If it’s true that the fierce apes are not afraid of yin when they are fighting for their lives, but if they want to eat a bite of meat, they will pass through the array when they are slightly loose from the coffin.

Su Jing didn’t relax in the slightest, and his other hand rushed to recruit Bei Ming to come out of his sheath and escape into a dense forest ahead!
Black lizards emerge from the ground at both ends, and as soon as they show up, they meet an Excalibur and kill them! Smelly flesh and blood scattered two strange lizards were killed by a sword, but when one of them died, it also sent a demon knowledge …
People and days, I just found out that when the evil light in Yin Lao’s eyes flashed through the heart and cursed the escape method, there appeared a moment when the lizard was killed at both ends, and Su Jingzheng was hiding in a coffin.
The old demon sneered at the solemnity, and the hand demon printed and moved again. Four dark lights burst out from behind Su Jing!
Golden light flashing, jingling, 99 swords and feathers scattered for protection, and the four-headed and seven-inch-long black and gold centipedes were lagging behind. I don’t want to know that they are extremely extraordinary, and Jin Jian feathers are hard to hurt.
Suddenly, the figure behind Su Jing flashed, sniping at Hongji’s three corpses and coming to the rescue. At the same time, the star array was formed and the old demon was beheaded!
The same instant Su Jing hummed with his left hand and returned to the Great Sage Zan, followed by another beautiful bag …
When the Three Corpses Star Sword strikes and will be destroyed, the old demon suddenly disappears, and the sword falls through the ground, and the hole is unfathomable.
Disappeared at the same time, the old demon appeared again … Four black gold centipedes left three, and the other centipede suddenly became an old demon!
The "Yin Lao" is a centipede monster on the edge of Yin Marsh Pond in the depths of the Southern Wilderness. It was born with a different kind, and it took several years to practice hard. The four black and gold centipedes that killed the overlord in Xinjiang’s blood domain were made by catching their own kin and matching their limbs for thousands of years. It is not only his magic weapon, but also the toxicity and power of his hands, body and even external parts. Needless to say, he can "invade the body".
It’s a sharp offensive and a wonderful witchcraft. A centipede suddenly turned into an old demon, and the situation reversed in an instant.
The three corpses were caught off guard and missed the opportunity to stop the enemy; As soon as the old demon appeared, he broke through the sword feather block, but before he could perform any evasion or witchcraft, a heat wave came head-on, golden house, golden sword!
Insects, ants and locusts are crows eating centipedes. No matter how subtle the changes are, how can they escape the insight of the sun? The three corpses didn’t expect the old Yin to change to Su Jing, but they found out clearly that they had already made moves before the old Yin, the black gold centipede transformed into his golden house!
There is no room for opportunism. The centipede monster can only drum up the demon yuan and carry the golden house hard.
Su Jing no longer takes a quick look and walks away.
Loud bang and earth-shattering collision, evil force swept across the square golden house, and the old demon was beaten to its original shape, and the black gold centipede fell to the ground with a heavy fall, and a dense forest fell to pieces!
The golden house is very hot and firm but gentle, invading the body. The old demon feels that his blood is surging like a burning insect, and his body is curled up and his feet are shaking. Two thorns on his head are also burnt.
The Three Corpses Star Sword is angry, but the old demon can still tell a mind to urge the black gold to fly to protect the sword when he rolls around in pain.
Not for a moment, a large group of "days chasing the ground" rushed to the sky, and Hong Ji also led the hand to kill …
The life of such a uber is the most tenacious, but he won’t die if he practices non-Hongjimo, saying it’s a hard shake to get up the demon yuan’s golden house, even in case he is hit.
Su Jing didn’t make another move until Bai Xianfa killed him.
Even if you leave half a step early in the real escape, you can drive out a life; Every time you save energy when you are in diplomatic difficulties, if you save a life.
Save yourself and hope for the night, counter-attack the strong enemy, and end all hopes. Just catch up and slowly expand the province. Su Jing dares to try his best but doesn’t try to be brave.
Far away, I can see Su Jing’s back, but there are three bodies in front of me, and at one time I broke through and leaned over Hongji’s shoulder, and I was so depressed that I was heartbroken!
Even if he was badly damaged and destroyed, it was not only the practice of Xuanfa, but also his mind became manic with the loss and a little setback. At this moment, his mind was no longer Su Jingjian’s strange cry, "What sword is that, little demon? What sword is that!"
Su Jing won’t pay attention to this half-crazy monster and doesn’t turn back to the burning line.
"The name of the sword is …" Suddenly, throb answered Futu and asked, "Futu’s father! You call him a dad, and he will definitely answer you. "
Willy answer a serious star sword formation to popular battle.
Chasing the undead all the way …
Never stop dying! Three corpses can’t count how many times they have died, sometimes they were killed by the enemy, and several times they were rescued by the Uber.
Su Jing’s blood flowed over his face with a demon method and even his hair and scalp were removed;
The left arm fracture method is slightly moved. Hongji displays a string of thunder. If the ghost robe protects each other, it is said that the arm is afraid that half of the body will turn into coke;
The bloody wound and blood behind him are all black and gold, and the poisonous centipede old demon has recovered his breath, and even the ghost robe has been scratched with a demon claw …
New injuries lead to old diseases. Before being hit hard, all the injuries broke out. What really killed me was that with Su Jingli’s weakness, Mo Qin’s body became more and more ferocious, and he gradually attacked the heart.
The golden house is lost, the ugly sword is lost, and even Beiming is lost.
On the fourth night, the three corpses were as crazy as evil spirits; Su Jing is pale and breathing heavily.
The most stupid lizard in the pursuer can also see that Su Jing can’t see the sun.
But Su Jing doesn’t want to or go to see the sun.
Just in front of the soft brown land, there are about ten miles of Fiona Fang shrubs that cover the sky with forest leaves … Su Jing abandoned the children’s coffins and spared no effort to jump forward, but he was exhausted and fell flat to the ground.
Three corpses binge drinking, ignoring the enemy’s sword, causing a vicious blow-Yu Sujing fell to the ground at the same time, and the ground beside him was broken by the sword, such as a deep well.
Su Jing moved his body and fell straight into the "hey"
Su Jing’s previous handwritten notes on the place where he fell
Brown-cinnamon-soil fire
For a moment, the hurricane in the dense forest roared like a fierce beast, and the mountains suddenly changed their appearance for 300 miles.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Hit you a silly thing
Nothing! Nothing! The mountain forest disappears, the companion disappears, and the enemy disappears!
Nine days "chasing heaven" and earth "taking pictures" are in a hurry to chase Su Jing demon. Those who want to stay three hundred miles around "brown and brown soil" are suddenly in a "ruye"