After being disturbed by this rabbit, Yang Muyu’s original feelings of sadness converged a lot, and he took the rabbit back to Wang Bo’s house. The next morning, Wang Bo and Mu Xin, the residents of the town, left Hu Zhengming for five years, and Mu Xin, the town, embarked on his own life path. How did this rabbit run to the hut ashes, but he did not think deeply.

Chapter XII Spiritual Power
It has been more than ten days since Muxin town. During the day, Yang Muyu followed Hu Zhengming and others on their way. Every time Hu Zhengming and others stayed in the inn, Yang Muyu took the rabbit out to spy on his father, but there was no news all the way.
Taking advantage of these idle days, Yang Muyu also secretly practiced spiritual power. According to the information left by the weirdo in his mind, he learned that spiritual power is divided into nine parts. Although the properties and secret skills of practicing spiritual power in the mountains and seas are different, the standards for distinguishing spiritual power are the same. According to spiritual power cultivation, it is divided into junior, intermediate and advanced.
Lingli 13, that’s junior three to six, intermediate six to nine, and advanced martial arts practitioners in the whole mountain and sea world are few and nine, and that’s like a god.
The aura display of each psychic force has different colors, from one to nine, namely, color, cyan, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and gold.
There are so many things in Yang Muyu’s mind that there are many kinds of spiritual cultivation secrets. In addition to the Purple Flame Heart Sutra, there is also a cultivation secret that interests him greatly. This spiritual cultivation secret is also called "The Strategy of Destroying the World".
Domineering, evil name!
However, when he was practicing seriously, he stayed again. Since childhood, he has been instructed by his father to practice the secret technique of deep breathing. However, now he is practicing the secret technique of spiritual power to destroy the world, but he has practiced the secret technique of deep breathing since childhood, which makes him really difficult to turn over.
It turns out that his father taught him to breathe out the secret skill, that is, to know the sea between the eyebrows and disperse the meridians. It is an odd way to exercise the spirit and practice the secret skill. His father once said that the essence can penetrate the body and hurt people, but he has been practicing for more than ten years since he was a child. Don’t say that even ordinary strong men can’t beat it. At most, his body is slightly better than ordinary children.
But there is nothing wrong with this. After all, he never wanted to hurt people. But now he wants to practice this "Death Tactics", but he wants to put the aura in the purple house. Where is the purple house? The umbilical three-inch spiritual force operation method? He used to practice the breathing method. One is to disperse the essence, and the other is to exercise the reiki to converge in the purple house.
After studying for two days, Yang Muyu has not been able to work out a trick to tentatively ask Hu Zhengming. The old man just said that spiritual exercise is naturally a purple mansion, which is well known.
Besides, Yang Muyu dared not ask more questions for fear of revealing the secrets of the weirdo. Although he got along with him soon, he was a little white. The weirdo seemed to have a grudge against the geek, but he couldn’t let him know what he was involved in with the weirdo. More importantly, the weirdo gave him the magic sword and the starfish soul before he died. That’s a rare treasure. Every man has a guilty conscience and he understands the truth.
Hesitated for two days, my heart is really yearning for practitioners. Compared with Yang Muyu, I am still going to practice spiritual strength according to the secret skill of "The Lost World Tactics". Every day, in addition to practicing the original secret skill of breathing and breathing, he is practicing the secret skill of the lost world tactic to exercise the purple house spiritual strength. The progress is really slow, and I don’t know when I can reach the spiritual strength. Four practices the soft light dance secret skill to fly on the wind.
However, he learned from six amazing mouths in a small talk that spiritual cultivation is going against nature, which is normal. When ordinary people practice spiritual cultivation for three to five years, it depends on talent and opportunity, otherwise some people will find it difficult to break through even if they practice for ten or twenty years.
So it turns out that Yang Muyu is not only depressed for more than ten or twenty years, but also a spiritual force? How long will it take to practice? Isn’t it necessary to practice until the head is white and the teeth fall? But after all, he is a child’s mind. Although depressed, he continues to practice the secret skills of destroying the world. He continues to practice two different secret skills, exercising the essence and aura. The difference is that the essence is scattered and the meridians know the sea. Reiki is in the purple house.
When he has nothing to do, he fantasizes in his mind that if he dances softly and flies against the wind, if he holds a magic sword, he will kill the magic with a thousand strokes. Although he can’t make all kinds of secret skills in his mind, he is a child’s heart, but he filters them in his mind and deepens his impression over and over again.
Not to mention that Yang Muyu secretly cultivated spiritual strength these days, he said that on this day, four people went all the way eastward to the heavy cloud city, which is not the main artery in the east-west direction compared with ordinary towns, but also faces the vast overseas connection with Qianhe island countries and the prosperous port together with the East Flower City, which is a rare and prosperous big town in Qingyu Empire.
