And it made him feel that as he became more and more proficient in mental practice, aiming at the solar bow seemed to have an extremely subtle feeling with him. It was a kind and strange feeling, which seemed to be extremely far away but closer to strangeness. It seemed that there was a life in this bow communicating with him, passing a piece of obscure and mysterious words to his mind.

Every time he injects his spiritual consciousness into the arrow, he will feel that his mind has undergone an extremely mysterious change, as if he had suddenly become a warrior who is full of heaven, and he is more unstoppable than an arrogant warrior.
It’s been three months since the blink of an eye. Li Feiyang is crazy every day. He usually practices archery. Except for eating and sleeping, he can hardly leave his palm. As he practices archery during this period, his skill becomes more and more profound, and he becomes faster and more skilled. There is a faint feeling that he and the archery have become an inseparable part. If he has an arrow in his hand, he can hit the target he sees.
As he keeps practicing, the more tough his body is, the more he gestures, and the more irresistible his physical strength is. He feels that he is now approaching the Mochizuki Ayumu time when he is running hard.
The strength that permeates the bones, blood vessels and muscles is becoming more and more abundant. Later, these forces have changed. They are no longer accumulated in the body, but run in the muscles, bones and blood vessels according to a certain path 1.
This is a very difficult thing to describe. Some running routes are not meridians, but they are more mysterious than meridians. Later, whether to sit, lie, eat or sleep, these forces will continue to run in his body day after day.
And his body is also being tempered, and it is getting stronger every day.
Raise your hand and throw yourself into the rubble
And he suppressed the violent burning breath in the meridians, and it seems that he slowly penetrated into his muscles, bones and blood, and slowly ran along with these routes.
The tattoo of the strange tiger on the left arm is getting brighter every day, and then it turns crimson. At first glance, it looks like a flaming tiger roaring, as if it would jump from Li Feiyang and run its teeth.
As this manic force is slowly assimilated and melted, it suppresses this force, and the weird truth element gradually dissipates and penetrates into Li Feiyang’s meridians a little, and finally is completely absorbed by Li Feiyang’s meridians.
After so long stagnation, the Heart Sutra can finally be cultivated again.
After this period of repression, the explosion also took Li Feiyang’s practice into the country and rose to a new level, entering a period of silence.
Finally, he no longer needs to rely on the practice of cultivating immortals to make the magic method according to the method of memorizing Ya Xin Jing, and Li Feiyang finally realized a spell for himself.
Practitioners’ techniques make the means complete in all schools and factions, but everyone practices differently. Although these means and techniques are similar, they are also slightly different.
If the yogi is qualified and savvy, or there is a coincidence, there will be some changes on the basis of the original technique, but to achieve this step, it is necessary to have excellent qualifications and talents
However, Li Feiyang has a long history, and the ultimate method left by the best master in the field of spiritual practice is naturally very detailed. Li Feiyang combined his own characteristics and easily broke through and created his own unique practice.
He named this technique Vulcan Bowing.
After the violent burning power of his body was absorbed, his induction to fire seemed to be sharp in an instant. More importantly, his body generated a very special fire, which was oppressive and sticky. This is not like practicing the truth, but more like an endless fire that I don’t know how to come.
Li Feiyang combined this firepower with archery to create this magical technique.
Chapter 119 Skill recovery
Recovery of anti-nature skills
Swish swish search ~ ~ When dozens of feather arrows come out in all directions, there is a red fire line behind them, which is closely connected with the department. That is Li Feiyang’s aiming bow in his hand.
Cha Cha Cha Cha ~ ~ All the arrow parts shot into the trunk, and then the fire line behind the arrow suddenly burst into the trunk along the arrow, and there was a rumbling sound. All the trunks were surrounded by fire in an instant, just like a huge torch burning.
The red flame was turbulent and violent, and it was mixed with an indescribable viscosity. Although all the trunks turned into coke and powder in an instant, the viscous flame was still burning fiercely in the face, just like dark red-violet flowers.
Li Feiyang breathed a long sigh of relief and was very satisfied.
This spell doesn’t look very strong, it’s just a faint thread. Although there are dozens of fire lines coming out in succession, I’m afraid that for ordinary practitioners, the root won’t take these thin lines to heart.
The less you consume, the easier it seems to release spells, and the lower your lethality will be.
But …
No one knows how terrible Li Feiyang’s fiery firepower is, and even Li Feiyang will be concerned when he displays it, because the firepower is mixed with fear and cruelty, which is really terrible.
Cross-legged sitting and practicing Ya Xin Jing
Since the body fire was assimilated and even the seal force was absorbed by the meridians, he entered the country faster and faster, and in just a few days, there were faint signs of reaching the heart stage.
Li Feiyang never expected the realm to rise, not because of his desire for strength, but because he yearned for the free and easy feeling of flying freely in the sky.
When you reach the cardiac phase, you can fly to the sky.
Slowly, I feel the surge of the real element and once again enter the deep silence. In front of me, there is a group of colors that are constantly changing, and with an inexplicable feeling, it impacts and expands in his gv 10.