Shi Shuangcheng laughed. "No problem. I’m their mentor! If it’s convenient, I still want to know as much as possible about a student’s foundation … "

Hua Zhen’s trip "There is nothing inconvenient for them to repair the foundation, but they haven’t learned the skill of nourishing Yuan. If it is convenient for Shi Mentor, I can give you all the skills of nourishing Yuan these days, which is not difficult to prove."
Since ancient times, all the sects of Buddhism have their roots. For example, one root method is the 36-hole cave, the Dandan Road, the leader of Kunlun, Mei Yeshi, and the patriarch of Sanmengzong. The root method of Sanmengzong is four doors, twelve floors, the Dandan Road, and the world’s three dreams, and the big F root method is also a secret. It can’t be granted unless it is taught by a master, and it can’t be unauthorized.
However, the practice of nourishing Yuangu is an anti-unification of the root method practiced by all Yuan-cultivating teachers. Of course, it is the cultivation of Yuan-cultivating skills, but there are no rules. It is for the public to promote it, and it is required in the teaching process. Only intermediate Yuan-cultivating instructors certified by the headquarters of Yuan-cultivating teachers can engage in the cultivation of Yuan-cultivating skills.
There are requirements for tutors and requirements for students in the training of primary training for cultivating yuan from grade one to grade three, but it is not unreasonable to pay attention to the practice and practice, and it is also necessary to wake up to the level four in Hua Zhen and have no requirements for students
Nowadays, these four-level students are all employees of Huanxiang Industry, and the backbone of the new alliance has decided from their origins that they must all be one of their own, but what about the future? It is hard to imagine the high cost of building Yangyuan Valley. At present, Hua Zhen Bank is training students in order to have a group of talents in the short term.
Then, if Hua Zhenxing can guarantee that talents will be trained in the future, can he really do what he wants? Actually, this problem is not widely awake, and Hua Zhen trip is bound to be considered.
Even if the identity of a supporting brother is repaired casually, it is also a lifelong achievement. This is not like the theory of graduating from school in the secular world, except for the resume, it will no longer accept the original school management deployment.
In the conversation, I gave another suggestion to Hua Zhen Bank, that is, unified management should be implemented from the certification of intermediate yuan-cultivating teachers. If you are willing to continue to raise Yuan Valley in the future and perform the prescribed duties, you can get the certification of Yang Yuan Valley and get the opportunity to practice here. Otherwise, you should become a "wild" yuan-cultivating teacher.
It’s interesting that this trip to Hua Zhen once had some ideas that coincide with each other. It’s similar to Gambyshire’s management of divinity teachers. Of course, it’s not completely consistent. It’s much more difficult to become a divinity teacher than to become a nourishing yuan teacher, and the pursuit of nourishing yuan is only that there is no requirement for him before the physical and mental realm is four levels less.
In many details, it is necessary for Hua Zhen to consider it by himself. There are differences in the rules of practicing sects and the management methods of Gambisi Court … If he does not consider it, he can consult three old people.
The only exception now is that Shi Shuangcheng, the invited guest tutor, is a special agent. Hua Zhen Bank has no reservations about the root method of Yangyuan teacher, but hopes that Shi Shuangcheng will take the initiative to learn well and prove it from the beginning
Hua Zhenxing didn’t ask Hiro to be a "invited guest tutor", but Hiro didn’t mean it either, so the two of them had a tacit understanding and didn’t talk about it again. But Hiro, if he wanted to learn Yuanshu, of course, was welcome to go to Hua Zhen. He even taught Gao Le!
It’s really welcome for these two guests to come to China and thank them. Now the three old people no longer take the initiative to take charge of the Hua Zhen trip, and they are afraid that they will be thoughtless. Even if they can ask at any time, they must know what they want to ask.
Talking to several people, they have not been idle to display various magical skills together. This abode of fairies and immortals will soon be completed. "Little Martial Uncle, do you want to live in this abode of fairies and immortals for a few days?"
Shi Shuangcheng: "That’s not that I’m now a mentor of Yangyuan Valley, even if I help with the construction here."
Guang "But Xiaoshishu was not a mentor when it was built."
Shi Shuangcheng "expected! Do you know how to deduce it? Does General Manager Hua issue a certificate? "
Hua Zhen trip "of course, don’t worry about issuing certificates. We will call everyone together and hold a special ceremony to familiarize the stone tutor with the situation and meet the staff of all departments."
