Deep in the cave, there is a huge crystal coffin, in which lies a figure wrapped in a thick crystal shell, and there is no life.

Unlike the Archaean Eldar seen by Lu Chen before, the creatures sealed by Crystal Shell Town still have the breath of life even when they are asleep, which is the seal when life goes by.
If there is no life in the crystal shell, it is said that it has died in the long years.
Liu Chen and Qian Xue looked at the woman in this crystal coffin before they left.
The style of a woman’s orange dress is different from that of today’s dress, which is more simple and dignified. Through the crystal shell of the crystal coffin, you can see the graceful figure of the cage, but her face is as hard to see as a layer of Shaman.
Even after sleeping, dignified and noble temperament still does not decline, which is awe-inspiring and wants people to bow down and worship.
Qianxue put her hand on the crystal coffin. "This is the immortal refining material of Tianwai Yunjing … what a luxury."
Lu Chen frowns and thinks that he can’t feel the breath of this woman’s life. Is this the same as the secret blood?
Is it true that the secret blood bodhi old zu said that people who let themselves see are women in front of them?
Will she be the secret blood bodhi old zu?
The secret blood bodhi old zu let himself take the opportunity to say that this opportunity can make him advance by leaps and bounds in Xiaojin dragon three for three years and win the final victory.
But the so-called chance can’t be this crystal coffin, can it?
Although Qian Xue also said that this is an excellent refining material, Lu Chen is not Pang Bo, and he still has a little sympathy for others’ coffin plates.
Moreover, the refined words are not very helpful to their own strength, and that is not the secret blood fighters have always pursued the road. They are pursuing their own powerful martial arts to the extreme.
Lu Chen said with a try mentality, "The younger Lu Chen was asked by the bodhi old zu of the secret blood."
His voice echoed, but there was no response and nothing special happened.
The woman is still sleeping quietly, and even the connection is dyed with a quiet atmosphere.
"Captain, do you want to take out a token and try it?"
Thousands of snow wake up
Lu Chen wanted to force the secret blood bodhi old zu to give him the mark out of the body, but the mark didn’t listen to him, not like the 49 Taoist seals.
He tried his best to force the deep red rune to the surface of his body, but the law continued to leave.
In the end, Lu Chen can also put his face on the crystal coffin and shout, "Is the elder still alive? I brought a token. "
He was afraid that the imprint was not close enough, and he leaned forward, and the crystal coffin was fitted, which caused Qianxue to want to go around to the other side to see what it would be like.
A little later, Liu Chen saw that the woman in the crystal coffin didn’t respond and was disappointed. "It seems that we made a trip in vain. This elder has passed away."
I think it’s also the secret blood bodhi old zu, who was a figure six million years ago, and it took him more than one million years to cultivate to that state, so few people of his time are millions of years old.
The clay statues they saw before were only more than 4 million years old, and Shou Yuan has reached its limit. It is still borrowed some mysteries from the original mine to survive.
The more powerful a person is, the harder it is to be completely sealed. This is the same in any world. Presumably, the female crystal shell in the crystal coffin can’t play its full role. When the effect passes, it will be normal. After a long time, her body has turned into a beautiful body.
Xiaojinlong is rubbing on the coffin board, which means that it can eat the female inside.
Liu Chen’s hand is a slap on the head of Xiaojinlong. "Are you poisonous? Have you forgotten our three chapters? "
Xiaojinlong shrank his head and paws, which means that Lu Chen said he couldn’t eat it, and he didn’t mean anything to it. The living didn’t say the dead.
"Eat and you will know that you can’t chew this coffin even if you hit it."
Lu Chen was in a bad mood. After several months of history, he finally went to the depths of the original mine, but there was a dead body in the end.
He’s not mocking Xiaojinlong. He says it’s true. Don’t say that the female realm in Xiaojinlong’s coffin may be the secret blood bodhi old zu level. Even if it’s attacked by thousands of snow forces, don’t try to leave traces on the body.
Compared with this crystal coffin, the female body may have stronger anti-strike ability.
"Ow …"
Xiaojinlong is a little lost. It feels so good. It says that people are all dead, so why can’t she feel it when I eat her?
It thinks that human beings are very double-minded, scolding them for being really dragons and waves the resources of the universe while surfing the resources of the universe themselves.
This woman didn’t disperse her body energy after her death. She didn’t become a Taoist like the former immortal, but stayed here.
Then why can’t it eat?
"Captain, come and see that there is lettering here."