The fans in the stands of Real Madrid are getting louder and louder, and gradually they can’t hear other sounds.

Even the neutral commentator can’t watch it. "Valencia beat Real Madrid, but now they are not as simple as beating Real Madrid, but humiliating Real Madrid! No wonder Real Madrid fans will send so big boo … "
"Valencia are showing off their ball, but I think it’s a lack of respect for their opponents! Even if Valencia wins this game, it will be full of controversy! "
"Who would have thought that this game would end up like this? The winning team is really completely stirring the centennial celebration of Real Madrid … Real Madrid can’t do anything about this kind of handing in Valencia … "
As usual, Chang Sheng’s expression in the close-up shot broadcast to Chang Sheng can’t see the joys and sorrows.
No one can tell his heart from his face.
So you can follow the crowd and scold "this damn utilitarian!"
After winning in Valencia, he held high the banner of offensive football and made it pleasing to the eye. Football seems to have cleared him of such bad charges as "negativity", "individualism" and "defensive counter-attack fans" in Hertha.
People cheered Valencia for football, and it has become a pleasure to watch Valencia’s game every week.
But until now, they discovered that Changsheng is actually a conservative and utilitarian person in his bones, and Valencia is still the Spanish team that is more like an Italian team …
They can do whatever it takes to win!
But just as everyone was indignant at Valencia’s despicable behavior, Real Madrid was sad.
Just as the players in Real Madrid were insensitive to Valencia’s back and forth, the situation changed suddenly at the front of their restricted area!
Guardiola should have come sideways, but suddenly he came straight!
The football passed through Yero and Iván Campo!
Campo’s reaction was slow and he didn’t move after half a shoot.
Yero made a tackle, but he didn’t get the ball!
Ibrahimovic turned around from his side and plugged into the football!
"Ibrahimovic! !”
Facing the attacking goalkeeper, Cesar Ibrahimovic pushed the far corner.
Cesar fell to the ground and saved the ball. His foot touched the football and it rolled to the other side.
Vicente appeared like a ghost to meet the ball and push it!
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! !” The football flew into the goal of Real Madrid for the fourth time in the roar of the commentator!
"complete defeat! Real Madrid is completely defeated! "
"The game is over! The suspense is over! Three goals behind and six minutes left, Real Madrid can’t complete the reversal! "
"Unbelievable! Unbelievable! It’s really unexpected … Real Madrid will be defeated by Valencia again at home! "
"florentino tried his best to arrange this game, but he finally made a wedding dress for others … This is really the worst birthday for Real Madrid!"
After the goal, Vicente ran to the sidelines with his arms open, and then a slide rail rolled over and lay down on the ground as if he had lost his strength.
With five or six minutes left before the end of the game, Valencia led Real Madrid by three goals, and he really breathed a sigh of relief …
More Valencia players are coming.
And then press on him
At this time, it seems that there are pyramid-shaped arhats to express their emotions well.
“41! 41! What an amazing score! When Valencia won a five-point victory over Real Madrid at home, many people said that Valencia could not win! When Valencia won Real Madrid 21 away, they said that the score said that Valencia was not dominant, and now Valencia’s 41 score has hit back at everyone’s doubts! "
"Before the game, the media generally thought that this was the final of the King’s Cup. Real Madrid would be difficult to deal with if it got serious … but now! Valencia told people that it is no accident that they can double-kill Real Madrid in the league this season! "
"I have a question now-did Real Madrid regret it when they drove Chang away easily?"
When the winning players were celebrating the goal, the winning team calmed down.
In fact, this goal means that the dust has settled and the final is over. He doesn’t believe that Real Madrid can score three goals in a row with five minutes left to drag the game into overtime.
Leading the team to the King’s Cup twice in a row, he may be the first person in the past 20 years.
But he was not very ecstatic, although it was indeed a great achievement
He just feels a little relaxed.
With a championship trophy in hand so far this season, at least it can’t be said that it is a failure.
He came to lead a strange team and faced many challenges in the first season, including fighting with the top management of the club and the team members
Maybe one wrong step will lead to a hopeless situation.
But fortunately, he finally won a King’s Cup.
The k helped him establish himself.