The west cool army swarmed and launched an attack on Jan.

Wang Yue was startled.
Although he is a great fencing master, surrounded by an army, he will definitely lose his temper on the spot.
Wang Yue’s realm is good, and the ape fencing is superb, but after all, he has not reached the height of "A Qing" in the pre-Qin period
Chen Yan’s foot gently stepped on the ground, and a pike jumped up and fell into his hand at the foot of a shock.
There is a saying that an inch is long, an inch is strong and an inch is short.
The pike is long enough
Is very suitable for war cold weapon.
The lethality is more fierce than that of the sword. Being valued by the sword, there is still a chance of being stabbed by a pike, that is, bleeding through a blood hole will not only lead to death.
Of course, it’s not killing people to have a pike in your hand.
Chen Yan doesn’t have any gun skills. He took a pike and attacked himself "casually" as if he were holding an ordinary stick.
He achieved maximum effect with minimum strength.
The wrist, arm, calf and other parts of the officers and men of the West Cool Army will be numb if they are pointed to by the long gun of Chen Yan, and they will lose their fighting power immediately. The long gun of Chen Yan wields the ghosting image of Zhonghua Road, and no West Cool Army can get close to Chen Yan.
No one will be surprised that Chen Yan can deal with hundreds of people because there was a precedent when he broke into the Prime Minister’s Office alone in Luoyang City.
However, when 2,000 people fell down the gun of Chen Yan, everyone was not calm. Chen Yan maintained a very relaxed and comfortable state from the beginning and has not changed since now.
Breath confusion?
Shortness of breath?
It didn’t happen after Chen Yanshen went there. Chen Yanzhen could have knocked down ten thousand people.
Gradually, the soldiers of Xiliang Army hesitated.
Is Chen Yan really mortal? He is a fairy! If we ordinary people can be against the gods? It is not necessarily good to deal with Lyu3 bu4 and Wang Yueguan by dint of numbers, but it is not necessarily good to deal with Ulrich.
If people hesitate, they will retreat and stop being brave.
Chen Yanchang shot back a tall soldier of Xiliang Army and no one attacked him again.
Ulrich will pike conveniently still said quietly, "can we stop here? If you don’t, you will continue to accompany Chen Mou. "
Li Jue looked at the expressions of the men and knew that he couldn’t fight again. If the two armies were at war, Xiliang Army was really not afraid.
Lu Bu’s hand soldiers are equally brave, especially those trained by Seibel. The trap camp is the elite among the elite, but they may all suffer when facing the West Cool Army.
It’s too shocking and incredible for Chen Yan to resist an army alone. No one wants to compete with Chen Yan’s extraordinary strength.
Li Jue waved his hand and the army retreated like the tide.
"Mr. Chen, do you still keep your promise?" Li Jue took a deep breath and asked
Arihiko nods, "Of course it counts."
Li Jue said, "Well, the Xiliang army will give it to Mr. Wang for three days. I hope the emperor and the court can give us an explanation."
Ulrich smiled and said, "It’s not three days and twelve hours."
Li Jue held a fuels to the lyricist, and Guo Si withdrew from the palace and returned to the barracks with the west cool army. After being knocked down by the lyricist for half an hour, his body will naturally recover.
Chen Yan walked over to Wang Yun.
Yun3 got a fright, stepped back, mustered up courage and cried, "Ulrich, what do you want? You can do whatever you want without relying on your martial arts skills. Do you still want to kill the old lady? "
Not reasonable.
The more Wang Yun yells, the more timid he is.
Ulrich said, "Wang Situ put a heavy emphasis on Chen Mou. If you want to die just now, you won’t stop the West Cool Army. Even at this moment, you have been cut into a pulp. Chen Mou has never fought evil with martial arts. No one can do what he wants. Wang Situ, you have 12 hours to arrange the funeral. After 12 hours, the emperor and the court will give you a public trial. Whether you are dead or alive, I say it’s not the West Cool Army. It’s not the big fellow. National law has the final say."
Wang Yun shivered and cried, "I am a high-ranking Stuart. Who dares to judge me?"
Arihiko shook his head and didn’t speak again.
It’s ridiculous that Wang Yun is still showing a high attitude.
Zhang Liao, Seibel and Jia Xu finally arrived at them, but they returned to the city as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they were still too late to catch up with the surprise of doing sth.
Lyu3 bu4 ruthlessly stared at Zhang Liao and seibel.
Wang Yun left the palace with some civilian ministers.
Jia Xu asked Ulrich, "Do you want to send everyone to stare at Yun3? He is likely to flee Chang ‘an."
Ulrich shook his head and said, "No, Yun3 is still lucky enough to be altruistic. Besides, no one can escape from Chang ‘an. Yun3 must be tried by the court or the court will be abolished."
"Mr. Wenhe, let’s go home. We have something to do for twelve hours. It’s not an easy task to collect and sort out Wang Yun’s major evidence."
Jia Xu slightly respectful way "is the master".
Chapter 595 Serve first and then defect.
No one will think that Wang Yun will be able to make a comeback this time. Wang Yun, a person who has not gained arrogance, has learned a lot of intrigue.