Driving a nanny car, Kate leaned over and glanced at it and nodded, "I see it."

"That’s the workroom."
"… is there really an alchemist like a mouse?"
"What? No, no, that guy likes to steal places. Let’s call him a long time. No one remembers his real name long ago. "
"all right"
Mark smiled and glanced at the weather.
not bad
It’s sunny in Wan Li today
It didn’t thunder
soon afterwards
Mark once again gave Kate Pu his extraordinary life in the living town.
Kate listened with curiosity.
A small town is crowded with so many different extraordinary beings, aren’t they afraid of fighting?
If there is a fight, who can hold it?
Kate asked herself a question, and Mark smiled at it.
In addition to the Black Wolf clan, which is the owner of this land, the first family wizard of the Russo family and the vampires of Carlisle Cullen family can be called the two major fighting forces of the town.
To him, alchemists, occult wizards, wizards, Smurfs … everything is their own play.
Speak plainly.
It’s just a group of old guys who can’t get along outside or a group of guys who don’t like fighting. They came here leisurely and leisurely to live in seclusion.
Expect these guys to fight?
There is also an extraordinary life autonomous management Committee in the town. It is estimated that the extraordinary life is arbitrated by the extraordinary Committee …
A little while
When two baby-sitters arrived in Long Slope and Forks Town,
Even Kate feels that the whole atmosphere has changed.
Kate stared at the shops and the few pedestrians in the town, frowning. "There are so few people here."
Sitting in the co-pilot, staring out of the window, Mark smiled and said, "The population of Fox Town and the extraordinary life here are not more than 3,500 people."
Kate nodded her head.
Just then.
Kate watched the bronze bell ringing in the tallest building in the town not far away, and once again looked puzzled at Mark.
Mark looked at the corner of his mouth and struck a copper bell as fast as an enemy invasion. He said simply, "The first time this bell rang was June 14, 1996."
"nineteen-six …" Kate suddenly looked at Mark. "Isn’t this the day you left Fox Town?"
Mark shrugged.
Anger in my heart is gestating …
Chapter 725 Paladin old mayor
"Then this clock should be regarded as welcoming you."
Mark sneered.
Still welcome?