I can’t wait to hug the things in the store home!

The people in the queue are also more crowded. If they don’t go in, they won’t be able to cry after the gift!
Guang Liu, a reporter from the photo province, looked strange. In situ, the photographer saw more and more people entering the store and immediately became anxious.
"Liu Ge za don’t go in? The store is almost full of people, and there is no place to stay when you go in! "
Guang Liu glanced at the photographer and asked, pointing in one direction.
"Did you just take a picture of a tall gay man wearing a gray scarf in an inconspicuous position near the wall in that direction?"
The photographer didn’t understand why he asked this question, but he still carefully recalled one.
Then he nodded hesitantly. "It seems that there is such a person. Why?"
Guang Liu’s look suddenly excited. He clenched his fist. "I think we got a big shot!"
Photographers are even more embarrassed. "What a big man?"
Liu Guanggang wanted to explain Xu Taotao to him when he came over.
She warmly said, "reporter Liu, there you are. Come in with me quickly. There are too many guests. Please forgive me if you have bad hospitality!"
Guang Liu was interrupted by this and forgot to explain to the photographer. He felt that Xu, the deputy director of the slaughterhouse, was appropriate and thoughtful.
He was embarrassed to touch his nose. "We’ll go in and bother Deputy Director Xu!"
Xu Taotao smiled brightly and said, "No way! You two are today’s distinguished guests. You must treat them well!"
Newspaper articles depend on a reporter’s pen. These two people are not familiar with each other before they were sent by the provincial newspaper, but they are familiar with more exchanges.
Have a good time with reporter Liu and them, and there may be times when you need to save your efforts.
Chapter four hundred and seven Children pay tribute
Xu Taotao smiled and stretched out his hand to call cousin Zhao Town.
She introduced to reporter Liu, "This is our store manager Zhao Zhen, who is most familiar with the products in our store. Manager Zhao will entertain the two."
Guang Liu didn’t disagree. He nodded, "Let’s take some photos after eating and go back."
Today, the opening of the new store is obviously too busy to touch the ground, and the deputy director Xu personally entertained them.
Let alone the photographer. Even Liu Guang is a little flattered.
This is a big shot. How dare you delay her time?
Zhao Zhen was instructed by his little cousin to change his costume. He dressed warmly and took reporter Liu to the same place.
While walking, introduce them to the store design, the types of halogen fried products and different tastes.
Reporter Liu is taking a serious note and occasionally making exclamations.
"Here is our order area, line up to order, and then get the plate and then take the position to sit aside and eat the CD in our store. If there is more leftover food, we will be fined. This is because our deputy director Xu came out and said that he could not develop the habit of waves.
Hey hey, if you want me to say, how can you be willing to give up the waves with such fine and expensive meat? "
"The walls here are all made by our halogen fried shop, with signature finger-sucking pig’s trotters and crispy fried pig’s skin. Ga, boom, ha, ha, ha, one bite at a time.
There are also golden fried chicken feet, golden chicken wings, and golden palm treasures. These are our new natural meats, except for crispy lotus roots, fried fish and tofu, and salted mushrooms.
And we launched French fries! It’s delicious with our specialty ketchup!
Reporter Liu, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you. "
Xu Taotao nodded with satisfaction, thinking that her big cousin is a good cook in business. Although there are still some inexperience at present, it is true that the store is like a duck to water.
Seeing the butcher shop next door open, it was a shout. It was like squeezing in money. If it weren’t for the safeguard section of the butcher shop here, whoever was advanced and who was backward would fight.
People from the state-run hotel in Chengnan District next door.
As if I heard the slap "spluttered" thumping on their faces
Master Fu Meng took a drag on his cigarette and looked pale.
The voice is trembling but the mouth is hard. "Look at it, that is, there are people waiting for the original price to be restored. I think he is attractive!"
The fat man looked at the master and hesitated.