he will definitely answer you. "
Willy answer a serious star sword formation to popular battle.
Chasing the undead all the way …
Never stop dying! Three corpses can’t count how many times they have died, sometimes they were killed by the enemy, and several times they were rescued by the Uber.
Su Jing’s blood flowed over his face with a demon method and even his hair and scalp were removed;
The left arm fracture method is slightly moved. Hongji displays a string of thunder. If the ghost robe protects each other, it is said that the arm is afraid that half of the body will turn into coke;
The bloody wound and blood behind him are all black and gold, and the poisonous centipede old demon has recovered his breath, and even the ghost robe has been scratched with a demon claw …
New injuries lead to old diseases. Before being hit hard, all the injuries broke out. What really killed me was that with Su Jingli’s weakness, Mo Qin’s body became more and more ferocious, and he gradually attacked the heart.
The golden house is lost, the ugly sword is lost, and even Beiming is lost.
On the fourth night, the three corpses were as crazy as evil spirits; Su Jing is pale and breathing heavily.
The most stupid lizard in the pursuer can also see that Su Jing can’t see the sun.
But Su Jing doesn’t want to or go to see the sun.
Just in front of the soft brown land, there are about ten miles of Fiona Fang shrubs that cover the sky with forest leaves … Su Jing abandoned the children’s coffins and spared no effort to jump forward, but he was exhausted and fell flat to the ground.
Three corpses binge drinking, ignoring the enemy’s sword, causing a vicious blow-Yu Sujing fell to the ground at the same time, and the ground beside him was broken by the sword, such as a deep well.
Su Jing moved his body and fell straight into the "hey"
Su Jing’s previous handwritten notes on the place where he fell
Brown-cinnamon-soil fire
For a moment, the hurricane in the dense forest roared like a fierce beast, and the mountains suddenly changed their appearance for 300 miles.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Hit you a silly thing
Nothing! Nothing! The mountain forest disappears, the companion disappears, and the enemy disappears!
Nine days "chasing heaven" and earth "taking pictures" are in a hurry to chase Su Jing demon. Those who want to stay three hundred miles around "brown and brown soil" are suddenly in a "ruye"

Because the broadcaster knows very well what Chang Sheng is, there should be no shortage of news in him.

It makes sense for them to wait at this moment.
Because they saw a scene that made every journalist excited!
Shantou Shantou is coming!
In the video screen, both the ecstatic Hertha fans and the Certa fans who were in a bad mood because of the lost goal saw a wonderful scene at this time!
The video was relayed to Changsheng in a close-up of his face. Changsheng closed his eyes and opened his mouth to make a long yawn!
After yawning, he always wins with his arms up. Is he going to cheer?
He stretched himself after yawning!
Judging from his expression, this stretch is really comfortable!
Everyone has an idea at this moment-mom, he must have done it on purpose!
It’s a constant victory or a deliberate one!
After seeing Pinto’s yawn, he made up his mind to do it when his team scored!
You know, people who score goals are often very excited. At this critical moment, he yawned, but he kept hypnotizing himself in his heart and finally let this yawn come out when necessary.
Is Certa very strong? We met Hertha in the first division, and we all surrendered before!
But … that’s all. What a chat!
Changsheng yawned and stretched himself, and he didn’t celebrate with the people around him. Of course, no one around him came to celebrate with him. Everyone around him was frightened by his performance.
Changsheng went straight back to the coach’s seat, and then sat down to glance left and right with a face to talk about.
Certa goalkeeper Pinto tried to yawn to humiliate Hertha this season. Unexpectedly, Changsheng was humiliated twice at half-time!
At that time, none of the Certa fans looked very ugly.
What upset them even more was that the commentator Crespo couldn’t help laughing after seeing this scene.
"yawning and stretching to celebrate the goal? What a loss! I can often think of it! But it’s obvious that he’s fighting back at half-time Pinto! Everyone knows that he is a coach with special personality, and now he has never changed his personality when playing against the first-class teams! I am particularly looking forward to what kind of new spirit such a person will bring to the League after going to the First Division … "
Mom, don’t talk so kindly! Make you as good as him!
Hertha, we are still playing the King’s Cup! And what kind of bird hair does the season have? !
Certa fans are upset and scold the commentator for being an idiot
Victor Hernandez also saw Chang Sheng’s exaggerated yawning and stretching to celebrate.
Of course he knows what it is.
At halftime, he didn’t do it. He just thought it was Pinto’s pettiness. He didn’t care about allowing players to have different personalities.
I didn’t think this home team coach was really a narrow-minded player. He kept it in mind and waited until this time to take it out and hit his face.
Being angry with a player is all you can do!
Victor Hernandez seemed to breathe a sigh of relief after he sentenced Chang Sheng to death in his heart.
Then he thought about how to regain the lead.
Hertha, this is a typical defensive counterattack and what they are good at.
But it’s not terrible and nothing new.
Just ask Certa to pay attention to the defense line. At the same time, when attacking, try to control the ball as much as possible to avoid losing the ball easily
Victor Hernandez was going to do this, but on second thought, he suddenly thought of something wrong.
Pay attention to the defense, which means that the assists of his two full-backs will be limited, but how can he strengthen the attack if the full-backs don’t assist? Don’t strengthen the attack, just because the score has always been this draw?

