Twelve reincarnation?

Li Han some want to vomit, but also let Shen Mu help him transform the mecha supporting function to want to talk back.
When the Shenshui Ape space battleship took off, Li Han suddenly laughed.
It seems good to make Ji Xinghe a federal owner.
If you can’t become a federal god, how can you unite those politicians and capitalists to obstruct the goal of destroying the empire?
This war should not be left to a generation.
After Li Han’s firm will, he led a team to attack and shifted the focus of Base No.5 from the western theater.
Two thousand imperial mecha attacked in a big way, and the number of them was similar to that of an imperial mecha. But this time they didn’t take a horse to win.
Space battleship Ji Xinghe, who owns the Ping ‘an, can return to the No.5 base from the western theater for support, but Ji Xinghe is fighting at this time. Even if he can finish the No.5 base war, how can he have the physical strength to participate in a high-intensity battle immediately?
Moreover, if Ji Xinghe appears in the No.5 base war zone, the western war zone will inevitably face imperial attack again.
Have your cake and eat it?
No one knows that it has been quiet since Alnilam took off, and the moon and the stars suddenly laughed behind Rong Xinyue.
Ji Rong Xinyue could hear her laugh, but because Su He and Shen Mu were in charge of protecting her guard yard, she couldn’t directly ask Xingyue to withdraw her own hand from Shen Mu and scratched her head and made a gesture.
The moon and the moon understood it and explained
"Yan Yan, I want to fight."
Ji Rongxinyue still didn’t respond, let go and made another gesture.
Xingyue laughed even more. If Ji Rong Xinyue didn’t wear headphones with bone conduction function, Su He and Shen Mu might be able to hear him.
Ji Rong Xin Yue said to pay attention to safety.
After laughing, the moon and the stars said softly, "Don’t worry, I won’t continue to fight. I will kill as much as I killed in this war, and I won’t kill more than the master."
So the question is, how much has Ji Xinghe killed in this battle?
He didn’t kill any of them, because he didn’t want to break them. Compared with breaking the protective armor of the imperial mecha cockpit, it is much smaller and less when attacking with strength.
But whether it’s the people watching the war at the No.5 base, the people in the western war zone or the people who are paying attention to the Nantianmen.
They all regard Ji Xinghe’s damage as a break.
"Two hundred general Ji Xinghe alone broke two hundred imperial mecha!"
At the same time, the same report sounded a lot in many places, and people finally realized that Ji Xinghe had broken 200 imperial mecha when facing the siege of thousands of imperial mecha alone.
That’s a bit exaggerated, because the number of mecha who can attack Ji Xinghe Empire at the same time can’t exceed six, and those who have fired on Ji Xinghe are not more than ten.
Not thousands of imperial mecha siege.
But all the people watching the war don’t think this statement is exaggerated, they will
God punished armour, worthy of the name.
At present, the Federation has and has a galaxy-level mecha worthy of the name.
The mountain with the highest personal force in the human world is worthy of its name.
Ji Xinghe’s independent group battle still failed to gain a significant advantage at this time. Ji Xinghe is still in the stage of being besieged alone. God punishes armor and is equipped with The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s high-energy laser weapon system. After repeatedly destroying the imperial mecha camera, it will soon lose its power.
Divided into nine teams, the Imperial Mecha Independent Regiment was constantly impacted, but it still failed to tear even a bite.
But people are inexplicably convinced that the independent regiment will win this battle.
Just as people’s mentality changed because of the strength shown by Ji Xinghe, the misfortune appeared again
Those who have been hiding in the imperial mecha formation duke mecha finally action.
Fortunately and frightening, the goal of the Duke-level imperial mecha is not to be besieged by Ji Xinghe, but to be divided into nine independent groups.
The intelligence immediately gave the independent regiment a constant charge and retreat, and the independent regiment made a decision to make the western theater command law understand.
Watched a duke-level imperial mecha appeared, but the independent group on the periphery of the imperial mecha formation looked at it like it was completely unaware. Qin Tong, Harris, blind and lame, the four of them had a trump card, and the exclusive mecha captain did not appear for the first time.
Want to avoid the duke mecha?
People in the western theater command came up with this idea, but before they thought about whether the nine teams of the independent regiment could avoid this duke-level mecha and the other three were about to appear on the periphery of the imperial mecha formation, an independent regiment mecha team launched a charge.