"Four …" Wait until four time is close to the fog. Eagle Nine and Niu Tong said with a face of mirth, but after saying these two words, the sound came to a screeching halt. Originally, Yang Xiaodi’s four roots didn’t stop at all but directly rushed into the fog.

Eagle nine and NiuTong looked at each other with a face of wait for a while expression.
"There is a person coming out of the array!" Misty hill, etc. After Zhang Xiaotian came out from the front law, the three evil spirits were in an uproar!
Just a law Zhang Xiaotian saw three evil spirit expression is not slightly one leng! Then Zhang Xiaotian stared at the three strangers coldly.
One ghost emperor in the middle and two ghost emperors in the early days!
Such as Zhang Xiaotian see three people after the heart is not surprised and angry.
One is Yang Xiao to worry about four people, and the other is that he has just come out from the front law and there are signs of gathering energy around him! Is his body a little bit cham into if at ordinary times the three ghost emperor level guy is not in his eyes! But now these three ghost emperors have become a great threat! If he moves, there is energy in his body, so if he doesn’t enter the array, it will be a waste of effort! Maybe you will be mentally self-absorbed!
At that time, Zhang Xiaotian’s mood was extremely complicated! A little bit of energy into his name makes Zhang Xiao’s celestial energy gradually, but in front of these three strange ghost emperors, Zhang Xiaotian dare not immediately absorb it.
Be Zhang Xiaotian two indifferent eyes swept away three evil spirit heart involuntarily trembling slightly! Those eyes are full of Cang Sang! It’s like looking into the depths of the three evil spirits, and their hearts are naked in front of Zhang Xiaotian!
This time, Zhang Xiaotian spent four months in front of the law, but his experience was the sky of a lifetime history! Tens of thousands of years! Zhang Xiaotian, in particular, was almost absorbed in the illusion, and everything he experienced was particularly real! As soon as he came out of the law, Zhang Xiaotian’s mentality did not suddenly disappear, but remained! This is the sequela of array method. It takes some time to adjust this mentality slowly!
But Zhang Xiaotian didn’t think that it was his eyes that had witnessed several historical firmaments that shocked the three evil spirits! Let them not dare to make a move at the moment.
The ghost will peak! Three evil spirits clearly sensed Zhang Xiaotian Xiu! But Zhang Xiaotian eyes let them feel a slight tremor!
Just when the four people confronted each other, the fog in the outer circle was a churning! In a short time Yang Xiao to four people then flash in.
After seeing Yang Xiao’s four people flash in, Zhang Tianhe and three evil spirits’ eyes shine at the same time.
"Eldest brother! Get rid of these formations! " Just entered the law Xiao Qing mouth anxiously shouted.
"Sure enough! This array is human! " After hearing Xiao Qing’s words, the three evil spirits felt for a while! But then I was a little confused. I don’t know why this ghost is so anxious to accept the law!
See Yang Xiao four people flash in Zhang Xiaotian slightly at ease! He was also worried about whether something was wrong with Yang Xiao to four people. Now it seems that they are very safe! After hearing Xiao Qing, Zhang Xiaotian didn’t hesitate to shoot a spirit into the X large array behind him and waved his hand. Two pieces of fog were removed inside and outside.
He didn’t hesitate or hesitate! He can’t persist for so long.
Zhang Xiaotian immediately sat on the ground after withdrawing the law! To absorb the huge energy around.
The fog suddenly disappeared outside the soul beast and three evil spirits Yang Xiao to four people immediately according to the face!
Everyone was stunned, but only after a moment, the body became angry.
"Eagle nine! Niutong! Your majesty is locking you two up. Get these three guys who broke into the array! " Yang Xiao toward the nearby is slightly LengYing nine and NiuTong two people shouted.
Hear this roar eagle nine and NiuTong immediately wake up! But after they saw the identity of the three evil spirits, they were shocked.
"Three evils of hell!" Eagle nine and NiuTong shocked shouted.
