Ink Shang Tong shook his head again. "You are too far away. I’m afraid you need Fei Xianxiu."

Hua Zhen: "Then who can do it? Where can I find such an expert?"
Ke Mengchao said with a straight face, "All three of us will do."
Hua Zhen’s voice seems a little uncomfortable. He suddenly coughed and his face turned a little red. Hurry and have some tea to moisten it.
Yang Tehong: "Then let me do it … Xiaohua, what did you say to Mr. Feng that day?"
Hua Zhen line "I told Mr Dream Wind not to say anything after waking me up … Of course, I also introduced Dream Chundan and said that I was trying to refine it."
Ke Mengchao "So that’s it! You’re giving him a question, and it’s estimated that he’s reasoning, and after all, he gave a solution. "
Hua Zhen trip "I didn’t test his meaning"
Ke Mengchao "Since you said that, I’m afraid people like him have to give you an answer."
Hua Zhen trip "What kind of person is Mr. Feng?"
Yang Laotou "can be said to be not a person!"
Hua Zhen went, "Ah, is he a monster?"
Ke Mengchao "Don’t be surprised at first, Hu said that there are no monsters! This nine-turn purple elixir is the way he figured it out. "
Hua Zhenxing frowned and said, "Nine turns of Zijin Dan can make ordinary people really have the effect of staying in the face, but it is obviously not a serious way for Mr. Feng to say that it is not eating."
Old man Yang asked again, "Have you found several kinds of raw materials?"
There are six kinds of spring, summer, autumn and winter in Hua Zhen, namely, immortal core, crab claw, sand pearl, golden knotweed, white mother paste and intermittent glue.
Yang Laotou "Remember Mr. Feng reading that poem today? "Nine turns to Dan Guang Zi Wu Qi Xing Zhen Hua" and read your name upside down! The fan of air circulation may be to fan the Dan furnace, or it may be to condense the Dan key to the fan and fall into the magic.
According to the existing raw material sand raw beads, it is not necessary to take his five kinds of reality for the time being, but I can make a set of five spring pills with five colors, which have the effect of spring pills in a fixed order. "
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "So Chundan has been refined?"
Yang Tehong shook his head. "I am willing to spend mana. Of course, I can refine this kind of magic, but there are still several problems to be solved if I want to live in the face of mortals."
One is the washing method in the process of alchemy, and the other is that the final condensation method is too difficult. Even if I can practice it for how long, how much can I practice in one furnace? "
Ke Mengchao added, "The problem that needs to be solved is how to make ordinary people? Otherwise, the old Yang Zao can refine the five-qi Chundan, but those magical ordinary people can’t have four monks to help the world. "
Shang Tong, who has been thinking, suddenly asked, "Xiaohua, have you ever heard of Yaoyin?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "I’ve heard of it. Is the nine-turn purple elixir a drug introduction?"
Mo Shang Tong’s "drug introduction is divided into two types: one is to let his drug exert its curative effect, which needs to be eaten together with medicine; The other is to make his drug combination take effect during the refining process, which does not need to eat the catalyst equivalent to the chemical reaction. According to my judgment, Jiuzhuan Zijindan should be the latter. "
Yang Tehong nods, "That fan, especially the purple elixir, should be to solve the problem I mentioned just now. What should I do specifically? Wait until I sacrifice this elixir and then try to refine the five-qi spring elixir to get the answer. Mr. Feng answered Xiaohua’s question but gave us another question."
Hua Zhen’s trip: "Can you really refine the five-qi Chundan that you just said can be given to ordinary people and has the effect that I dreamed of Chundan?"
Yang Lao tou thought for a while before answering, "Try it."
Hua Zhen trip "Then I have a suggestion, so don’t make a set of five pieces in five colors. Can it be divided into 360 pieces by date?"
Yang Laotou: "Of course, the so-called five colors of Dan are still inspired by you to reduce the difficulty of refining. Otherwise, it is the most convenient for you to take a look at this nine-turn Zijin Dan. Isn’t it fragrant?"
Hua Zhen Bank "We set a production standard and specification from the beginning, so that we can connect in the future. Even if we change the prescription in the future, it is not an eye-catching refining method, but the production will still follow this specification."
Mo Shang laughed with him. "You’ve considered it for a long time, so do it."
Hua Zhen also asked, "Yang Zong sacrificed the elixir, so can he make the elixir refine the five-qi spring elixir in the future?"
Yang Tehong: "The theory is so, that’s my artifact, but I can brand my soul to you. You can also play its wonderful role by offering an alchemy pill according to law. This is the artifact."
Hua Zhen trip "I see. Then you can give it to me directly after the sacrifice. It’s hard work."
Yang Tehong "I haven’t finished yet! If you can’t repair the stick of the artifact, you can stab people as a pike. Is this elixir going to be used as a projectile to hit people?
You can try to sacrifice and refine the artifact and master some wonderful things. Only after the six realms are repaired can you finish the sacrifice and refine the artifact. "
Hua Zhen’s trip at the moment has already finished listening to understand that the nine-turn purple elixir is not the first embryo of the artifact. If you want to sacrifice the artifact, you must be a flying fairy, and the three old people are actually much lower in accepting the artifact bearer after this step is completed. Four-realm cultivation can be partially mastered, but six-realm cultivation can be completed.
Hua Zhen Bank "If the test is successful, can it be mass-produced?"
Yang Tehong: "Of course, don’t even think about mass production, but there is no problem with small-scale refining. There is no shortage of recoverable quantities for those kinds of raw materials. Many keys depend on who can refine the five-gas spring pills?" At present, I can personally make a set of 360 pieces according to your suggestion, and make a few hundred sets according to the date. "
Mo Shang Tong: "There should be no problem, even more depends on whether Lao Yang can give it strength!"
Ke Mengchao: "Since it is refined according to this specification, now we should find ways to promote and publicize this thing. It will take 30 to 60 years to be recognized by the world, and it is impossible to just find a group of people and wait for decades before saying that they are Chundan. No one will believe that they are the kind of people who have the power to speak."
Yang Tehong suddenly sighed, "The coagulation effect of white mother paste, a medicine for continuous pulse gluing, is suitable for women."
Mo Shang Tong: "Can I change a prescription to make it suitable for both men and women?"
Yang Tehong: "Of course, but that wouldn’t meet Xiaohua’s requirements. It’s extremely precious and rare to replace the white mother paste and the continuous vein glue refining method with the magic medicine, which is more difficult and limits the mass production. Is it possible for you to mass-produce Jiuzhuan Zijindan?"
Mo Shang Tong and Ke Mengchao stopped talking, but Hua Zhenxing blinked and said, "I have a very good candidate to go to Xuanchundan as her identity, and the effect should be very good."
Yang Laotou: "That’s definitely not Maman. Who else do you know?"
Hua Zhen Bank sold a "I don’t know it yet, I won’t tell you when the time comes."
Yang Tehong stared, "Love talks or not! From today on, all nine Dan furnaces in the kitchen belong to me. You can’t touch them again. "
Hua Zhen line "How can you cook?"
Yang Tehong "There is a noodle restaurant and a canteen outside. It’s up to you."
Mo Shang Tong said in distress situation, "Xiaohua, you should have changed a new cooker."
Locke hid in palm manor, of course, and missed the banquet at noon today. Lianna sent him several messages through social software, but Locke didn’t reply, and he didn’t want feedback.
This afternoon, Lianna’s account name was changed from "June 5th Forest Grassland" to Lianna’s name, and then a message was sent "How do you think it should be returned to the Fogen Foundation?"