On this day, Yang Muyu entered the city at sunset. Although he has been to many places since childhood, because his father deliberately kept a low profile and was young, he didn’t understand these things. Now he is curious and can’t help but look around.
"I said that this heavy cloud city in Yangjia is a big place. You have to have a good look around when you enter the city?" Huang Lanyu laughed lazily and didn’t know what to wear a patch and rags to follow Yang Muyu around them. The more he looked at it, the more he disliked it.
"Oh … big place?" Yang Muyu nodded and didn’t pay attention to his smooth response. For more than ten days, he naturally knew that Huang Lanyu didn’t like him, and he also didn’t like him, especially when he was around 6 Jinghong.
These days, I am surprised to see things in my eyes and shake my head. "Brother, don’t always bully Mu Yu!" Huang Lanyu mind if she doesn’t know? There is a difference between men and women. Secondly, there is no formal commitment between them. 6 Jinghong is very fond of him. It is watching Huang Lanyu constantly aiming at Yang Muyu’s heart. It is really uncomfortable to maintain it everywhere. After all, Yang Muyu is just a child in her eyes, but in this way, Huang Lanyu hates Yang Muyu even more.
Huang Lanyu listened to the cold hum, but he no longer said anything, but his heart was andao. "Today, we must think of a way to throw this little goodbye and let him follow."
Chapter 13, pitfalls (1)
Hu Zhengming looked at Yang Muyu and asked, "Muyu, are you looking around first or what?" They have never seen Yang Muyu’s father. Even if they meet each other, they can’t recognize that everywhere they go, Yang Muyu goes to find his father privately.
"Let me look around first! Meet you at dusk. "Yang Muyu nods. Along the way, he has a faint feeling that he may not be able to find his father, but even if he knows that he can’t find it, he still wants to find it.
"Well, we’ll stay at Hongtong Inn. If you don’t know the place, you’ll find someone to ask." Hu Zhengming charged two more sentences before taking Huang Lanyu and 6 Jinghong to Hongtong Inn.
"Well, brother, you go first. I suddenly remembered to buy something." Huang Lanyu took a glance at Yang Muyu’s back.
6 Jinghong frown can speak out to maintain that "Brother, don’t be hard on Muyu, he is a child". Huang Lanyu sees that Yang Muyu is not pleasing to the eye. 6 Jinghong knows that when dealing with the fire unicorn that day, Yang Muyu gave his life to save her, but he was pressed on her body. If it were another man, it would be uncomfortable. But first, Yang Muyu is just a child. Second, after all, he saved her out of kindness.
6 I was shocked when I spoke, but I couldn’t help thinking, "Why is this person so stingy?"
"Don’t worry, I’m just teasing him. Do you really care about him?" Huang Lanyu laughed and talked, but he had turned away, but he didn’t know that he had left a bad impression in the heart of 6 Jing Hong.
Yang Muyu took a few steps away from Hu Zhengming. He grabbed an old man on the road and asked, "Old uncle, do you know where there is a house for rent in this heavy cloud city?"
His white father’s habit, if he really stays in such a big town, is to find a place to rent a house. The terrain must be extremely remote. His father never likes busy people.
In the old man guide Yang Muyu walked towards the western suburbs hutong-
"I said rabbit, you said … should I follow her?" Yang Muyu took Uncle Rabbit out from the waist across the bag and held him in his hand. He asked in a low voice. These days, he is used to gossiping with the rabbit, happy and upset … He has to find someone to talk to. Although the rabbit can’t talk, it seems that he can nod and shake his head to show his decision.
"Squeak … I’m Uncle Rabbit." The rabbit shook his head with contempt after drawing a finger at Yang Muyu.
Yang Muyu looked at the rabbit with a low sigh. At first, he felt that the rabbit was strange, so he caught it and raised it. But in the past few days, he couldn’t tell what’s strange about the rabbit. What’s the difference between ordinary rabbits? Of course, except that it can understand him, it is estimated to be rabbit essence. This is his final evaluation of Uncle Rabbit.
"I don’t think I need to follow her anymore, but-rabbit, do you think I should tell her the truth? Even if they find the blood of the dragon, they can’t solve the poison of the dragon finch?" Yang Muyu gently said that these days he finally knew from Hu Zhengming’s gossip that they were going to the vast ocean to find Yan Long’s blood to relieve Uncle Liu Jinghong’s sparrow poison.
The hutong in the western suburbs is really remote, and even the houses are very old. It is because the owner of the old house moved away but left the old house for rent.
Yang Muyu walked slowly along the blue brick and old citron. He knew his father’s habits. If he was really here, he would certainly find it. But after wandering around for a long time, he saw that it was already dark, and the faint yellow oil lamps revealed from the old house, but he had no clue.
"Maybe I’m really looking in the wrong direction?" Yang Muyu shook his head and sighed and turned to meet Hongtong Inn, but as soon as he turned around, a shadow did not move in the dark corner.
