"I’m going to have a caesarean section to take the child out, or both the sister-in-law and the child will be in danger!" Dr. Yuan and his medicine boy came into the room with trays, and there were priceless utensils, soups, medicines and other things in them. They put them on the table and said to the woman, "Sister-in-law, I’m going to give you a laparotomy so that you and the child won’t worry about your life. Would you like me to do this surgery?" Don’t say that the woman who is speechless with pain doesn’t know what to do with the operation, even Dr. Yuan Luo Yixuan doesn’t know.

In particular, Luo Yixuan was shocked by Liancheng’s statement that she would take out the baby by caesarean section. He thought it was too bold to take out her mother by caesarean section. Can she still be alive?
But seeing Liancheng look calm and have answers, he has no reason to believe that she will succeed
Yes, if she can speak, she must be able to interpret what she says.
The woman didn’t listen to Liancheng, but she did. She and her baby won’t be worried about their lives if they have surgery.
She watched Liancheng endure abdominal pain and nodded slowly with tears.
To live, she has to live, and two children need her to take care of them!
"Don’t be afraid of the scattered hemp Buddha, I won’t let you have something." Liancheng took the medicine bowl from Luo Yixuan and let the woman drink it with her hand.
Night has covered the hut, the lights are on, and the woman is focused on caesarean section …
See her forehead sweat seeping from los escape sip lip took out a handkerchief to help her gently wipe.
Luo Fu Luo Ao couples sit across the table with a heavy face like water and can’t see any emotions; One stared excitedly at the tall white figure in the middle of the room.
"How on earth are you going to stop?" Cenluo was repelled and disgusted by his gaze. His eyes stared at Luo Ao coldly. "If you are ambitious enough to dominate the Central Plains, are you so sure that you will succeed?"
Laughing coldly, he continued, "I wasn’t your chess before today, and I won’t be your chess after today!" "
"Did I treat you like chess? Didn’t the old prime minister’s father, Ghost You, tell you?" Luo Ao didn’t seem to see the expression on Cenluo’s face and said slowly, "I haven’t planned for you after many years. Do you think I can sit in that high position for a few years after the great cause is achieved?"
Words to this he look slightly changed voice cold sink a way, "I don’t understand what you stubborn and stubborn? I’ve been planning every big event for years. Which one should you intervene in? No, I want you to be familiar with the Central Plains and the humanistic environment there. After our great achievements, pay your talents to manage our days … "
CenLuo nu "you and me on your so-called day? I don’t care. I don’t care at all. Just because of your so-called great cause, I let me miss the girl I like, let me fall into an insurmountable gap, and let me lose her in my life … "The word" I hate you and hate you … You ruined my life and you made me lose her … "
"Do you like Gu Liancheng?" Day everyone would fly twist eyebrow asked
"Do you need to pretend in front of me?" There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and the sound of Cenluo suddenly became cold. "You don’t deserve her name!"
Luo ao was finally angered by what he said in his mouth. "How presumptuous!" He slapped the table with anger in his eyes. "You made it clear to me who you are and I’m talking?"
"What do you say I am? What identity do you want me to talk to?" Cenluo sneered at every word. "Don’t expect me to recognize you as a father!" Will look to los cream in his cold eyes cold meaning even more!
Los cream canthus moist slowly from the chair mouth shaking slowly way "escape cold … empress know you have suffered a lot of injustice over the years but … but your father is right, you are not a chess, you are not!" At first sight, the joy has been replaced by deep pain. She walked towards Cenluo step by step, but suddenly she heard Cenluo’s cold voice raise. "Don’t come near me again. You are not my mother, I have no mother, and I have no father. I want to take someone with me tonight. I want to give them to me if I don’t want to start work!" Los frost stopped and tears rolled down her face and cried, "Niang also likes Miss Gu Er and doesn’t want her to have something. Your father didn’t want to take her life. We didn’t die because Mo Wan dumped her. She killed Miss Gu Er. You should know better than your father and me …"
"But I know that she was killed by Mo Wan, but Mo Wan was killed by you. Do you dare to say that you died together?" I don’t want to stay here. Cen Luoping recovered his mood and locked Luo Ao’s body with cold eyes. "I repeat, give me the man if you don’t want me to do it!"
"I don’t understand what you said!"
Los day everyone would fly sit chair body did not move calm face way
Now that he has come back, how can he let go?
Cenluo said, "Don’t tell me that Gu Jun wasn’t taken away by you, let alone that Liancheng went to Lingyue and was idle to come and play."
"Whatever you think, I don’t have you here!" A bad karma is really a bad karma. A few years ago, his temperament became cold and indifferent, and now he hates him as a father. What do you want him to say?
Los day everyone would fly frost saw los want CenLuo say something but was stopped by a wink.
"It seems that you want me to find it myself!" Cenluo said the figure metamorphoses, a flash.
Day everyone would fly "escape cold hate us you say what should we do? I don’t want to lose him again, and I don’t want to endure the pain of mother’s separation … "Tears dripping from Luo Shuang’s eyes looked at Luo Ao and choked." He wanted that little guy, so we will give him people. His attitude towards us will change somewhat, but you stopped me from telling him what you really think? Do you have to force him to leave us forever? "
Day everyone would fly in the table that hand clenched cold hum a "hate us? No matter how much you hate him, you can’t change his attitude towards us. It’s just your own idea if you give him that little guy. Furthermore ….. "In my eyes, I flashed a cruel color, Luo Aosen said," I’ve always been restless these two days, and I always feel … I always feel that the ghost has gone, and as you said before, most of Gu Liancheng’s hands have died. If the news is implemented, I will sacrifice the little guy’s blood to the ghost! "
"He is a child. Do you want to suffer more?" Wiping away tears, Luo Shuang said, "I don’t care what you think. Anyway, I won’t let Yi Han leave me again. I want to watch him marry and have a safe life with Yi Xuan!"
"Don’t you and I want to?" He also wants to have a safe life for women, but the great cause he planned must be realized, otherwise neither he nor they will want to spend their lives safely, and he will never be soft-hearted if necessary!
When fighting entered the house, Luo Ao got up and Luo Shuang said, "Don’t go out and let him make trouble for a while. If he can’t find anyone, his anger will subside." If he doesn’t let people take him away, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire if he went out? She didn’t want her father to fight without weight.
"I’m going to the other hospital to make trouble with him!"
Day everyone would fly light said a sentence and walked outside.
"She is so good? So good that you leave the hospital almost every night. Do you want to put me on the ground? "
Los frost Yin face sharp voice way
"What do you want, Jane? What does she have?" I feel ashamed and cherish when I think of the slender and weak figure in the other hospital who gave up his noble status and left his hometown to Lingyue. "She has my frost. You should know that she has me here. Don’t you think it’s too cruel to her if I’m not with her?"
"get out! Get out of here! " Luo Shuang was furious and smiled at the door. "You go to find your frost. I don’t want you to be with me. It’s not rare at all!"
About two quarters ago, the baby was weak and crying. She came out of Liancheng in yiguang and looked healthy. The child smiled at Luo Yixuan. "The girl’s signs are normal."