An Ge looked at it carefully and his expression looked a little dignified. "Brother, how much do you think Cheng Rong can believe in western words?"

"After you told me, I sent someone to check in this direction. I did find out that Cheng Rongxi often looked for his mother for a while, but many of the materials were destroyed by Cheng Rongxi. At that time, I still had some doubts, but I just watched Lin Yuxi’s reaction at the airport. I think everything that Cheng Rongxi said should be true except whether his father killed him or not!"
An Mo’s face was serious, recalling the scene just at the airport. Lin Xixi reacted when he saw him. When he heard Gu Yan introduce him as an elder brother, he thought Cheng Rongxi should not lie.
But none of this can prove whether Cheng Rongxi is the murderer of his parents!
"Elder brother, I promised that I wouldn’t ask Cheng Rongxi about this matter again, and I also promised that he wouldn’t ask this matter in front of his wife. Now, if we prove that Cheng Rongxi is the man by law, we will have a method of exclusion to prove whether those two people are murderers first!"
An Ge tone is particularly serious for Cheng Rongxi. If it weren’t for Gu Yan’s stalking and beating Lin Xixi, Cheng Rongxi wouldn’t even tell her these things.
An Ge couldn’t help frowning at the thought of the other two suspects. In fact, those two people are the most dangerous people.
Cheng Rongxi has Gu Yan’s reasons. Even if she does something, Cheng Rongxi may not do anything for Gu Yan’s sake, but those two people are different and now she knows nothing about them.
Anmo sighed, perhaps because he felt a little depressed. He couldn’t help but say with a smile, "I came back this time because I was afraid that you were worried, and I wanted you to be at ease, and on the other hand, it was about this matter with you."
An Ge couldn’t smile at this time, but his face was a little more dignified than just now. "Is brother going to approach them on his own initiative?"
Anmo nodded, so he said easily, "I have a half-year vacation there. When I plan to benefit from this, I will go to the dark organization in country G to conduct an investigation. I may not return to city B for a long time, but I hope you don’t worry. I will be fine."
"Brother, I will go with you!"
An Ge grabbed Ann’s ink hand and said to him with a face of seriousness and solemnity for fear that Ann’s ink would refuse.
An Mo smiled and shook his head. "I’m relatively familiar with it, and it’s much better to blend in alone than two people. You are in charge of the company in City B. You should take good care of the company while I’m away. If I need your help, I’ll let you know, but you mustn’t just show up there, okay?"
An Ge shook her head and she was still worried. "I will accompany you and I will not drag you back!"
"Silly girl, you will never be a burden to your brother. I don’t want you to get hurt. Besides, you haven’t been with Gu Yan for long now. Are you willing to leave so soon?"
Chapter 34 She is my wife (1)
"willing!" An Ge didn’t hesitate to say that if her happiness was nothing compared with Amy’s life!
"But I can’t bear to see you get hurt." Amy smiled and stretched out her hand and rubbed An Ge’s head as if she were a child. Being considerate and gentle will protect the most important thing in her life!
An Ge’s eyes are red, and the whole person can’t help hugging Ann Mo’s head and burying it in his arms. Embrace Ann Mo’s hand tightly. There are too many worries and emotions in her whole body, and she can only hold this man who has protected her.
"Brother, I promise you to stay, but you have to promise me that Ann can’t get hurt!" Ange’s voice was muffled, and she couldn’t help but raise her lip angle and solemnly promised with a gentle smile, "I promise you that I will live because I still don’t trust to hand you over to Gu Yan completely."
He will never let anything happen to himself before his parents’ cause of death is found out, because it is irresponsible to An Ge. He doesn’t want to put too much pressure on An Ge, and their little princess should be happy!
"You can’t get hurt!" An Ge looked up and looked at him with tears in his eyes, emphasizing it again.
"… very not hurt!" Amy smiles and sighs silly girl!
Because I have to leave for a long time, Ann Mo didn’t go to class these two days, almost all of them accompanied An Ge, which made Gu Yan somewhat dissatisfied.
What does it mean when my brother sticks to his sister all day? Is the sister-loving complex so serious? !
It’s the weekend again. Ann Mo directly took An Ge to go shopping. Gu Yan was a little stuck and looked at the two brothers and sisters holding hands in front of him.
