I’m sure he understands everything she doesn’t mean.

Jun Yang certainly understands, but it is because of this that he is both nai and pity.
What she means is that she doesn’t think she is perfect now and doesn’t want to marry him like this
But she doesn’t know that no matter what, she is the most beautiful in his eyes.
Actually, he didn’t propose to her on a whim. After talking with Qin Sheng last night, Jun Yang really understood the truest thoughts in Shen Qiqi’s heart.
She chose to leave him because she didn’t hurt him and the people around him.
She just studied hard to restrain herself so that she could return to him earlier.
Every decision she makes is for his sake.
Getting a wife is so demanding.
If getting married can make her feel more secure and not worry so much, then why doesn’t he do it?
"Believe me, my heart will not change no matter what you become." Jun Yang was pious and printed a kiss on her forehead, hoping to make her feel her mind.
"I believe you, but I can’t stand it. Are you white? I want to give you the best of yourself, not like this. "Thinking of your identity, Shen Qiqi is not a little lost and faint, and there is still some inferiority."
"Good depends on you" feel her mood become depressed Jun Yang love dearly not 177 Chapter 177 punish you to hug me up first.
At the same time, I secretly blame myself for not realizing this at this time and making Qiqi sad.
"Well, well, you can do whatever you want. Don’t think about it yet. Shouldn’t we go to breakfast at dawn?" Like a child, hug Shen Qiqi in your arms and gently shake Junyang to decide to eat to distract her.
Sure enough, when it comes to breakfast, Shen Qiqi touched it and protested for a long time. He said, "It’s all your fault for giving people such a big surprise in the early morning that I haven’t been able to eat yet."
"Yes, it’s all my fault. Will you punish me for feeding the Queen of July 7th for breakfast later?" Jun Yang a face of spoil should way
He seems to be able to make Shen Qiqi forget unpleasant things for a while and let him do whatever he wants.
Moreover, the condition spoiled her, and she felt very happy when she saw her face satisfied and smiled.
This is a fresh experience for you to finish.
When you face your lover, a lot of things will be self-taught, or this is the most natural reaction, because you are the one who loves you the most, no matter what you do, you don’t care about gains or losses, you don’t have to think about what will make her heart the best.
"Hum, of course, it’s not good." Shen Qiqi is arrogant. "You have to pick me up first."
"Yes, Queen" Jun Yang gave a princess a hug. "Is this the way to hug?"
Before Shen Qiqi could answer, he said to himself, "Or do you want to hug like this?"
This time it was a bear hug.
"No, no, no, that’s not it. Is that it?" After that, a baby hug
Shen Qiqi …
She just looked at Junyang in distress situation, playing tricks there, and it was called a language in her heart. When did the cold master get farther and farther away from her?
But why is it getting sweeter and sweeter in my heart? The constant warmth almost melts her.
Backhand around his neck and feet plate his waist Shen qi-qi queen posture full command "well, now the queen ordered the horse to eat breakfast".
"Yes, my queen" will hold Jun Yang firmly and hold her out of the room.
As soon as I came out, I found that Jun Si had been waiting outside for a long time. It was not him and Macey Eva Lingchen Su Yu Jersey even arrived at the Xiaojin line.
In the eyes of the public, Jun Yang held Shen Qiqi out like this, making a big blush and struggling to come from him.
Junyang won’t allow people to be held more tightly, depending on the people’s surprised eyes. The old god carried her to the table and put a chair next to him, so that he could enjoy breakfast.
Behind him was a scratching sound.
Shen Qiqi looked embarrassed at Jun Yang and looked at him, but he still hasn’t recovered. They couldn’t wait for a rift for her to get in.
While Shen Qiqi did not pay attention to Jun Yang’s immobile stare, the warning in everyone’s eyes was full of meaning.
"I remember that I haven’t finished my work yet, Miss Qiqi. Please eat slowly and I’ll go to work first." Jun Si, who has been with Jun Yang for the longest time, reacted first and quickly made an excuse to run away.
Young Master, that look in his eyes means that they are an eyesore, affecting Miss Qiqi’s eating. It’s even more time-consuming not to slip away at this time before young master gets angry.
To others, they are not less masters, and the less masters may not do anything with them, but what will they do with him? He sacrificed his life to forgive him, but he didn’t have the time to take care of others. Chapter 178 Two people travel.
Ling Chen, who is obedient to Jun Yang, is not afraid of him. Instead, he is eager to see his drama. At the moment, instead of walking, he pulls a chair and sits cheerfully. He also pulls a chair next to him to signal Su Yu to sit.
Su Yu obediently sat with a facial paralysis face, which made Shen Qiqi even more stressed.
Macey Eva saw that someone had already sat down, so naturally she wouldn’t be polite. She also pulled a chair to sit down and picked out her favorite food, so she was not polite to eat it.
I’m kidding. I came to pick up Shen Qiqi, but he got up early in the morning and hasn’t eaten anything yet. He can’t care so much if he does.
Jersey Jersey A simple teenager doesn’t know so many twists and turns. At this moment, I don’t feel so happy when I see Shen Qiqi’s illness. The root of it depends on Jun Yang’s eyes.
At that time, the dinner table became lively.
Shen Qiqi also forgot the embarrassing scene just now in this lively atmosphere.
After eating a meal, I didn’t see Qin Sheng figure. Shen Qiqi didn’t feel strange.
Seeing that she was puzzled, Jun Yang told her that Qin Sheng had already left after he came.
But why did you leave in such a hurry without telling her?