Dark scold a suspection.i Zhantian directly inspired himself to get the soul tower, and ripples enveloped the suspection.i Zhantian body so that he wouldn’t be affected by the fog, while others didn’t leave any feelings for them. Raytheon hammered a hammer and smashed it hard towards the two of them.

Less than ten times, the weapons in their hands were smashed and deformed by Huangfu Zhantian, and the two men were hard-pressed by the fog on their body surface. The fierce attack on Huangfu Zhantian was to let themselves be affected by the fog all over the body, and then they used their hard hands. But they never imagined that Huangfu Zhantian was not afraid of the fog of themselves and others and just smashed their weapons, and they were not slightly injured by this powerful force.
Of course, if it was brute force, they wouldn’t be so seriously injured, but the Raytheon Qi in Huangfu Zhantian was a nemesis to restrain all evil breath, and when Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon Qi came into contact with them, it entered their bodies for the first time and they were madly destroyed.
Seeing that these two men were about to lose their strength, they shouted at me that the true spirit of Raytheon poured out crazily and poured directly into the hammer of Raytheon. This hammer suddenly swept directly and swept the two men’s bodies, and they flew out and fell to the ground. No.1367: Anti-chase
This happened in an instant. When the man reacted, Huangfu Zhantian had successfully killed the two men.
However, to the surprise of Huangfu Zhantian, the bodies of these two men were directly turned into a mass of black gas after being killed by themselves, and then they got into the side to watch the male body, while the bodies of those two men disappeared directly, leaving two deformed weapons and two sets of black clothes. It seems that this evil robbery is really amazing.
After these things, Huangfu Zhantian is slightly breathless and panting. Of course, these are not big problems. He is deliberately trying to make a very difficult appearance. This man’s strength is obviously higher than both of them. If he behaves so easily, I am afraid that this man will be very careful and he will be in a bad position.
"Smelly little man, I’m going to kill you!" After the man reacted, he looked at the breathless suspection.i Zhantian and suddenly his eyes burst into a terrible murderous look from him.
"Hum, there is so much nonsense when you want to fight!" Any suspection.i war-roar a shape flashing flicker came to the front of the man thor hammer mercilessly toward the man smashed in the past [
"Fireflies dare to compete with the sun and the moon to die for me!" The man waved a light blue weapon and appeared in his hand. The shape was the same as that of the two men, but this level was much better than that of the two guys.
See the semicircle weapon in the man’s hand suddenly swing out and scream at the Huangfu Zhantian body and cut it off, while others find out their hands and a light blue weapon appears in his hand, and then a hammer of Raytheon lives in Huangfu Zhantian.
I hope this guy’s weapon is not so bad. I thought of this place. I didn’t go to dodge Raytheon hammer, but I still smashed it towards that guy’s head.
The two tones of Huangfu Zhantian were severely repelled by the strange weapon of the man for five or six steps before stopping, and then a mouthful of deep red blood poured out of his mouth, so that his appearance was not hurt because of this anti-seismic force.
And the man was also severely repelled by Huangfu Zhantian for several steps, and it can be seen from his slightly trembling right hand that the blow of Huangfu Zhantian is not without effect.
"You’re not hurt. No way. How is that possible?" The man looked at Huangfu Zhantian with a face of disbelief and horror. He didn’t have any scars on his chest. Of course, he knew that this weapon had reached the peak of the earth spirit device, and he almost reached the level of the celestial spirit device, but the sharpness of this weapon was not lost to the celestial spirit device.
"Nothing is impossible. It’s just a dream to want to hurt the young master with your broken weapon, but now it’s my turn!" Any suspection.i Zhantian calm one churning breath surly roared.
"Raytheon dominates the sky!"
HuangFuZhanTian growl a thor hammer held high an unusually strong breath broke out from his body, accompanied by HuangFuZhanTian broke out, but the man across the street felt a little threatened, and the feeling that his life was threatened emerged from his heart.
"Don’t play tricks here, just because you, a little god, want to scare me and go to hell!" It is absolutely unforgivable for the man to feel insulted that he was frightened by this smelly little guy.
Weird weapons in his hands danced wildly, and thick black fog broke out from his body, and the two weapons in his hand were also black fog. The fog in his body was obviously much stronger than that of those two people.
See this human suspection.i war, as in the heart is not the slightest worry, now that we know that your thor qi can control each other, then there is nothing to be afraid of.
"You die, die, die!" HuangFuZhanTian crazy waving thor hammer to display the skills of thor bully days HuangFuZhanTian short-term strength suddenly jumped a few minutes, he must take this opportunity to kill this guy.
The man is still aggressive, but in the face of Huangfu Zhantian’s crazy attack, the man suddenly feels that his protective fog has been dispelled by the other party, and his fog seems to have no way to influence the other party, and his opponent’s attack arm has become extremely numb, even his own weapons have some cracks.