Xiaoqi didn’t want to take part in this bloody activity. Nai was told by Ann Mo that she had to follow her and look at Gu Yan’s gas teeth at this time. She couldn’t wait to put out Ann Mo’s brutal appearance. She was well-advised and far away from all three of them.
It would be nice for her to stay at home and sleep today. Why did you bring her along?
"Xiao qi ….." Gu Yan stopped and shouted hazily.
Xiaoqi couldn’t help shivering and froze in place for a few seconds. At this time, Gu Yan was a little impatient. She hurriedly asked respectfully before trotting, "What can I do for you, young master?"
Gu Yan turned to look at her and looked at her with a frown, as if he had made an important decision. Generally, he directly raised his hand and took Xiao Qi’s shoulder and said, "Let’s go!"
Xiao qi hates cold. What is this?
Young master, are you sure you didn’t get the wrong person?
Watching Gu Yan’s footsteps speed up Xiaoqi’s consciousness, she also understood what Gu Yan wanted at this time. She quickly said, "Young master, are you really not afraid of my anger?"
Gu Yan ignored her footsteps and walked quickly and took her directly into the An Ge and Ann Mo’s home improvement shop.
At this time, Anmo was holding a purple dress in front of An Ge, gesticulating at Gu Yan and holding Xiaoqi to move forward, deliberately exaggerating and walking around in front of An Ge.
"Brother Xiaoqi just chose this dress for you to try." An Ge ignored Gu Yan and handed Xiaoqi a pure white dress in his hand and said with a smile, "Try it!"
Xiaoqi took a weak look at Gu Yan. Although she wanted to laugh at this time, she looked at Gu Yan’s gloomy appearance. She had to hold her skirt and hurried into the fitting.
Chapter 341 She is my wife (19)
Gu Yan’s molars were so regarded that he was also proud and charming. He turned to one side, sat on the sofa and took a rest. The magazine turned aside and blocked the discussion in front of him.
Out of sight, out of mind!
Although Gu Yan can’t see at this time, Nai’s hearing is a little too good. Listen, An Ge and Ann laughed. He couldn’t help but tighten his hand and couldn’t tear it off directly.
"Try it …" Ann ink handed An Ge both skirts at random and chose a skirt for Xiaoqi. At this time, Xiaoqi has changed and walked to An Ge and Ann ink and directly turned around and asked with a smile, "Is it nice?"
"Very cute, like an angel!" Ann ink praised with a smile.
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An Ge also nodded. "This dress matches your temperament. My brother has a good eye!"
"Mainly human beauty!" Ann ink chuckled before handing the other skirt to Xiaoqi and continued with a smile, "Try this skirt."
Xiaoqi took it and walked into the fitting with An Ge.
Ann ink casually strolled around and saw that both Xiaoqi and An Ge were suitable for shopping in their hands. They also chose several pieces.
Gu Yan’ an sat there quietly, but I didn’t expect this ink to be so carefree and concentrate on picking clothes without resting. !
He also couldn’t help but throw the magazine aside, got up and walked towards Anmo, and asked in a cool tone, "What do you mean when I say big uncle?"
Anmo didn’t look after Yan. He joked slightly, "Why don’t you call me brother?"
"I think calling you big uncle can tell me more about my identity!" Gu Yan gracefully put her hand on a plate and smiled very badly.
Anmo regarded his choice as almost the same. He looked up at Gu Yan’s face and said, "Come on, Gu Shao!"
Gu Yan’s face turned black, and it was really a failure that his provocation was seen so thoroughly!
"Is brother good-looking?" At this time, An Ge has come out and smiled and walked beside Ann Mo looking forward to looking at him.
Once again, An Ge regarded Gu Yan as a bit flustered. Are these two brothers and sisters dedicated to anger him today?
"beauty!" Ann ink evaluation raise my hand to help An Ge to sort out a skirt and once again looked at An Ge’s eyes with a glimmer of time. Their little princess grew up really beautiful!
An Ge, stare at by Anmo, couldn’t help laughing. "Does brother think your sister is the most beautiful in the sky?"
Anmo nodded without hesitation. "Of course!"
Gu Yan disdained "Yi" and sighed slightly "After you have your sister-in-law, your brother won’t think so!"