After some meditation, Qi Nan found that this scheme may be feasible, combining performance with competition to attract attention and achieve real results. This is what every player dreams of. The pursuit of perfection in Qi Nan’s bones makes him prefer to play beautiful and beautiful football rather than mechanical football like an assembly line or a copier. He prefers to regard football as an art rather than a simple sports competition.

Modern football is increasingly forbidding players to play football in unconventional ways. Coaches hope that other players can play simple football according to their ideas instead of winning by dazzling and gorgeous personal performances, which directly leads to the increasingly ugly game scenes and the lack of appreciation. Through the efforts of coaches Severiano Reija Geer and Mourinho, football seems to have entered such an era. Coaches have overshadowed players’ tactics, weakened personal utility and valued judgment. The beauty of defending is more important than attacking champion, which often depends not on whether you have more creativity, but on whether you can make fewer mistakes. Football has gradually become a "wrong art"-mistakes and art seem to be in direct proportion. The more artistic the team is, the more likely it is to make mistakes, the less artistic it is. In this era, football is more like a management science than an art.
In the 1990s, it was a real performance era, and a group of Diego Maradona’s first talented football artists, the Dutch Three Musketeers Golden Bombers, left us with several classic moments. Now, football sees more coaches in the confrontation and lacks classic personal performance. Seeing the coach’s wisdom shining and the star’s light has been concealed by their coaches, just like Cuju changed from a simple and fierce confrontation in the Han Dynasty to an increasingly exquisite entertainment performance in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Is this a progress or a retrogression? No one can explain.
Qi Na’s thoughts shuttled back and forth for a thousand years, comparing the similarities and differences between Cuju and football, and unconsciously fell asleep.
This Sunday, Naples will have an Italian eye-catching match against Inter Milan, which is currently the first in the league standings. The eye-catching place of this game is that apart from Naples, it needs one point to avoid relegation. More importantly, the outcome of this game will determine the trend of the league championship. At present, Inter Milan is three points ahead of Roma. If Naples will avoid relegation in the first two rounds and Rome will win, the lead of Inter Milan’s points will be reduced to one point.
This is a game in which neither side can lose, but in fact, the pressure on Naples is much less. There are still two rounds in the league. Even if this game is lost, there are still two games to score. Naples’s last two opponents are not very strong, and it is absolutely not a problem to score a point. On the other hand, Inter Milan can’t afford to lose. Dancing on the edge of the cliff is a perfect situation for them.
On Friday, Qinan called and told Rhea that he wanted to train without playing football. It was too sad, and after a game, he found that his cooperation with his teammates really needed to be strengthened. Rhea was overjoyed to hear that Qinan had taken the initiative to train, and of course he was going to play against Inter Milan on Sunday, so he could cultivate a sense of tacit understanding with his teammates.
There was no class in the afternoon. Qinan asked Qin Yishui to go back first. He went to the training base in Naples to train argus Tini alone. These days, he got back with an Italian beauty. It was late these days. Qinan and Qin Yishui both went back to Qinan first. It was still a little strange to see Qin Yishui’s eyes these days. He didn’t know what the problem was. He didn’t think much about how to combine his cuju skills with modern football.
When Qinan came to the training base, the training in Naples just happened. The training in Naples was two hours a day, three hours in the afternoon and three hours in the afternoon. Qinan entered the dressing room in Naples through the secret passage of the club, changed his equipment and practiced with his teammates.
The appearance of Qina can’t help but make Rhea overjoyed, and those reporters who are waiting at the training base are even more ecstatic! ! Never taking part in training, Dominica showed up at the training ground, and it was worthwhile to reward them. They were waiting here day and night.
The news that Domenica appeared in the training ground spread like wildfire, and it was broadcast in Naples for half an hour at the fastest speed. The media and fans surrounded the training ground in Naples, and the fans shouted that they had not seen the name of Domenica for almost half a month, but the camera flash in the hands of reporters never stopped.
Qinan didn’t expect that coming out for a training session could also cause such a sensation. Hamsik "complained" Qinan robbed him of the title of the top star in Naples and threatened Qinan to invite him to dinner to soothe his broken heart. Qinan Ma countered the threat with his match-fixing a few days ago and Hamsik had to give up blackmail Qinan.
