"I don’t know what it is to plant real rice this year. I heard that the output is lower than that of wheat. If the year is not good, it will kill people."

It’s easy for the Zhuang people to talk and leave, so they have to come over and interfere, "Don’t say more about the astrologer’s adult."
Although the steward is only in his thirties, several village chiefs all know that he is a registered apprentice in the Star Warlock Tower, and they all shut up.
The fork in the road was quiet again until the smoke rolled up ahead.
Cheng Jinzhou rode the dust and ran at the front, followed closely by Meng Da Meng Er, while others were left far away.
Leijiacha etc students run fast, on the one hand, the horse is good, on the other hand, there is a star array, and on the other hand, they are recklessly riding. Even if they can get up at a speed, they dare not get too close. It must be to let the Lord enjoy the amazing speed.
Some positions behind Cao Feng’s fall are still half-flying. Old-school astrologers will have flying star arrays to determine the basis of a astrologer. When they get used to flying, they will not want to run around on the ground.
When the horse reaches the fork in the road, there is still no point in stopping. There is a serious matter in front of the Zhuang people. The apprentice of the star warlock is afraid to raise the flag in his hand when facing the atmosphere of the real star warlock.
It was the young man in Yangjiao Village who waved his arms and shouted "Here, here …"
Cheng Jinzhou, who is enjoying a rare rapid pleasure, just slowly admitted the reins. At this time, his horse has crossed the fork in the road for hundreds of meters.
In front of the star warlock apprentice mercilessly stared at the mature Han, and ran two steps forward to see Cheng Jinzhou turning his horse’s head and hurriedly made a formal reception ceremony. "Star warlock apprentice Wang Hao met Cheng Jinzhou’s adult star warlock."
Cheng Jinzhou nodded slightly and rode over.
Even so, Wang Hao felt very lucky, and the sweat on his face fell.
"Who are you?" Cheng Jinzhou has no intention of coming.
Others seem to take it for granted that Meng Meng Er gently tugged at the reins and deliberately stopped the horse in Cheng Jinzhou.
"Small is Shan Yang, the head of Yangjiao Village. We are all your tenants."
"Oh?" Cheng Jinzhou never stayed in the countryside, not to mention the lack of concept of tenancy in rural areas in feudal times.
Wang Hao timidly went to the front and heard Shan Yang talking, and his forehead was sweating.
Instead, Cao Feng drifted in slowly and recognized his roll call. "What’s the matter with Wang Hao?"
"Cao Fengxing warlock’s adult, several village chiefs are waiting for Cheng Jinzhou’s adult." Wang Hao’s face shows a little joy. He is just hanging Cao Fengxing’s star warlock apprentice, and he has to settle for second best to manage the land rent. For the outer peninsula, it is a great importance to send a star warlock apprentice. He is the actual land manager.
"because?" Cheng Jinzhou frowned. He needed to rent land to grow real rice. He didn’t have much interest in dealing with tenants.
Wang Hao didn’t know how to answer, but Shan Yang summoned up his courage and said, "Cheng’s adult, we are all your tenants."
"I heard that you want us to grow real rice. We are a little worried … Tenants have to rely on land production to make a living. Every family rarely has a little surplus. We have never planted this kind of rice. If we kill so many families, we will not be able to live. Please let us grow rice." Shan Yang said and knelt down to prepare new clothes and rubbed it in the soil
"Please let us plant rice." A group of people shouted and knelt down.
Cheng Jinzhou froze on the spot. He never knew that the landlord could not decide what to plant the land.
Wang Hao facial expression, a persistent way "Shan Yang, what do you want to do? Be careful to take your land back. Get up! "
No one listen to him.
The head of Qingshui Village also showed his yellow teeth and kowtowed on his knees. "Cheng’s adult, you have pity on us. If we don’t have food, our wife will starve when we are young."
In an instant, there was chaos. After squinting for a moment, Jinzhou slammed his horse and went to Wang Hao. The Spurs poked and said, "You tell me."
No matter how bold the village chiefs are, they dare not yell. Stop and let Wang Hao talk.
At this time, Shi Yan and others have already blocked the fork in the road, and the momentum around them is overwhelming.
Wang Hao stretched out his neck and didn’t think much about the sidewalk. "The main worry of the astrologer’s adult is that you are not familiar with the real rice planting. It will be fine after you are familiar with it."
"It’s … it’s the usual practice to pay 50% of the grain every year. If the yield of this real rice is too small, you may not have enough to eat."
"Who said that this time it is to pay 50% of the grain?"
Wang Hao said cautiously, "If the rent is reduced, the surrounding tenants will even be reduced. We have the least rent."
"How about paying the real rice and I’ll make up the food for you according to last year’s tenancy?" Cheng Jinzhou looked at Shan Yang who spoke first.
Several village chiefs looked at each other for a long time, and Yang Shancai said, "When will we get food for us?"
"How do you want to make it up?" Cheng Jinzhou knows that they are afraid that some petty officials will make mischief from it. In fact, the current political system seems to be difficult to avoid.
"If we can give it to us before spring ploughing according to last year’s grain supplement, we will be relieved," said Ai Ai in Shan Yang.
Last year was a bumper year, and the grain before spring ploughing was much more expensive than that after autumn harvest. Wang Hao listened anxiously and looked at Cheng Jinzhou but dared not say.
"I know," said Cheng Jinzhou thoughtfully for a moment. "I’m going to wait until farming time to send someone to you now. For details, if it’s supplemented, it’s up to him to decide Tang Zheng."
Tang Zheng looking dignified and strong came out from the attendants.