She rubbed her eyebrows and answered the phone "Hello, I’m Xu Taotao"

"Xu! I’m Allen. Please replenish the goods for me. I want to order 200,000 cases of milk tea this time. It’s so popular. You can’t imagine how popular it is. It’s creamy, silky and delicious. I love it so much. My guests love it too! Delivery allows you to help me deliver the goods quickly! "
Ellen’s voice was as sharp as a woman’s.
He was so excited that he howled at the microphone that Xu Taotao’s ears hurt.
But at the same time, she also felt the excitement and urgency of Allen. She rubbed her ears and smiled.
"Of course, Mr. Allen is our overseas guest. If you want the goods, we will definitely prepare 200,000 cases of milk tea for you, right? No problem. By the way, Mr. Allen, we have a new sour and sweet sour plum soup, and it tastes very good. I’ll send you a thousand cases first. You can taste it and think it’s good. Shall we meet again?"
Xu Taotao smiled and discussed.
Mr. Allen is different from Mr. Charles. He runs a chain hotel instead of a supermarket. Nowadays, many snacks are sold or given to guests in Mr. Allen’s hotel.
Recently, the most popular among guests is milk tea.
It is simple, convenient and easy to carry, and its taste is smooth and fragrant, which attracts a large number of fans.
At present, the demand for milk tea in Allen hotels is in short supply. Although it has not caught up with the sales volume of Charles Supermarket, it is a problem to compare with the purchase volume of Charles Supermarket based on its increasing demand.
This is why Xu Taotao doesn’t care about Mr. Charles unilaterally tearing up the contract and no longer purchasing Great Wall food.
"Sour plum soup drink?"
Allen’s tone at the other end of the sentence was pleasantly surprised, and his throat was broken.
He said directly, "Maybe it’s no problem if you say it’s delicious. Tell you what, send me 50 thousand cases of sour plum soup drinks. If the guests like the follow-up, I will purchase more!"
Xu Taotao smiled and smiled. "Okay!"
She likes this generous buyer.
Mr. Allen is also very happy.
He feels that he has completely replaced Charles as the biggest guest now, and he is very proud.
Chapter one hundred and one Charles bowed their heads.
Therefore, Xu Taotao knew that Charles’ refusal to join the Great Wall was not without influence, but Charles was very determined to turn a blind eye to these influences.
It seems that he is quite determined to resist the Great Wall Food.
Xu Taotao thought so, and then she chatted with Allen for a while and then called.
Who knows that Xu Taotao received a message from Charles on the other side of the ocean after two days.
"Xu He continues"
In the words, Charles sounded dull and indifferent, but there was a sense of inexplicably having to compromise.
Xu Taotao holds the microphone and picks his eyebrows.
She said Gherardini, "Mr. Charles, you tore up the contract when you wanted to, regardless of what I wanted to send out. If we don’t take care of the goods, we will have a hard time now."
Now you suddenly change your mind and continue the previous contract. I have to say, Mr. Charles, you really have no integrity in business. "
"So, Mr. Charles, at present, our Great Wall food production is insufficient. We are very sorry that the goods you want may be temporarily closed."
Say that finish Xu Taotao happy hangs up.
Very happy
At a side will this call from beginning to end Li opened his mouth.
Director Xu just flatly refused to be Mr. Charles?
It’s not that Mr. Charles unilaterally tore up the contract with their Great Wall Food. What’s going on now, and the big boss took the initiative to go back and make peace?
And their factory director Xu was very domineering and refused the other party’s solution.
Li’s face corrected
On the one hand, he felt that director Xu had done a good job in principle, and on the other hand, he missed Mr. Charles, an overseas guest, and felt sorry.
Xu Taotao was amused by his changing face and asked, "Do you think I shouldn’t refuse Charles?"
She has no doubt that Li Neng understood the conversation she had just had with Charles. After all, Li is a foreign language, high flyers, or a professional in charge of overseas industries after her appointment. It is impossible that the short English conversation just now could not be understood.
Li Lima shook his head.
He seriously said, "You must have your own reasons for doing this."
The reason?
Xu Taotao smiled.
Yes or no?
I was fooled before, but now I want to fool someone else.
In the mind think so Xu Taotao didn’t tell Pan Li she conveniently changed the subject and talked about the reason why Li came today.
"I’m going to set up a special overseas business and trade department. I’m going to transfer you to that new department in the past. Now I want to ask you if you want. You can go through the formalities today if you want. Are you unwilling or not?"
Li was ecstatic after a lag.
He was too excited to say, "Director, do you really want to set up an overseas business and trade department?"
Moreover, according to the director Xu, he must have been the head of the department in the past. He was still a college student, and less than a year after he entered the post, the director Xu valued him so highly.
I have to say that Li is a little flustered, a little expecting and a little unbelievable.
However, Xu Taotao gave him the exact answer.
She seriously said that "the establishment of overseas business and trade department is necessary. With the increasing frequency of overseas business, it is imperative for the sales department to set up a special overseas department.
Chapter one hundred and two Request for support
Xu Jingya’s eyes were red and she went out. Xu Taotao shook her head with a smile and then picked up a plan at hand.