Shura Shenjun smiled coldly "joke!"

Feng Luo went on to say, "If it weren’t for Yu Zhen and Jing Xuan, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, I promised Yu Zhen to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs for 1000 years, and then I will be born again to see if you can stop me again?"
Sleep? A thousand years? Ling Mo’s pupil, Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan all opened their mouths in surprise.
"Yes, and Yu Zhen has agreed to accompany me and accompany the ghost family to sleep together. This was our agreement three thousand years ago." Feng Luo said quietly.
"Is it true?" Shura looked at Yu Zhen in disbelief.
Feather Zhen nodded. "Yes, yes, I volunteered to accompany Fengluo Hall to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs. This is what I promised him in my previous life. I have to fulfill my promise."
Ling Mo’s green eyes became like deep pools. "Then what do you promise me?" Always proud and conceited, Shura Shenjun will feel like a knife at this time.
Feather bow, I’m afraid my tears will drip for a long time. She looks up. "I owe you back!"
Feng Luo smiled. "Well, then please go to Tianshan Hot Springs to witness our final sleep!" He made an invitation gesture quite gracefully and led the ghost clan to the back hill.
All the ghosts and gods in the underworld look for the opinions of Ling Mo Pupil. Shura Shen Jun paused and said, "Let’s follow."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five You are not my goddess
This is a huge hot spring, like a bead embedded in a wide cave behind Tianshan Mountain.
The steam curling spring is clear and the bottom of the spring can be seen at a glance.
Feng Luo waved Fei Ying and Lan Xue led many vampires to the hot spring first, then children, then women and then men. After they entered the hot spring, they closed their eyes quietly with their hands on their knees.
After a long sleep, they won’t eat here and don’t have to wake up for a long time. They are so peaceful and quiet as if they were fetuses in the mother’s body.
Feng Luo said lightly to Shura Shenjun and others, "After we sleep, unicorns will seal this cave. After 1000 years, we will wake up. At that time, maybe the world will still be us. Maybe we will fight. Now I can say that I regret it for a long time."
Shura Shenjun deeply stared at the wind and said, "I want to say a few more words with Feather."
The wind nodded "please"
Ling Mo’s pupil stretched out his hand to Feather. Feather hesitated and followed everyone in the underworld to the outside of the cave.
Ling Mo’s pupil suddenly hugged the feather’s shoulder tightly. Two lines of clear tears flowed from his blue eyes. He put his cheek on the feather’s shoulder and the tears soaked the feather’s clothes.
"This is the first time that I shed tears and the last time." He gently kissed Feather’s ear. "Don’t forget me." Feather bit her lip and held back her tears. She nodded. "I … won’t forget."
Chloe and Fengluo Cave coldly stared at Feather Beard and Shura Shenjun, and Chloe held back her anger and said to Fengluo, "When the Feather Beard enters the cave, quickly implant the memory stone into her body to restore the memory of Tiannv Jingxuan, so that she won’t feel pain. She and you are still in love."
After listening to Chloe’s words, Feng Luo was noncommittal. He didn’t speak. He quietly looked at the blood-red memory stone in his hand for a long time, flashing red light lightly.
Feather and Shura Shenjun, Xiaoxi, Brahma Xuan, and Zili said goodbye. She looked back at Ling Mo’s pupil and finally turned her head to the mouth of the cave. Feng Luo stood tall and straight at the mouth of the cave.
Wind Luo and I told myself this.
Feather’s eyes were red and she was about to walk into the mouth of the cave. Unexpectedly, something happened. Luo suddenly looked up and leaned against one side of the mouth of the cave. At the same time, she raised a long leg to pedal the other side to stop the feather.
Feather Zhen froze. She didn’t know what Bai Fengluo was doing.
"The wind you …" Feather pastor zhang two monks scratching their heads even Chloe behind the wind is one leng all people don’t know what the wind is up to.
Feng Luo’s bloody eyes silently stared at the feather. His voice was a little sad, which was a bit out of place with his domineering. "Feather doesn’t have to go into the hole. You don’t have to accompany me to sleep."
Feather pastor paused "wind I …"
Feng Luo waved his hand. He straightened his body and gently hugged his feathered shoulders. He bowed his head and his handsome face was disappointed. He gave a wry smile. "I won’t break my word. I said I would sleep, but I don’t need you to accompany me."
Feather Zhen pulls Feng Luo’s skirt. "What? I said that I am willing to accompany you all the time. "
Feng Luo gently took up the feather hand, and his slender fingers gently touched the delicate jade skin of the feather and shook his head with a smile. "Forget it, you are not our goddess. You are completely different from Jingxuan. You have your own personality and soul. You are not her. I don’t want to stay with you. I don’t want to make you sad, and I don’t want to see you cry."
Feather can’t believe my ears. Is this what Feng Luo said? She was equally surprised by her wide eyes and Chloe behind her.
Feng Luo went on to say, "Maybe you are very strange, and I am surprised myself, because it is not my personality at all. Maybe I have always been selfish and arrogant. Maybe Peacock Princess Pei Lengxi woke me up? When they have to let go "
Feather pastor felt that her throat was a little tight, and her voice was a little choked. "But I … Feng Luo gently held her in his arms, and his lips gently kissed her forehead." Be obedient and go with Shura Shenjun first, and I will find you first. "He gently wore a feather pastor’s neck on the red memory stone in his hand." I didn’t touch her at all, and I didn’t have the habit of desecrating the goddess. "Feng Luo smiled low.
After that, he loosened his feather and charming body and walked back to the cave without looking back. He nodded to the unicorn and fell. Shura Shenjun quickly pulled the feather and fell away from the mouth of the cave and recited the spell. With the thunderous sound, several huge stones fell on the roof of the cave and quickly blocked the mouth of the cave from the dust and snowflakes in the hot spring cave for a long time.