"Huang Lanyu?" Yang Muyu was surprised at how he was here, and then he came here for nothing. It is bound to be that Huang Lanyu secretly followed him, and he followed him even with malicious intent.
In fact, what does Huang Lanyu want to do? Yang Muyu doesn’t know that Huang Lanyu’s hostility to him is very obvious these days, but he didn’t think what he would do to him. After all, he is an important person for him, but now that he has avoided 6 surprises and Hu Zhengming’s eyes, it is natural to know.
Yang Muyu can take two steps back and look around. Seeing that he is at a corner, it is quite remote. There is no one, even if someone is an ordinary person, how can he stop a spiritual warrior?
When Huang Lanyu and others fought against the fire unicorn that day, Yang Muyu clearly saw that his aura was light green, which was the four signs of spiritual power. Although it had not reached the fourth level, the martial artist was considered an intermediate master in the mountain and sea world, and it was enough to crush him.
Yang Muyu shuddered involuntarily. He has the secret skill of practicing martial arts in the eccentric department in his mind, but the root can’t be ignored when spiritual cultivation is only over ten days. Naturally, it can’t be Huang Lanyu’s opponent.
"What do you want to do?" Yang Muyu looked at Huang Lanyu insidious smile with his back against the wall and asked him to approach the alert step by step.
"What do you say?" Afraid of Huang Lanyu sneer at a way? How dare you pester Jinghong after seeing you? And hey hey ….. He’s a godsend. He actually let him show such a rare treasure in his poor little body. It’s much more convenient to have this thing. This heart is more murderous.
But he also wondered how a poor man in a mountain village could have such a rare treasure. Isn’t that right thing just like a birthmark?
Huang Lanyu immediately thought that even a birthmark would rather kill something like this by mistake than let it go, which is something that can be met but not sought. Although he killed this little problem, he explained it to his brother and 6 Jinghong, but what could they do to him if no one saw him die and denied it? Besides, he is already a spiritual force four martial arts practitioner, and he will soon graduate from Tianyimen and go back. At that time, Tianyimen will not be able to resist him.
Take ten thousand steps back. Even if Tianyimen knows, will he turn against him because of a poor boy?
Yang Muyu retreated step by step, but Huang Lanyu came over step by step. Suddenly Yang Muyu exclaimed in surprise, "Ah … Mr. Hu, why are you here?"
Chapter 14, pitfalls (2)
"Brother?" Huang Lanyu can look back after a stay, but where is Hu Zhengming behind him? I immediately understood where Yang Muyu was when I turned around. Huang Lanyu was so angry that he could not help stamping his feet and cursing, "Where are you going?" At the same time, the figure flashed and the person had disappeared
When he walked to the corner, Yang Muyu poked his head out again and touched his head in a cold sweat tunnel. "That was a close call. Why is this person so petty?"
Originally just now, Yang Muyu pretended to see Hu Zhengming calling out deliberately. Huang Lanyu turned around and looked at the past, but Yang Muyu also knew that if he wanted to escape, he would never get away. He took advantage of Huang Lanyu’s turn around and hurriedly hid in the corner next to him, waiting for Huang Lanyu to leave before he dared to stick his head out.
Yang Muyu hurriedly prepared to leave with a rabbit in one hand. He expected that Huang Lanyu would soon know that he would come back to find him and had to leave quickly, but he didn’t expect that Huang Lanyu was not an idiot and sneered at "you almost cheated"
Yang Muyu was frightened out of his wits, thinking that this man was so haunted that he ran away without saying anything.
Huang Lanyu secretly sneer at behind his back "want to run? No way "mind move, he has followed the interest rate.
Yang Muyu looked back as he ran and saw Huang Lanyu’s fingertips reaching for him with a light green aura. The top of the skull was suddenly frightened. If he caught his head, would he still have a life? Hurriedly, you can shrink your shoulders and be short, and at the same time, your feet slip by with a strange shape.
Huang Lanyu’s face is a bit embarrassing, but he is a master of four, and he can’t even catch a child with one move. What face is there to be a man? But Yang Muyu’s posture just now is really weird, not weird …
Yang Muyu didn’t expect to be able to hide from his attack. He couldn’t help but stay for a while. It suddenly occurred to me that just now it was the soft light dance, which was so wonderful that it was not just the wind-fighting secret skill, but also the wonderful posture. Yang Muyu was contemplating how to practice this soft light dance secret skill in his mind every day these days, and the soft light thing was deeply imprinted in his mind. Being a part of his memory.
Now, at the head of the crisis, he didn’t even think about it, so he naturally made it out. Sure enough, the soft light dance is not a spiritual force, but he has cultivated the essence of breathing since childhood. Is this breathing method and spiritual force also able to communicate with each other?
It’s a pity that when he didn’t give him much thought, Huang Lanyu hit the center with great anger, and the spirit force poured into the palm of his hand, and the light green aura penetrated the body and waved his hand at Yang Muyu’s chest and took it hard