No, I can’t go like this again. It’s still a success, but I didn’t expect this to happen. Damn, this small strength doesn’t mean there is a higher god. How did it become so strong in less than two months?
"Haha, come again!" Huangfu Zhantian feels smoother and smoother. He hasn’t been so crazy for a long time. Before the battle, either the other side’s strength was too poor or the other side’s strength was too strong. Now this person is stronger than him, but when he used Raytheon’s skill to bully the sky for half an hour, he was as good as the other side.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the man’s masculinity will be criticized. The weapon in his hands is just like resisting Huangfu Zhantian’s crazy attack, but he is thinking about how to get out. This small strength is too strong. If I drag it on, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get away, because the energy that makes me very uncomfortable has gradually become strange to myself. I must find a place to expel this strange energy, otherwise I will really be finished [
Thought of here, the man mercilessly attacked two moves towards Huangfu Zhantian, and then a small round tripod appeared in his hand with a wave of his hand. After finishing these, the man dared not hesitate to burst into madness and flew outside Lingxiao City.
When the man brought the tripod lock, Huangfu Zhantian felt that his body pressure suddenly dissipated. When he saw that the man actually wanted to escape, the cold light in Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes suddenly flashed wildly and chased him. This man must not stay. Now that he knows that he is on the opposite side with evil robbers, he can reduce some enemy strength and be more secure. Section 1368: Killing.
"Where to run and leave it for me!" Any suspection.i Zhantian followed the crazy chase after the man.
And suspection.i Zhantian and evil robbery suddenly attracted peak tower’s attention when the energy fluctuation broke out. They were all curious about who was so bold that they dared to use force in dedicated city. Aren’t they afraid that dedicated city guards would kill them?
Just as everyone was preparing for the theatre, a group of men dressed in golden armor went up into the sky at a very fast speed and chased them away in the direction of Huangfu Zhantian.
Seeing this, everyone knows that the Lingxiao City escort has finally been dispatched. I’m afraid the guys who use force without authorization in these two cities will be out of luck.
Thinking of this, most people followed them and flew up. They were going to watch the fun [
However, I didn’t expect anyone to chase them, but even if I knew that I couldn’t stop, I had to chop that guy off today, because the little tripod in this guy’s hand is obviously a treasure, and if I have it, I’ll have another killing trick. Imagine that I suddenly put this tripod on display when I’m fighting with someone, and the other party may not be caught off guard by myself.
And the man at this time in the mind is secretly worried because he has already felt that strange energy in his body has gradually developed. At this time, half of his energy has suppressed that strange energy root, and he can’t break out and escape, so sooner or later, he will be chased by the other party.
When this male thought flashed, Huangfu Zhantian was directly chased to the distance of 200 meters from the man. Seeing this man in front of himself, Huangfu Zhantian did not hesitate. Raytheon chopped and severely hit the man’s back.
And the man also don’t know what to wear armor actually blocked his thor chop and he also through this attack speed up again.
"Hum, if you can’t run away, roll for me!" Any suspection.i Zhantian Raytheon hammer suddenly sold out and went straight towards the man’s back.
Feeling the powerful force behind him, the man dared not pick him up with this armor himself, so he turned around and handed two strange weapons to meet the hammer of Raytheon in Huangfu Zhantian.
Any suspection.i Zhantian Raytheon hammer was hit and flew out, but at this time any suspection.i Zhantian has already come to his side, stretched out his hand and directly caught the inverted Raytheon hammer, then turned around again and attacked the man.
At this time, the man knew that he couldn’t run away. The other party was too fast. He couldn’t escape now and could stop.
Huangfu Zhantian is in a very good state at this time, because he chased the man and at the same time passed the pills to restore energy. At this time, his body Raytheon’s true qi has returned to its peak again.
Huangfu Zhantian didn’t give him a breathing space at all. Raytheon hammered the man hard, and the two weapons were finished, which made the man depressed and almost vomiting blood.
"Aren’t you very arrogant? Give me another arrogant look!" Any suspection.i war horizon crazy hit him mouth quipped.
"Don’t be complacent, you little stinky. Our evil robbery is not so easy to handle today. Even if I am planted here, then you won’t want to live. Evil robbery will never let you go. Not only you, but also your friends will never let you go. This is to provoke our evil robbery." At this time, the man retorted that he knew that he would not be able to talk about it today.
Hearing this man’s words, suspection.i Zhantian’s murderous look broke out irrepressibly. A thor’s hammer roared like a meteor and slammed it toward the man’s head. At this time, suspection.i Zhantian has once again appeared before the phenomenon. That amazing murderous look made suspection.i Zhantian’s whole mind disappear at one time.