Yes, although Adacon is strong, there is more than one empire. What’s the difference between Adacon’s persistence?

"The value of Aidakang is not that great."
Emperor Wu of the Third Emperor spoke with great scruples and couldn’t finish Adakang’s thoughts. He didn’t even look at Adakang until now.
Ji Xinghe hesitated like thinking.
But it’s a little annoying to let people know that he didn’t really think.
"Stop talking nonsense. What can it get?"
The smile on Emperor Wu III’s face is stagnant and bright, like Stockholm syndrome.
"What do you want?"
"He is more"
When people frown and think, Emperor Wu III has already answered.
"He has ten tons of tungsten, steel and gold and ten sacred crystals."
People have just thought about whether ten tons of tungsten steel and gold can build several Chinese-class mecha or hundreds of tungsten steel and gold weapons or more than a dozen space battleship nuclear fusion reactors can ask for more time.
Ji Xinghe ying
"Is half an hour enough?"
"That’s enough"
Ji Xinghe motioning with his hand, Li Yuanba slowly withdrew from the range that the camera could capture and then ran directly.
His actions make people think, but he can’t think of anything.
Emperor Wu III also asked with interest as if he hadn’t seen Li Yuanba, "Will you take the lead as before?"
"Yes," Ji Xinghe replied, "Will you come to another star?"
"No," Emperor Wu III tacitly replied, "I heard that you have divided a nine-stage boundary. When do you think you can reach the first boundary?"
Sorry, I’m in the ninth stage.
This is what people think. Ji Xinghe should answer it, but it is obvious that Ji Xinghe knows there is no point in fighting.
"When I went to Empire Star"
"Come and kill me, and then it will become the ninth stage … Good idea."
Hearing the words of Emperor Wudi III, people suddenly felt that Ji Xinghe’s answer just now seemed very good, which was more domineering than directly saying that he was in the ninth section.
But for Ji Xinghe, none of this matters. What matters is that he got a chance to ask questions.
"What is the first stage?"
Emperor Wu III did not answer directly, but said, "This question is of great value. Are you sure you have the answer to the question I want?"
"If not …" Ji Xinghe paused and looked at Emperor Wu III and said, "I’ll let you die when I kill you."
"Ha ha ha ….."
Emperor Wu III’s loud laughter sounded before Ji Xinghe, and the majesty he felt from the communication suddenly came to everyone who could hear it.
In a trance, someone went back to the Blue Star and was awakened by a muffled thunder in a quiet night. Someone recalled that when the Blue Star was diving deeply, a huge blue whale looked up inadvertently, and someone saw an alien covering the sun, dust storms and detecting in fragile protection.
Faster heartbeat and scalp numbness.
Laughter that lasts about ten seconds seems like a century to many people.
In this way, the mountain with the highest individual force in the real sense of the Federation and Empire waved away the clouds that covered its huge body.
But people look at it with poor eyes only to find that it is only halfway up the mountain, and the highest point is still invisible.
This idealistic feeling reminds people of the real extraordinary.
"His federal standard weight is 13 tons"
The smile of Emperor Wudi III is not a prelude to its answer to Ji Xinghe.
Sitting on the throne, it stretched out its hand and pointed to the’ robot’ beside it that had been quiet.
With the wave.
The clouds are light and the wind is light, but it is so thunderous that it appears.
The robot flew up, crashed into the screen and disappeared from the edge of the viewing angle that people could see.
Some people say that they didn’t see the robot moving.
Some people say that the robot has no propulsion engine.