In this way, Qinan can’t practice what he has been thinking in the training ground for the past few days, so that he can have the same recovery exercises with his teammates. Qinan doesn’t want to be exposed to reporters before his research results. Everyone knows this truth.
Volume II
Chapter XIII Keep an eye on Lampard
The next day, training Rhea decided to adopt a closed training method and refused all media and fans to enter the stadium to watch, which made all media reporters very unhappy. However, the fans did not overreact to Rhea’s move, and they were understandable.
Rhea has never been afraid of the media owner. He is stubborn and iron-blooded, but Italy is famous. Now England coach Fabio Capello once said that some people say that I am too stubborn. I told him that Ai Du Yaduo {Rhea} is even more stubborn than me. We both have similar football concepts. He and I are both teachers and friends. I actually learned a lot from him. Although I may have achieved better results than him, it is because Ai Du Yaduo has never coached a big club. But if you give him a Juventus, he can bring it to the top of football.
Perhaps Capello’s words are somewhat flattering, but it is not difficult to see that Capello’s admiration for Rhea can make Capello say such things. The coach should not say that there are not many Italian countries in Naples, and the reporters have nothing to do but abuse a few words. Qinan has also benefited from experimenting and perfecting his ideas and ideas these two days.
At six o’clock in the afternoon in Italy at the weekend, Italy paid attention to a key match between Inter Milan and Naples at Sao Paulo Stadium in Naples.
For Inter Milan, there is no need to describe a team that is well known to the world’s fans. In that respect, it is much better than Naples. Sixteen league champions, five Italian cups, three UEFA cups, three Italian Super Cups, two European champions and two intercontinental cups have won more honors than Inter Milan. Compared with Inter Milan, Naples has two league champions, three Italian cups and one UEFA cup, which makes it look shabby. Many Inter Milan pairs. The battle in Naples is like a rich and powerful family facing an outbreak, which is even worse in Naples. This outbreak has returned to the ranks of ruin since Lord Diego Maradona left home.
Last year, Inter Milan unexpectedly fired the coach Mancini, who led Inter Milan to win three consecutive championships, and Munnio, a European "madman", replaced him with Mancini Lampard Quaresma and other reinforcements. The former team of Inter Milan was super luxurious, but their results this year were not satisfactory and the final was stopped. The Italian Cup was eliminated early. The league was at least the best, and it is still three points ahead of the top. No wonder an old car with super power and a new engine always needs some time to run in.
In view of the importance of this game, the focus of this battle will be played by the famous Italian referee Luo Saidi, who is the referee in the final of the 2002 European Cup. Besides retiring the famous whistle "Bald" Corina, he is already the best referee in Italy.
With the whistle of Luo Saidi, Napoli didn’t play Catania 3-4-1-2 formation at home. Inter Milan is not Catania. Playing three defenders in front of attacking Inter Milan is like eating arsenic. Being impatient, Rhea changed the formation to defend the main season and scored at most 5-3-2 points. It can not only avoid relegation, but also be conservative at home. In fact, this formation is what he relied on to put several strong teams in Ramarea. And grava replaced the home starters Montevino and Bonnargent, who returned to the full-back from the winger to reduce the number of assists. The full-time defensive organization attack was given to gargano, Hamsik and Qinan, and the strikers were still borne by Lavizi and Zalayeta.
Inter Milan play their best 4-4-2 double striker Ibrahimovic Suazo, four world-class midfielders quaresma Lampard Vieira Stankovic and four defenders Mai Kong Materazzi Cordoba Chivo goalkeeper Cesar.
Inter Milan’s formation can really be described as Starlight Glimmer casually pulling out a line worth Napoli’s worth. Compared with the season, the midfield is the biggest change for Inter Milan. Lampard from Porto Quaresma, the old owner of Mourinho’s Chelsea, gradually settled down in the main position during the season. Munio likes the old man. This is a well-known thing in Europe. Quaresma was originally when Munio led Porto to win the European Champions League. He personally discovered the new star Lampard when Munio was at Chelsea. The first thing that Muninho, the favorite midfielder, did when he moved into Inter Milan was to discuss the acquisition of Quaresma and Lampard with the management of Inter Milan, and Moratti, the president of Inter Milan, successfully bought them back as he wished.
