And a moment shocked everyone, including Lu Chen.

Qing Di humanoid flash swept out with chaotic violet, not to Lu Chen, but to several people who were ready to attack Liu Chen, the ancient emperor. The chaotic and angry road collapsed and the three humanoid flashes were blown away!
Then Qing Di’s humanoid flash continued, pushing the sun, the moon and the stars horizontally with his left hand and holding the chaotic violet in his right hand, killing the immortal emperor’s humanoid flash directly.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty Blown out
Don’t say that even Liu Chen is very puzzled by others, but he has not come to think much, because the cruel man, the emperor and the statue of the emperor, have come to kill again.
They are all top-notch, and perhaps there is a gap between them and their hometown world, Plath Luchen. However, as the realm climbs, the power of human flash in debut is different from that in low realm.
It is not an effect that some Daoism is displayed by cutting the strength of Daoism and the quasi-emperor’s territory.
That is to say, Lu Chen’s hometown world has received "self" education many times, otherwise, it is really impossible to cope with the appearance of four talented mortals at this time.
After an experience of being blown up, Lu Chen grew up and stopped thinking about being flattering, but tried not to face the siege of three strong men at the same time
If it weren’t for being hit by three talented mortals at the same time, Liu Chen could barely resist.
"Qing Di humanoid flash don’t attack Liu Chen instead of attacking his doom? Is there something wrong with this robbery? "
Watching Tianjiao wonder what seems to be hidden in the Armageddon.
Some explorers who are looking forward to Lu Chen’s death don’t look very good either. "Is it unfair that there is a black hand to manipulate it again?"
Some explorers wonder if it is the origin of Lu Chen’s official protection.
However, some explorers lost in thought and guessed part of the truth. They suspected that Lu Chen might have traveled to the ancient times of the perfect world in the future and had a fate with Qing Di’s predecessor.
You know, Qing Di people are not dead yet, but they are trapped in a barren tower. The Nirvana species of chaotic violet Ye Fan body has a certain perception of the outside world, but it is not completely limited
Maybe he felt that the outside situation interfered with his own track?
This kind of situation didn’t happen in Du Jie, Ye Fan. Once the ruthless emperor flashed his human form and didn’t attack and kill Ye Fan.
"Is Liu Chen going against the sky? … He actually shook the emperor’s forbidding killing method!"
Watching the old people tremble, it’s a big deal. How many people dare to say that the same place can receive a blow from the Chinese emperor?
What’s more, the Emperor Zun’s brilliant and cruel emperor joined forces to strike a blow, which simply means that all the fighting power will be shattered in the same situation.
However, Lu Chenchi’s muscle knot was forbidden to kill, and the residual breath affected the wound, bleeding, ghost face, ferocious qi and blood, and he cut forward to the two people.
At the height of the war, all the words are secret, while the opposite side represents the emperor’s humanoid flash. The same is true. The vicious emperor’s humanoid flash is not to be outdone, which also makes her create magic and then fall like a palm to crush the heavens.
There was a big burst in the stars, and even the road marks seemed to be obliterated, causing turbulence. I don’t know how many stars were annihilated. Fortunately, Lu Chen specially chose Du Jie, a remote place on the ancient road, or many life sources would suffer.
Lu Chen was covered in blood and retreated, but the bronze tripod of the emperor’s humanoid flash was shocked. The corner of the humanoid flash of the emperor was broken. Although he retreated, he also made achievements!
Lu Chen is confident that one-on-one conversation can win a humanoid flash in this realm, but unfortunately it is not one-on-one now
Of course, even if he can beat these mortals in the same environment, it doesn’t mean that he can beat them in the same environment.
After all, humanoid flash is a dead thing, but it is a trace of heaven and earth. It is not very clever in combat, and some are rigid and can’t compare with real people.
This is also the reason why Ye Fan was able to survive the robbery of the Nine Emperors. Otherwise, Ye Fan’ s cutting road would have been killed, and there was no room for turnover delay
However, in this cruel apocalypse, a person’s fighting power in the same environment will become more and more terrible and will eventually come out of it.
Liu Chen spilled blood and retreated with laughter.
The ancient road is competing for the male?
How interesting is it for Du Jie to cut the road mark of the Great Emperor?
Qing Di’s humanoid flash helped him block the immortal emperor’s humanoid flash, which greatly reduced Lu Chen’s pressure. The vicious emperor, the great emperor, the emperor Zun and the Jade Emperor humanoid flash shot one after another, but without the fifth strong encirclement, Lu Chenzhou became much bigger.
"Isn’t that powerful humanoid Shem the Jade Emperor of Shencanling?"
Some ancient tianjiao saw the doorway and found that the so-called robbery of the forty-nine emperors seemed to be a bluff, which could really pose a threat to Lu Chen, a pervert, but it was only six people
Cruel Emperor, Emperor, Emperor Zun, Immortal Emperor, Jade Emperor Qing Di Road Mark, but at this time, Qing Di’s humanoid flashing anti-counterfeiting also turned against the immortal Emperor Road Mark, and the original lore bureau naturally came into being.
Some people have a good feeling before, and it is true that if six strong people have made moves together through the ages, no one can stop them in the same situation, at least not in this life.
"Really special abnormal condition …"
An explorer spoke out that he felt it was really frustrating to see Lu Chen and Du Jie.
At this time, four mortals, immortals, and human figures besieged Liu Chen for four hours, which actually made Liu Chen spill blood and didn’t blow up again.
You know, in the original work, the emperor and the emperor covered the sky in the first world war, and finally the villain big BOSS was besieged by four mortals, which also supported a "paragraph."
Lu Chen can definitely write many paragraphs if he wants to write a novel about this duel.
And watching the four-way humanoid flash really can’t kill him.
Not only that, at this time, Liu Chen’s winding of harsh red light is like a kind of high-god technique, which raises his own defense power to an extreme horror level.
Fight together greatly, and move forward like a dead thing.
In such a compact battle, he was able to spare no effort to kill those who gathered near his emperor.
Liu Chen’s sword should be attacked by four strong men. Before reorganization, it should be handed over to regicide’s sword spirit to maintain stability. His left hand is raised and a punch is punched to kill the immortal. The explosion of fist will break through the head of Xiaoyao Tianzun in front of him.
Liu Chen’s waist was twisted, and once again, he held the regicide in his hands and cut out the tripod to block the emperor.
When the bell rang and Lu Chen’s causal knife was delayed and reversed again, Gan Kun turned around and punched the cruel emperor Fei Xian.
The universe trembles and the sky collapses, just like there has never been such a big battle on the battlefield in ancient mythology.
Forty-nine emperors of ancient and modern times gathered around to kill one person!
"It’s going to fate with who else can enemy him! ?”