Hundreds and a half meters long rats and beasts around were instantly dismembered.

Lu Gang is happy. "There is a super strong person coming. It is a spiritual teacher!"
At the moment, a teenager wearing coarse linen and long hair is holding a sword beside Lu Gang.
The bearer is Chen Yan.
It’s dark around. Rats and beasts lie prone and stop attacking.
They seem to encounter something terrible.
Lu Gang fainted when he saw that there was a peerless strong man to save himself.
Chen Yan looks southwest, which is the direction of the mouse king.
Chen Yan spirit to rat Wang xin said, "I know you have the wisdom to understand me, otherwise you won’t bite this human God of War-level strong man and let the rat tide recede, otherwise I will kill all your departments. You know I have this ability."
Rat king hesitates
The flying sword has the universe element, which can warm up and change its size with its mind.
Chen Yan’s mind turned a three-foot-long flying sword into a two-inch-long toothpick as thin as a needle.
a moment
The two-inch flying sword seems to have disappeared
The flying sword runs at an extreme speed, which exceeds the visual limit of the naked eye. The flying sword penetrates a rat’s head like tofu and kills them with great resistance.
Flying sword runs too fast.
Around like a flood, rats and animals fell and died piece by piece.
Three miles in Fiona Fang is the range of Yan Yan’s perception.
In this range, the number of rats and beasts can be easily killed.
Thirty miles away, the mouse king gave a roar.
Then the rat tide receded
The mouse king knows that this human super strong is not something he can provoke.
Chen Yan’s killing method is not enough for him to kill even if there are more rats and beasts.
Three days after Lu Gang woke up again, he was lying in Chen Yan’s residence.
After Chen Yan’s treatment, Lu Gang’s injury stabilized and he recovered his life, but Chen Yan had no choice but to break his arm.
Although Chen Yan’s medical skills are mysterious, he has not yet reborn his broken arm.
Lu Gang’s arm has long been eaten by rats and beasts, and it is impossible to get it back.
Chen Yanzheng looked at the brain data. He turned around and said with a smile, "Wake up, you have been asleep for three days. Your physical fitness is strong enough and your self-recovery ability is good. If ordinary people are so badly injured by you and have lost so much blood, my medical skills will be high and I will save you."
Lu Gang asked, "You saved me. Who are you?"
Chen Yan said "Chen Yan"
"Chen Yan?" Lu Gang was shocked. "You are Chen Yan, the mysterious strong man who created the ultimate guidance!"
Chen Yan said gently, "Don’t get excited. Don’t get excited. You are the most afraid of excessive mood swings. You need to recover calmly. If your injury gets worse, you will find trouble for me because I have to save you again."
Lu Gang is lying in bed and closing his eyes, but his emotions just can’t be calmed down. Since the appearance of "Recuperation", almost all the players have guessed who this mysterious super strong is.
I didn’t expect Chen Yan to be a teenager wearing simple long hair.
Lu Gang was so shocked.
"Teacher, I’m coming."
Yang Wu wore a green school uniform and ran to the sixth floor. He has the strength of a warrior. It is relatively easy for him to walk through the wilderness.
In the past two days, Yang Wu has been taking a special soldier to clear the rat tide until today. When he has, he will come out of the base city to visit his teacher.
Just entered the door
Yang Wu saw Lu Gang lying in bed and asked, "Who’s this, teacher?"
Chen Yan said to Lu Gang, "Oh, by the way, I don’t know your name yet."
Lu Gang said, "My name is Lu Gang."
Yang Wu was shocked. "Are you a senior of Lu Gang?"
Jiangnan base city
"Hero Hall"

Shura Shenjun smiled coldly "joke!"

