Hundreds and a half meters long rats and beasts around were instantly dismembered.

Lu Gang is happy. "There is a super strong person coming. It is a spiritual teacher!"
At the moment, a teenager wearing coarse linen and long hair is holding a sword beside Lu Gang.
The bearer is Chen Yan.
It’s dark around. Rats and beasts lie prone and stop attacking.
They seem to encounter something terrible.
Lu Gang fainted when he saw that there was a peerless strong man to save himself.
Chen Yan looks southwest, which is the direction of the mouse king.
Chen Yan spirit to rat Wang xin said, "I know you have the wisdom to understand me, otherwise you won’t bite this human God of War-level strong man and let the rat tide recede, otherwise I will kill all your departments. You know I have this ability."
Rat king hesitates
The flying sword has the universe element, which can warm up and change its size with its mind.
Chen Yan’s mind turned a three-foot-long flying sword into a two-inch-long toothpick as thin as a needle.
a moment
The two-inch flying sword seems to have disappeared
The flying sword runs at an extreme speed, which exceeds the visual limit of the naked eye. The flying sword penetrates a rat’s head like tofu and kills them with great resistance.
Flying sword runs too fast.
Around like a flood, rats and animals fell and died piece by piece.
Three miles in Fiona Fang is the range of Yan Yan’s perception.
In this range, the number of rats and beasts can be easily killed.
Thirty miles away, the mouse king gave a roar.
Then the rat tide receded
The mouse king knows that this human super strong is not something he can provoke.
Chen Yan’s killing method is not enough for him to kill even if there are more rats and beasts.
Three days after Lu Gang woke up again, he was lying in Chen Yan’s residence.
After Chen Yan’s treatment, Lu Gang’s injury stabilized and he recovered his life, but Chen Yan had no choice but to break his arm.
Although Chen Yan’s medical skills are mysterious, he has not yet reborn his broken arm.
Lu Gang’s arm has long been eaten by rats and beasts, and it is impossible to get it back.
Chen Yanzheng looked at the brain data. He turned around and said with a smile, "Wake up, you have been asleep for three days. Your physical fitness is strong enough and your self-recovery ability is good. If ordinary people are so badly injured by you and have lost so much blood, my medical skills will be high and I will save you."
Lu Gang asked, "You saved me. Who are you?"
Chen Yan said "Chen Yan"
"Chen Yan?" Lu Gang was shocked. "You are Chen Yan, the mysterious strong man who created the ultimate guidance!"
Chen Yan said gently, "Don’t get excited. Don’t get excited. You are the most afraid of excessive mood swings. You need to recover calmly. If your injury gets worse, you will find trouble for me because I have to save you again."
Lu Gang is lying in bed and closing his eyes, but his emotions just can’t be calmed down. Since the appearance of "Recuperation", almost all the players have guessed who this mysterious super strong is.
I didn’t expect Chen Yan to be a teenager wearing simple long hair.
Lu Gang was so shocked.
"Teacher, I’m coming."
Yang Wu wore a green school uniform and ran to the sixth floor. He has the strength of a warrior. It is relatively easy for him to walk through the wilderness.
In the past two days, Yang Wu has been taking a special soldier to clear the rat tide until today. When he has, he will come out of the base city to visit his teacher.
Just entered the door
Yang Wu saw Lu Gang lying in bed and asked, "Who’s this, teacher?"
Chen Yan said to Lu Gang, "Oh, by the way, I don’t know your name yet."
Lu Gang said, "My name is Lu Gang."
Yang Wu was shocked. "Are you a senior of Lu Gang?"
Jiangnan base city
"Hero Hall"