Man Man interjected, "Sometimes I invite you to visit the Yangyuan Art Center outside the mountain and meet with the staff there to guide a worker."
Hua Zhenxing nodded, "Well, please invite Director Guang to join us."
That night, Cui Wanhe, the head of Huanxiang Industrial Publicity Department and the head of the New Alliance Publicity Department, also lived in Hushu. She brought a set of detailed publicity materials to Guangshi Shuangcheng respectively.
Paper is a picture book. According to the original request of Cove, the size of this magazine is the same every month, but it needs to be rearranged to introduce the changes brought by the new alliance from the beginning. Whoever turns this picture book can understand the changes brought by the new alliance from the old times to today in the most intuitive way.
At first, the album was the new look of Pickering District in the agricultural reclamation area, but now it has shown the misdeeds of the guard line. The liberation of Banda City is like reading a living history. What is important is that it is not a magazine, but a new and repeated core is re-edited every month.
Deguozheng: This is the concept that Cove has repeatedly emphasized. The new alliance must prove this to everyone. This album is also the basis of future history textbooks, so that local children can learn it just like Hua Zhen’s business first sees recipes.
Cui Wanhe also brought two tablet computers with all kinds of information, which are arranged in different categories, just like the core of a database is a series of documentaries. According to the requirements of Hua Zhenxing, there are three total durations of five minutes, half an hour and a half, and a new one is released every month.
This is to adapt to the rhythm of modern people’s access to information and summarize the purpose of the new alliance for five minutes. It brings changes. If someone is very interested, they will naturally continue to watch the other two for a longer time and more information. Considering that Yangyuan Valley is not accessible, Cui Wanhe also prepared a mobile source for colleagues to help her carry it into the valley.
Although Yang Lao-tou has "technology" with his bare hands, he can’t be expected to do this job. Although he also studies in Hua Zhen, he can’t master this technology yet. It needs practice. If you practice with mobile phones and brain things, the loss will be too high.
A good trip to Hua Zhen is now considered a rich man. He once ordered a lot of small light bulbs from Eastland to consult Van Ducker’s professional questions, and then ordered 200,000 different types of components from Eastland. The size is very small and the price is very cheap. Half a TEU can be delivered. At present, the order has not yet arrived. He intends to use it to practice his skills and familiarize himself with the technology.
200,000. Is that a lot? According to Vandak, it is very sensitive to master different quantities and flows, and to be able to control them stably. If you are not careful, it will be damaged. It is normal for Hua Zhen to burn thousands of mana overnight before the consumption is completed. Except for Hua Zhen, others can try to learn. The minimum requirement is a five-level yuan-cultivating teacher.
On the other hand, Shi Shuangcheng looked at the propaganda materials all night that day, and after dawn, she couldn’t wait to visit the port of Somalia. She passed by the port of Somalia when she came, but she didn’t expect such a strange experience in that humble and broken town.
However, the next day, there was something else to do to raise the existing staff of Yuangu, and a celebration ceremony was held together. First, Xia Changqing was awarded a four-level teacher certificate, which was a hot field, and then Shi Shuangcheng was given a special guest tutor certificate, which was also built by Uncle Mo himself.
Today, the holder of the certificate will not get lost in Yuangu after her support …
"The city will have so many evil precious residue? Don’t you turn a blind eye to Hua Zhen’s trip now that you have five realms of repair? " This is a problem that no one expected in advance after Shi Shuangcheng visited the port of Sofia.
When she said this sentence, it was already half a day after Yangyuan Valley, and she visited the Hua Zhen trip in the late night of the port city, Manman, Locke, Lianna and Guang, and suddenly frowned after coming out from the noodle restaurant after eating midnight snack.
Chapter 293, is nothing.
Everyone except the square felt a little surprised. Lianna replied, "There may be a little more obscenity here, but it’s not an exaggeration. It’s true in many places. If Miss Shi had come earlier, she would have found that the obscenity was heavier then, and now most of it has been dispersed."
Shi Shuangcheng said it was "evil" and Lian Na said it was "yin"
The so-called evil spirit is a very general and vague concept, which generally refers to all wind, evil spirit and evil spirit, including evil practice. They may not all be malicious to people, but sometimes contact is not a good thing, which has a negative impact on people for different reasons.