There are not many stars in Inter Milan, but football is not. The more stars, the better. Sometimes one plus one may be less than two. Naples has not as many stars as Inter Milan, but it has never been the best for Inter Milan to play a strong team.
Today, the deployment of Rhea to his brothers is beneficial to strengthen the home court advantage and disrupt the attack rhythm of Inter Milan. We must stir Inter Milan into a muddy water and then fish in troubled waters. It is really effective to see Rhea’s tactics from ten minutes before the game.
Lampard buried his head in the ball and stared at the strange player who had become Naples’s new darling with protective gear. He tried to find a way to avoid his close defense, but he didn’t succeed. At the moment when Lampard was almost successful, the ball was intercepted by Qinan. Lampard was annoyed and grabbed it on the spot.
Qinan broke the ball from Lampard’s foot and immediately gave it to Lavizi in front. This was a special instruction from Rhea before the game. Today, he just wanted to watch Inter Milan Lampard come from England. Lampard is definitely an Inter Milan engine figure. He has a wide range of activities and runs actively. Almost all of Inter Milan’s attacks are launched from his feet. Rhea thinks that Lampard is dead, which is equivalent to wasting half of Inter Milan’s martial arts.
Qinan didn’t let Rhea down. Ten minutes ago, it was difficult for him to connect Lampard to the ball, let alone organize an attack. Lampard only took the ball twice and was cleanly broken by Qinan. Besides, Qinan not only defended Lampard, but also saw Qinan’s flying figure in the whole midfield. His physical strength was not a problem for him. He had rested for a long time, because Qinan’s dazzling performance was that he controlled the midfield, grabbed the third midfield and played against Inter Milan.
Volume II
Chapter 14 Patrino Dance Steps
"Dommonica, he broke Lampard’s ball again. Lampard was in the wind against Dommonica today. He didn’t see us for half a month. He even became so defensive. If this is not a genius, who is? Who is it? " Moreau shouted in the commentary seat again.
Rhea watched Qinan successfully break Lampard’s ball again, and almost wanted to write a thank-you letter to Comotto for discovering Domonica’s defensive talent.
Lampard looked at the opponent’s No.13 Dommonica, who was about to cry again. Before the game, Munnio also told him to pay more attention to Naples No.13 attack. He must be altruistic and run on a large scale to watch him die. Who knows, the form has turned upside down, but he was killed by Naples No.13. This Dommonica attack didn’t see how powerful it was, but it was also inferior to his own team Riviera.
Quaresma’s situation is not much better than Lampard’s. Hamsik is entangled with him like a candy. That Dominica sometimes bothers him in his spare time, which makes him very angry. Moreover, the defensive hierarchy in Naples rarely gives him a chance to start smoothly, so he has no place to resist the surprise attack on the famous flank.
Mu? o wore a black windbreaker and watched every move coolly on the sidelines. This man, who is known as the most popular among middle-aged women in Europe, is never at peace at this time. This Rhea is indeed an old fox who has found his team’s life and won’t let go. It seems that Capello’s words are not too inaccurate. This Rhea is really difficult. How can we get rid of this passive situation? Mu? o carefully thought about it.
Who is the most dangerous person in Inter Milan? People who are familiar with Inter Milan will say that it must be Ibrahimovic, a Swedish giant from the Viking, who has exquisite skills that don’t match his height. Some people say that even though his legs can’t play the piano like Davoussouk, it is more than enough to talk about a piano. From this sentence, we can see that Ibrahimovic’s skills are exquisite when he played against Italy in the World Cup for six years, and the scorpion wagged his tail against Brayda in Ajax in the 4-5 season. The shocking four false shots even tricked the goalkeeper into making a final goal, which made the world realize this tall and flexible.
