As he spoke, he flew to the outside of the wall of the witch doctor country. The witch doctor country was desolate and surrounded by nothing. Fortunately, the smoke was smoky and I didn’t find the two of them hiding behind an earthen bag and looking around. The guards didn’t seem so strict. People came and went in and out of the gate, but they were all questioned.

"Master" Shen Qiqi stared at a person coming out from the inside and said, "Have you noticed that the people coming in and out here are women and their faces are tattooed like runes?" Junyang nodded. "I noticed that too, so how do we get in?" Shen Qiqi wanted to let Jun Yang wait here and fly away on snow sculpture. After a while, he turned back and came back with a few pieces of charcoal and a few pieces of cloth in his hand. "We draw a picture of our face now. I see someone wearing a cloth. Someone’s face is dark. You cover the cloth to the end. We’ll paint some black charcoal on our face and learn to walk in."
After dressing up in disguise, they mixed with the crowd and entered the city gate. Many people were all women with tattoos on their faces. Jun Yang Yu saw that there seemed to be someone staring at them. He turned his head and looked at a man with tattoos on his face.
Even if Jun Yang turned his head, he wouldn’t move. His eyes were bare and his skin was wrinkled badly. Jun Yang looked at him all weird and walked towards the man, who didn’t move.
Shen Qiqi filled his nose with bravery and felt the breath of his nose. Finally, she grabbed his neck directly with one hand. She said "He is dead" for sure. Two people looked at the gate and found that there was a man mummy on both sides. At this time, people somehow rushed to the other side of the city. Two people followed him and squeezed into the crowd. Suddenly, they found that the people around them were kneeling, and both of them were kneeling with their knees bent.
Shen Qiqi looked up and looked around secretly. There was a man sitting in the audience, surrounded by a group of maids. The man’s face was not tattooed.
There was a woman in Taiwan who didn’t know what to say. Everyone looked up and looked at the man sitting in Taiwan with a happy face. The man was black-faced and kept his hands behind his back.
Suddenly, the man looked at Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang’s eyes in the crowd and seemed to shine, but then he resumed just now and whispered to the woman next to him. He pointed his finger at them. Chapter 515 515 Strange feeling.
"You two come here." The maid next to the man ordered Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang with an unhappy face.
I don’t know what luck it is that these lowly civilians should be favored by the future witch doctor, but it is annoying to see that these two civilians still know nothing.
Here is the maid abandon unappreciative that compartments Shen Qiqi but secretly complain in my heart.
The original two people wanted to mix in the crowd in a low profile, but they didn’t expect to be discovered just as soon as they appeared.
In this situation, it seems impossible to hide in the past. Well, let’s do what the maid said first, and then go one step at a time.
Shen Qiqi’s hand secretly poked Jun Yang’s eyes suggested that he should not look at her for a while.
Junyang spoiled her eyes and took the opportunity to grab her little hand and pinch it to make her be careful.
Just now, he observed that besides all the people here are women, their facial tattoos are also very particular.
For example, these kneeling people should all be people with low status, and their faces are not complicated. Some of them don’t even have tattoos. They have some blue ink on their faces, but the maid around the man is different. Their faces are really tattooed with strange patterns. The whole face looks weird and scary. You can’t see the face.
The higher the status, the more complicated the tattoo pattern on the face, such as the tattoo pattern on the face of the maid who called them bad-tempered in the past, which almost covered the face and skin, even the neck was not lucky.
At this time, Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi are all dressed in women’s clothes. Jun Yang is tall and tall, and his figure will show up together. Well, the civilians are kneeling and respectfully bowing their heads, and no one dares to look up.
But the maid in Taiwan obviously noticed that Jun Yang was different. Just when she wanted to ask questions, she saw the man winking at her, so she stopped saying anything and waved impatiently to let Shen Qiqi and them move faster.
When Shen Qiqi came to her, she reached out and gave Shen Qiqi a push.
Fortunately, when Shen Qiqi reacted, he gently hid aside and did not let her push.
At this time, she suddenly felt a sharp light coming from her back with a murderous look.
Maid heart a surprised hurriedly look back but found nothing.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang came to the man with their heads down and said nothing.
The man didn’t speak, but looked at them with an expression on his face and motioned for the maid to take them back to the shrine.
The maid said a few words to the kneeling civilians, and then returned to the so-called shrine with Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi.
Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi were closely watched all the way because of the journey. There was almost no communication and no sound.
Because the witch doctor country makes them feel too strange, both of them dare not make a move.
From entering Shen Qiqi, a witch doctor country, I felt that there was a strange smell everywhere. Walking down the street, you can see someone kneeling down to a statue with a tattoo on his face and a sword in his hand, with a look of fanaticism and worship.
And Shen Qiqi carefully observed the statue and found that although his face was tattooed, he couldn’t see his appearance, but his figure should be a man. Chapter 516 Ungrateful.
It is curious that a country made up of women worships a man with tattoos all over his face.
Shen Qiqi also wanted to see more eyes, but she was pushed by the maid next to her. She was unguarded and directly hit the side of Jun Yang.
Jun Yang quickly stretched out his hand to hold her and then gave her the maid a hard stare.
Maid was overflow so a stare unexpectedly feel like being instantly into the ice and snow general cold up.
How can a person’s eyes give people such a great deterrent? No one has ever seen it except the present witch maid.
No, even the witch doesn’t have such a glance, which makes people sweat and look straight.
This is really a civilian. Should he have eyes?
After the maid was initially shocked and afraid, she became confused, but her doubts also passed by in a flash. She felt that Jun Yang must have been recognized by the great witch doctor and dared to be so disrespectful to her.
Although these maids are said to be maids of the great witch doctor, because they are the people around the great witch doctor, the so-called beating a dog depends on the master. Because of the status of the great witch doctor, even his personal maid is highly respected.
The maid was treated respectfully wherever she went. Where did anyone dare to look at her like this? Her dignity was seriously challenged. The maid decided to teach Junyang a lesson and let him know that even if she was seen by a witch doctor, she should not be ignorant of the good and the bad.
She walked beside Jun Yang and raised her hand to slap Jun Yang.
Jun Yang leans slightly and hides in the past. At the same time, it is also a cold look in her eyes.
Eye deterrence plus height advantage, the maid felt a strong pressure coming on her face, which almost made her want to kneel down and beg for mercy.
Aside Shen Qiqi also coldly looking at the maid.
It’s ungrateful for this person to try to provoke them again and again. If it weren’t for now, it would not be appropriate to startle them. I’m afraid she would be dead now.
But it won’t be long before she dies
Shen Qiqi secretly wrote down her physical characteristics and waited for a while to settle accounts with her.