Suddenly saw so many people outside three evil spirits also can’t help but slightly leng for a moment but also can’t help but wake up after hearing Yang Xiao to shout! When the three evil spirits coldly swept to the people not far away! Finally, the three people’s eyes stayed on Eagle Nine and the cow’s whole body pupil also contracted sharply!
"Two ghost emperors?" Three evil spirits become dignified!
"Three evils of hell!" I was shocked to hear Eagle Nine and Niu Tong shouting that those who have already taxied the ghost king to stop and compete in the enclosure. Obviously, they have also heard of the three evil spirits in hell.
"We will deal with the ghost emperor in purple robe, and you will deal with the two ghost emperors in black robe and blue robe!" Yang Xiao’s eyes tightly staring at the three evil spirits shouted and Yang Xiao’s voice made Xiao Qinghe Fat to protect Zhang Xiaotian from Zhang Xiaotian!
Division of labor completed! Xiao Qing and Fat Boy flicker to Zhang Xiaotian! Look coldly at the surrounding spirits!
Three evil spirits and eagle nine, Niu Tong coldly stared at each other and no one started work! Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Dianfei didn’t make moves! Now their biggest problem is procrastination.
Zhang Xiaotian is out now! Zhang Dianfei four hearts glad thanks to the four of them didn’t go to the ghost fog, looking for XiaoRan! Otherwise, they will miss Zhang Xiaotian’s departure.
"Who are you?" After several people looked at it for a while, the purple evil spirit finally asked first and glanced at the nearby Zhang Xiaotian figure from time to time!
Zhang Xiaotian side gathered around the huge name of energy, of course, he knows what it is! But he always feels a little weird! Supposedly, it is impossible for a ghost to break through the realm when he is at the peak of his life. And purple evil spirit eyes still gaze to the ghost king level spirit beast not far away! In addition to the peak of the three demons, the other five demons are also breaking through the realm!
Is it really such a coincidence that six people break through at the same time? Purple evil spirit in the heart can’t help but give birth to a trace of doubt. The most important thing is that he can see that Yang Xiao is sitting on the ground and trying to absorb energy Zhang Xiaotian! A ghost will peak ghost repair turned out to be four "ghost king" strength ghost repair leaders, especially these four people are all special, which is not comparable to ordinary ghost king level ghost repair! This makes purple evil spirit more confused … How to think it is an incredible thing!
Purple evil spirit heart center doubts others are even more confused! Especially Ying Jiu and Niu Tong! Is that "mysterious king" him? Their corner glanced at the nearby Zhang Xiaotian! A ghost will be at its peak … Eagle Nine and Niu Tong vaguely feel that they seem to have been cheated, but they didn’t run away immediately because they had another goal … that is, the three evils of hell!
The three evil spirits of hell are the characters of the earth treasure king! Anyone who reaches the level of ghost emperor knows that the earth treasure king said that anyone who catches the three of them or helps to catch the three of them will be rewarded!
And around don’t ghost repair are two envy looking at Zhang Xiaotian five demons not far from his side! Accurately speaking, they are jealous of their energy!
They can also absorb this kind of energy! Anyone who absorbs the energy when he breaks through the ghost repair is higher than himself, then the spirit of absorbing the energy will also increase.
Zhang Xiaotian Xiu is the peak of ghosts! Therefore, there are many soul beasts present who can absorb the energy of gathering place names around him!
But compared to Zhang Xiaotian! The energy around the five demons around him is even more attractive!
However, it is a great deterrent to be surrounded by the five ghost kings and the three ghost beasts at their peak! Let the ghost repair stop at the scene.
Add five ghost emperor present reason so who also dare not beat to steal the thunder smile "who are you? Break into other people’s abode of fairies and immortals without permission! "
"I think! We may have some misunderstandings! " Purple evil spirit thoughtfully for a moment and said slowly
"Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? " Hear purple evil spirit say so Yang Xiao slightly sigh tone lightly asked if really fight they are really afraid! They don’t want to fight if they can’t! If we delay until Zhang Xiaotian wakes up, everything will be all right!
Hear Yang Xiaodi and purple evil spirit answered the words eagle nine and NiuTong no longer speak, just silently watching! In my heart, I’m trying to figure out their tricks!
