Tang Qinling didn’t expect it when he saw it, but she had to give up. "Go home and don’t go home, the highland tower will be gone."

Four people have to go home at this time. When Zhang Hao returns to the city, he thinks to himself. It seems that this wave has lost again
Although I took Draven’s head and blew up a tower on the opposite side of the road, I also sent a head to my own wandering road, and I was even able to tell at a glance which is more important than the two towers.
Back in the city, Zhang Hao is still thinking about another problem, that is, the old man of time made a big move to cool down for three minutes, so fast when he cooled down.
Thinking about Kieran has appeared. Looking at the time, the old man has made two bombs. Qing Xiaobing fucked Zhang Hao in an instant. He patted his forehead. That’s right, he reduced the skill D skill, which can reduce the skill by 1 second.
It is this skill that makes Kieran’s big move a lot before it cools down. It takes many times to make that big move D lose a lot. This skill of losing D is a magical skill. You know, Kieran’s full-time shuttle only takes 6 seconds to be abnormal.
This also explains why it will be so fast to cool down for 3 minutes.
Chapter 94 Too look down upon the opposite side
The addition of barrels has made Diqiu ready to go. One is to further widen the gap and expand the advantage, and the other is to wander across the street and spend so much time on Taco, so it is pushed.
Diqiuzelas is at the back of the team, and the emperor is in front. Kieran Levin is protected by the emperor’s barrel in the battle. This array arrangement makes Zhang Hao start from the high-end position as fine as arranging troops.
Zhang Hao is at the front of the team with Pan Sen, followed by Jiela and then by the ice. This ad is too fragile to be in the back row. When a sniper is ready to zoom in and shoot the key figures, a team battle will be rewritten.
The ability of both sides is not divided into blue, and the skill is about to hit Zhang Hao, but just at the limit distance, a flash flies over the robot and hits the robot obliquely behind Jiela
"I grass" Zhang Hao can’t help swearing. It’s really unexpected that this barrel can’t take the usual path.
After a flash, Jiela was hit by a barrel and threw a big move on the spot. A blasting barrel blew Jiela outward, and the emperor had been waiting for a long time. The goal of eq Erlian was indeed Lingjiela in Tang Qin.
Di Qiu and others still organized the wandering first, gave up the route and sent it to Xiaolong.
The barrel trick not only blew Gera near his teammates, but also repelled Panson and Bing Bing, creating a perfect gank opportunity.
Emperor eq Company 2 also accurately hit Jetra and made a big move to control Jetra in place.
Zhou Xiong saw something bad and immediately made a big move. The gorgeous crystal sword shot firmly hit the pit emperor, and he was dizzy. Gera didn’t panic, so he calmly handed over the E skill and spilled a vine, then made a big move at his feet and finally handed over the flash.
Jiela also had to eat so many skills in a flash. Tang Qinling said that she was very hurt. There was a barrel in front of Draven, Silas and Kieran’s face, but it was fatal.
"Don’t worry about the emperor hitting the barrel." Tang Qinling took a look at the situation after leaving and made the most correct judgment. All the skills of the emperor have been handed over. At present, he is a super soldier and the output of the barrel is still sufficient. It is necessary to fire him.
Pan Sen, who was repulsed, rushed to Jiela’s side. W Shengdun hit and jumped. Jiela’s recruit was hit and the barrel flew. It was all in a flash. Before the Zhang Hao robot came to do anything, Jiela’s blood volume was more than half.
Zhang Hao can’t help but sigh that this group of people is simply a group of perverts. They all react for 1 second, but they are not stunned. It’s still normal to blow the barrel behind the ass and hand over the big move to silence and limit his output.
When these barrel head bombs were finished, it was also a "bang". An explosion created an artifact for several people around, and the output was better than time.
The two sides have been at war for more than ten rounds, but in the blink of an eye, the two sides didn’t need any high play to explain. Even a small white can see that now Tang Qinling’s side has been beaten by Jiela, Robot, Pan Sen and other blood.
After playing for 3 seconds, the wandering finally arrived, but at this moment, Zhang Hao and others have become a group of beaten soldiers. Facing aoe, they hurt the Pan Sen robot, so the single injury is obviously leaked. A barrel opposite the short board can hit two but three, and they can output one-on-one
I dare not delay sending it to the barrel in front of my face for a moment. K, the blood volume of the barrel plummeted, and the next emperor was also wandering by the waves. It seems that the problem of insufficient output has been solved, and the barrel will be hung up.
"Don’t beat the barrel and resurrect." Wang Qiang roared and he couldn’t stand it anymore.
