Lee sharingan’s illusion made the windmill disappear in the other side’s field of vision … If he hadn’t known the habits of Uchihiro’s first world war and had already arranged his grievances, I’m afraid he couldn’t solve the other side’s illusion … If he hadn’t reacted quickly and took advantage of the sudden appearance, Hidan would definitely have been cut in half by the other side …

Cold sweat unconsciously slipped from the brow corner …
Although please report that the other side has been fighting for a long time, from the beginning of the action, it is clear what magnitude opponent the other side is … If the strength is rated by sharingan alone, the woman in front of me is a real Uchihiro!
Taking off your coat has been sealed in your body and released by the Ministry … If you don’t do this, you’re not sure whether you can take advantage of the other party … In the end, if you don’t covet Uchihiro and the blood of thousands of hands, you won’t want to come to this place yourself if you don’t discuss yourself with your teammates.
This is not in line with the interest strategy at all …
But now that we’ve met the possibility of turning around and leaving according to the positions of both sides, of course, we didn’t sign up in a hurry-to be honest, it’s almost never occurred to me to kill the messenger of kaleidoscope sharingan head-on … Since the early generation, Mu Dun and sharingan have been recognized as the strongest blood donors in the world. Even though chakra has several hearts, his resistance to illusion is much higher, but this is still not a reason to be able to defeat the other side … The real sharingan is not an illusion …
But the eye condition is different after all …
Two-to-one, but also their own Hidan deathless cooperation … in other words, to be able to get each other’s blood is their own victory!
"Bastard! ! !”
Roaring, Hidan seems to be still eager to try. After the arm is stitched again, it seems as if nothing has happened. It seems that he wants to rush forward again, but this moment the angle is in the way of his charge.
"Go back …"
Tilt head Angle tone with a somewhat harsh.
"that horse is ready for your ceremony!"
After a word, he no longer said anything, and his eyes were locked again in front of Uchihiro vulture … His eyes were naturally full of malice.

And across from him, the vulture’s patience has finally reached its limit …
"That’s enough …"
She said so and closed her eyes slightly …
"The horse will solve your chapter two hundred and seventy-six, Galand anger.
Ps first more ~ ~ ~ for * * ~ ~ for reward ~ ~ ~ for recommendation.
"That’s enough …"
She said so and closed her eyes slightly …
"The horse will solve you!"

Even though she hasn’t made a move, they both feel the fatal threat at the same time across from the vulture!
-that’s some kind of facing the fear of death!
For the two of them, it is the furthest away from "death", but when that woman talks like this, she can tell them that the extreme terror that she has never tasted for a long time is slowly approaching them …

Can’t wait any longer!
Although it’s really limited to attack rashly without the opponent’s hand, if you don’t take the lead here and wait for the opponent to show his flaws, everyone believes that he will never get what he wants.
"carrara …"
The creepy stereo started out like a monster, and his body changed again. There were four masks printed on his back, and suddenly he began to swell up. Then, like cell division, he "grew" four monsters with different shapes from his body again …
"Benedict DuDu! Hey! "
Dull and steady landing is a moment behind Jiaodu, where there are four monsters composed of grievances … From the height point of view, they are even more than Jiaodu, and there is a strange mask covering their faces … The eyes of the original hole also begin to emit some deep and cold light.
Taboo Ninjutsu has appeared, and I glanced at the corner with a face of fanaticism. Hidan-The ceremony is ready, and the work will be completed by myself.
Then …!
Both hands are the first to attack!
-Tudun Rock Cloister!
I have met with the first generation and fought against ninjas, so it is the best proof of my strength that I can live to this day without other achievements.
… Jiaodu
This name may not be as familiar to the average ninja, but in the dark world, in the group composed of careerists and vagrants, this name is alive and strange!
No one knows how long he has lived-it seems that from the beginning of the ninja profession, mercenary status has appeared in various battlefields, and his style is simpler than his name … a word of money.
But this terrible monster doesn’t seem to be conscious of other strong people, but it is more demanding of yellow and white things than anything else … if it weren’t for this, I’m afraid I wouldn’t throw myself into the darkness, would I?
In the local exchange, high reward targets should be careful. Anyone who has no position as a hunter may be one of his targets.
And the powerful roots that support his long life are those four silent monsters …