Chapter 41 The machine is finally defeated (1)

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Three days later, everything was finally ready. Feng Xiao had already turned over after dressing up with a sigh of relief. With a wave of his hand, he shouted "Let’s go".
Fifty thousand soldiers marched in the direction of Baidicheng at his first order, and others followed Feng Xiao’s side to see that Feng Xiao was a general in the wind and secretly provoked his thumb. Don’t look at Feng Xiao’s cowardice in front of Mo Yuling at ordinary times. That’s just to let her know that Feng Xiao is his general color now.
Mark eyes swept eyes Feng Xiao blunt Mo Yuling hard nodded to show her vision.
Mo Yuling smiled and urged the horse to go to Mo Xiaobei and asked in a low voice, "Sister Xiaobei, do you think we will win this time?"
Mo Xiaobei definitely said, "We must win no matter what."
Mo Yuling looked behind and said, "Then you and the big monk …"
Mo Xiaobei took one look back and breathed a sigh of relief, saying, "Since he has made up his mind, I can’t help it. Maybe this is his fate, but I also want to come to Mohist school and live a paradise. I won’t suffer from these accidents, so I will go back to Mohist school with them and teach the younger Mohist students to carry forward Mohist culture and never think about these mundane things again."
Mo Yu Ling listened to her tone as if it were peaceful. Many people knew that she was thinking, so they didn’t say much more. They followed her closely with the big troops.
You can already see the wall of Baidicheng. Feng Xiao ordered the soldiers to stand by and then rode to Mo Xiaobei and said, "Let’s stick to the plan."
Mo Xiaobei nodded his head to the Mohist brother behind him and said, "Mo Chen and Xu Jie, the two of you took Mo Ying as planned, and they drove XUANWUMON to cooperate with all the soldiers to take the waterway. Remember that the speed must be fast. Yan Mo gave orders to rosefinch beast to stand by and prepare for the auxiliary XUANWUMON storm."
After several Mohist brothers were ordered to go, Feng Xiao said, "If you take a thousand firearms and artillery from the stone bridge, you will seize the stone bridge. Once the others occupy the stone bridge, they will quickly attack the city to reinforce the waterway troops by fighting for the least time."
After Qian was ordered, everything was ready. Feng Xiaoyi ordered the battle against Baidicheng to finally start.
Five thousand soldiers with rattan brand took a boat from Youzheng to tow in XUANWUMON, which was faster than rushing towards Baidi Mountain. Just as they were approaching the shore, the speed of XUANWUMON slowed down, and then they heard the sound of iron collision in the water. Although it was slow, they finally arrived at the shore. Before they heard a sharp arrow break in the shore.
Qian said, "Rattan player is ready". As soon as the voice was completed, thousands of arrows rained down.
Although there were rattan cards to cover these soldiers, there was still a scream. Some of them had been shot by arrows, and after a shower of arrows, more than 100 soldiers were killed or injured.
Watching Feng Xiao in the distance didn’t expect each other’s bows and arrows to be so dense and anxious, but he heard a sharp bird chirping behind him and then a dozen rosefinch beast roared and rushed for a day. In a short time, Kung Fu has reached the edge of Baidi City to control rosefinch beast Mohist brothers, and the archery soldiers who were hiding in the first trench suddenly spit out thunder and fire when they pulled the control lever, Suzaku’s mouth, and soldiers screamed wherever thunderball fell.
Responsible for attacking Qian by boat. Seeing each other’s confusion, he immediately waved his hand and shouted at the weapon.
A "brothers, give me a rush"
A command of five thousand rattan soldiers in rosefinch beast immediately rushed to the first trench.
Just as they had just rushed into the trench and got into a ball with the defenders inside, the soldiers on the second claw wall, regardless of whether they had their own bows and arrows, all of a sudden there was a cry in the trench, and dad called Niang. Although the soldiers reacted, they still attacked with bows and arrows, but because of the rattan brand, many arrows could not hurt the siege soldiers.
These soldiers quickly rushed to the edge of the city wall under the cover of rattan cards. The soldiers put rattan cards on the top of their heads, and the people behind them quickly stepped on rattan cards, and then imitated the appearance of the people in front. In a short time, they built several ladders and quickly climbed the city wall.
They were secretly happy that they could attack Baidicheng soon, but the situation suddenly changed.
Just as Feng Xiao was about to order soldiers to attack the city gate, suddenly there was a sharp birdsong in the city, and then more than twenty rosefinch beast roared out of the city and went straight to Mohist brother to manipulate the mechanical beast. The two sides immediately fought fiercely in the exhibition.
See the city rosefinch beast mouth spray fire straight to Mohist brother control rosefinch beast blunt past, because Mohist brother rosefinch beast cooperate siege machine is thunderball is not suitable for attacking each other rosefinch beast unprepared has lost three or four ink Xiaobei a look at this situation busy send orders to rosefinch beast hurriedly withdraw back.
And those soldiers guarding the city didn’t bother rosefinch beast and fought back against the siege soldiers and poured a black liquid into them.
Feng Xiao was about to see each other’s strange behavior when he heard Mo Xiaobei shout, "Get back the oil."
As Mo Xiaobei’s voice did not fall, the kerosene had been ignited by the wall soldiers. Those soldiers with rattan cards were immediately surrounded by a sea of fire, especially when the rattan cards were made, they were strong and durable, and they were better able to resist the arrows. They were soaked in tung oil, which became a combustion-supporting tool. In an instant, several soldiers died in the fire, and a few people hurried back to the ship under the protection of XUANWUMON.
On this side of the stone bridge, 1,000 people holding all kinds of firearms have also attacked the bridge. Although the other side has set up guards at the bridgehead, how can they resist the imperial firearms? In a short time, these 1,000 people have captured the bridge and retreated to the gate of Baidicheng.
Just when all the 1,000 people could quickly rush to the gate, they saw that the stone slab of this stone bridge was suddenly lifted. Many soldiers with ju in their hands emerged from the inside, shouting and killing, and rushed to the soldiers who ran through the camp of Shiqiao Shenji. Although the firearms were powerful, more than 1,000 soldiers were killed by the other side unexpectedly, and when firearms were needed, they were immediately disrupted by the other side, and many people were hacked to death by the other side.
Feng Xiao hurriedly ordered reinforcements. At this moment, two large turning machines suddenly rose from the ground at the other end of the bridge. While the stone bridge was crowded, the turning machines kept firing large crossbows. One arm of thick crossbows shot at the stone bridge soldiers like autumn wind sweeping away leaves. Every arrow flew out of the bridge with several bodies. Malay soldiers cried and shouted.
See this situation mark immediately said to feng Xiao "let them come back"
Feng Xiao didn’t expect the battlefield situation to be reversed in an instant, so he quickly ordered the golden bell to retreat.
Sitting in the tent, Feng Xiao was trembling with anger. This time, there were less than 2,000 siege rattan soldiers left, while 1,000 people in the Shenji camp were wiped out.
Everyone sat silently in the big tent and bowed their heads and mused. No one thought that they would think of this method of guarding the city. The rattan soldiers were almost completely lost.
Mo Xiaobei was silent for a long time before he said, "The other side is prepared to fight. They know that we will make such a deployment by making rattan weapons. I wonder how they know that we will make rattan weapons from that night to today’s fire oil defense."