When the monks break through the five realms from the four realms, the integration of heaven and earth into the form and spirit scene will disturb these things and attack them, so it is also called wind evil robbery
We haven’t found any rare and fascinating species in the port of Fei Suo. If we can touch it, it will be the Huo Jia in Yangyuan Valley, but no one will regard it as evil. All Shi Shuangcheng should be specific, that is, yin.
The so-called concept of obscenity is also very broad and difficult to express, including all kinds of consciousness and mental residues. Specifically, each obscenity may have its own unique causes, and other methods can affect real objects, which can also affect the consciousness and spirit, and only when there are certain circumstances can induction occur. In peacetime and reality, there is almost no contact between personnel.
For example, a certain person has not only stayed and disappeared without others realizing it or strong thoughts, but also remained for various reasons.
When Shi Shuangcheng spoke, they had just reached the corner of a narrow lane. The port of Feisuo has changed a lot this year. The whole city has been re-planned, but there are still many places that have not been completely transformed, such as this alley not far from the grocery store.
A few years ago, when I was in Hua Zhen, I saw someone fall dead at the foot of this wall. This person should have been shot elsewhere in the middle of the night and struggled to get here. It was only after dawn that he was discovered by passers-by and something worth a little money was found. This person’s last moment was strongly obsessed with it and formed some kind of obscenity.
If someone walks past, uneasy and fearful, and it happens that when that person was killed at the beginning, there will be a sense of fear rising inexplicably and accompanied by a sense of despair. I consciously want to call for help but dare not make a sound. This is not only the influence of foreign invasion, but also amplifies the original fear of passers-by … There are various explanations at the consciousness level.
However, the influence of obscenity here only ends here. Usually, passers-by will leave here quickly and dare not stay for a while. If they encounter mental and cardiovascular diseases, they may also cause injuries but induce injuries rather than direct injuries.
If passers-by don’t care, it won’t have an impact.
However, the six people passing by today are not ordinary people, and they are both unaffected and aware of it. If you master the theory of Lingjue, you can feel it, but if you want to explore it clearly, you need five realms of practice.
For example, if Hua Zhen’s trip hangs over this area at the moment, he can still see the scene of the man’s death at the beginning, and he can even feel that the strong emotion of the other party at that time was not yin and precious, which is exactly what it is. This is the manifestation of the image of Yuan God.
The reason for the formation of such obscenity is very complicated and accidental. Usually, it will be washed away by his breath soon, and it won’t last long. However, few people here pass through this wall and don’t see the sun all the year round before it remains. It will be inexplicable to walk through it and feel a little cold.
In the past, this kind of thing happened almost every day in the port of Sofia, even if it was a very small probability, there were a lot of events accumulated.
Over the past year or so, the whole city has undergone earth-shaking changes, as if it had gained a new life, and the lingering smell of gloom had already dispersed. Lianna only witnessed this change before she said that the situation here was acceptable.
Shi Shuangcheng but some don’t understand "this is fair? From yesterday afternoon to now, there are only dozens of places where I have noticed the lingering smell of yin! "
Port of Somalia is not really a small city. It is a capital of seven states in several countries with a population of more than 500,000. However, in Shi Shuangcheng’s eyes, it is indeed a small place. It is found that the density of the sinister atmosphere is quite high.
Locke said with a wry smile, "When you walk through a certain lane, you will feel scared for no reason. This is nothing to the residents of non-Somali port. If you are not careful, you will be stolen and robbed. If you are not careful, you will be shot and killed in the street. How hard you struggle, you can’t see hope. I don’t know what you want. Who will care about this?
I may be born with a disease and be infected with a deadly virus at any time. I want to learn but I can’t get an education. I want to work hard but I have no way out. Even the most diligent spirit motivates me to do it, that is, to dig more cassava in the wilderness. The most capable people in each block want to get ahead. There is no choice but to mix gangs. The fun of life is an illusion, and the life is consumed by cheap D.
If you know your own day, you won’t think about it again. It used to be a hell, but you don’t know it. Even if the smartest people here can realize these sober feelings, it’s even more painful … Do you know what people here have experienced and Obana Manman grew up here? "
Locke said it was from the bottom of his heart that he stayed in Port Sofia for eleven years and hid the gold gang ten years ago. How can the boss behind the scenes not know where this place is, and others can only save himself by repairing the gold gang? The way to express his feelings in the face of the world is to fold paper planes every day.