Ghost fireflies sloped laugh out "what nine people! Water Tiger King, you are presbyopia. This is the offspring of nine adults! "

It’s not afraid that the Tiger King will really fight, but the three brothers can’t kill the Tiger King, but they can also seriously hurt each other.
Generally speaking, they will never really fight to the death
At best, it’s just a matter of discussing whether a minor injury is a matter of raising for a decade or so.
It’s the water tiger king and the wind dragon king, but they were beaten back by nine adults. When they saw nine adults, their legs couldn’t help swinging, and they didn’t even have the courage to shoot.
They are sandbags in front of nine people!
You can’t blame them for being abused.
Just because the palace gate was banned, they were trapped in the underground for more than 500 years before they were broken. This disparity in strength is really not a fragment.
The wind dragon king raised his eyebrows. "Did you choose his master?"
Long qianfei nodded "yes"
The wind dragon king suddenly smiled "that’s good not to lose face for us! Water tiger, you should be happy! "
The water tiger king smoked his mouth. "It’s time to be happy. No one dares to bully our descendants!" "
Everyone was confused and didn’t understand what these two people said.
Tang Luoling looked at the two old men in front of him warily and asked, "What are your plans in the future?"
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The wind dragon king and the water tiger king were dazed and didn’t know what to do in the future.
Long Qianfei said, "Lao Zu, why don’t you come with us? The master will leave the dreamland and they will go to Zunyuan country!"
"Zun Yuanguo?"
The wind dragon king suddenly turned to the ghost firefly. "Did the nine kids come to respect the country?"
"What did I tell you?"
Ghost fireflies raised their heads and asked with disdain.
"If you don’t tell me, I’ll let out the monster beast army in the mysterious turtle underground palace. I’ll see if you three little devils can handle that monster beast alone!"
The wind dragon king’s hey hey smile is a cold smile.
Ghost fireflies face a stiff how can it forget the monster beast army!
Damn it!
"Nine people really came to respect Yuan Guo, and the situation of the nine people is probably not good now. What you can do to break the ban is because the power of the ban is getting weaker and weaker. Nine people’s lives are in danger. Our three brothers are going to Zun Yuan Guo to find the nine people and repay him for accompanying us for thousands of years."
Ghost fireflies tell the truth.
In the long years of 1,350 years, they often fought endlessly with the wind dragon king and the water tiger king.
Even if there is a fight every once in a while, there will be several minor injuries, and even more serious injuries. It will take months to lie down.
In fact, thanks to the fierce bones of the Wind Dragon King and the Water Tiger King, the monster beast would have died a long time ago.
The wind dragon king is fast and has outstanding defense; The water tiger king is good at unloading and attacking, because they are also abused when they join hands with nine people to fight.
The two old men suddenly left the crowd and walked far away, whispering to each other as if they were discussing something.
After waiting for a while, the dragon king of the wind and the tiger king of the water have already discussed the fruit. They came to Tang Luoling’s front, "Well, we will follow you to Zunyuan Country."
Tang Luoling dumbfounded.
What is this?
Why do you all have to follow them to Zunyuan country?
Water Tiger King’s shrill voice rang. "Ah, what? We are going to Zun Yuanguo to find nine adults. If nine adults are in danger, we can also help him. If he is not in danger, let’s have a fight! If we lose, let’s be a pet for nine people! "
The wind dragon king beside nodded his head.
Ghost star girl a listen to nasty "hello shameless! How can this be! "