What’s the safe area?

Tian Tang, with doubts, clicked on the map of the security area and soon found that the security area looked like lines at first glance, but it was clear that the security area was not developed, including roads in Yangnan County.
Strictly speaking, this part doesn’t belong to her, but she did have it repaired.
What a pleasant surprise.
Once this part of the security zone is covered, even if she doesn’t have enough control over Yangnan County, she can drive to the maximum on the road, and most of the time, except for family conflicts and foreign affairs, the foundation will happen on the road.
Thinking of Tian Tang in this way, he almost chose to open up and hide the security barrier without hesitation.
At the beginning, in Xilin County, she chose to hide the safety zone and open the safety zone barrier at the same time, so that all people who entered the safety zone could feel the impact of the difference outside the safety zone at the first time, so that they could feel the safety zone from the bottom of their hearts, or they were willing to leave Xilin County for the town of the gods on their own initiative.
In Yangnan County, except for the inn, the security zone owned by Tian Tang is a road. It is not appropriate to show the security zone barrier or hide the security zone. Instead, it is more suitable for the eye situation.
Tian Tang didn’t tell too many people about the development of the security zone this time, but told Lin Chengfu and others to let them know something. It is not necessary for the guards to know so much for the time being.
1 square meter covering the road in an area is actually not too long, but it does cover almost all the roads that have been repaired at present.
Yangnan County is about the same size as Xilin County, and it is also more troublesome to repair the road. This kind of work is only a long-term job for the people in Yangnan County. After three meals a day, they are afraid that they will lose such a good job because they are not good enough.
Building synonymous walked out of the county government and saw the busy people at the first sight.
After watching it for a while, he couldn’t help frowning "Somebody".
"Adult" next to someone heard hurriedly before.
Building synonymously pointed to the people in the distance and turned back in disbelief and asked, "Are they so obedient? Didn’t you say that Tian Tang gave them several meals and didn’t even pay them? "
People look down the stairs with a flash of envy in their eyes, and then when they turn around, they immediately lower their heads. "When they return to adults, they give them three meals a day, but they can also make people eat enough rice and flour, and they can also take them home to eat. These people were reluctant to see how much food they gave at first, not only to feed themselves, but also to feed a few family members, so they all stayed and worked hard."
"Rice flour meat?" Building synonymous frown "they have so many people with so much food? Have you given enough for three meals a day? Where the hell did you come from, miss? Is it from Beijing? "
Building synonymous increasingly fathom Tian Tang details at this time more afraid to make a move.
If you really accidentally offend the people from Beijing, the magistrate of Yangnan County is estimated to have to take off his hat, which may even lead to a serious head loss.
"Do you know what they have done these days besides building roads? For example, secretly listening to the location of the garrison? " Building synonymous called close hand low asked
"Back to the adults to confirm that they didn’t inquire about the garrison" hand immediately said.
"By the way, the road guide" suddenly occurred to me. "You ask someone to confirm where these people are holding the road guide. There must be a place for so many people to come, right?"
"Is this to confirm" hand said immediately turned to handle affairs.
Building synonymous with anxiety without entering the house, wandering around the mouth of the county government with his hands behind his back, watching the people still working from time to time, if he can’t confirm the identity of Tian Tang and others as soon as possible, he estimates that he can’t sleep at night.
About a wick of incense, the person who went to inquire about the news came back with a news that shocked Lou synonymously.
"Stream county? Are they really from Xilin County? It’ s really Xilin County, are you not mistaken? " The building is synonymous with asking three questions. I never thought that the final answer would be Xilin County.
"Genus has also confirmed several times that it is indeed Xilin County, but Genus may have stayed in Xilin County." Hand said that they have some guesses. "If they have something in their hands that can make Xilin County magistrate dare not listen to things, it is easy to get Xilin County Road Guide."
Lou Synonymously squinted and soon speculated, "You said that just because they are holding Xilin County Road Guide in their hands doesn’t mean they are Xilin County people. I suspect that this may be a plot by Zhao Tu. He deliberately set me up if something happened to us. If I really offend them, Zhao Tu will come out and reprimand me."
"My Lord, what should we do now?" Asked the hand
Building synonymous raised my hand and shook it for a while, but I always care about my personality, which still makes him afraid to make judgments so easily. It took him a long time to speak. "Just send someone to stare at them as before and let me know as soon as they have any changes."
"What kind of change did your Excellency say?" The hand is really inaccurate.
Let’s forget it. The building is synonymous with the people who are building roads. They don’t care if you make sure that they have dug tunnels or traps, or if you ask someone to inquire about garrison matters. It’s really a big lady who is angry. Let them go. Just when they build roads for our county, they will find a reason to entertain them when they leave.
"Belonging to white"
Take the game of life to the ancient section 114
"This county magistrate is really impatient for so long that he didn’t come to us." Li Erzhu propped up his head with one hand and just wrote the word "chat" on his face.
"I have dealt with Lou county magistrate several times before." So Chol spoke. "He is a very different person from Zhao’s adult. He must talk. He is more timid than Zhao’s adult. I’m afraid he has been asking people to check our identity all this time."
"Can you find it?" Li Erzhu asked.
"Neng" So Chol nodded. "When we came, we gave Xilin County Road a county magistrate to check. It is easy to find out that this floor of Xilin County is deeper. At present, although there are many people, there is almost no news about the county magistrate. It is estimated that it is difficult to find this side. When Zhao’s adult went to Yangnan County, he was injured and went back to the county magistrate. There are many speculations in his heart, but what we are doing now is not appropriate in his eyes. He chose the greatest possibility to stay put."
"Stay put and talk more," Li Erzhu pie mouth. "It would be interesting if he sent someone to surround the inn."
Tian Tang looked up and saw that he looked serious. "Do you want to fight?"
Li Erzhu immediately sat up straight with a glance at the beast. "No, I didn’t have that idea. It’s fine now, but there’s no problem."
"So you don’t have this idea." Tian Tang Xiao’s eyes flashed with regret. "I also want to say that if you have such an idea, just ask you to do something. Since you haven’t thought about it, forget it."
"Wait a minute." Li Erzhu came back to the gods. "So you don’t want to blame me, but you really have something for me to do?"
Tian Tang looked at him with a smile. "Didn’t you say you had no idea?"
Li Erzhu immediately got up and stood upright, saying, "God has made adults take charge of the command, and they must try their best to do it, and they will not let God disappoint adults."