"Look at me, I don’t know what she’s thinking!"

Chen Shaobai nai shook his head, and his body also felt that the surprise came too suddenly. After all, the water robbery Dan, which can help to break the border, was so rare that he wanted to call it less than 100 million yuan to barely get it. Now it seems that he has been called pat at half the price.
The hostess tried her best to argue that many monks were fickle, and some rich men gave birth to the impulse to increase prices, but the thought of increasing prices before suddenly seemed like being poured with a cold water from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, and there was no trace of throbbing.
If you have money to buy this thing, you have to be blessed to enjoy it! Although they all have extraordinary backgrounds and wealth, how can they be stronger than Du Tianyan’s second generation?
The somebody else Chen madman but even dare to move Du Tianyan pitfalls and Du Kang positive hard fight characters!
I figured this out, and it’s no longer expensive to be repaired by the hostess.
"Four hundred and thirty million Lingshi can help people survive the evil water robbery miracle opportunity. If you miss it this time, you will never meet it again! Does anyone else increase the price? "
"You when we are stupid? Didn’t you see that people like Gods of Heaven dare not bid with Chen Madman? We are simply looking for death when we go to the bar! "
With this in mind, everyone kept silent and let the beautiful girl sing a solo show.
"This 430 million stone knot belongs to Chen Shaobai Daoyou."
The host reluctantly summed up his statement.
According to common sense, Chen Shaobai still needs to go through a series of complicated procedures and property delivery to get the auction, but Vivi Lin came forward to help her deal with things, but it took him half an hour to shoot things this time.
Of course, it includes water robbery Dan.
"Tell Zheng Li something important for me. Don’t forget to see you in three weeks."
Leave this sentence and Chen Shaobai will fly into the sea of clouds and disappear into heaven and earth.
"The somebody else to help you do this do that never see your heart …"
Although think like this, Vivi Lin corners of the mouth or obsessively lift up.
She feels very satisfied to be able to help Chen Shaobai.
The forces of the Heaven Gate of Science are stationed like light, surrounded by a group of people with noble breath and extraordinary charm.
"Light division you don’t bid that Chen Shaobai? This water robbery Dan is of great help to you! "
A male repairman looked at Ruguang with a little reverence and felt unwilling.
Although Chen Shaobai is powerful and overbearing, it is small compared with their heavenly gate of science, like a worm. Others are afraid of Chen Shaobai, but they don’t need to care about anything.
As a result, it seems a bit weird to walk like a light.
Such as light seems to be in a trance. When I heard this, I was slightly stunned and then laughed. "I am lucky to lose my life, and I don’t have to force it."
Although so said, her heart is unconsciously emerge Chen Shaobai figure.
God, are there still such outstanding people?
Maybe it will really be like what he said before the ancients and later generations.
"I luckily lost my life? The light teacher is in a deep state of mind! "
A group of tianjiao from Haotianmen praised Ruguang when they didn’t know the true source of this statement or what Ruguang was thinking in his heart.
Two weeks later, the floating island in the central core of the Xingchen Islands is a beautiful place.
Blue as wash light, bright and clean. Chen Shaobai sat on the top of the mountain and slowly opened his eyes.
Perhaps it was because he closed his eyes for too long that when he opened his eyes, he threw a sharp breath and scattered the light smoke around him.
"You can try Du Jie after two days of rest!"
Chen Shaobai mind began to emerge a light blue se Dan medicine.
Shining in the light, this round pill breaks into colorful Se Ze.
This is what the water robbery Dan cost him 430 million lingshi, and many monks can’t ask for it.
Monks go through hardships from refining array to fairy fog. Shou Yuan can only grow for a hundred years. After evil fire and burning heart, mana liquefaction can only enter the original solution. Shou Yuan can increase for another hundred years. From quenching gas from seven to ten, it is directly to increase three armor. Shou Yuan enjoys five hundred lives.
Where can I seek immortality without going through some postgraduate entrance examinations?
Quenching gas, water, gas, wind and fire are all tests of heaven for creatures who want to go against the sky. Every pass is a dead life, and even Ma Fengzi and Chen Shaobai have no confidence in their natural posture. This water robbery Dan is even more powerful.
"An elixir swallowed into the stomach is no longer a mortal!"
Although the road ahead is full of hardships and thorns, Chen Shaobai has almost no hesitation in directly throwing water into Dan’s population to run mana refining.
Zijin Shuangyan is tumbling and turbulent in the body, carrying surging drugs.
At the same time, Chen Shaobai has no scruples about releasing his own breath and pushing the mana realm to a high level.
Heaven’s coercion should come.
All the breath in the whole body is locked. If you get through it, you will live or break the border. If you don’t get through it, you will die!
The posterior road has been cut off, and it will never retreat.
Chen Shaobai obviously felt that the star had resisted himself because of his strong individual strength and wanted to strangle himself in the cradle.
It’s very simple, just like human beings in previous lives restricted the shipment of nuclear weapons. If strategic weapons can literally make that day, it will become a life of misery and sorrow.
The land and water are robbed, withered and silenced.
The first robbery is dry!
The dirtiest and most evil breath in this world condenses into clouds of liquid fluid to wrap Chen Shaobai and frantically extract his mana and qi and blood energy.
However, in a short time, Chen Shaobai felt a little exhausted and weak, so that he would be suppressed and killed by the meta-world before he could get a wick of incense.
There is a warning from Ma Fengzi. Chen Shaobai is very prepared for this Du Jie. He directly swallowed a trial fruit and Tianyuan Dan into the abdomen and wrapped it in purple and gold.
It’s not so uncomfortable to break through the body with limited physical strength and mana.
Even after this severe disaster test, Chen Shaobai’s mana and physical strength have been greatly increased, and his five senses have become clearer and his understanding of some things has become more transparent.
J: ng god relies on matter and has a physical body to become strong, and his soul can be enhanced with it.
Successfully passed the first heavy disaster. Chen Shaobai didn’t relax. jǐng’s admonition was followed by the second robbery!
Everything is silent, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, body and mind, se fragrance touch method
People who stay in the dirty water mass will doubt whether they are still alive, so they will annihilate their souls and die completely.
For most monks, this disaster is a thousand times more difficult than the previous disaster, but for Chen Shaobai, it is as easy as eating and drinking water.