"We don’t know if this hill is the abode of fairies and immortals or a natural law, so we just rushed in! Please forgive me for offending! " Purple evil spirit eyes staring at Yang Xiao a face of apology and said
Hear the eldest of the three evil spirits, purple evil spirit, apologize to Yang Xiao! Eagle nine and NiuTong not slightly opened his mouth some dumbfounded! Mind thinking Murphy Yang Xiao to them really bad?
"oh! That’s right! In that case, we don’t blame it! You can go! " Yang Xiao responded slowly and said
"Uh …" Hearing what Yang Xiao said, purple evil spirit couldn’t help but leng! After a moment, the purple evil spirit looked at the other side of Xiaoqing with some hesitation and said, "This girl …" Seeing that the purple evil spirit noticed Xiaoqing and then associated it with him when he entered the law, he recognized Xiaoqing’s identity at a glance. Yang Xiao couldn’t help but say, "This girl has nothing to do with you!"
"I know I want to …" Hear Yang Xiao so simply blurt out a word purple evil spirit can’t help but embarrassed again.
"What do you want to think! You don’t want anything! " Yang Xiao is his eyes a stare coldly say
"Small! My eldest brother talks to you well, don’t be unappreciative! " Yang Xiaodi said such ugly words three transgressions and two times, but the two brothers, the blue one and the black one, couldn’t see the past. When the black one roared, Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Dianfei fought with the purple one, they didn’t know that they had been fighting with the two demons for so long, but they couldn’t fight so timidly, and the purple one didn’t tell them! Therefore, the two evil spirits are not sure about the real reason why the purple evil spirits are so polite to Yang Xiao, a ghost king in his early days! With a ghost king peak level ghost people can’t make purple evil spirit to Yang Xiao so polite! Purple evil spirit is so kind to Yang Xiao. That’s purple evil spirit regards Yang Xiao as a person with equal strength!
"Why? Do you still want to fight when you break into other people’s caves? " Yang Xiao smiled coldly and said lightly that his heart was guilty! He hopes that these three ghost emperors are face-to-face people, so he will not start work on them again!
"Ha ha! Why don’t you go out and ask about who we three hellcats are? What’s the big deal if you grab it! We still want to kill you, do you believe it? " Who knows Yang Xiao to such a shock blue evil spirit immediately burst out laughing.
Really? Yang Xiao secretly complain in the heart! Don’t these three ghost emperors turn out to be murderous demons? Think of eagle nine and NiuTong and the spirit beast to a face of shock and then think of the three people to the title of Yang Xiao to a cool heart!
"Hum! What three evils of hell? I think you are three fears of hell! Attack us when our king is closed! What is this? If something happens, just wait for our king to wake up and we’ll fight again! " Yang Xiao sneer at a lightly said
"What?" Black is a face of great anger
"Hum! That ghost is your king when he is young? " Glanced at nearby Zhang Xiao sky blue laughs at a light and asks
"I want you to show some respect! Our king’s strength group is what you can point at? What’s more, our king, Ghost Fog Sen, Xiao Ran, the Ghost Emperor and the Dark Ghost Emperor, the owner of the faint valley of the corpse, are sworn brothers! Don’t you look down on them for being so disrespectful to our king? " Yang Xiao said lightly that there was a faint anger in his tone.
"Xiao Ran Ghost Emperor and Black Ghost Emperor?" Three evil spirits opened their mouths and looked startled.
"Are you kidding! Xiao Ran and Heiyou will recognize a ghost brother! " Then blue evil spirit a face of ridicule said
"Why can’t we recognize a ghost brother?" Just as Yang Xiao opened his mouth to say something, a faint sound came from afar.
"Xiao Ran!" Three evil spirits twist a head to look in the direction of the sound, not from a face of shock shouted tone with a quiver.
"Xiao Ran Ghost Emperor!" Looking at the bearer eagle nine and NiuTong is also a burst of dumbfounded.
"XiaoRan! Dark! It turned out to be them! " Looking at the bearer Yang Xiaodi four people pleasantly surprised.