Dong Fengling has been watching and found that those beggars are really dedicated.

I was so dedicated that I didn’t hesitate to receive food handouts. I was as hungry as I was, and I couldn’t wait to eat it.
Yes, everything is so normal that Dong Yuling can’t see the slightest flaw.
How experienced beggars are! How well trained these people are! This business is really promising …
So at dinner time, Dong Yuling waited for the floating life and asked her to go directly to the flavor building. Before talking to the night addiction, she waved her hand. "Go, go, I’ll solve it myself later."
She’s not going to be a candle when she’s two, otherwise she’ll always want to stab her with her eyes. It’s more comfortable here alone.
"that’s good!" Dong Yuling is not reluctant to "tell Xiao Er what you want to eat. They will run errands for you."
Night addiction made my eyes narrow with laughter. "I like this good one."
Dong Yuling chuckled and wondered, as if she was addicted to night and a little afraid of Lian Yan Jing. What is this?
Floating life takes a look at night addiction and thinks that this ya is not getting more and more familiar. Do you really think you are a Wangfu person? Not very reluctant before? Now this kind of face enjoy comfortable performance is what 497 Chapter 497 intentionally hit people?
Wondering that Dong Yuling was the first to walk out the door but accidentally bumped into a person.
After pushing back for two steps, Dong Yuling frowned slightly and squinted at the bump.
It was the other party who deliberately bumped into Dong Yuling. I’m sure.
Before she went out, she knew that someone was outside, so she tried to avoid it, but to her surprise, the man came crashing in.
If you don’t mean it, Dong Yuling will be the first not to believe it.
The other party’s brocade and gauze look extraordinary in life and elegant in temperament and good in education. What do you think? It’s not the kind of person who deliberately bumps into people and wants to blackmail them.
But hitting her on purpose is a bit tricky …
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention." The temperament girl Yingying looks a little fragile and makes people unable to bear to be harsh.
Dong Fengling looked at this woman’s eyes with a flash, but it turned out to be Bai Lianhua! I don’t know what this is about.
Eyes flashed a wipe off Dong Ling smiled a "such a girl’s welcome …"
I still want to say something about him, but this kind of Yangzhou thin horse is best at brain tonic, and maybe it will use the topic to give play to Dong Yuling’s immediate stop, which is the object of calculation. What does she fuck about luxury?
Having said this half sentence, Dong Yuling turned and walked when he didn’t know anything.
A look at the woman’s eyes flashed a puzzled frown followed by Dong Wei’s departure.
The masked woman Dong Yuling won’t find that watching her behind her back all the time brings up a trace of hatred from her flashing eyes.
No one can imagine how shocking Dong Wei’s spiritual ability is. The woman’s expression and eyes have not escaped Dong Wei’s spiritual knowledge.
Sure enough, there is this inexplicable hatred. Although Dong Yuling is not white, it means a lot to be targeted.
"Miss Qin Ru Wang Shifei proved to be an ungrateful young lady, and her attitude of apologizing to her was so arrogant." The girl around the masked girl said that her face was full of resentment.
It never occurred to me that they took the initiative to hit someone, and Dong Yuling took a good look back and even talked like this.
Maybe Dong Yuling’s attitude is not good enough? Normally, it shouldn’t be like this. Is that the most polite?
Maybe it’s necessary for Dong Yuling to compensate with a smiling face and say that she should hit another one.
It’s really a body idea, a distortion, and it’s not pleasing to the eye.