Since Sumo custom-made extremely clever device came here, many refining workshops have resumed their activities, and the number of people has gradually increased.
After all, the horcrux is out of reach for most monks.
You have to come here if you want to refine, refine, and refine the horoscope.
"It’s a bit unorthodox to do this thing in the real fire refining workshop."
Although no one knows the real identity of the two dead elixirs, most monks know it.
Wang Cheng Zhong Mo Ling Refining Workshop is incompatible with each other and has the ability to drive then real people to have real refining workshops.
"Yes, although we are also refining workshops, Moling refining workshops are competitive, but then again, there is nothing wrong with people making names on their own."
"Mr. Geng Kuangmo is now engaged in the extremely clever business, which is not in conflict with us."
Several shopkeepers of refining workshop got together to have a small talk.
"I guess it will probably go away, and worse, there is no evidence left."
"Well, there are five doors behind the real fire refining workshop-the real fire door. It is impossible for the Zhou Dynasty to offend a big sect because of a refiner."
"I want to say that this matter is not over yet!"
A shopkeeper speaks amazingly
"What did Lao Zhang say?" Asked another man.
Lao Zhang sneered, "Do you think it’s okay to put up with the fact that two real people in the real fire refining workshop have fallen into a big fall?"
"I can’t stand it. What can I do? I can’t send Yuan Ying Zhenjun?" Another person got a fright.
"Hey, hey, it’s hard to say."
Several people are talking together, and suddenly there is a figure in the sky not far away, which is extremely fast and quickly comes to the crowd.
"seen adults"
These shopkeepers hurriedly got up and said hello.
Bearer is green falcon who commander campus Han.
Someone asked with a smile, "What do you mean when adults come here? But to customize a horcrux? "
Campus Han waved his sleeve robe and wrapped a tall notice stone tablet up from the ground.
Campus Han’s expression was silent, and he walked forward with a notice tablet, which attracted several eyes.
Chapter two hundred and seventy A crushing defeat
Zhen huo Lian qi Fang Hou Tang
Elder Zhang stayed up all night.
This night is really too hard for him.
Planning an assassination for so long failed!
Although Liang Dan and Meng Han’s two lives will be exhausted, after all, it is the reality of then that died in vain.
Elder Zhang can’t swallow this tone.
This is not only the rise and fall of the real fire refining workshop, but also the face of the real fire door!
Ge Yong, the shopkeeper of the real fire refining workshop, walked into the back hall and saw the look of Elder Zhang’s slouches. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart and urged, "Elder Zhang, take a rest. It’s almost been a whole day."
"Everything happened last night, didn’t it?"
After a long time, the elder Zhang moved his lips and asked
GeYong looks pale and nodded his head.
Zhang elder face surges with a rage slowly clenched hate way "even if you don’t say I can guess! People outside must be gloating at me! "
"Ge Yong, I’m telling you that I didn’t lose, and we didn’t lose the real firehouse, and we won’t lose!"