Seeing Kieran swinging across the street, the clock has turned back and the history of the barrel has been shrouded. Stop it quickly. After fighting like this, the blood volume will be higher than it is now. That’s really a pit teammate.
Shi Qiangqiang turned to attack Draven behind him and moved closer to his teammates.
At this time, Zhang Hao had some regrets or he was too careless. He took the second place in the Internet cafe league and the provincial championship in Xishan League in the recent period. Now this passive situation is caused by himself.
Chapter 95 Emergency
"Bang, bang, bang" Fang Zelas seized the opportunity at the end of the team. He made a big move to bombard the crowd with long-distance artillery shells. The nickname of Ze Sanbao was not white. Tang Qinling was the first to lay his gun. Jiela was too fragile. A wave of group battles had already reached its limit.
Now Silas’s big move is to crush the camel’s last straw. Jiela can’t carry the damage anymore. After being bombed, she turns into a plant by passive skills, and then a sharp thorn shoots out and finally slowly dies.
Unfortunately, however, the barrel was in the direction of stabbing and faked his death in the crowd at the last moment of time reversal.
"Ah," Tang Qinling was a little sad to see the situation. At this time, she felt that League of Legends would be so interesting. This wave must be hard. Now it is the most annoying thing to go or not.
A few people stopped talking, surrounded by colorful lights and neon flashing, and the mouse and keyboard clicked quickly. Everyone was nervous, holding their heroes or playing a world or falling into this rapidly changing situation with regret.
Zhang Hao is so regretful at the moment that he is still too young and inexperienced that the barrel caught the opportunity to strengthen the group. Tang Qin Lingjiela has been the first to die. Although the barrel hangs up, it is as troublesome to bring Kieran back to life as not to die.
Zelas made a great contribution and dropped an output point in a perfect second, which created a favorable opportunity for them to pursue.
Pan Sen is a wild man with an egg knife and a poor giant’s belt. He can’t bear a wave of skills from bombing across the street. He is also beaten in Pan Sen. Don’t want to lose his mind.
Everyone can see that the blue side has finished outputting and exploded at this time, and Q-pick flies and is driven away by the big troops behind, so you can’t leave if you want to.
Zhou Xiong looked at the ice and walked backwards out of the scope of the emperor’s attack. Then the barrels and Draven appeared in tandem. Because it was a melee, it was a little slow, and the last Silas in the team had appeared in the middle.
"Get ready, I’m going to pull." Zhang Hao motioned for himself to prepare the hook. His robot has always been elusive, and countless players across the street have caused tons of psychological shadows.
Wandering Pan Sen crouched quietly behind the robot, and there was a thin wall between the river and their Yin people’s place. Now, once he was hooked, it would be lively, depending on who Zhang Hao wanted to pull.
Draven is on his way to Zhang Hao. It is absolutely enough to visually check the distance. The middle finger of his left hand has pressed the Q key and he is walking in the river. Draven has no idea that the danger is waiting on the cliff.
"Crunch" a yellow mechanical claw flies out.
"Why is my grass a barrel?"
At the moment, Zhang Hao and others are confused, but the opposite single barrel is even more confused. It’s just that I’m on my way. How did I hit the hook with an E skill?
Although both sides are confused, La Du has pulled in without beating, even though it was ready for La De Levin before, but now pulling into the barrel will be enough to beat Zhang Hao, an energy iron fist will blow the barrel away, and a Q skill will bomb the barrel body and hand over the imprisonment while blowing it away, leaving the barrel stuck in place.
Then, the E-skill spell surged, and the wandering was released, and the Q-skill was passively refreshed. When the Q-skill imprisonment was coming to an end, Pan Sen also set off a holy shield to combat dizziness, and the barrels were pierced by spears. The barrels had not yet moved, and they were instantly beaten to death by three people.
"nie Withdraws" Zhang Hao robot will close when it is too good, and quickly bypass the triangular grass and lead Pan Sen and wandering back to a tower, but before the emperor and others can react, the barrels are gone in these few steps.
After the two sides were deadlocked for a short time on the road, Diqiu took the initiative to retreat. At this time, the advantage was not great. It was unrealistic to go home and update a round of equipment and brush a few dragons. This game is not just firmly holding the road defense tower, which made Zhang Hao people breathe a sigh of relief.
After a while, the two sides entered a period of brushing soldiers. The two sides looked for each other’s flaws. Zhang Hao’s robot once almost pulled the key character, but it was a little regrettable that it was not hooked.
The situation changed in 22 minutes, when the skill was in A-eye and the emperor didn’t respond and was imprisoned on the spot. Then Zhang Hao hook naturally stretched out and dragged it into the crowd. Looking at a pile of Ren Huang, he felt his heart beat faster and his eyes turned black.