Feng Luo went on to say, "If it weren’t for Yu Zhen and Jing Xuan, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, I promised Yu Zhen to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs for 1000 years, and then I will be born again to see if you can stop me again?"
Sleep? A thousand years? Ling Mo’s pupil, Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan all opened their mouths in surprise.
"Yes, and Yu Zhen has agreed to accompany me and accompany the ghost family to sleep together. This was our agreement three thousand years ago." Feng Luo said quietly.
"Is it true?" Shura looked at Yu Zhen in disbelief.
Feather Zhen nodded. "Yes, yes, I volunteered to accompany Fengluo Hall to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs. This is what I promised him in my previous life. I have to fulfill my promise."
Ling Mo’s green eyes became like deep pools. "Then what do you promise me?" Always proud and conceited, Shura Shenjun will feel like a knife at this time.
Feather bow, I’m afraid my tears will drip for a long time. She looks up. "I owe you back!"
Feng Luo smiled. "Well, then please go to Tianshan Hot Springs to witness our final sleep!" He made an invitation gesture quite gracefully and led the ghost clan to the back hill.
All the ghosts and gods in the underworld look for the opinions of Ling Mo Pupil. Shura Shen Jun paused and said, "Let’s follow."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five You are not my goddess
This is a huge hot spring, like a bead embedded in a wide cave behind Tianshan Mountain.
The steam curling spring is clear and the bottom of the spring can be seen at a glance.
Feng Luo waved Fei Ying and Lan Xue led many vampires to the hot spring first, then children, then women and then men. After they entered the hot spring, they closed their eyes quietly with their hands on their knees.
After a long sleep, they won’t eat here and don’t have to wake up for a long time. They are so peaceful and quiet as if they were fetuses in the mother’s body.
Feng Luo said lightly to Shura Shenjun and others, "After we sleep, unicorns will seal this cave. After 1000 years, we will wake up. At that time, maybe the world will still be us. Maybe we will fight. Now I can say that I regret it for a long time."
Shura Shenjun deeply stared at the wind and said, "I want to say a few more words with Feather."
The wind nodded "please"
Ling Mo’s pupil stretched out his hand to Feather. Feather hesitated and followed everyone in the underworld to the outside of the cave.
Ling Mo’s pupil suddenly hugged the feather’s shoulder tightly. Two lines of clear tears flowed from his blue eyes. He put his cheek on the feather’s shoulder and the tears soaked the feather’s clothes.
"This is the first time that I shed tears and the last time." He gently kissed Feather’s ear. "Don’t forget me." Feather bit her lip and held back her tears. She nodded. "I … won’t forget."
Chloe and Fengluo Cave coldly stared at Feather Beard and Shura Shenjun, and Chloe held back her anger and said to Fengluo, "When the Feather Beard enters the cave, quickly implant the memory stone into her body to restore the memory of Tiannv Jingxuan, so that she won’t feel pain. She and you are still in love."
After listening to Chloe’s words, Feng Luo was noncommittal. He didn’t speak. He quietly looked at the blood-red memory stone in his hand for a long time, flashing red light lightly.
Feather and Shura Shenjun, Xiaoxi, Brahma Xuan, and Zili said goodbye. She looked back at Ling Mo’s pupil and finally turned her head to the mouth of the cave. Feng Luo stood tall and straight at the mouth of the cave.
Wind Luo and I told myself this.
Feather’s eyes were red and she was about to walk into the mouth of the cave. Unexpectedly, something happened. Luo suddenly looked up and leaned against one side of the mouth of the cave. At the same time, she raised a long leg to pedal the other side to stop the feather.
Feather Zhen froze. She didn’t know what Bai Fengluo was doing.
"The wind you …" Feather pastor zhang two monks scratching their heads even Chloe behind the wind is one leng all people don’t know what the wind is up to.
Feng Luo’s bloody eyes silently stared at the feather. His voice was a little sad, which was a bit out of place with his domineering. "Feather doesn’t have to go into the hole. You don’t have to accompany me to sleep."
Feather pastor paused "wind I …"
Feng Luo waved his hand. He straightened his body and gently hugged his feathered shoulders. He bowed his head and his handsome face was disappointed. He gave a wry smile. "I won’t break my word. I said I would sleep, but I don’t need you to accompany me."
Feather Zhen pulls Feng Luo’s skirt. "What? I said that I am willing to accompany you all the time. "
Feng Luo gently took up the feather hand, and his slender fingers gently touched the delicate jade skin of the feather and shook his head with a smile. "Forget it, you are not our goddess. You are completely different from Jingxuan. You have your own personality and soul. You are not her. I don’t want to stay with you. I don’t want to make you sad, and I don’t want to see you cry."
Feather can’t believe my ears. Is this what Feng Luo said? She was equally surprised by her wide eyes and Chloe behind her.
Feng Luo went on to say, "Maybe you are very strange, and I am surprised myself, because it is not my personality at all. Maybe I have always been selfish and arrogant. Maybe Peacock Princess Pei Lengxi woke me up? When they have to let go "
Feather pastor felt that her throat was a little tight, and her voice was a little choked. "But I … Feng Luo gently held her in his arms, and his lips gently kissed her forehead." Be obedient and go with Shura Shenjun first, and I will find you first. "He gently wore a feather pastor’s neck on the red memory stone in his hand." I didn’t touch her at all, and I didn’t have the habit of desecrating the goddess. "Feng Luo smiled low.
After that, he loosened his feather and charming body and walked back to the cave without looking back. He nodded to the unicorn and fell. Shura Shenjun quickly pulled the feather and fell away from the mouth of the cave and recited the spell. With the thunderous sound, several huge stones fell on the roof of the cave and quickly blocked the mouth of the cave from the dust and snowflakes in the hot spring cave for a long time.