Participate in terrorist activities

betray one’s country
These three charges alone are enough for Justin Hammer to play GG rhythm completely.
don’t forget to
New York state has not abolished the death penalty today.
With that live broadcast of the hear streaming outside.
The market value of Hammer Industries also exploded.
Justin Hammer first lost his mind, then looked frightened, and finally wiped his face with absurdity and laughed twice.
Just as Justin Hammer was about to make a joke.
Justin Hammer looked down at himself and his hands were handcuffed. Then Justin heard the Miranda rule in front of him.
Debbie was secretly pleased.
This is what she has long wanted. A castle in France finally has the money to take it.
Sitting right behind with military personnel, General Mercer suddenly became angry when he saw it.
General mercer directly hit the table.
Just as the media will once again play the story of the war of the military Federation, the gendarmerie walked directly to General Mather with a straight face.
I haven’t waited for the military police to speak yet.
General Mercer instantly turned his eyes to the scene and was not affected at all. He was talking and laughing with General Pepper Ross.
Ross seem to notice that look behind him.
Directly turned and flashed two rows of white teeth.
Good mouth
Eat it, smell it.
General mercer’s face suddenly turned dark and deep.
Very significant
Ross finally didn’t choose to be in his camp, and it seems that when he and Hammer calculated Stark Industries, Ross and Starks also calculated them.
But …
Did this calculation come to him?
The Pentagon will never allow the scandal to escape, and Messer said that he was afraid to control it in the military.
Justin hammer?