"That’s not what I meant!" Lengche was a little angry. He knocked on the window and said, "Grandpa’s grave will be restless!"

As soon as I heard this, I hit the steering wheel in cold blood and stopped the car. I smiled at Lengche mysteriously and said, "Thank you for waking up. I will burn paper money for him tonight!"
Say that finish and start the car to the public security bureau.
While Lengche was angry, but Nai leaned his head against the window and sulked alone.
When I arrived at the public security bureau, I stopped my car in cold blood and then entered the public security bureau.
Cold-blooded suddenly stopped when I went in, and I was a little surprised and shouted, "Yanchen, what happened to you and Xia Youran?"
Yanchen wore a white shirt and accompanied by a pair of jeans. The soft bangs along his forehead set off his warm temperament.
"Xia Youran had a fight with others and I brought him back." Yanchen said with a smile.
"Poof, no wonder! Haha!" Lengche Wu wear the belly laugh a few times.
See Xia youran handsome face with Qing Wu in a piece of blond hair is also outrageous.
Xia youran silently stared lengche with disgust.
"Fight for what?" Cold-blooded is much more mature than cold-hearted gloating.
"He told me that he saw a few hooligans bullying Anshun’s cousin, but he couldn’t see it." Yanchen kindly answered this question instead of Xia Youran.
"Why did you tell?" Xia youran show some don’t want to mutter a.
"There are some things that I dare to do when I know that you saw Anshun Day’s cousin admit it." Yanchen smiled gently at Xia Youran.
Xia Youran, on the other hand, shifted his eyes awkwardly. The novel said, "Who saw her? Nonsense!"
"Ha ha he is shy" Yanchen walked over and explained.
"Yanchen!" Xia Youran shouted angrily, "You can chat slowly. I’ll go first!"
Xia youran said and left without looking back.
"What are you doing here?" Yanchen didn’t stop Xia Youran from but looked up at the cold-blooded and asked
"change the name"
"Poof!" Yanchen smiled elegantly and said, "Your name should be changed!"
"What?" Cold-blooded sullen even asked
"Your name is too horrible, I’m afraid little girls won’t like you." Yanchen joked.
"Haha Yanchen, I think your name is not bad. That Lin Zixiao doesn’t seem to like you either?" Lengche heartless smile.
As everyone knows, Yanchen’s eyes are slightly dull after hearing this sentence, and he no longer answers.
But cold-blooded lowered his voice and asked, "haven’t you given up yet?"
The day after tomorrow is over
[Fanwai 3] Cold-blooded, Yanchen ()
"No, I’ve given up." Yanchen smiled and shook his head. The corners of his mouth smiled, and the sun seemed cold and nai.
"That you …"
"But I’m still unwilling, but it’s enough for me to be a friend and accompany her." Yanchen slightly raised his head, and his white face was a bit bleak when it was warm and sunny.
"Yanchen, I suddenly feel that you are a little great!" Cold-blooded serious looking at delay Chen can’t help but admire.
"Ha ha" Yanchen smiled a little "It’s not great."
"If I love you very much, I will definitely not let go easily," said with a cold-blooded smile.
Smell speech Yanchen stared at the cold-blooded for a long time and said faintly, "Then I see you didn’t say no to Lin Zixiao?"
"What did you say! ?” Cold-blooded and shocked, Yan Chen’s face is awkward red. "I like her a little, but I am more grateful. Don’t talk nonsense!"
"Truth?" Yanchen doubts and looks cold-blooded.
"Sincerely!" Cold-blooded nodded and stressed, "I really like her, and even worse, I feel sorry for her and poisoned her."
Cold-blooded, he bowed his head and covered his charming eyes with soft bangs. He couldn’t see his thoughts, but he felt a little depressed from his breath
It’s not that I can’t get more from Lin Zixiao, but that I feel guilty and repay her for saving my life.