When Pei Wende was hit hard by Dan Chen and had to temporarily live in Ningxiang County, it was the old woman who found and took him in.

After solving the "vampire Lao", Pei Wende left enough money for the old woman, but after all, he didn’t come back to see her for such a long time.
"Aunt, I came back to see you."
Pei Wende opened his arms to give the old woman a hug, and then was slapped by the old woman without surprise.
"You haven’t seen each other for such a long time, or this pair of no big or little slutty characters."
The mouth complained so much, but the joy of the old woman’s face was obvious
For this knee-old woman, Pei Wende didn’t get along for a long time, but she already regarded each other as her own child in her heart.
"Ha ha, it’s only been a few months."
Despite the old woman’s obstruction, Pei Wende gave each other a bear hug again without any problem.
Although this etiquette is not in line with most people’s understanding of feudal ethics, today’s flourishing and declining Tang Dynasty is not out of line.
"I’m not ashamed to be an adult!"
The old woman who grumpily poked Pei Wende’s forehead saw the officers standing behind him like wood.
It is no wonder that Sun County Commandant was so dumbfounded that Pei Wende broke their understanding of the "little wizard" after his performance.
You should know that Pei Wende impressed them with majesty and solemnity in the "vampire Lao incident" or in the previous conversation.
This is the first time that the officers have seen Pei Wende show such a human side, but also to an ordinary old woman who lives in the streets all the year round.
No matter from which angle, the old woman in front of her is an ordinary person.
If it weren’t for this scene, they wouldn’t have thought that Pei Wende’s "acquaintances" would be ordinary people.
"auntie, I came back to you this time to ask you for help."
Without too much hesitation, Mrs. Pei Wende finally expressed her purpose after hugging.
"I may have to open a porridge shed in the near future, but I lack a chef."
"You also know that I am a stranger in this place and I don’t trust others to be responsible for cooking and thinking, so I can trouble you."
"Of course, how about you help me pay 200 pence a day?"
"There’s not a word of truth in your mouth."
Once again, I stretched out my hand and poked Pei Wende’s forehead. When the other party got along for so long, the old woman still couldn’t see each other’s little thoughts.
Pei Wende said that he didn’t trust others to cook, but in fact he didn’t want to watch the old woman continue to get up early and spread pancakes.
It’s just that this opportunity for the old lady to help herself can not only save a lot of trouble, but also save enough "pension" for the other party at one time.
After all, the next action in Pei Wende’s plan will not solve the problem in a day or two.
Two hundred words a day seems to be few, but it is much better than getting up early and being greedy for the dark by the old woman herself.
The most important thing is that Pei Wende is here to sit in these two hundred articles, but it has actually achieved enough for the elderly to support the second half of their lives.
"But you have a vision, don’t look at Auntie. I am old, but when I was young, my craft was still."
Without even asking what Pei Wende was going to do, the old woman smiled and replied.
Chapter 42 Wonderful monster fate
Almost at the same time, Zou Qiwu settled in the inn.
"Who are you?"
Zou Qiwu, who had just returned to the inn, was about to move himself and his contacts Pei Wende to take action to collect enough funds and materials when a woman appeared and pushed his door open.
Just the most eye-catching position at the door, but others in the inn just didn’t see the woman, just like Zou Qiwu at the door
"Don’t be so wary. I’m here to help you."
There is an elusive smile on the corner of her mouth. It’s as if she didn’t see Zou Qiwu’s rejection. She said in a calm and almost strange tone
"Help me? If you really want to help me, at least make a basic self-introduction! "
Eyes alert to stay in the female body Zou Qiwu is especially glad that he didn’t let the moon follow him back to the inn, but left the office with Zhang Chusheng.
Because I saw the woman at first sight, I was sure that the other person was not a person.
There is nothing to curse or belittle consciousness. Zou Qiwu is simply stating the fact that this woman is not human.
And the woman’s answer did prove Zou Qiwu’s guess.
"It’s really not the kui is a thief who dared to steal a’ clever boy’ twenty years ago. This courage alone is beyond the ordinary people …"
"Since you want to know my name so much, I’ll tell you!"
What seems to be a compromise still reveals a tone of almost charity.
"My name is Ruier, and my original surname is Fox."
"But now I’ve changed my husband’s surname. You can call me Lu Ruier."
Smell speech Zou Qiwu first face a surprised and then insight into the subtext of female words.