However, he is still depressed in this game, because he rarely receives the valid ball from his midfield teammates in the front line, and Napoli’s two central defenders Cannavaro and Domic often have two people to guard him, which makes him very uncomfortable. His companion Suazo is also caught in the encirclement of Naples’s five defenders and cannot come out to share the pressure with him.
Naples didn’t give up the offensive game when defending well. After Qinan broke the ball in the 15th minute, he rolled the ball to find Zalayeta’s foot. However, his physical skills were not very good, but he was a typical column center. Zalayeta leaned against Materazzi and knocked the ball to the plug. Ravizzi’s role was to follow the center to meet the second striker’s back and get the ball. He often answered Zalayeta’s ball and then made altruistic speed and technical breakthrough shooting. This is the cooperation between the two. In the past two years, his cooperation with Zalayeta has been tacit enough. In fact, before Zinan came, this was always the main offensive means of Naples, because the strikers could not get much support in the Rhea 5-3-2 defensive formation.
Lavezzi didn’t rush up this time because Inter Milan defender Chivu stuck to him with experience instead of staying for him to break through Lavezzi. He observed the situation in front of him. Zalayeta was pestered by Zalayeta, followed by Chivu Chivu and Mai Kong. It was almost impossible to break through the restricted area and shoot.
"Here," Lavezzi suddenly heard a voice from the left rear. It was Domenica Calazzi who gave the ball to Qinan without hesitation.
Qinan receives Lavezzi’s ball and speeds it to the highest speed. Lavezzi quickly runs to the left. Qinan pulls through and he takes Chivu’s defense away. Because Chivu can’t put Lavezzi on the side.
Qinan high-speed dribbling stepped on two bicycles to defend him. Mai Kong bent down and stared at Qinan’s foot ball. Actually, Qinan didn’t recognize that his two bicycles could fool a world-class defender like Mai Kong. He suddenly made a horizontal stroke to the right to make a breakthrough posture. When Qinan moved to the old age, Mai Kong moved, but Qinan turned the ball around and buckled it to the left. Mai Kong gritted his teeth and pulled his body back to stop in front of Qinan again, but Qinan’s spike was still fake. He buckled just like the previous one. The ball pulled the ball to the right again. This time, Mai Kong was able to look at the ball and sigh. His old waist couldn’t stand this toss. Qinan relied on incredible changes to break through Mai Kong and kill in the restricted area twice in a row.
"More Monica! ! ! It’s Dominique’s incredible turn to dazzling Patrino dance (a dance step with a huge waist twist in Naples) that shakes all Mai Kong’s confidence. How did he do it? Oh, my God, his body simply violated the natural laws of the human body. It can’t be said that the other Mai Kong didn’t do it properly. It’s really that Dominique is not a normal earth person who can defend him and go in! ! ! Emperor! ! ! Once again, the penalty area was crossed. This time, it was to make up for Chivo, the poor Romanian. He didn’t shovel the ball with his sliding shovel. Domenica hit the door! ! ! ! !
"Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Of course, there is no such goal machine. Do you know how much it costs to sign in? I tell you that 500,000 is only 500,000. I think now all club owners will be jealous that Delaurentis signed up as an outstanding genius after spending money on a social lunch. "Moro said that it is no secret that Qinan is worth money. The reporter of Napoli Sports Daily has already interviewed sabatini who discovered Qinan and learned this from him. When sabatini said this, he said it in a show-off tone, because not every professional scout can touch such a good thing. Some people say that he is lucky, but more people think that he is a discerning person. Sometimes luck is always given to those who are prepared.
Volume II
Chapter 15 The score was even
Zinan’s goal in the 21st minute lit up the Sao Paulo Stadium, where 70,000 Neapolitan fans, who were active in Mount Vesuvius, chanted their names again.
This goal, Li Qinnan, fully demonstrated his perfect body flexibility in the venue. In HIGH-speed running, the combination of continuous passing of the ball and super-strong ability brought people a high visual enjoyment. Who said that football can’t be played like art? Qi Nan’s flowing like mercury is art, just like Raphael’s painting is enchanting in solemnity.
