Yan Ying is very depressed from King Nie Renwang, and his body is crazy and his blood is unstable. Bing Xin’s tactic is lost. Where can he suppress it?

Seeing that Nie Renwang lost his mind and shouted, "It’s just crazy blood. Do you really think I have no means to break my family?"
There is a scale on the hilt of Huolin Sword, and a lotus flower suddenly enters the eyebrows of Duanshuai.
Broken handsome eyes with bloodthirsty impulse capability suddenly soared his incarnation Kirin magic.
Fire Sword is a magic weapon, but it is also a magic sword. It can attract people’s hearts and demons, and now it’s broken and handsome, and it has gained great skill and even directly possessed them.
"Strong fighters strength! The two crazy unexpectedly, such means will power up to strong fighters "Wang Yue eyes with a dignified.
Strong fighters fighting is serious.
Wang Yue’s contest with Zhang Sanfeng in those days was not a strong fighter fight, but they wanted to break through to the level of strong fighters.
There was a terrible noise, and the surrounding trees were destroyed by the aftershock of the whole day, and the lake of the Giant Buddha was splashed with waves several feet high.
The whole day has lost its original color.
"Ah …"
Nie Feng and Duanlang were shaken into the lake.
Wang Yue flew to the lake with flying skill.
Nie Feng and Duanlang are children under 10 years old and can’t fight martial arts. If no one saves them, they will definitely drown.
Wang Yue saw that they were in danger and could not go to from ruin.
Wang Yuegang brought the two little boys ashore when he heard a huge roar and a beast as high as five meters came out of Lingyun Cave.
The beast was burning with flames, which made Wang Yue, a half-step master fighter, feel suffocated.
"Fire Kirin!"
Nie Renwang and Duanshuai fought and added their crazy breath to finally lead the fire unicorn out.
The fire unicorn turned into a red light, and it caught Nie Renwang and Duanshuai, and then took them to Lingyun Cave.
"Powerful this fire unicorn is too powerful" Wang Yue was shocked.
It is difficult for Wang Yue to judge what level the strength of the fire unicorn has reached, but he can be sure that the family boxing is definitely no match for the fire unicorn.
"Dad …"
Nie Feng and Duanlang burst into tears when they saw that their father had been taken away by fire Kirin.
Wang Yue’s eyes lit up and he said happily, "Good opportunity. Now the fire unicorn caught Nie Ren Wang and Duanshuai. I will not notice me. I will quietly enter Lingyun Cave and find the blood bodhi, and then I will come out. It should be fine."
Wang Yue lost Nie Feng and broke the waves, using lightness skill to turn several ghosting images into Lingyun Cave.
"Who is that small? He’s killing himself when he enters Lingyun Cave. "
"He’s dead."
"Fire Kirin eats people and doesn’t spit bones. He will never come out alive when he enters."
When those fighters saw Wang Yue enter Lingyun Cave, they all recognized him as dying.
Fire Kirin said that even masters like Xiong and blade master dare not enter Lingyun Cave alone, but Wang Yue, a half-step master fighter, dared to go in. Isn’t this a death?
Wang Yue has no heart, but Nie Feng and Duanlang are very popular. These two young men are Nie Renwang and Duanshuai.
"Go to a few people to bring those two little ones back to heaven." A great master with aquiline nose stared at Nie Feng and broken waves and said, "King Nie Renwang and Duanshuaixiong Wang will be very happy to see them. Unfortunately, the snow drinking knife and fire forest sword were brought to Lingyun Cave by fire unicorn, and we can’t get them."
The two masters fuels and says, "Yes, my Lord."
The two of them cast their flying skills and soon caught Nie Feng and Broken Waves.
Wang Yue sneaked into Lingyun Cave carefully for fear of making a noise and disturbing the fire unicorn.
"Good at your own boxing, you can control your blood and heartbeat at will, and you can adjust your blood flow and breathing to a very slow level, otherwise it is really dangerous to come in."
Even if it can perfectly converge, Wang Yue should be careful. After all, he has to face it. However, Wang Yue, a god beast like fire unicorn, will die if he meets fire unicorn. If fire unicorn attacks, it can burn Wang Yue just by its surface flame.
"Which of the many passages in Lingyun Cave is the place leading to Xuepu?" Looking at several channels in front of me, Wang Yue was worried.
After hesitating for a while, Wang Yue decided to take this channel.
"There are so many bones in the ground. Their bones are white as jade. Even if they have been dead for a long time, the bones have not rotted and weathered. People here are peerless masters." Wang Yue said in his heart.
The bones are as white as jade and do not rot easily after death. Only a great master can do it, because the life level of a great master is obviously different from that of ordinary people. The most obvious difference is bones and bone marrow.
"It’s not the end yet. How long is this passage?" Wang Yuenai can continue to walk.