Because the broadcaster knows very well what Chang Sheng is, there should be no shortage of news in him.

It makes sense for them to wait at this moment.
Because they saw a scene that made every journalist excited!
Shantou Shantou is coming!
In the video screen, both the ecstatic Hertha fans and the Certa fans who were in a bad mood because of the lost goal saw a wonderful scene at this time!
The video was relayed to Changsheng in a close-up of his face. Changsheng closed his eyes and opened his mouth to make a long yawn!
After yawning, he always wins with his arms up. Is he going to cheer?
He stretched himself after yawning!
Judging from his expression, this stretch is really comfortable!
Everyone has an idea at this moment-mom, he must have done it on purpose!
It’s a constant victory or a deliberate one!
After seeing Pinto’s yawn, he made up his mind to do it when his team scored!
You know, people who score goals are often very excited. At this critical moment, he yawned, but he kept hypnotizing himself in his heart and finally let this yawn come out when necessary.
Is Certa very strong? We met Hertha in the first division, and we all surrendered before!
But … that’s all. What a chat!
Changsheng yawned and stretched himself, and he didn’t celebrate with the people around him. Of course, no one around him came to celebrate with him. Everyone around him was frightened by his performance.
Changsheng went straight back to the coach’s seat, and then sat down to glance left and right with a face to talk about.
Certa goalkeeper Pinto tried to yawn to humiliate Hertha this season. Unexpectedly, Changsheng was humiliated twice at half-time!
At that time, none of the Certa fans looked very ugly.
What upset them even more was that the commentator Crespo couldn’t help laughing after seeing this scene.
"yawning and stretching to celebrate the goal? What a loss! I can often think of it! But it’s obvious that he’s fighting back at half-time Pinto! Everyone knows that he is a coach with special personality, and now he has never changed his personality when playing against the first-class teams! I am particularly looking forward to what kind of new spirit such a person will bring to the League after going to the First Division … "
Mom, don’t talk so kindly! Make you as good as him!
Hertha, we are still playing the King’s Cup! And what kind of bird hair does the season have? !
Certa fans are upset and scold the commentator for being an idiot
Victor Hernandez also saw Chang Sheng’s exaggerated yawning and stretching to celebrate.
Of course he knows what it is.
At halftime, he didn’t do it. He just thought it was Pinto’s pettiness. He didn’t care about allowing players to have different personalities.
I didn’t think this home team coach was really a narrow-minded player. He kept it in mind and waited until this time to take it out and hit his face.
Being angry with a player is all you can do!
Victor Hernandez seemed to breathe a sigh of relief after he sentenced Chang Sheng to death in his heart.
Then he thought about how to regain the lead.
Hertha, this is a typical defensive counterattack and what they are good at.
But it’s not terrible and nothing new.
Just ask Certa to pay attention to the defense line. At the same time, when attacking, try to control the ball as much as possible to avoid losing the ball easily
Victor Hernandez was going to do this, but on second thought, he suddenly thought of something wrong.
Pay attention to the defense, which means that the assists of his two full-backs will be limited, but how can he strengthen the attack if the full-backs don’t assist? Don’t strengthen the attack, just because the score has always been this draw?