The expressions of the two coaches on the sidelines are also opposite. Rhea excitedly waved his fist in the same place, and his silver hair was particularly dazzling. Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho slammed his fist behind the rain shield and roared and danced to cheer up Inter players. Jose Mourinho’s body language is famous among coaches. No wonder some people say that sometimes watching Jose Mourinho perform on the sidelines is better than performing on the court.
After Inter Milan lost the goal, they didn’t panic at all. In Munnio’s roar, they showed a crazy counterattack. They weren’t Catania Inter Milan. No team dared to underestimate them when they got serious.
Mu? o called Lampard, who was closest to him, and told him to run back to the field and give Mu? o instructions. Sure enough, the formation of Inter Milan changed.
Qinan received Cannavaro’s ball and was about to take it forward. An Inter player posted it soon. This time it was no longer Lampard, but a black player who was eager to compete with coal.
Is this Vieira, known as the world’s first iron waist? For Vieira Qinan, he knows something more or less, especially Comotto’s admiration for Vieira. When he was on the school team, Comotto asked Qinan to learn more from Vieira and let him go back and watch more video of Vieira’s game. Actually, Qinan did the same. He asked argus Tini to find some video of Vieira’s game and studied it carefully. He really learned a lot of defensive skills from him. Objectively speaking, Vieira is also a teacher of Qinan.
I didn’t think much about it. Qinan decided to break through from Vieira’s front. Qinan knew that he had hit his enemy. Vieira was 1.91 meters tall, his legs were long, his speed was explosive, and his defensive area was too large. Qinan was accidentally poked out by Vieira’s long legs.
Frank Lampard got a quick counterattack from Inter Milan. Frank Lampard made a big foot shift and distributed the ball to the flank. The quaresma Portuguese winger got the ball. The best wingers in the world ran wildly on the sidewalk. There is no doubt that the breakthrough ability of Quaresma’s sidewalk is actually his favorite. This season, Quaresma’s sidewalk has indeed become a very important offensive means for Inter Milan.
Rushing up, quaresma is indeed a bit unstoppable. savigny passed by him with an empty sway and a change of direction. Cam behind savigny followed quaresma back and waved to his companions behind him to prepare for the defense. Cam seized the opportunity to fly a shovel, but he was cheated by quaresma’s fake action. He was also passed. Cam sometimes seemed too bold.
After Cam quaresma decisively cut before Domic pounced, he was found to be the "pirate captain" Ibrahimovic. The Swede didn’t wait for the ball to land on the instep arch and shot it directly. Lezo couldn’t react to the ball. Ibrahimovic shot too close and the ball was too fast for him to move.
Only one minute after Zinan scored, Inter equalized the score, which is why giants sometimes lose the ball first, but it can make them wake up faster.
Qinan was annoyed because the ball was lost from his foot. He ran more actively and tried to atone for his mistakes. In fact, no fans would blame him. No one could keep a game without losing the ball.
Mu? o received a miraculous effect as soon as he changed his formation, which made Rhea admire his on-the-spot command ability. Mu? o made Vieira close to Lampard to protect him and organize the attack. At the same time, Domenica of Naples turned him to defend Inzinan. This change was simply killing two birds with one stone, liberating Lampard and keeping an eye on Qinan. At the same time, he made quaresma specialize in the winger to pull Lampard and Stankovic from the defensive middle of Naples.
This change really caught Naples off guard. Nanna was stared at by Vieira. Hamsik and gargano were too busy to win the defense. Where to make room to help Qinan? Without Qinan, Lavezzi and Zalayeta also seemed a little isolated. After Inter Milan equalized the score, the offensive became stronger. After Lampard was liberated, he frequently went forward to the restricted area in Naples and made long-range shots. Fortunately, Lezzo played a steady role to protect the goal.
The Zenan ball was once again broken by Vieira in the eyes of the fans. They really got into trouble. Vieira was the ghost of Domenica. If the attack was blocked, the defense would definitely be more difficult. This is the way to avoid it. Twenty minutes after half-time, the defense of Naples seemed a little stormy. It felt like Inter Milan, a huge ship, hit Naples, and the small sampan was almost knocked apart.