Armor is destroyed, clothes are stained with blood, and Seibel has also snorted and responded coldly. He looked at Li She and said, "You gave me a reason to want to live!"

"I’m always waiting for you to kill me." Li she bandaged up her fist wound and ignored Seibel. She turned to the group of people who had been rescued and the problem came again. How to arrange them!
"Master, these people are representatives of these people." Guo Jia led three people to Li She.
When the three men saw Li She, they immediately bowed down. "Thank you for saving us from the fire and water!"
"The three old people are guilty of asking for this gift quickly!" Li involved hurriedly lifted three people up.
"My Lord, why don’t you kill that evil general?" One person pointed to Seibel who was about to leave and asked
Seibel laughed at herself as soon as she was one leng. I asked Seibel how something I didn’t do to the people turned into evil. Hehe, interesting.
Turn away Seibel seems to hear Li’s explanation. "He’s not bad. He’s just following the wrong master. I hope he can abandon the dark side …"
"Hum! Appearance "seibel disdain cold hum a was immediately taken away by the foot soldiers from the rear in the forbidden to watch.
What followed was much beyond Li’s expectation. It turned out that these people had their own dry food, which solved the most important problem.
Later, Li She had a talk with these three representatives, knowing that Li She’s territory was in Jingxiang, and these three representatives had given up following Li She’s idea. It was a long way to go, and they were half dead before they reached them.
Although all the houses around Luoyang city have been burned, it is convenient to rebuild at least a contour, otherwise these ten thousand people really don’t know how to resettle.
After making up his mind, Li She led the fighters to escort these people back to Luoyang. The people were secretly amazed that these fighters in the west would harm people. When the general came, he immediately became the patron saint of the people. The general must have a big collar.
Iron fighters attacked Yi Ke, and these people had some hardships. They walked for nearly six days before they reached Luoyang City, which was in ruins.
"Thank you for your escort, and then things won’t bother you," said a representative.
"There are still many difficulties in rebuilding my homeland. Are you sure I won’t stay?"
"My Lord, you are British warriors, and you should naturally give small things like this to Wang."
Li She no longer insisted on the Three Representatives and exchanged pleasantries. Looking at the endless stream of people, she shouted, "Folks! Good-bye! "
"Adults walk slowly!" Tens of thousands of people bowed down to the sound system, and the scene was spectacular.
Not to mention that Li was shocked to the presence of people who were not shocked, especially in the rear of the army. Gao Shun kept his eyes wide open and said to himself, "I, Gao Shun, have been doing things for the people, and sometimes I can’t even get a thank you. What did he do to get this gift!"
Is his master secretly proud of the ban turned to say with smile, "this is the sense of honor. You are just a small favor. Maybe a few people will remember it, but they will soon forget it, and this sense of honor will flow forever to future generations."
"The sense of honor goes to the heavenly Lord," Seibel muttered in absentia and stopped talking.
"Brother Gao, you are a Han. It’s no wonder that the master is so optimistic about you …" In the ban, Li never forgot to give him something to do, just beside Seibel.
"Needless to say!" Before the words haven’t say that finish was interrupted by seibel.
In the forbidden place, you can’t refuse to smile and sit beside Seibel and say, "My master just has a love problem …" In the forbidden place, he kept nagging like the Tang Priest. Li She said that this is called mental hypnosis. If a person always hears the benefits of listening to a person, he will naturally not be malicious, and it is not impossible that he may fall to the ground and worship.
On the other hand, Li she naturally did a good job and then gradually left in the reverence eyes of the people.
"Why don’t we adults build temples so that we can remember the kindness of adults?" A representative suggested.
The other two representatives nodded and thought that this discussion was a good thing, and it was not too late to rebuild their homes. First of all, they were busy building a temple for Li.
Li She is in a good mood and ready to return to the Alliance Camp. If there is no one there, Li She will go back to Jingxiang. Now that troubled times have started, Li She should also extend her fangs and nibble around.
"ding! Amazing news! I am a little fish player who broke into the tomb of the Han Dynasty and won the recognition of Fan Kuai as a sleeping ghost. Because I am a little fish, I am the first player to enter the secret realm, and I specially reward his hand warrior Fan Kuai for restoring his ability before his death. It is hereby announced. "
"Cut how much something this also want to notice it again." Li said disdainfully, but his heart was quite tasty. I didn’t expect this again. Before I was a little fish’s mother, I didn’t expect him to get along well in troubled times. I must kill him if I get a chance.
Actually, there are ghosts who remind me of the experience of going to hell together in my dream, plus some mysterious secrets of God. Li She always feels that the world is very unusual. Looking at her side, Guo Jia asked, "Do you believe in ghosts and gods in filial piety?"
"Of course, the theory that there are ghosts and gods in the world of Yin and Yang is not just a made-up story, but it is real."
Li She asked again, "Have you ever seen filial piety?"
"I was lucky enough to see it once. It was late at night, and I stumbled along the road after drinking a little wine. Suddenly, a peach blossom girl came out and asked me if I wanted to be happy."
I can’t believe that Guo Jia has actually seen a ghost. Li She immediately became curious. "You won’t agree, will you?"
Guo Jia glanced at Li She with disdain. "You and I are romantic. Is it a hollow reputation? At that time, I fought with her for 300 rounds and killed her. "
"what! People and ghosts can … "Li involved a little don’t believe it.
Ghosts are different from people. They are not even as good as people. They have three souls and seven spirits, plus a perfect body, while ghosts have souls. Speaking of which, they are not as good as people.
"Well, I heard that ghosts will be absorbed by the spirit of filial piety. You weren’t so weak at that time, were you?"
"How is it possible! At that time, I tried my best to kill the female ghost, and it was about to pass away until the female ghost begged for mercy. "Guo Jia sighed," Speaking of which, she was also a poor person. She used to be a young lady in a big family, but unfortunately, her husband was finally harmed by her husband and servant girl, so she stayed in heaven and earth and refused to be reincarnated. "
After Li Sheyan decided to return to Jingxiang, he must give up the lame Taoist priest. The world is too crazy, and there are lame Taoist priests who are also stable in Li Sheyan’s heart.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Lombardi action
"According to what you mean, this ghost is not terrible?" Li asked with a grain of salt, after all, those scary ghost movies in reality are still fresh in my memory.
"A terrible man killed a female rape … ahem also killed"
Perhaps for ordinary people, those wandering souls are terrible. In fact, after understanding ghosts, they won’t feel scared at all. They are always afraid of what is haunted. Those ghosts are spectres, but they are very rare, but they are not much better. They are still vulnerable to meeting Guo Jia and others who have realized their "vitality."
Relatively speaking, ghosts are still inferior to people, and of course, they have been trained to reshape the body. Fan Kuai is one of them, and he is lucky to get a unified reward and directly shape the body.